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Mantis Clan Letter #11

To the warriors of the Alliance,

Stand ready to march once more.

We have defeated the Phoenix, but we have not destroyed them. Order has been beought to the unaligned territories of the north. The Wasp hold Kyuden Asako; Kyuden Isawa will soon fall. The once-Phoenix lands now feed our armies. A few holdouts remain in Kyuden Isawa, but the Mantis have split those gates before.

This time we leave them in ruins.

All will remember the courage of the Wasp daimyo, my loyal lieutenant. Tsuruchi-san gave his life for the Emperor's freedom. Clearly, Toturi I was a hostage to the Phoenix. The Crane, their allies, seek to command the Fox clan from our side. We need no more proof. These two degenerate clans will die to the last member. They have insulted our honor, dared to claim rights that are not theirs.

They have struck the first blow. Ours will be the last.

We recognize the efforts of the Scorpion Aramasu. Let all know that Aramasu is my adopted son, a scorpion no more. Let those who doubt know that his knowledge guided us safely to the gates of Kyuden Isawa, where we pierced the coastal patrols. Now he has placed the keys of the Isawa stronghold in my hand.

Aramasu's agents have tricks that will keep the Scorpion far too preoccupied to trouble us. Their strenght is now the Alliance's strength. Already they have tried to disrupt the lawful peace we have brought to these empty provinces. We will not tolerate their treacherous ways or hear their deceitful promises.

The Emperor is weak. The Empire is crumbling.

Shinjo herself has commanded that I come before her bearing the mon of our clan. The time is near; the Throne is all but empty.

Who knows what the kami will ask of us?

Yoritomo Champion of the Mantis Clan




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