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Flavor Text: Honor Bound

A New Teacher - "The Shashakar passed his Bright Eye spells to his successor. "When I am gone, you will need these," he said, and lifted high the Pale Eye's pearl."

Abresax - "Some will say he betrayed his people. Some will say he has forsaken his oath. Yet he will look into the eyes of the Selqet, and at last he will live."

Akodo's Leadership - "---"

Amnesia - "In Morikage...the Shadow...the Nothing. The Darkness takes your mind." The Emperor looked into the mirror, his hands sliding over the features of his face. "Who am I?"

An Empty Victory - " Doji and Daidoji-- they tore each others houses to the ground. This is the cost of greed."

Ancient Sage - " The web of the universe is far more complex than the motion of the sun and moon, and far more delicate."

Asako Provinces - "Hito, you liar. You said the Emperor was in Isawa lands," Ginawa snarled, half-drawing his sword. "Yes, but you were the one who believed me." With a laugh, the Darkness vanished, and the ronin screamed for revenge."

Awakening Shakoki Dogu - " The spirit of the forest sleeps within its white birch trees, but one day the horrifying power there will awaken. Villagers can only pray, and hope that it will find the shrine and be merciful."

Bandit Attack - "They say that bandits plague the lands of the Unicorn, but these were not simple ronin. They were searching for something." - Otaku Tetsuko

Bandit Raids - "His mother was a Unicorn, but his father was gaijun. Rodrigo's a funny sort, but he knows the value of a koku." - Makashi

Barricades - "Brother, take my hand, and I will lead you home. Your fight is not over." - Hida Sukune

Bayushi Eiyo - "A mask of strange crystal as clear as water obscures his features. Yet his eyes are wide, filled with hatred for those who betrayed his clan and sent it into the Burning Sands..."

Bayushi Goshiu - "A liar knows that truth is far more dangerous than shadowed knives."

Bayushi Hisa - " We know the enemies that more in the Shadow. They are a part of us, stolen from our blood and our souls. If anyone can defeat the Darkness, it is the Scorpion, and the Scorpion alone."

Bayushi Kachiko - "There are daggers in a woman's smiles and deeper threats in a silken voice than any man could conquer."

Benefices of the Emperor - "---"

Black Pearl - "---"

Bleeding the Elements - "Your power grows strong, my dear, but never forget theprice. Your grandfather knew the cost of treason. Betray us, and you will be no more than blood on the Master's tomb." - Jama Suru

Blessing Upon the Lands - "Before the armies of the gaijun-lord Abresax, the armies of the Empire were broken, defeated. Even Shoju could not have defeated him. I do not know that anyone ever will." - Bayushi Hisa.

Bloodstrike - "Tell me again, Grandfather, of the power of blood and of the Four Masks of the Master that hold the key." - Iuchi Shahai

Builders - "Many things have been taken from us, my Lady, but your palace stands ready, guarded by those you left behind." - Bayushi Yokuan

Burn It Down - "The Naga have attacked the Dragon, and the Crab scream of Shadows. I fear their great 'Akasha' has driven them mad." - Mirumoto Daini

Command Staff - " As Shinjo cut through the Kolat's throne with her bright blade, Kamoko nodded. "I have witnessed the death of Agetoki, who murdered my mother," she said. "Now I must see the destruction of the man who ordered it done: Yokatsu."

Curse of the Rot Within - "The Hantei is dead, and his murderer sits upon the Throne of the Sun. Let him fall," Shinjo cursed, "And let all his family know vengeance in my lost brother's name."

Daidoji Kedamono - "Though trained in the Kakita Academy and married to an Agasha, his heart is Daidoji. The Crane have never understood his ways, and his eyes speak of mysteries we may never understand."

Dairya - "---"

Dark Bargains - " The Jade Champion isss no more. Now there isss only...AKUMA!"

Darkness Beyond Darkness - "Even the oni are not immune to the touch of the Nothing. And when their faces begin to vanish away, they are chained deep within the Shadowlands and left to die there with the madness that follows.

Dashmar - " His voice is clearer, his face younger, but he speaks the words of the fallen Dashmar."

Deep Forest - " Though the Shinomen forest burns by Crab treachery, the deepest groves of the Naga lands will never die."

Doji Adoka - " The Bloodspeakers whisper to the powers of Shadow, seeking a way to free their Master's soul."

