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Flavor Text: Jade Edition

A Glimpse of the Soul's Shadow - "She turned to look at me, and where her face should have been, there was nothing at all. . ."

A Moment of Truth - "---"

Accessible Terrain - "---"

Agasha Gennai - "The fate of Empires often hangs by one slim thread of Fortune."

Agasha Tamori - "For years, Tamori's skills have been praised by the Phoenix. Now Hitomi watches him with a covetous eye."

Alliance - "Two men can brave what one man cannot."

Along the Coast at Midnight - "Row for your lives, my boys, and pray the wind will hold!" - Yoritomo Takuni

Ambush - "---"

Ancestral Guidance - "I will never forget him. His face is burned upon my memory. Can you say his hand does not still guide my heart?" - Shiba Tsukune

Archers - "The Crane archers stand ready upon Doji ground, testing their bows against targets of paper and straw. How long until the Empire erupts into war, and those targets are replaced with blood and bone?"

Architects of the Great Wall - "---"

Armor of Osano-Wo - "Kamoko lifted the ancient helm. "Now, mother, I will avenge your soul - or die with honor."

Arrows from the Woods - "Do not go into the forests of the Shinomen, my friend, for the very trees will move to strike you down."

Asahina Tamako - "He gazes into the stars, searching for the future in the ways of the past."

Ashamana - "---"

Ashigaru - "As an ocean to a small stream, the leader to his people, this is the Tao to the world." - The Tao of Shinsei

Avoid Fate - "---"

Balash - "The taint of betrayal in human hearts is as dangerous as the Shadowlands, and twice as hard to fight. Their honor hides their weakness, but we know the truth."

Barbican - "---"

Basecamp - "How can we fight to defend the Empire, when the Empire has failed to defend our Lord?"

Battering Ram Crew - "Darkness fell in the Shadowlands, and the Crab forces approaching Hiruma Castle heard the tolling of the Kaiu battering ram. Against what foul force did they strike - and by whose will were they repelled?"

Bayushi Aramoro - "I will remain without my Lady, and remove my mask to hide my name."

Bayushi Yokuan - "To seek a Scorpion who does not wish to be found is like fishing for the moon in a lake."

Biting Steel - "Men will lie to you. Your eyes will deceive you. Steel never lies, nor deceives, not hides bitter reality. In the sword, you can find truth." - Kakita's "The Sword"

Black Market - "---"

Blacksmiths - "The Crane drown their enemies in silver and gold, but the Crab barter vengeance with steel."

Block Supply Lines - "Warfare is deception. If the enemy cannot join the battle, how can he be victorious?" - Bayushi Aramoro

Bloodsword - "Passion, Ambition, Judgement, Revenge. . . four of the brightest souls will I take to fuel my darkest ambition." - attributed to the sorceror Iuchiban

Bountiful Harvest - "The first two years of Toturi's reign were filled with peace and plenty."

Breach of Etiquette - "A rash word can damage a man more swiftly than the sharpest sword." - Kakita Yoshi

Bridged Pass - "We cannot pass, my Lord," the messenger said. A moment later, his body was lifeless on the ground at Motso's feet."

Brilliant Victory - "Those who cannot record histories are forced to make them." - Kitsu Motso

Bushi Dojo - "A fool is a man who does not recognize loyalty when it is offered."

Careful Planning - "There is fear in the unexpected. If you do not anticipate your enemy's move, he will seize the moment and take advantage of it to gain victory." - Ikoma Tsanuri

Catching the Wind's Favor - "---"

Charge - "Let the Lion come. Let them raise their swords and scream to the sky. The Fortunes will not hear them." - Mirumoto Taki

Charter of the Crab Clan - "Toturi stood before us, a crown of Jade upon his brow. "I say to the Crab, return to your ancient oaths and find what you have lost..."

Charter of the Crane Clan - "... to the Crane, make good your promises to restore honor and wealth to the land of Rokugan..."

Charter of the Dragon Clan - "...Dragon, seek your own ways, and renew your mysteries. Heal the wounds of the past..."

Charter of the Lion Clan - "...and I bid the Clan of the Lion to defend Rokugan in battle against all enemies, near and far..."

Charter of the Mantis Clan - "...it shall be the duty of the Mantis to regent all disputes and troubles of the unaligned lands..."

Charter of the Phoenix Clan - "...To reclaim their magic, and to recover their lost knowledge, let the Phoenix be granted time to rebuild and grow strong again..."

Charter of the Scorpion Clan - "...The duty of the Scorpion, to defend the Emperor from threats he cannot see..."

