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Dragon Clan Letter - #8


You know that it is my way to roam the lands of Rokugan, seeking enlightenment in the people and the culture of our homeland. You also know that the people of the other clans of Rokugan have been mobilizing for battle, and that the hatred between the Lion and the Crane has once again flared into open war.

But there is something you do not know. The grand palace of the Emperor the castle of Otosan Ushi, has been taken by the Scorpion, and the line of the Hantei is again in jeopardy. Our diplomats in the court have been sabotaged, and our isolation has been used by the Scorpions to their advantage.

We must decide our part in this struggle.

Father, I alone among us understand the nature of the Scorpion - I alone can see the motivations and the truth behind Shoju's capture of the Emerald Throne. His blood, and yours, runs in my veins... I beg you, do not stand on the fields against the Scorpion - let our mountain fastness be our shelter from this storm, and let it pass us by as so many other wars throughout the course of history. I write this not for myself, not for our clan, but for my bretheren within both palaces - Otosan Uchi and Togashi. I do not want the blood of my family on my hands.

Of course, I will do as you say. The Dragon have always been my home, and you have been the only parent I have ever known. But I beg you to allow us to remain in our mountain palace, far from the politics of the world.

In my mother's name, I ask you.




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