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Flavor Text: Time of the Void

A Good Day to Die - "Tadaka saw Tsuke throwing fire from Otosan Uchi's walls and he knew what he had to do..."

A Moment of Clarity - "I took a breath and when I let it go, I felt my fear go with it." - Mirumoto Daini

A Moment of Truth - "All too often, the outcome of a duel comes down to a single moment of truth."

A Soul of Thunder - "---"

A Test of Courage - "---"

Agasha Gennai - "As the karmic wheels spins, you will find that every loss offers another opportunity to gain."

Agasha Tunnels - "They say the Agasha Library was ruined by the forces of Fu Leng. The Agasha know otherwise..."

Akiyoshi (Exp.) - "Wearing her fallen brother's armor and disguised as a ronin, Kachiko's geisha has served both her mistress and Toturi in their darkest hours."

Akodo Tactical School - "Lesson One: Victory is hidden behind veils of defeat. Lesson Two: How many veils do you wear?"

al-Hazaad - "---"

al-Rashid - "Their tactics resembled the Unicorn, but fiercer and bolder. Toturi and Yakamo listened to him, but one more intently than the other."

An Exhibition - "---"

Ancestral Standard of the Scorpion - "---"

Ancient Armor of the Qamar - "---"

As Far As the Eye Can See - "---"

Asako Ishio - "Drums have been used for centuries to drive the evil spirits away."

Asako Togama - "When the last times come, we will have need of his quick hands and eyes." - Asako Oyo

Ashan - "The ogre held the Naga high above its head - but he vanished from its grip with a flash of white and the smell of the seashore." - Isawa Tadaka

Augury - "---"

Battle Standard of Shinsei - "---"

Battle Standard of the Mantis - "---"

Battle Standard of the Naga - "---"

Bayushi Goshiu - "---"

Bayushi Hisa - "---"

Bayushi Kachiko - "---"

Bayushi Marumo - "---"

Bend Like a Reed - "When your opponent overpowers you, bend like a reed in the wind." - Kakita Toshimoko

Berserkers - "---"

Bonds of Darkness - "Do not fear the bonds of darkness. Evil will always turn upon itself."

Burning Your Essence - "Tsuke looked down upon his cousin. Black fire dripped from his lips and flew from his fingertips towards Tadaka." - The Doom of the Phoenix, Part 1

Chi Strike - "You need no armor, you need no sword. You need only to know that you cannot be defeated." - The Tao of Shinsei

Concealed Weapon - "Of course I am ready, Doji-san. Shall we begin?"

Contested Ground - "---"

Coordinated Fire - "There were three archers - one Unicorn, one Dragon and one Phoenix - and each shared a single target, cutting down unstoppable oni with each volley."

Corrupt Geisha House - "Their hold on vice is slipping. Soon they will lose their grip completely." - Chinoko

Corrupt Gold Mines - "A black-glass rose had deep roots..."

Corrupt Stables - "There is a traitor in our midst, my lord. One with dark allegiances..." - Shinjo Yasamura

Corrupted Region - "Who would have known that our fields would turn into these blackened and foul wastelands?" - Isawa Tadaka

Counting the Lost - "Choose a side, Goemon. Choose a side or choose my blade." - Matsu Seijuro

Crystal Gate - "Its warm glow splits the darkness, keeping the foul beasts at bay." - Asahina Tomo

Curse of the Jackal - "It was difficult to tell whether Yokatsu was leading the charge or fleeing his charges."

Dark Lord's Favor - "---"

Dashmar - "---"

Depth f the Void - "---"

Destiny Has No Secrets - "Destiny does not believe in secrets. When something is meant to be, it is obvious to all but the foolish." - The Tao of Shinsei

Disenlightenment - "There is no time for doubt or fear. Only the purest hearts will survive this day!" - Ikoma Tsanuri

Distractions - "---"

Doji Chomei - "An ambassador to the Three Man Alliance, Chomei was instrumental in bringing the minor Clans to the aid of the Crane in their time of need. He will undoubtedly be equally instrumental in bringing them to their full regard."

Doji Hoturi - "---"

Doji Kuwanan (Exp.) - "Blood-drenched Kuwanan waits outside Otosan Uchi with Shiba Tsukune. His eyes watch the capital, knowing that sooner or later, the Thunders will meet the Dark One, and Rokugan's destiny will be sealed for all eternity."

Doji Shizue - "Once on the front lines, Shizue now waits in the final refuge of the Crane, anxiously awaiting news of her beloved Champion's success...or failure."

Doji Yosai - "Once I served the Emperor's causes. Now I will thwart them even if it means my honor and soul."