Charter of the Unicorn Clan - "...and the Unicorn shall be my eyes and ears, bringing justice and honor to all clans of the Empire." - The Coronation of Toturi I

Charter of Toturi's Army - "...Swear your oaths to me, my valiant friends, for I know your worth among men. The Emperor's house will be reborn..."

Chrysanthemum Festival - "As the flowers begin their rebirth, so too begins the renewal of the land."

Clan Heartland - "You say the Crane are gathering an army, but where could they hide so many men?" - Shinjo Yasamura

Climbing Gear - "The high walls of the Dragon hold no challenge for me anymore. Even stone has a soul, and souls are easy to conquer..." - Matsu Hiroru

Confusion at Court - "The room was destroyed, the guards murdered and the Emperor lost. In the stillness which had been the Imperial Court, even the birds did not dare to speak."

Contentious Terrain - "---"

Copper Mine - "In the stronghold of the Akodo, Tsanuri seeks to rebuild her fractured clan, healing wounds of honor deeper than the cut of any sword."

Corrupt Geisha House - "Though the maidens seem lovely and demure, painted faces cannot hide demonic eyes."

Corrupt Iron Mine - "---"

Corrupted Silver Mine - "---"

Corruption of the Harmonies - "Blood fell upon their faces like rain, and the heavens shook in discordant harmony."

Counterattack - "---"

Crossroads - "Listen to one who knows. You must have koku to make koku." - Yasuki Taka

Crushing Attack - "---"

Daidoji Sembi - "He left the monastery to defend the lands of the Crane, but now he has found a hunger for battle that even the Tao cannot quench." - Legend of the Clan Wars, vol. I

Daidoji Uji - "Tsanuri proved she is a traitor to the Empire during the Clan Wars. Let her set one foot upon Crane land, and she will know the price of treachery."

Daisho technique - "---"

Deadly Ground - "---"

Defend your Honor - "---"

Defenders of the Realm - "---"

Diamond Mine - "So rare, the fabulous jewels that lie buried deep beneath the soil - so rare, and so prized!"

Dispersive Terrain - "A samurai who fights for his family's lives is worth ten of the enemy's men" - Master Suana

Diversionary Tactics - "If my enemy does not know the field of battle... then the left flank cannot help the right, the right cannot aid the left, not can the front aid the back. Even though they are numerous, they cannot be forced to fight." - Sun Tzu

Doji Chomei - "In the time since Toturi's coronation, Chomei traveled the width of Rokugan. Now he is drawn back to the islands of the Mantis, eager to forge new alliances against the troubled times ahead."

Doji Kuwanan - "We negotiated once, and it almost destroyed our Clan. The time for talking is over."

Doji Reju - "Now is the time for action, nor prophecy. If you wish to know the future, you can taste it upon my blade!"

Doji Shizue - "I cannot go with you, Hiroru! There is a traitor in the Imperial Court, and I must discover his plot before it is too late..."

Double Chi - "The strength of the mind is greater when the spirit is in harmony with the strike."

Elite Heavy Infantry - "When the Crab stand again on the walls of Hiruma Castle, the darkness with three faces will make itself known to its ancient enemies. All things, then, will be in the hand of man." - Isawa Norikazu

Elite Light Infantry - "Once, no more than ronin under the banner of Toturi the Black, now these simple ashigaru and freemen have sworn their honor to the Emperor and bear the mon of Rokugan's highest office."

Elite Medium Infantry - "It only took a moment for the peace of Toturi's reign to be shattered by the news of his disappearance. How long before the clans wage war for his throne?"

Emperor's Peace - "Toturi held up his hand. "Let my reign herald a time of new peace."

Enlightenment - "---"

Enough Talk! - "---"

Entrapping Terrain - "Difficult ground can be your greatest ally." - Master Suana

Evil Feeds Upon Itself - "Even now, the darkness fights against itself, seeking a leader to renew the attack. Our battle is not finished." - Hida Tsuru

Explosives - "It is a barbarian's foul black pepper, not worthy to be shoveled beneath my feet." - Hiruma Yoshi

Fan of Command - "The Emerald Champion is dead, his armor empty and his swords at rest. Who will lead the magistrates now?"

Fantastic Gardens - "Study what the pine and cherry blossom can teach. Man is not the only keeper of enlightenment."

