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Flavor Text: Fire and Shadow

Agasha Fujita - "Each morning we are born again. It is what we do today that matters."

Akui Cliffs - "Bring them here, Morishigi, and the cliffs will do the rest." - Kitsu Motso

Ambush Strategist - "When you gamble for your life, be certain that both sides of the coin are the same." - Mukami

Ancestors Posses the Living - "'Surrender!' Uji commanded The Lion had no choice; at last, the palace was ours." - Daidoji Karasu

Asako Kaushen - "Your hand sheds the blood of mortals, but out arrows reach for a higher soul."

Asako Sagoten - "I warned of the Scorpion a thousand years ago, Father, but you did not listen. Now, I must return and put things right, or your failure will forever curse the Empire."

Ascendance - "Care for them." She stood before him and lowered her obsidian hand. She whispered once more as her form shimmered away. "I will be watching." The Champion of the Dragon smiled into the silence. "I know."

Ashalan Sandsmith - "---"

Assuming the Championship - "You lead them now, Yojiro-sama. They will need people such as you." - Bayushi Kachiko

Balyzn Rafiq - "The right to kill is the privilege of the strong."

Bayushi Aramasu - "She betrayed you, Father. She left us both, and now her head will stand in Traitor's Grove."

Bayushi Aramoro - "Never."

Bayushi Muraisan - Descended from the lost line of Goju, some Scorpion believe they can control the will of the Shadow. . . but even the strong can feel the call of darkness and the night.

Blade of Kaiu - "I cannot fight beside them, Yakamo-sama. The Naga betrayed us and attacked our empire." Nezu knelt before his Master and bowed his head. "Then fight beside me," was the Crab's only reply.

Blood and Darkness - "This time, Shinjo, you will die." - Jama Suru

Bloodstained Rage - "The Kami stammered through the gate into my arms, and I heard Ginawa's yell. 'At last,' Ginawa said. 'At last!'"

Bridge to Jigoku - "Darkness is our enemy, and we must tear it apart with the light of a thousand stars." - Hitomi

Burden of the Word - "... One chance to make the world listen." - Otaku Kamoko

Campsite - "We have learned all we need to know about the Shadow," the Unicorn told me, raising a crystal sword from beneath his barbarian furs. "It can bleed."

Capturing the Soul - "The Warrior of the Pale Eye raises his hands, and two figures were trapped forever..." - from The Vedic's Tale, vol. II

Chasing the Shadow - "---"

Come One at a Time - "---"

Command of the Kami - "There are no more Hantei to take my brother's throne, and the burden must not gall to those who betrayed him. Take the throne, Yoritomo, and I will guide your reign." - Shinjo

Corrupted Dojo - "Sometimes the greatest victory is also the most precious loss." - from The True Tao

Crab Cavalry - "Ride with Tsuru," she commanded, but he refused. His place, and his heart, was with her.

Crisis in Command - "In the end, the Lion will stand divided. One will guard the path, one will journey into the Shadow, and both will bow to another name." - from The Scrolls of Norikazu

Cross-Clan Wedding - "An Isawa and his Kakita bride dueled to win a victory of honor, but both had long ago lost their hearts." - Doji Shizue

Crow Tattoo - "His name is Togashi Yoshune, my son." - Togashi Hoshi

Dakosho - "All that is left in this world is death. Even you cannot save me now." The Shosuro lowered his mask, and his eyes blurred into dark patches of nothing. "Farewell, my lady. Remember me."

Dangerous Choices - "---"

Dark Energies Run Red - "The temples are stained with shadow, their arches covered in filth. The elements have come to take their own vengeance and call upon the debts of blood." - Moshi Wakiza

Decoy - "As the nighthaunt's claws dropped the duplicate, Kage said softly to the Phoenix, 'We have the same enemy.'" - from Footsteps of Flame, vol. I

Defeat the Reserves - "The Ninja smiled at me, pointing a finger of blood. 'Fight, samurai, and we shall see where your courage lies.'"

Den of Mujina - "---"

Divided Loyalties - Though divided, they still stand as family, and as family, they choose to die.

Djahab - "The path existed for a thousand midnights, but only at the end can we understand where it has led."

Doji Chomei - "The Fox will make excellent allies, my lord," Chomei smiled.

