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Major Site News:

  • April 23, 2017 - New TCG section added

    Kaze no Shiro has added a new section for fiction pertaining to the L5R timeline reset. All new fiction and story information will be added here.

  • November 4, 2016 - Onyx Edition – Epilogue

    What follows could be considered a final Epilogue to the Onyx Dawn document released by the L5R Story Team. This is an incomplete, transcribed “snippet” from the notes of Shawn Carman, L5R Story Team Lead. To those who are curious as to what stories Onyx Edition might have told, we humbly offer…


    By Shawn Carman

    The Emperor fanned himself absently as he took his seat on the dais. “What is the status of the marshaling effort?” he demanded, wincing slightly as he rubbed his leg where it had been so badly damaged years earlier.

    One of the Imperial functionaries stepped forward and bowed crisply. “Slowly but surely, my lord.”

    “Slowly?” the Emperor asked. “It has already been two years! Why is it progressing so slowly?”

    “It is certain that the clans wish to rally to their Emperor’s command,” the young courtier replied, his expression winsome. “As my lord knows, despite the abundant bounty of the Colonies, the massive influx of refugees following the Usurpation, may the Blasphemer’s name be forever cursed, has forced the clans to focus much of their efforts over the past decade in developing food production, not military training. Most clans lacked the presence of seasoned leadership here when the Usurpation occurred, which has only exacerbated the problem, and…”

    “Enough,” Emperor Iweko II said. He ran a hand through his steely grey hair, looking suddenly weary. “We must not delay. Every year that passes sees the Blasphemer grow stronger. I will not sit and…” Here the Emperor was cut off as he stood, his face twisted in a mask of pain as he clutched at his leg.


    A beautiful young woman in exquisite traditional garb rushed to the Emperor’s side and aided him in sitting. “Father, you mustn’t overtax yourself.”

    “I am samurai, Mikihime,” he said gruffly. “Not an invalid!”

    “Father,” the princess asked, “have you been taking the herbal treatments the shugenja made for you?”

    “Damn the shugenja!” he barked. “The treatments muddle my thoughts. Between them and my leg I have not left the Imperial District in almost two years!”

    Mikihime laid her hand gently on his forearm. “The clans need their Emperor, father. You hold everything together. You must take your treatments! And let me help you with the logistics. You try to do too much and I can ease your burden.”

    The Emperor’s expression softened and her stroked her face gently. “So lovely,” he sighed, “the very image of your mother.” He lowered his hand and his expression hardened once more. “Military matters are of no concern to a lady of the courts,” he said firmly. “If need be, I shall lean upon your brothers.”

    “Half-brothers,” Mikihime muttered, her tone surly.

    “When your brothers return to the city,” the Emperor said, emphasizing the word sharply, “they can assist me. Until then, I shall persevere.” He smiled wearily. “For now, though, I think I will retire for a rest. Leave me, please, the both of you.”

    Bowing, Mikihime and the functionary left the chamber as the Emperor permitted his personal attendants to assist him to his chambers. The princess laughed at something the functionary said as they exited, her musical laughter lingering after she was gone.

    As the two left the chamber, however, her expression changed instantly. Her face became severe, the mischievous glint in her eyes was replaced by a steely gleam, and she withdrew the pins from her hair to allow it to fall in a chaotic cascade around her shoulders. “My armor?” she asked. “And my elite guard?”

    “Both await you at the military gate, my lady,” he replied, offering her katana reverently.

    The princess placed the blade in her obi. “Any word on my bastard half-brothers?”

    “The eldest is situation in a keep on the western boundary. We have received a letter in which he pledges his loyalty to you and your endeavors. It appears to be legitimate.”

    “Unexpected,” Mikihime mused. “The others?”

    “The youngest remains a fixture in the sake houses and gambling dens of Kalani’s Landing. No change, and apparently no ambitions or noteworthy political connections.”

    “The middle one? Any news?”

    The functionary frowned. “Just this morning I received confirmation, my lady. Dead. Killed in a duel with a Doji over a lady’s honor. My apologies.”

    “Unnecessary,” she replied. “He was a fool. Tadama?”

    “Our scouts report that Hiruma Tadama’s forces are within a day’s ride of the city, most likely preparing for a raid. The Crab delegation has petitioned their acting Champion to strip Tadama of his name and all holdings for his treasonous actions.”

    Mikihime shrugged. “Largely meaningless since I intend to kill him forthwith, but appreciated just the same. Make excuses for me to my father as usual, and ensure that he continues to take the herbal treatments.”

    “Ah, yes,” he said. “If I may, my lady?”

    “Speak freely,” she commanded.

    “I understand perfectly the need for the treatments, but I have concerns about their effects. The lord Emperor does seem unaware of the conflicts raging in the Colonies, yes, but his confusion extends farther. It has been five years since he left the Imperial District, not two.”

    Mikihime sighed. “I know,” she said morosely. “Until the Colonies are brought to heel, it is an unfortunate necessity. If he discovers the truth, father will attempt something for which he is unfit and which is doomed to failure.”

    “Not to mention our summary executions,” he added.

    “Another excellent reason,” she said, smirking. “Maintain the peace in my absence. I will return when Tadama is dead.”

    “Yes, my lady.”

  • August 2, 2016 - Dawn of the Onyx Edition is available


    The entire team spent time writing the transition into the Onyx Edition. These stories were put together by Robert and I am making this awesome PDF permanently available on Kaze no Shiro. The PDF will be the last entry in the Onyx Edition section. Thank you Story team!

    -Kakita Seigi