Dragon's Claw Katana - "The soul of the Dragon of the Void, the Grey Crane once held its power with honor. Now I bear the burden of the Immortals, and I swear I will not fail." - Daidoji Kedamono

Elite Pikemen - "I do not trust Denyaku. He fights not from loyalty, but out of a deep hatred for the Phoenix-- a hatred born on the night when his parents died. Such a man will follow his heart before he hears my commands. He is of no use to me." - Yoritomo

Energy Terrain - "Together we shall stand on the brink of forever and see the destruction of all we hold dear. With the loss of an Emperor, the world shall right itself and all shall be made clear." - from the Scrolls of Norikazu

Face of the Nameless - "---"

Famine - "The Crane's fields are barren, and their farmers fight one another at their lord's request. In their absence, the Sun has punished them for their arrogance, burning their fields to ash." - Hida Tsuru

Fear's Bane - "The future is not certain. We change it with every breath we take. Remember this when the Nothing comes." - from The Final Scroll of Norikazu

Feydn Rafiq - " An eye for an eye, a hand for a hand. When the god of immortality calls your name, you must give him a soul for a soul."

Firestorm Legion - "Something moves in the night sky, Some great cloud, a burning destiny, waiting to be fulfilled. Hitomi, Hitomi...the time is near. A new Sun, a new Moon..." - Hitomi Iyojin

Flameseeker - " There is more to shadow than lack of light. The Darkness seeks out weakness, and where it feeds, it leaves nothing behind."

Flashing Blades - "We are true Moto, brothers again forever." Tsume reached out his hand, but Soro screamed at last and drew his sword.

Force of Honor - "My dear Phoenix...surely an alliance between us would benefit both our clans? If you do not see the truth, I'm certain that my companions can teach it to you..."

Forest Fire - : "Never betray an enemy you cannot destroy." - Kaiu Suman

Forgotten Lesson - " Toshimoko staggered into the temple, leaving a trail of blood behind him. "I will follow where you failed, Master," Rekai swore. "Follow," Toshimoko shuddered, "but do not walk where I fell."

Fortress of the Dragonfly - "It is better to be a hammer than then anvil," the Lion snarled. Tombo Kuyuden shook his head. "A smith may use many hammers, but one anvil is all he will ever need."

Ghedai - "He tore the air to ribbons, and from the mountains of the Dragon I saw the smoke and fire of the Kaiu Wall. "Fear not," he hissed. "There is more than one way to defeat the Darkness."

Gift of the Maker - "---"

Gohei's Daisho - "---"

Goju Stalkers - "---"

Hasame - "He stood on the battlements at Morikage and saw the Darkness flee."

Hassuk's Golden Bow - "You like my bow, samurai?" - Moto Yesugi

Hida O-Ushi - "There is no power, no magic, no force in the Empire that can defeat the strongth of one man's soul."

High Morale - " Her hammer shattered on the oni's skull, and O-Ushi's skin tore from its claws and teeth. Suddenly, her husband's hands pulled her from its grip, and the oni howled with frustration. "Never," he whispered. "You will not die that way." She smiled grimly, and  together they faced the beast."

Hiruma Yugure - " I do not care what he has done or what O-Ushi claims. No force in the Empire can make me take a Ratling as my brother!"

Hiruma Zunguri - "He stood at the gate to Hiruma Castle, watching as the Lion and Crab came through the undead army guarding the Road of Dark Jade. Looking at his face, we knew that so long as he stood, no other man could fall." - Hiruma Yoshi

Hitomi Kagetora - "Until his Lady returns, he wears his tattooes like wounds, symbols of his unending loyalty."

Hitomi's Defeat - "Poor Hoshi," she smiled as he walked away. "Do you think you would have won if I had not allowed it?"

Hizuka - "---"

Hojyn - "For centuries he protected the pale body of the Star. How could he refuse to follow her, when she called his name? No matter to what land he travels, he will always remember her face.

Hoshi Wayan - "---"

Hoshi's Challenge - "---"

Ikoma Ken'o - "The Unicorn have struck a blow against Matsu Palace, the Crane against Shiro Kenhayai. Both times, his knowledge saved us from defeat."

Isawa Norikazu - "---"

Isawa Taneyama - "---"

Iuchi Shahai - " She is a blight to our clan, a murdress and a tsukai. Find her, my cousins, and destroy her, lest her taint spread to your souls.

Kabuki Theater Troupe - " In the palace of Otosan Uchi, the artisans go through with their plays with desperate faces, knowing that at any moment the Emperor might make this performance their last.

Kaede Sensei - " One seeks the past to better the future. Enlightenment is no more than understanding your place in all things."

Kaimetsu-Uo's Ono - "Borne by the first Champion of the Mantis, the Ono still bears the scars of its past."