Doji Jiro - "---"

Elemental Attunement - The shugenja lifted his bloodstained hands, "What have we done?"

Emerald Magistrates - The last faithful guardian fights, praying that he can die with honor.

Emissary of the Ivory Kingdom - "Ill fortunes arrive only when the door has been left open for them. Good fortune knocks, and is too often turned away." - from The True Tao

Eternal Darkness - "I saw my mother's face shred, my father's soul swallowed by Shadow. Jigoku itself is being destroyed, and with it, all the Empire ever was or could become." - Kitsu Huiyuan

Far From the Empire - "Over the pass, where the wind ends, there you will find the Shadow. That is where the world ends and death begins. It is a place, honorable daimyo, that you will never see." - Togashi Mitsu

Fate's Merciful Hand - "---"

Fearful Presence - "---"

Fearsome Strength - "Now is the time to attack. Without their wall, the Crab will have only their fear to comfort them-and their fear shall give us strength." - Moto Tsume

Feeding on Flesh - "Mine."

Fields of the Dead - "Deep in the Shadowlands, there are places where the dead do not rot and do not rise. The bodies litter the ground with staring eyes as their souls scream in endless pain and their broken limbs flail and shudder. If we do not wish to join them, Kitsu-sama, then we must go around." - Hiruma Yugure

Final Words - "I have not come because you summoned me. I have come because it is time for the Phoenix to be reborn." Her sword flashed once, and the ancient table of the Five Masters shattered. "Let it be remade," the Shiba champion said, "with room enough for six."

Gift of the Emperor - "Give me rule over the Scorpion lands, below the bloody waters of Mizu-Umi no Fuko." - Bayushi Aramoro

Grandfather's Jaw - "We were born from blood, and to blood we shall return." - Grandfather's last words

Hanoshi - "I shall clasp my hands together and bow to the cornerstones of the world."

Hantei Hensei - "---"

Harsh Lessons - "Wisdom comes with wounds, Turi. If the path is easy, it is the wrong one." - Matsu Ketsui

Heart of the Damned - "---"

Heimin Village - "The Kolat stole the Tao to keep it from the Shadow. Now it is my task to return it, but I carry only half the burden. The other half belongs to another messenger..." - Daidoji Rekai

Hida Nezu - "---"

Hida Rohiteki - Tsuru looked down at his daughter. "Your death may come today. Are you ready to face it?" "I was ready with the first breath I took," she replied. "I was born a Crab."

Hidden From the Empire - "Never underestimate a Crane's last secret." - Isawa Hochiu

Hitomi Bujun - "---"

Honorable Sacrifice - "I have escaped you," the Kitsuki smiled, and then his eyes were empty.

House of Contracts - "Learn to let go, and you will find freedom within yourself." - from The True Tao

Hsi Tsu - "---"

Hummingbird Tattoo - "---"

Hurricane Initiates - The Mantis troops were broken, driven before them like the wind, to the sea... but of Aramasu, Yoritomo's adopted son, there was no trace at all.

Ide Buodin - He learned much fighting the Lion - knowledge that may save his clan when the Dark Moto come.

Ikoma Gunjin - "An army marches into the Shadowlands. To those who go, I salute you. To both Crab and Lion who remain, I swear to die by your side." - from Gunjin's Pride, vol. I

Imperial Surveyor - "---"

Iron Mountain - "---"

Isawa Toiko - "I do not need to hear my ancestor's voice to know what to do with you, Mantis."

Jian - "Virtue comes only after you have lost the way." - Yodin

Journey to Otosan Uchi - "---"

Kachiko Calls to Thunder - "There can be only one Scorpion Thunder, only one Bride to Bayushi. At the Lake of Dreams, I will set the trap, and at his side, Shosuro, we shall see if our own Shadow can be defeated."

Kachiko's Promise - "I will always be with you." - Bayushi Kachiko

Kaiu Endo - "Destruction is only the first step of creation, Hida-sama, and I have always been in favor of making something new."

Kaiu Siege Engine - Zunguri, the Hiruma daimyo, laughed. "Now we show them what we have learned."

Kakita Ichiro - "No, brother. If you do not kill him, I will."

Kitsu - "Come to me, Huiyuan, and together, we shall give the Lion strength."