Farmlands - "---"

Fist of the Earth - "His eyes locked on my own, and I felt my swords fall from my hand." - Doji Reju

Flatlands - "---"

Focus - "He who is intent on dying can be murdered. He who is quick to anger can be insulted. He who is self-conscious can be humiliated. He who is compassionate can be troubled. But the commander whose mind is focused, and whose soul is taken up by the strike, he will know victory." - from Akodo's "Leadership"

Forest - "The Shinomen calls us home, brothers. My hands are weary from weapons, and it is a time to sleep." - Dashmar

Fortified Coast - "---"

Freezing the Lifeblood - "Our people are weary, Qamar, and their souls are burdened. When will our quest end?"

Frenzy - "---"

Fury of the Earth - "---"

Gambling House - "---"

Garrison - "The guards of Otosan Uchi stand ready at the gate, knowing that if they fall, so does the hope of peace."

Geisha Assassin - "---"

Geisha House - "Only fools would think the Scorpion completely purged from Rokugan. I know their ways, and I know you cannot fight an enemy you cannot see." - Kitsuki Yasu

Gift of the Wind - "The wind howls across the empty Shosuro Provinces, finding no purchase in the seared fields."

Ginawa - "I am learning the ways of the ninja who killed my lord, and I see his eyes in every face..."

Glimpse of the Unicorn - "Fortune favors the bold."

Go Master - "You fight a battle with strategy, but you win a war with patience." - Master Suana

Gold Mine - "The silent mountains of the Dragon cast long shadows across Rokugan, and even their gold seems to gleam less brightly than before." - Yasuki Taka

Hawks and Falcons - "On the day we reclaimed Kakita Palace, a hawk cried valiantly from the palisades. Hoturi is still with us..." - Doji Kuwanan

He's Mine - "---"

Heavy Cavalry - "Their steeds drove down from the Unicorn plains with fire in their eyes and courage in their souls. Surely, if and one can save the Empire from chaos in the wake of Toturi's loss, it will be his new magistrates."

Heavy Infantry - "Toturi is dead, and his 'thousand years of peace' are dead with him. Someone must have the courage to lead Rokugan to its new destiny." - Yoritomo

Heichi Chokei - "Of all the men in the Empire, only one still bears the name of the daimyo of the Boar. Now he has returned to the monastery, and his clan will soon be forgotten."

Hida O-Ushi - "---"

Hida Tadashiro - "He stands deep within the darkness, ready to atone for his family's sins."

Hida Unari - "Follow me! Our fight will be in the heart of the Shadowlands, and we will stand on the walls of Hiruma castle and shout our victory!"

Hida Yakamo - "---"

Higher Ground - "---"

Hiruma Yoshi - "Still mourning the loss of his son, the retired daimyo of the Hiruma has been forced to return and lead his fallen house once more."

Hitomi - "---"

Hitomi Kokujin - "---"

Hizuka - "Not today, samurai. Not while I still live."

Hoseki - "Her eyes were firelight, hair of smoke, and a blade in her hand that was darkness itself. But I did not look upon her, after all, she was never there to see..."

Hurricane - "The willow knows the way to survive the fiercest storm." - Doji Shizue

Iaijutsu Challenge - "---"

Iaijutsu Duel - "---"

Ikoma Kaoku - "---"

Ikoma Ryozo - "You scorn me because I embrace the darkness. You do not understand my destiny, so do not presume to condemn its price."

Ikoma Tsanuri - "If you must ask what honor is, you will never know."

Imperial Gift - "---"

Imperial Honor Guard - "A hunter must not fear his prey. He must track it on the paths it treads, follow it into its lair, and seek it where it hides in the night. If it walks in long shadows, then I must walk in shadow as well..." - The Grey Crane

Imperial Palace Guard - "Two bodies lay on the floor of the Emperor's chambers. Two bodies, two broken swords, and a Scorpion;s bloodstained scarf..."

Inaccessible Region - "---"

Inheritance - "---"

Investigation - "---"

Iris Festival - "A splinter of light can burst through the darkest clouds, and hope can bring victory to the lost."

Iron Mine - "We have driven the Shadowlands from the Emperor's halls. Now, we must destroy it where it lives and breathes." - Hida Yakamo

Isawa Norikazu - "---"

Isawa Osugi - "---"

Isha - "His hand released the bowstring and the arrow sped as if given wings."

Island Wharf - "The lands of Rokugan may have been in flames from the Clan Wars, but her seas still flourish with wealth and beauty."

Iuchi Karasu - "---"

Iuchi Katta - "You cannot ride with the Unicorn if you have no steeds. Take mine, and honor our ancestors with your bravery!"

Jade Bow - "He pulled back on the string and the bow ignited with a holy fire. The arrow flew, its green fire behind it like the trails of a falling star."