Kakita Kaiten - "Nature is neither friend nor foe: it takes what blood you offer, then vanishes. Someone must stop the rage that has taken over the Crane...before we destroy all that we once stood for."

Kakita's "The Sword" - " Kakita's Dojo, sacred to the Crane, holds the final manuscript of his great work. Few are allowed to learn his techniques. Fewer still can master them."

Kenshinzen - " With the coming of war between their houses, some of the Kakita's finest swordfighters have begun to serve other lords."

Kisada Sensei - " War is the truest test of courage. If your spirit is pure, all the weapons in the Empire cannot defeat you. If your will is true, you are undefeatable."

Kitsu Osen - "---"

Kolat Apprentice - "Payment, my Dragon friend, is not limited to mere gold. We have something much more interesting in mind."

Kolat Duplicate - "One traitor in each clan-- one samurai whose heart holds a deeper secret. We are few, but it will be enough." - Akodo Kage

Kuni Yasashii - "---"

Kuni Yori - "---"

Lord Moon's Bones - "Hitomi's hands caressed the blackened weapon, and it hummed at her touch. At last, she thought, I am prepared."

Lord Moon's Smile - "---"

Low Morale - "The army of the undead paused outside our walls, and I could hear the clicking of their rotted bones. A thousand warriors--brothers and sisters of us all-- stood awaiting their general's command. Suddenly I saw their leader, and I knew their master's face. Tsume..." - Iuchi Karasu

Mantis Fleet - "Along the rock coast the Mantis fleet raged, unable to gain a hold on the Isawa shore. At last, a port opened for them. It the end, it was not the kobune captains who knew the way, but a young boy in silken robes and a pale, golden mask."

Master of Bushido - " There are no dangerous weapons--only dangerous people."

Matsu Morishigi - "Vengeance is my heart, death my hand / Blood and revenge hammer in my mind / There will be no remorse, no mercy-- only death for those who dare oppose the Lion!"

Mercenaries - "You get up in the morning, fight, die, get up, and fight again. It's a matter of economy really, and what else are ronin good for?" - Iuchi Shahai

Mirumoto Uso - " Hitomi stood on the battlements, her face grim and a trickle of blood upon her cheek. Thi Ki-Rin stepped out into the wind, and I saw her soul rise to the east, toward the rising Moon. "Take me with you!" I cried, but the ise zumi only smiled. "On this quest, child, the Lady must go alone."

Mirumoto's "Niten" - "Many samurai are taught the way of the Dragon, shared across the land."

Moment of Brilliance - " Screaming without thought the ronin cut through his opponents with a Master's touch, his wakizashi howling in his hands. Sanzo lowered his sword, amazed at the mountain of bodies that surrounded him. "The Emperor's men...," he whispered, and was afraid."

Monopoly - " Shinjo purged the Unicorn, tearing the Kolat from their midst. But she has not found Yokatsu."

Monsoon Season - "The skies break, the mountains heave, the oceans boil! Beneath them, it moves, it stirs. We flee, or we die." - Slidge

Moto Tsume - "---"

Moto Yesugai - " I fight for the Ki-Rin and the future of a new Empire!"

Mountains of the Phoenix - "Otosan Uchi is filled with blood, and the stars are weeping. Even the carvings of the ancient Phoenix have taken on sinister faces. Toturi's madness must be the curse of the heavens, a punishment for his slaughter of the last Hantei Emperor." - Shiba Tetsu

Ninja Mimic - "---"

Ninja Mystic - "She is one with the Shadow now - all she has ever longed to be."

Nishiko - "She fought for the return of her Clan, but when Kachiko arrived, the Scorpion were too late."

Nunchaku - "---"

Oh-chi'chek - "Learn-learn, young ones. This the Crab show us, and much more."

Okura Is Released - " She has the heart of a Lion, the flesh of a defeated god. Okura's debt is payed, but what cost will it bring to his clan?" - Hida Otagu

One Life, One Action - " Kamako knelt before Shinjo. "Take my life," she whispered. Shinjo smiled. "You are your mother's child after all."

Oni no Okura - "Akuma took the Jade Champion's name, and with its power created a daughter to carry on his rage. Now she stands at the edge of the Shadowlands, a new beginning to an ancient tale."

Oseuth - "He is the reborn soul of the greatest Naga hero. The warrior of the Pale Eye has returned to us, and we must prepare for our final sleep."

Otomo Yayu - "It is not important to fight best. It is only important to fight last. Then, when you defeat your opponents, you know there are no others to take their place."

Palace of the Emerald Champion - "---"

Pincer Attack - " From the side, the Monkey clan charged, Toturi's name echoing from the high cliff walls. Only Toku stood apart, searching for the reason behind the Emperor's brutal command."