Kitsu Gongsun - "There is no other choice for those who fell. We have sworn our path to Shadow, Crane. They wish to end the world; we intend to end the kami. Either way, we will all be free; those who do not follow us will still thank us, in the end."

Kitsu Huiyuan - In your darkest hour, the ancestors shall rise for war, and you must be ready to hear from them all.

Kitsu Sensei - "Remember your house, remember your honor, but remember your duty above all else."

Kitsuki Mizuochi - "---"

Kitsune Shudo - "May the alliance last forever," Shudo said, yet behind his words, he hid a cunning smile.

Kitsune Tsuke - "Come with me, my friend. Do you want to live forever?"

Know the Evil - "What does it matter? When we have destroyed them, then we can determine which is which." - Tausha

Kolat Assistance - "You need gold for your armies, Shiba-sama. And when the Mantis are destroyed, we will show you a path further south..." - from Footsteps of Flame, vol. II

Kumo - "It has gorged itself upon the hatred of a thousand Crane and the flesh of the last Hantei. Even a spider knows better than to bite the hand that feeds." - Hida Rohiteki

Kyuden Kitsune - "---"

Last Refuge - "Gripping the bloody wakizashi, the ronin fled to the empty Phoenix lands. He could not have known what he would find there, or what destiny Ambition would bring." - from The Last Days of the Emperor, vol. II

Last Words - "The Fox will not be dishonored by my actions, Lady Ryosei. Not this day." - Fox ambassador

Mack'uk - "---"

Maintain Balance - "This Darkness and its minions will not cease its battle, Rekai. Mortals must do what gods would not. We must give the Shadow a name." - Takao

Mantis Isles - "---"

Mara - "When the final days come and the Naga sleep forever, what will happen to us, Daini, my love?"

Masamune Katana - "A blade is the soul of its maker, soft or hard, cold or hot. Any darkness is reflected in the sheen of steel; any imperfection turns the blade brittle and shatters in the depths of the soul. How stands your soul, Toshiken, my son? How bitter is your blade if it draws your father's blood?" - Kakita Toshimoko

Matsu Suhada - He stood by the Emperor's side when the flames tore the world apart. The hoofbeats of the Unicorn were close behind, but the faceless Emerald Legions were closer. "Take him now," Suhada shouted to Kaede, "and pray to the Fortunes for my soul!"

Mine Cave-In - "The earth is rent to save the blood of our captors. We shall ensure that they remember." - Kakera, Zokujin spirit-speaker

Mirumoto Songui - "When this war began, the Dragon thought they could fight alone, hidden in a web of secrets and riddles. Now, the world around us is dying, and we struggle to unweave the web we have made."

Mirumoto Sukune - "When enemies charge, let them go by."

Mirumoto Watanubo - The gate is open, and the spirits scream, but some few forms emerge from shadow, their ancient swords weaving tales of heroes. The past has come forward to save the future.

Mirumoto Yuyake - "I fight for my clan and my empire, but my heart is with my son. It is the future that we serve."

Mismanaged Troops - "The general is in complete command... but we cannot find the general." - Hushu, ashigaru

Miya Yuritogen - "How long is a life?" the student asked the Master. "One breath," was the reply. - From the True Tao

Miya's Sasumata - The Emperor's voice is the first of many weapons.

Mohai - "His eyes were stone, his laughter shook the earth, and his fingers shattered iron and steel. He needed no army, my troops fled in terror at the sound of his name." - Mirumoto Taki

Moto Notu - "Nothing can save you from your own fear."

Moto Ride to the Shadowlands - "---"

Moto Toyotomi - "If the Moto ever marched to Rokugan's heart, the Empire would learn the meaning of the word 'fear.'"

My Life For Yours - "The Burning Words were true, Yori. But, you will never see them come to pass." - Iuchi Karasu

Never Yield - The ninja moved like the wind, slicing through the samurai and laughing. "You cannot defeat me," Shosuro whispered as the last one fell, "I am the Shadow."

New Beginnings - "---"

Ninja Shadow-Walker - "Come, my children. We have work to do."

