Kaze no Shiro is a run down, ‘scribe friendly’ holding in the Emperor’s shining hills. Within these halls is a public archive of the mysterious and wondrous knowledge of the Emerald Empire. Please note that Kaze no Shiro is taking all l5r story and RPG submissions so the history is preserved for the future. Please use the contact form to contact us.

Major Site News:

  • August 2, 2016 - Dawn of the Onyx Edition is available


    The entire team spent time writing the transition into the Onyx Edition. These stories were put together by Robert and I am making this awesome PDF permanently available on Kaze no Shiro. The PDF will be the last entry in the Onyx Edition section. Thank you Story team!

    -Kakita Seigi

  • April 6, 2016 - New RPG Content available

    Mirumoto Kuro has generously made available a bunch of Challenge Focus Strike modules from many different authors (including the story team) and unofficial RPG modules from the Destiny’s End/Agate Palace sites using the Wayback Machine. I highly recommend checking them out. Thanks again Kuro! -Kakita Seigi

  • January 24, 2016 - Added Heroes of Rokugan 2 and 3

    I just added sections for the Heroes of Rokugan Campaign 2 and 3 modules to Kaze no Shiro. Kaze no Shiro is still missing the following modules for Heroes of Rokugan 2:

    • Doom of the Crab
    • The Bon Festival
    • The Siege of Shiro Usagi
    • Marriage Celebration
    • The Cherry Blossom Festival
    • Allegiance to the Emperor
    • Coral Tournament
    • Retirement
    • Voice of the Emperor
    • To the Last Breath
    • Words Cut Like Steel