Porthungluin - " Death! Death! Know terror! Flee my wraith! Ha ha ha! Fear... Are you going to eat that...?"

Pressure - "The Emperor has no choice. If the Kami say that the Scorpion can return, who are we to judge the will of the heavens?" - Isawa Hochiu

Return of the Kami - Her eyes were the stars in the heavens-- a sign of the Celestial Kami. "Behold the light!" she cried, and I knew her name: Shinjo.

Rik'tik'tichek - "See ten and fifty men-men. Poor Crab-friends, so sick, so hungry, going out of Castle's Mouth-- and there came the Beast! Rik'tik'tichek leapt from the Wall and cut the ugly-ugly-one's skull in half. The Grey Lady gave him a sword and a place in her den—a brother to the Crab he saved."

Rodrigo - "Bring her the right mask, and she pays me in mountains of Iuchi gold. For that price, I'd sell out the Emperor himself."

Rugged Ground - "Long ago the world moved at our command. Now we have turned our eyes from its greatest lesson: Bushido. If the Empire falls, its blood will be on our hands." - Master Suana

Sabotage - "Morikage was our first defeat--and their first mistake. Let them smile to the man on their Jade Throne as the world dissolves around them. They will forget him soon enough." - Goju Adorai

Saigorei - "Not all of the Akodo have fallen."

Seppun Nakao - " He stood by Toshiken as the court was condemned, and now, listening to Toturi's whispers and accusations, he prays to the fortunes for release."

Sepulcher of Bone - "---"

Shiba Ningen - "Sister, did you see that? The world winked at me!" "Hush, little one," Tsukune smiled. "Rest. The clan will need you one day."

Shiba Raigen - "---"

Shinjo's Judgement - "Betrayers." Her voice shook the heavens. "I see the darkness in your souls. I know your treachery. No more will your foulness taint my clan." With that, her sword raged through my commander's throat, and the world descended into chaos."

Shoju Sensei - "---"

Shosuro Taberu - "---"

Shosuro Taushui - "---"

Shurin Storms - "---"

Silence - " He rang the great bell at Hiruma Castle, dispelling the Dark Horde at last. His ears bled for his courage, but his sacrifice won the day."

Silent War - " They have no names, no faces, save those they steal. Once they have erased your identity, they begin to erase your soul. and the Jade Empire may soon be nothing more than a passing memory."

Slaughter of the Imperial Court - "One more thing, Toshiken. About the Imperial Court..." Toturi turned, his face shadowed and heavy with grief. "Kill them all."

Soshi Jomyako - " Oh, yes, we knew who had taken the Emperor-- but the Shadow that night was not our own."

Soshi Jujun - "He rode before the armies of the Scorpion, bringing word of their passage to the Emperor's men. He will be paid in koku and honor, but he will die in exquisite pain." - Bayushi Goshiu

Souls of the Betrayed - "The souls of the betrayed shall find no rest. Enslaved, destroyed, and unnamed, they will walk the land of the living. On the edge of Jigoku, the Darkness moves." - from the Scrolls of Norikazu

Stain Upon the Soul - " Hizuka's face paled, the bloody sword falling from his hands. "What have we become?"

Stars Scatter - "To shatter the heavens-- that will be the greatest blow of all."

Stress - "A single slip, one instant of lost focus and all your fight has been for nothing. Hitomi now knows this, as do I." - Kitsuki Kaagi

Sword of the Emerald Champion - "Toshiken's Soul is darker than most, filled with anger and rage. He serves the Emperor's tyrranical causes, and some say he enjoys the task."

Swordsmaster - Kaiten smiled. "Come, Uso, and let us see if two swords can save one life."

Temple of Blood - " Where Blood speaks, Shadows answer."

Temple to Shinsei - "Ah, Shinsei. Despite the Darkness, I still remember. My spirit calls to Thunder, yet a second voice answers. There can only be one Shosuro, one soul. The other must die to free me." - Shosuro

The Citadel of the Hiruma - "---"

The Emperor's Lands - "Where the town once stood no sign of buildings, people, or their once-carefully-tended fields remained. Suddenly I realized I did not even remember the village's name, nor that of anyone in it." - Matsu Hiroru

The Emperor's Left Hand - "On the field of battle, one man stands alone, save for the blood of his brothers." - Rezan the Ronin Poet

The Emperor's Right Hand - "Alone in the courtyard, my dreams wander, lost in withered corridors." - Rezan the Ronin Poet

The Empty Pyre - "You may have lost hope," the Shashakar said, lifting the body of the fallen hero, "but that is because you do not truly understand."

