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The Battle at Beiden Pass

Light Infantry (EE) (BP) "After forcing the Crab army out of Crane territory, the ronin Toturi led his army of Dragon, Unicorn and ronin against the retreating Hida Sukune to the crossroads of the Empire where Sukune made his stand." - The Battle at Beiden Pass, Part I

Medium Infantry (EE) (BP) "With Toturi at his heels, Sukune's only duty was to hold the pass long enough for his brother, Yakamo, to join with him to provide the strength he needed to destroy the ragtag ronin army." - The Battle at Beiden Pass, Part II

Heavy Infantry (EE) "When the forces engaged at Beiden Pass, Sukune tried to hold the Crab army together, but the unorthodox tactics of the ronin Toturi were too much for the inexperienced samurai." - The Battle at Beiden Pass, Part III

Heavy Infantry (BP) "Toturi's army was puny compared to the might of the Crab force waiting for him, but the tight, twisting pass did not allow Sukune to take full advantage of his superior force." - The Battle at Beiden Pass, Part III

Light Cavalry (EE) "When Sukune's army retreated, Toturi chased after him, leaving behind Shinjo Yasamura to guard the fabled Pass. Little did he know that this single action would bring him face to face with his greatest challenge..." - The Battle at Beiden Pass, Part IV

Medium Cavalry (BP) "As soon as Sukune tried to reinforce his position, the infantry fell to their bellies as the cavalry leapt over them, charging into the weakened infantry of the Crab." - The Battle at Beiden Pass, Part IV

Archers (BP) "As the Unicorn cavalry cut through the Crab infantry, the archers let loose a black cloud of steel-tipped death to fall on the survivors." - The Battle at Beiden Pass, Part V

Light Cavalry (OE) "When Toturi left behind Shinjo Yasamura to guard Beiden Pass, he didn't count on having to fight his way through the Unicorn's army in order to make his way to the Crane lands. The battle was brief, for Toturi saw no gain in fighting former allies." - The Second Battle of Beiden Pass

Light Infantry (OE) "Using the superior mobility of the Dragon Army, Toturi was able to turn certain defeat against the superior forces into victory against the legendary armies of the Crab. After his victory, he pursued the retreating Crabs, leaving his Unicorn support in command of the pass." - The Battle of Beiden Pass






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