Jade Works - "The chains of darkness crushed the Emerald Throne, but we have learned to fight shadows with Jade..."

Kage - "---"

Kaiu Suman - "---"

Kakita Yoshi - "---"

Kapukksu - "---"

Kaze-do - "The Way of the Wind is not always subtle..."

Kenku Teacher - "---"

Kharmic Strike - "Two breaths, two swords, one strike."

Kitsu Motso - "---"

Kitsu Okura - "His eyes, once unsure and thoughtful, have been tempered by war and hardened by defeat. Where there had been hope, now there is only steel."

Kitsuki Yasu - "The greatest irony of all - his 'evidence' may have saved the Scorpion from destruction."

Kolat Assassin - "A silent, painful, honorless death awaits those who do not know the secrets of the shadows."

Kolat Interference - "The thief went that way!" - Ichiin

Kolat Master - "---"

Komaro - "He may be a monk, but his karma will not save his life when I catch him beneath my hammer." - Hida O-Ushi

Kuni Yori - "Of all the lessons Fu Leng has taught us, remember this... Death is not eternal."

Kyoso no Oni - "The master of the Shadowlands has fallen, but there are others who wish to rise in his place..."

Led from the True Path - "---"

Lies, Lies, Lies... - "How easily men are corrupted and how difficult it is to make them just." - Bayushi Tangen's "Lies"

Light Cavalry - "When the Crab marched into the Shadowlands toward Hiruma Castle, Tsuru and his cavalry remained behind, ready to guard Hida lands from any who would take advantage of their absence." - The High Histories of the Lion

Light Infantry - "I am not a general. I am a soldier. But I will lead you to battle when my honor demands it, and I will destroy any who would tread upon the heart of a Lion." - Ikoma Tsanuri

Mantis Budoka - "Fill a man's pockets with koku and his head will swim in the clouds. Where will the Mantis be, I wonder, when their new-found gold is spent?" - Yasuki Taka

Mantis Bushi - "Take my name, brothers, that all will know you were here on the day our clan rose to its rightful place in the Empire!" - Yoritomo

Market Place - "It is not the hand of a courtier that guides the Crane now, but the iron gauntlet of a warrior."

Marries a Barbarian - "Watch your words, my Lord. Honor or no honor, she is my wife." - Shinjo Shono

Master of the Rolling River - "The Phoenix are lost, the Scorpion exiled. A rising tide shapes the shore of Rokugan, a force whose Master is yet unknown." - Shashakar

Master Smith - "---"

Matsu Agetoki - "---"

Matsu Goemon - "---"

Matsu Hiroru - "...in every face, my sensei's smile. You cannot hide forever, Kage, and I will be there to watch you die."

Matsu Seijuro - "---"

Medium Cavalry - "The Phoenix are gone, my Lord. Destroyed. Their lands are empty and their palaces fallen into ruin. One samurai with a company of horsemen could call himself a daimyo. Who would challenge him?" - Shinjo Morito

Medium Infantry - "The ancestral fortress of the Doji was destroyed in flames, its towers fallen and its lands seared. Now, Kuwanan rallies his troops in Kakita palace, biding his time and readying his army for war." - Legend of the Clan Wars, vol. II

Mirumoto Daini - "He stands beside the Naga warriors on the Crab wall, unaware of the horrors that have cursed his homeland."

Mirumoto Sukune - "Your will must guide us, my Lady Champion. Your soul, and yours alone..."

Mirumoto Taki - "He stood before Gaijutsu's pyre as black blood hung from the point of his katana. "Why..." he murmured, "Why?"

Mitsu - "---"

Moshi Wakiza - "---"

Mountain Pass - "---"

Mounts - "You want to ride with me? You will need these..." - Otaku Kamoko

Mukami - "His arrows cut through the advancing Unicorn ranks, swift death to those who rode within his woodlands. Then, all was silent, and he was gone."

Naga Bowmen - "The Crab cheered, rallying beside the forces of the Qamar as the bowman cut a wide swath in the dark horde." - Daini's Tale, Vol. III

Naga Bushi - "The Naga have no care for the concept of Bushido. Their warriors are not samurai, and they have no thought of honor beyond what their Qamar commands. They are a perfect ally for the Crab." - Otaku Kamoko

Naga Guard - "Like a wall of scale and steel they rose from the sodden ground, and their silent eyes know our every move." - Ikoma Ryozo

Naga Spearmen - "They move in utter harmony and absolute unity. When one warrior falls, another steps forward to take his place. I could believe that creatures such as these were cut from a single piece of stone..." - Kaiu Suman

Naginata - "Her polearm shining in the dimming sun, Tsukune watched the Scorpion begin their long journey into exile. "At last, Tadaka," she murmured, "you can find peace."