The Enemy of My Enemy - " At last the Lion's purpose was clear. Tsanuri had not come to fight the Crab, but to join them. Now the two mightiest clans in Rokugan stood side by side, and the heavens would tremble at their might.

The False Tao - "Osugi wrote it, and now her blood stains its sacred parchment. If the words within are false, then only the Emperor knows the truth." - Ikudaiu.

The Head of my Enemy - " Without their Dashmar, the naga were driven back to their burrning for ests by a host of furious Crab. They screamed of the death of the Pale Eye and dooms yet to come, but would not return the body they had stolen. - from the High Histories of the Lion

The Kaiu Forge - " O-Ushi watches her husband as his horses speed across the battlefield, and although he is hers to command, Yasamura is her inspriration-- moreso than he may ever know."

The Master of Five - "---"

The Towers of the Yogo - "---"

The Unquiet Grave of Hida Amoro - "His body is dead, crushed by the Lion at the Day of Thunder. Yet his spirit still wanders." - Hida Yasamura

The Wind's Truth - "Each one of you will fall as we have fallen," Taberu hissed, "before our revenge is done." Inside the empty, bloodied court, the Emperor's shadow fell across the throne.

Thy Master's Will - "---"

Tiger's Teeth - "Wounded, the Mantis turned to me. Though blood ran down into his eyes, he lowered his sword and braced for my steed's charge. "I must serve my lord, and he commands me to take Morikage," he whispered. With honor, I saluted him. They day was his alone."

Torn From the Past - "Grandfather!" Uji screamed as he felt his ancestor's soul torn from his own. "Yurei!" Meanwhile, on the fields around him, Crane fought Crane...and Kuwanan raised his father's sword.

Toshimoko Sensei - " True samurai give their lives for the needs of their families, but they give their honor to no one."

Toturi Sensei - "---"

Treachery and Deceit - "Spies, infilitrators, even the most trusted men can turn against you," cursed the Daidoji general. "Yes, my lord. Trust no one." With that and a twist of his blade, Osen vanished, and the Sword of the Lion was forever free from the hands of the Crane.

Trenches - "Come, Yori," O-Ushi snarled, "try and take it from us now."

Tribute to Your House - "---"

Uji Sensei - "Do not fight for glory. Do not fight for love of your love of your lord. Do not fight for hatred, honor, or faith. Fight only for victory, and you will succeed."

Uragirimono - " Once, he searved with the legions of Akodo Godaigo, but now he leads a much darker army. One day, he will find his ancient Master and complete the treacher he began so long ago."

Victory at Hiruma Castle - "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing at all." - Hiruma Family Banner

Volcano - "The seas are blood-red, the mountains hurl fire into the skies, and violent storms rage along the Doji coasts. What evil can tear away the soul of an Empire?" - Yasuki Taka

Volturnum - "The ancient city of the trolls was destroyed by Osano-Wo nearly a thousand years ago. Nothing lives there now, save the shadows and the screams of the dead."

Way of the Void - "---"

Whispers of Twilight - "Sleep, little samurai, sleep..."

Whistling Arrows - " As they retreated, the Naga launched a desperate attack on the mountain's south wall. Above the Mirumoto, the Darkness within the palace rose, shrouding the sky in hatred."

Wide Terrain - "---"

Will of the Emperor - " In court, on the street, and in the provinces of the Empire, the Lion and the Unicorn shed each other's blood. On his throne of Jade, the Emperor watches...and smiles."

Within Your Soul - "With the return of the Scorpion, Tsukune's face became haunted. Beside her, Taeruko knelt by the body of the fallen Shadow and ran her fingers of the Goju's fading face. "Is it...?" Tsukune asked, and Taeruko nodded. "Ninja."

Yakamo's Funeral - "He weathered a firestorm of agony and did not break. And while Yori raged against his unbending courage, we took Kyuden Hiruma back. His loss is great, but so was the gift his suffering brought.

Yokatsu Sensei - "---"

Yokuni Sensei - " The future is certain, but we must all still play our parts."

Yoritomo Denkyu - "The Pheonix have lived too long in the light of the Emperor's favor. Now it is time we taught them the lessons of war!"

Yoritomo Komori - "---"

Yoritomo Masasue - "Some rise by treachery, and some by virtue fall. A true hero conquers both." - from the New Tao

Yoshun - "Long ago he traveled with Kitsune Ryosei to complete her father's dark quest. He has remained her most trusted advisor, but the scars he bears for her sake are deeper than he would ever tell."

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