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Flavor Text: Hidden Emperor, Scroll Five

A Stone Circle - "A monk asked Shinsei, 'What are the teachings of a lifetime?' Shinsei said to him, 'An appropriate statement.'"

Akodo Dagger - "Borne by each Akodo and passed down from father to son, the daggers have long been a sign of loyalty to the Akodo home. With Toturi gone, only five remain."

Basher's Club - "Of the goblin referred to in Mokuna's guide as Ropputu, all that is known was that he lived to the ripe old age or twelve before his children ate him."

Battle Hardened - "One thing the Phoenix have in their favor. All of their troops which survived the Clan Wars have learned to fight. The hard way." - Mukami

Bayushi Aramasu - "---"

Bayushi Yojiro - "For eight years he has kept his promise to the last Scorpion daimyo. Soon, he will be asked to keep another."

Blade of Secrets - "The secret that is remembered is a blessing. The secret that cannot be forgotten is a curse."

Corrupted Jade Sliver - "---"

Doom of Toturi - "He will return, but not as he once was. He will be changed, and his eyes will show the darkness that has consumed him." - Itako

Drawing Out the Darkness - "Each death is the beginning, each drop of blood sings the song of life. Our cradles stand within our graves, and the only true darkness is that which we carry in our own souls." - Iuchi Shahai

Facing Your Devils - "Speak Agetoki," she told him, her blade at his throat. "Or I will cut the words from your tongue."

Flaming Ground - "---"

Hida Technique - "Choose the time and choose the place - all else will follow." - Hiruma Kage

Hitomi Kobai - "---"

Holy Home Villages - "The Crab need a leader..." O-Ushi raised her hand, and the bushi were silent. Then, as Yoshi handed her the ancestral sword, the Hida palace erupted into shouts of fierce joy, chanting their new Champion's name until the skies rang with the sound."

Imperial Edicts - "---"

Island Barricades - "No army has ever successfully assaulted the high cliff walls of the Mantis stronghold."

Island of Silk - "Only a fool stands in the path of a storm." - The Mantis Clan War Banner

Iuchi Karasu - "Yori," he screamed from the Unicorn battlements, "NO!"

Jama Suru - "Too often, salvation sounds like a lie, and lies are taken for truth."

Kouta - "---"

Kuni Mokuna's Guide - "What we have gained was earned on Mokuna's venerable back; his wisdom cost more than you can imagine. Read his work, if you dare, before you condemn him."

Kyuden Yoritomo - "---"

Large Farm - "When the armies of the Unicorn and the Mantis met in battle for the first time, the peasants nearby destroyed their farms rather than be captured by either side. They did not need to salt the ground, the blood of two armies did it for them.

March of the Alliance - "Toturi himself gave us the right Ôto regent all disputes and troubles of the Unaligned lands.' The Scorpion Provinces stand empty. Unaligned. As do the lands of the Phoenix..."

Matsu Hiroru - "If it takes my last breath, I will purge every Kolat from the face of the Empire. I swear it."

Matsu Turi - "Tsunuri asked, 'Where were you when we stormed the Dark Lord?' The bold samurai replied, 'I fought at the North Wall! I fought at the South Wall! I was everywhere!'"

Naga Pearl Guardian - "The seas are dangerous places now-a-days. With the Naga up in arms, it seems every pearl bed is filled with their eggs. One might lose more than their reputation, trying to steal pearls from those nests." - Yoritomo Nodoteki

One Life, One Destiny - "---"

Out of the Shadows - "There is one man I must find. There is only one man who will understand." - Kitsuki Kaagi

Ratling Hordes - "Then, the big pink ones come. The ugly ones - no, the really ugly ones. Big fight-fight outside dirty-filthy castle. Many Nezumi die, for Crab friends. Many go-go Arrriktichichiarrak. Beyond." - Rachitik, Rememberer of the Squeaky Eyeball Tribe

Ratling Villages - "---"

Salt the Earth - "The Mantis will march on Crane Fields, but they will not receive any bounty from them." Uji turned to his Champion. "There is only one thing we can do. Salt the earth."

Sanzo - "No use discussing immortality. Staying alive is hard enough."

Shiba Technique - "Everything dies. The Lion fall in battle, the Scorpion beneath poisoned knives-- but only the Phoenix know the path to return."

Shiryo no Nodotai - "The most frightening truth is gained by looking in the mirror."

Shiryo no Osano-Wo - "To be my son, you must fight the Shadowlands with every breath you take. You must know what it is to lose, time and time again ... and keep trying."

Shrine of Osano-Wo - "---"

Silk Works - "The gold of the Crane has bought fine silks for their courtiers, and paid for the Mantis's vast armies. Now those armies march across the Empire, and where are the Crane in their rich robes?"

Takao - "At times, the voice of Peace must ring like Thunder."

Take the Initiative - "Now is the time!" Kanbe screamed, wielding his tetsubo in one hand. "Now the old houses will fall, and a new Empire will be born!"

The Great Silence - "Poor Yogo-sama. You have seen the Face of Shadow. Too bad you will never be able to speak of what you know."

The Otaku Stables Burn - "It was sabotage, Daiyu. The death of Kojiro will be mourned, but we must be sure his sacrifice is not in vain." - Otaku Masero, Unicorn Clan Stablemaster

The Way of Death - "Leaderless, the Crab fight for their lives within Hiruma palace, fearing help will arrive too late."

Unrequited Love - "Me? Marry a Phoenix?!?" -Matsu Ketsui

Wasp Archers - "Winds and fortunes, the game of dice, is popular among the Mantis and their lesser houses. Perhaps they feel that luck is on their side?" - Ikoma Kaoku

When Dark Winds Howl - "---"

Yoritomo (exp 2) - "---"

Yoritomo Nodoteki - "If the Master needs my fleet, he shall have it. When the storm comes, our ships will stand the gale." The old pirate grinned at me, his gold tooth gleaming. "Can you say the same?"

Yoritomo Technique - "Forcing men to march together only forces them apart."

Yoritomo Yukue - "A hundred battles, a thousand dead men. The prophets call it 'destiny'. I call it butchery."

Zokujin - "With the Lion marching against the Crab, their mines lie dim and empty. Once more, the Zokujin move silently across the plans, seeking their Bloodwhite Stone.




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