Ninja-to - "I swore to repay you for the death of my Master with the death of your own, but my gift is not finished, Ginawa. There is still one more death for you to see, one more innocent man, one more lord who will die before the game is ended." - Ninja Shadow-Walker

Of One Mind - "---"

One Last Battle - "A thousand shall march through the Shadowlands to the very gates of Jigoku." - from The Tale of Kisada's Heirs, vol. I

Oni no Megada - "You are finished!" the samurai shouted, letting his arrow fly. "No, Crab," the Oni snarled, snapping the shaft in two, "this is only the beginning."

Oni no Okura - "Take my hand, brave soul."

Oracle of Thunder - "---"

Oskuda - "A good carpenter will not throw away wood; a good general will never abandon a soldier."

Otaku Xieng Chi - "Only you can save us, Xieng Chi. End what we have become." - the last words of Otaku Tetsuko, Kolat

Owned - "---"

Pearl Magic - A thousand shadows stood before them, and Yakamo's army paused. "Leave them to me, my Qatol," the Shasyahkar hissed. "I shall stop them."

Pestilence - "The Shadow retreats beneath a sky that swells with blood, but the war is not yet finished. An empty throne stands in Otosan Uchi and soon it will rule an empty empire." - Miya Yuritogen

Pitfall - "You build the trap, Crab-Crab, and I will bring the Crane." - Hiruma Rik'tik'tichek

Primal Rage - "---"

Proud Heritage - The Moto have not forgotten their greatest shame.

Provision Storehouse - "The soldiers dig at the base of Seven Thunders Mountain as if to clear ancient Shinomen Pass. The Seikitsu Mountains tremble with their labor, and the soldiers' hands are covered in blood." - Hizuka

Purusha - "The swiftest strike is performed without mind. It comes from the Akasha, and it alone can save us."

Ratling Youth - "---"

Relief - A tremendous flame-and the shadow writhed and fell. As Rekkai lowered her sword, Dorai called from the steps of the temple. "Master Kage sends his regards, my lady."

Remember What You Have Seen - "One day, your grandchildren will remember that you were here when the Scorpion marched against the Shadow. So pay attention, heimin, and spread the tale." - Bayushi Hisa

Remember Your Oath - The Unicorn slashed the Emperor's guard, watching in horror as faces ran like the wax of a candle.

Return of Myth - "One by one, each star in the Celestial Heavens awakened, following the light of a golden colt."

Return of the True Champion - "There is only one chance to save the Empire, and it will take both of our swords. Goju is waiting beyond the Fields of the Dead, and the Emerald Champion must face him." Toshimoko extended his hand toward his son, never seeing the knife that had been raised behind his shoulder.

Rights of the Challenged - "---"

Road of Dust - "The palace was said to be abandoned-the perfect hiding place for Emperor and ronin alike. From the darkness, the ronin's wakizashi shone with a foul, red light, and he plunged it into the Emperor's chest. I do not know what happened next, but the ronin screamed as if his heart were breaking." - Sanjuro

Run For Your Life - As horse and rider fell, the precious scrolls scattered across the cliff, falling toward the sea.

Ryosei - Even the greatest mountains are made of small stones.

Ryoshun's First Gift - "For a thousand years, he has been the keeper of the gates to Jigoku. Kaede guided us to him, and if the Empire has a hope for the future, it is with the Tenth Kami." - Matsu Hiroru

Sanctified Blade - "Stand by me, Toshiken, and we ill both put our past behind us. You are my son, and I am your father. All else is blood on water, easily washed away." - Kakita Toshimoko, Endshadows, vol. IV

Sanjuro - "---"

Satsume Sensei - "Honor lives not in the heart, nor the eye, nor the children who bear your name. It lives in your deeds."

Scrolls of Norikazu - "The Sun and the Moon must die; the throne itself will be consumed. From the flames, a lost Emperor will be returned." - from The Scrolls of Norikazu

Seppun Sensei - "Follow the Emperor, and follow the Tao. In one, you will find the other."

Seppun Toshiken - "---"

Sharpest Blade - He listens to their fantastic tale of the oni who saved their lives and wonders if honor can overcome a Lion's shame.

Shasyahkar - "What are you afraid of, Crab?" the Naga hissed. "I will show you the way."