Elite Heavy Infantry - "It only took a moment for the battle to turn to chaos as Lion fought against Lion. The frenzy grew until alignments were forgotten and every face was an enemy." - The Day of Thunder, Part Three

Elite Light Infantry - "The Thunders attacked just as Amaterasu rose in the east. Junzo was ready for them, his army positioned on the walls and in the towers of Otosan Uchi." - The Day of Thunder, Part One

Elite Medium Infantry - "The Crabs and Lions led the charge as the Phoenix supported the advance with fire and lightning. At the gate, the Lions still loyal to the Emperor awaited their arrival." - The Day of Thunder, Part Two

Enlightened Ruler - "We do not seek to rule, we seek him who is destined to rule." - Tetsuya

Enlistment - "Your place is not in fields of rice, but fields of battle."

Eshru - "---"

Essence of Air - "---"

Essence of Earth - "Your fires are finished, Tsuke! Now is the time we die together. Time for this corrupted Phoenix to be born again!" - Isawa Tadaka

Factionism - "---"

Familiar Surroundings - "A thousand Lions charged the gates of Otosan Uchi and a thousand Lions stood waiting for their charge..." - The Doom of the Lion, Part 1

Fatal Mistake - "Just a slip of the wrist is all it takes to start a blood fued."

Festival of Long Sticks - "---"

Final Stand - "---"

Flight of Doves - "---"

Flying Carpet - "It is a new kind of magic that will have to learn to use before it is used against us."

Fog - "The Emperor's archers readied their bows, but Uona made certain their efforts would be in vain."

For the Empire - "---"

Forgiveness - "With his dying gasp, he held my hand tight and spoke through blood spangled lips. I nodded and squeezed his hand tight, accepting his forgiveness as he accepted mine." - Bayushi Kachiko

Gaijin Merchant - "---"

Gekkai - "I never even saw him strike, but I heard the samurai's muffled cry." - Kakita Toshimoko

Goblin Madcaps - "They no like walk-straights. Eat lots of them, but run fast as the rest!"

Goblin Sneaks - "They clever ones. Know hide when samurai come!"

Goblin War Standard - "We make flag! Scary, innit?"

Goblin Wizard - "His skills may not be great, but his enthusiasm makes up for his sloppiness... sometimes."

Harima - "Forewarned is not necessarily forearmed."

Heavy Mounted Infantry - "Toturi cried, 'For Rokugan!' and their cheers echoed his battlecry as the combined might of three armies charged the walls." - The Day of Thunder, Part Five

Hida Amoro - "---"

Hida O-Ushi - "---"

Hida Tadashiro - "Do not waste your lives trying to follow me! Follow the Hiruma and avenge my death, my brothers. Go!"

Hida Tampako - "He spent most of his life defending Rokugan from the horrors of the Shadowlands. When it came time to decide between the Emperor and his uncle Kisada, Tampako knew he made the right decision."

Hida War College - "Lesson One: Anything but the truth is a lie. Lesson Two: Trust nothing but the truth."

Hida Yakamo - "---"

Hizuka - "---"

Horde of Fu Leng - "---"

Horsebowmen - "When Toturi joined the armies of the Lion, Otaku Kamoko followed his charge, her battlemaidens' arrows cutting down Junzo's force with deadly accuracy." - The Day of Thunder, Part Six

I Believed in You... - "---"

Ikoma Tsanuri (Exp.) - "Her allegiance is split between her Clan and teacher. Her indecision will cost her more than she knows."

In Time of War - "In time of war, my friend, some things are more important than honor." - Dairya

Isawa Suma - "His will is nearly indomitable, but I fear for the strain on his soul." - Isawa Uona

Isawa Tadaka - "---"

Isawa Uona - "She is naive, but talented. As the youngest of the Elemental Masters, she will no doubt bring a fresh outlook to the Council of Five." - Isawa Tomo

Isha - "---"

Iuchi Karasu - "---"

Izaku Library - "Since the burning of the Isawa and Agasha Libraries, only the Izaku Library remains, and the Brotherhood are its vigilant guardians."

Jade Dragon - "---"

Jiujutsu Duel - "Bloody and battered, the two Yakamos stood face to face, weapons and glares locked. One would perish, the other would find his destiny..."

Junzo's Battle Standard - "---"

Kage - "---"

Kakita Kenjutsu School - "Lesson One: You cannot be courageous without first learning compassion. Lesson Two: You cannot be compassionate without first learning courage."

Kakita Yoshi - "---"

Kappuksu - "---"

Kaze-Do - "They Way of the Wind is not always subtle..."

Kitsu Okura - "We have failed, Toju. All we have left is an opportunity to save our tarnished names."

Kitsu Toju - "---"

Know the School - "---"

Kolat Spy - "If we continue like dogs, barking and biting each other's heels, we will die like dogs." - Otaku Kamoko

Komaro - "Just because solitude is his way, does not make it your way. We must all walk our own paths, my son. His path only has room for one." - Tetsuya

Kuni Sensin - "---"

Kyujutsu - "---"

Lady Kitsune - "---"

Legions of Fu Leng - "---"

Lessons From the Past - "Despite Ginawa's effort to avoid the portrait, it drew tears from him all the same..."

Light Mounted Infantry - "The ogres and goblins counterattacked, but Hida Tsuru was ready for them. They flanked the creatures while Shiba Tsukune's shugenja threw down a rain of jade." - The Day of Thunder, Part Seven

Matsu Agetoki - "---"

Matsu Gohei - "---"

Matsu Hiroru (Exp.) - "It is men like you who brought Tsuko to her rest. Join them."

Matsu Turi - "For years I have watched and waited. Finally, I have my chance to find my own destiny!"

Mighty Protection - "---"

Mikio - "---"

Mirumoto Hitomi - "---"

Mirumoto Yukihira - "Passed over to claim the role as head of the family, now he watches Hitomi with a suspicious eye."

Moshi Wakiza - "A beautiful shugenja of a minor clan from the Three Man Alliance, her knowledge of Fire and Air are remarkable." - Isawa Uona

Mounted Spearmen - "The ogres fell under the speed of Shinjo Yasamura's lancers, and in the midst of the clamor, the two Yakamo's began their deadly duel." - The Day of Thunder, Part Eight

Mujina Chieftain - "Their tricks have turned lethal against the legions of Yogo Junzo. Perhaps they sense that their fates are in jeopardy as well?" - Matsu Gohei

Mujina Miners - "They are useful, but very careless. Sometimes intentionally so." - Kaiu Suman

Mystical Terrain - "---"

Necromancer - "---"

Ninja Stalkers - "Cornejo never believed in ninja, until it was too late."

Nogoten's Bow - "Forged for deadly results, not honorable purposes."

Obsidian Blade - "Long thought to have been lost, it completes the set of three."

Offer of Fealty - "Do not be so quick to follow your master. Your strength is needed in this world, not the next."

One With the Elements - "When I am one with the elements, I am one with the world. You cannot harm the world, shugenja, no matter what your pride tells you." - Koichi

Oni no Ianwa - "---"

Oni no Pekkle - "She enters houses with grandiose splendor, but when her true nature is revealed, the house must be destroyed to eradicate the taint of her presence."

Oni no Ugulu - "Junzo looked upon his new creation and smiled. 'Let us see Toturi out-maneuver this!'"

Oracle of the Void - "---"

Otaku Kamoko - "---"

Plans Within Plans - "When your enemy is certain you cannot act, victory is within your reach." - The Tao of Shinsei

Qamar - "---"

Radakast - "---"

Rebuilding the Kaiu Walls - "---"

Regions of Rokugan - "---"

Rest My Brother - "The monk touched the shugenja's forehead and whispered quietly. I felt a black wind rush out of Tsuke's crumbling body as if his bones had turned as brittle as rice stalks."

River Delta - "The Naga have come, but are they here to fight or to watch?" - Mirumoto Taki

Ruins of the Isawa Library - "Once it was the greatest library in Rokugan, but now that title belongs to the Izaku library, owned by the Brotherhood."

Ryokan's Sword - "---"

Sailors - "---"

Salute of the Samurai - "You were the general, Shiba-san, but it was our cavalry that saved the day." - Shinjo Yasamura

Sanctified Ground - "Junzo's armies were forced to retreat, but the only place to go was the one place they dared not..."

Seikua - "---"

Shahadet's Legion - "---"

Shiba Tsukune (Exp.) - "Since the death of Ujimitsu her eyes look haunted, as if the weight of a thousand souls presses against her own..."

Shinjo Hanari - "---"

Shinjo Riding Stables - "The undead are not so frightening when you ride them down and smash them under galloping hooves." - Otaku Kamoko

Shinjo Sametama - "He is quick, I'll give him that." - Hida O-Ushi

Shinjo Shirasu - "The magistrates are the Emperor's law keepers. When this is over, whose law will he be keeping?" - Matsu Imura

Shinjo Yasamura - "Now that I know Destiny's price, I am ready to embrace it with open eyes and an open heart."

Shinobi - "Shinobi: the art of hiding in plain sight."

Shiryo no Asahina - "The courageous heart has no room for revenge, Hoturi. Only forgiveness."

Shiryo no Asako - "We will rise again, but not in the form you know."

Shiryo no Ide - "We are part of a great plan, but not the plan you think."

Shiryo no Ikoma - "Our destiny has been hidden, but all will be revealed."

Shiryo no Kaiu - "---"

Shiryo no Mirumoto - "Darkness has found our daughter's heart. If it is not purged, it will claim our destiny."