Shi-Khan Wastelands - Fire shone from Karasu's mask, and a look of fear crossed Yori's face. "I do not fear you, sorcerer, and that will be your undoing." - from The Vedic's Tale, vol. I

Shiba Gensui - "He rode with a legion of warriors, and no force in the Empire could stop him. Now was the time to fulfill the debt of their victory." - from Footsteps of Flame, vol. III

Shifting Ground - Where the ninja fight, the ground shakes and twists, throwing off its true form and becoming as faceless as the minions of the Darkness.

Shinobi Corruption - All throughout the Empire, maho turns to Shadow, leaving only wasted, empty lands.

Shipping Lanes - "Gold is the last refuge of a coward." - Matsu Morishigi

Shokansuru - Feydn looked at the chanting ruhmal. He would make a fine meal for the oni before their long journey home.

Shosuro Technique - "---"

Shrine of the Dragon Champion - "Where have you gone, Togashi, my eldest brother? Why did you leave no wisdom for me?" - Ryoshun

Single Combat - "Behind a mempo, any face can hide-even yours, samurai." - Ninja Shadow-Walker

Skeletal Elite - "---"

Skirmisher's Pike - "No, no, my Ikoma friend." The Ashalan thrust viciously into the Goju's heart. "Like this."

Slaughter of the Land - "---"

Sleeping Lake - No pain. No tears. No regrets.

Soul's Sacrifice - Kamoko shattered the tsukai's trinket with a single blow, leaving Shahai in a pool of blood. Inside her mind, an oni's voice whispered, and there was still a darker bargain to keep.

Spectral Guide - "One arrow, Tsuruchi. There is only one chance."

Spirit of the Bright Eye - The Qatol and the Oseuth are the twin eyes of The One: Pale and Bright, known and unknown.

Spreading the Shadow - "You are no more than clay in my fist, to be molded and discarded as I say." Adorai smiled, and the Darkness swallowed him. "I am the first Goju, and I am the Shadow's Master."

Stepping Between the Cracks - "Through a portal of fire, Kaede drew the Emperor away to an abandoned palace where he could be healed. As the portal closed, the Shadow howled in fury." - from The Last Days of the Emperor, vol. I

Sword of the Sun - "A new champion, a new sword. This is the dawn of an age; let it begin with a new alliance." - Bayushi Goshiu

Taka Sensei - "You must have koku to make koku."

Takao - "---"

Tattoo of the Night Sky - "---"

Tax Collector - "---"

Temple of Divine Influence - "---"

Temples of the Crow - "---"

The Dark Moto Sensei - Life is pain, samurai, life is betrayal."

Third Mask of Iuchiban - "---"

Togashi Jodome - "If we must give our lives, then let us give them in the name of honor."

Toritaka Kitao - He has spent his life hunting the man who murdered his family, but the blood of the dead can tell no secrets. Only one name rings in his memory: Kaushen.

Tricked - "Oh, but Hiruma-sama, of course you can use a solid gold tetsubo in the Shadowlands. Think of how its light will shine to frighten your enemies." - Ide Tadaji

Triumphant Victory - "Have you lost Shiro no Yojin?" Kuwanan stood in the courtyard of the captured Lion palace. Uji's wakizashi froze. "No, my lord," the general stammered. "Then put away your sword. Your life is worth more than my pride."

Tsuruchi - "---"

Ujina Tomo - "Our clan may be small, but we will leap and we will run, and we will draw the Shadow into our snare!"

Venerable Stature - "I am old, but I am not dead. So long as I have breath in y soul, I will serve my clan."

White Shore Plain - "Leave these lands or die, Unicorn. We are the Lion, born from a thousand years of warriors and honorable people. We serve the Emperor, and we will guard his throne." - Kitsu Motso

Yabanjin Sorcerer - "'Where is the Emperor?' I asked, looking at the pool of spreading blood. Kaede's face was cold and white as she said, 'Toturi is dying, and the Shadow fights to steal his soul. If the Darkness is not destroyed, the Empire will die with its lord.' In the corner, a ronin wept, and his blade hung limply in his hand.

Yoritomo Okan - "Do not concern yourself, Tsukune-sama. Karma will catch him soon enough." - Shiba Gensui

Yoritomo Refuses the Throne - "To Jigoku with kami and their commands. I will never be Shinjo's pawn." - Yoritomo

Yotsu Sabieru - The children of the ronin Yotsu have not forgotten their father's last oath.




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