Shiryo no Yogo - "We have always shared a kinship with the shadows, but we must be careful, for no one is safe from its hunger."

Shiryo no Yoritomo - "We have proven our worth, but do not take ease, for that is only the beginning of our journey."

Shosuro Hametsu - "---"

Stance of the Mountain - "Those with pure purpose have the strength to never fall."

Strength of Osano-Wo - "Tomo aided his brother as long as he could, but eventually, Tsuko's black fire proved too much. He died, praying Tadaka would not fail."

Strength of the Dark One - "Hitomi felt the power of her lord spill from his body and with her hand of black glass she cracked the seal on the final scroll..."

Strike Without Striking - "You cannot draw the sword when you and it are one. Neither can you sheathe it." - Takuan

Surrender - "---"

Swamp Goblins - "---"

Sysh - "---"

Taquar - "---"

Teeth of the Serpent - "---"

The 12th Black Scroll - "...and with its opening, Fu Leng's power was complete. But in the shadows, Shinsei's hooded descendant filled the room with his laughter..."

The Ancestral Home of the Lion - "---"

The Brotherhood of Shinsei - "---"

The Darkest Magics - "---"

The Esteemed House of the Crane - "---"

The Heavy Shadow of Fear - "And if the Dark One's power is not uprooted, the Sun Goddess will remain in her death trance until the end of time." - Amaterasu's Doom, Part 2

The Hero's Triumph - "And when the second time of thunders arises, one Clan will fall and one Clan shall be redeemed." - Uikku's Last Prophecy

The Hidden Heart of Iuchiban - "---"

The Hidden Temples of the Naga - "---"

The Light of Amaterasu - "...The Thunders finally realized that the opening of the last scroll indeed freed Fu Leng from his prison, but it also bonded him with the Emperor forever - thus making him flesh and blood."

The Longest Night - "---"

The Mountain Keep of the Dragon - "---"

The Path of Wisdom - "Serenity is the most subtle strength of all."

The Phoenix is Reborn - "As Ujimitsu's eyes faded, Tsukune felt an ancient and powerful force slip from his body...and into her own."

The Plains of Amaterasu - "---"

The Provincial Estate of the Unicorn - "---"

The Ruined Fortress of the Scorpion - "---"

The Sacred Temple of the Phoenix - "---"

The Scorpion's Sting - "Before you lay claim to that deed, brave Matsu, I find that I must tell the court the one thing you so conveniently left out of your tale..." - Bayushi Goshiu

The Sight of Death - "---"

The Time is Now - "While others lament on what they should have done, the wise man prepares for whate he should do next." - The Tao of Shinsei

The Touch of Amaterasu - "I swear I saw him fall more than once under the weight of the ogres and oni, but then a flash of light fell upon him and he once again had the strength of a hundred samurai."

The Twelve Ronin - "As the two Lion armies decimated themselves, Toturi rode in, his army of ronin behind him. All stopped as all three armies paused, waiting to see what side the ronin would take." - The Day of Thunder, Part Four

The War Fortress of the Crab - "---"

The Yoritomo Alliance - "---"

To Save an Empire - "No rest! Get up! Get up and fight or everything we've fought for will be lost forever!" - Kaiu Suman

Today We Die - "---"

Togashi Kama - "---"

Togashi Testing Grounds - "---"

Togashi Yokuni - "---"

Togashi Yoshi - "---"

Toku (Exp.) - "I must not stop. I cannot rest. The empire is at stake and any man can make a difference."

Toturi - "---"

Toturi's Army - "---"

Toturi's Battle Standard - "---"

Toturi's Last Stand - "---"

Toturi's Tactics - "Sometimes, letting him know our advantage is advantage enough." - Toturi

Troops from the Woods - "As silent as shadows, the reserves waited until the right moment to strike."

Tsuyu - "So, little Toku, let us see what you have learned..."

Unattuned - "Tsuke threw down his unholy fire, but Tadaka had learned much from his cousin Tomo..."

Untrustworthy - "Guard your words carefully, for you own every word you speak." - The Tao of Shinsei

Warrior Monks - "The Hero's might was fueled by the prayers and blessings of the Brotherhood. And as they watched the duel from afar, they were aware of Uikku's Prophecy: One Thunder will fall before they must stand before the Dark One." - The Day of Thunder, Part Nine

Wedge - "---"

Yasuki Taka (Exp.) - "Experienced Wily Trader is worth 2 koku."

Yodn - "---"

Yogo Junzo's Army - "---"

Yogo Oshio - "---"

Yoritomo (Exp.) - "I never new fear before I saw the Son of Storms..."

Your Last Mistake - "Underestimating your enemy will always be your last mistake."






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