Naka Kuro - "---"

Narrow Ground - "On narrow ground, if you are the first, you should fill it up to await your opponent." - Sun Tzu

Night Medallion - "I am the source of your fear, the cause of your hatred. Let your spirit go, Hiroru, and it will come to me."

Ninja Genin - "Where it is light, we cannot be found. Where the shadows do not go, we live, and where the darkness ends, there is the heart of the ninja."

Ninja Kidnapper - "---"

Ninja Shapeshifter - "A black heart hides many secrets. The blackest heart hides the deadliest secret of all."

Ninja Spy - "In the dark of night with no one to hear his shout, what is the Emperor but a single man?"

Ninja Thief - "It is as easy to invade a palace as it is to enter a hovel. Neither expect you, and both say there is nothing you can steal."

No-dachi - "Kachiko knows where Toturi has been taken, and if I must chase her to the very gates of death, I will steal her secret." - Dairya

Oath of Fealty - "---"

Occult Murders - "Three of Iuchiban's swords still plague the land of Rokugan, and there are many who seek to know their Master's secrets."

Ogre Bushi - "Outside its foul lair lay the bones of a hundred samurai, and clutched in its clawed hand was the sword of my father." - Sanzo

Ogre Warriors - "As we drew our swords, the beast uttered a bellow of pure, delighted rage. In minutes the howl was taken up by a chorus, and I saw the hills begin to move..."

One with the Elements - "The Elements are not the means to an end... they are the beginning, and the end." - Tao of Shinsei

Oni no Akuma - "Its flesh is marred and leathery, with three malevolent eyes striking terror into the soul." - The Journal of Kuni Mokuna

Oracle of Earth - "When the earth calls, mountains rise and the land is torn apart..."

Oracle of Fire - "...Fire races to its master's need, terrible and clear..."

Oracle of the Void - "---"

Oracle of Water - "...the soft sway of the ocean's waves command the sternest heart..."

Oracle of Wind - "...and the storm can summon courage, and swiftly banish fear." - Naka Kuro

Otaku Baiken - "He follows in Kamoko's wake, cleaning the messes she leaves behind." - Matsu Agetoki

Otaku Kamoko - "---"

Outflank - "To the east!" he cried, but it was too late, and the Unicorn crushed them beneath iron hooves."

Pearl Bed - "Since the dawn of time, the Crab have stood alone against the Shadowlands. But now, the Naga have brought great strength to support them."

Pearl Divers - "The pearl beds glisten beneath the waves, vast carpets of undiscovered treasure."

Peasant Revolt - "---"

Piercing the soul - "---"

Pitch and Fire - "---"

Plains Above Evil - "---"

Poisoned Weapon - "---"

Port - "So the Lion and the Crane have lands to rebuild, eh? Let us see how they will fare without our merchants in their ports!" - Yoritomo Takuni

Prayer Shrines - "Though persecuted and hunted, you are our brothers, and we will shelter you within the house of the Tao." - Yodin

Proposal of Peace - "The Scorpion children will be safe with my Clan, Lady Bayushi. You have my word on it." - Kakita Yoshi

Qamar - "---"

Radakast - "---"

Rallying Cry - "Lend me but a thousand men, my Lady, and I will see those upstart magistrates crushed beneath our feet." - Matsu Gohei

Ratling Bushi - "The Ratlings live in the Shadowlands, yet seem immune to the dark Taint of Fu Leng's wastes. If we could discover why, we could strike a great blow against our ancient enemy." - The Journal of Kuni Mokuna

Ratling Conscripts - "---"

Ratling Pack - "There is much to learn from the bravery and fearlessness of the Nezumi - if only they would cease their annoying noise!" - Hida Tsuru

Refugees - "---"

Remorseful Seppuku - "---"

Resist Magic - "Your spells have grown weak, old one. Now let us see if my steel is stronger." - Doji Kuwanan

Retired General - "The last bastion of a fading age, Kisada's eyes grow dim and cold. Soon he will be dust upon the wind of the Empire he sought to conquer."

Retreat - "---"

Ring of Air - "---"

Ring of Earth - "---"

Ring of Fire - "---"

Ring of the Void - "---"

Ring of Water - "---"

Rise of the Phoenix - "You cannot swear that you will never leave us, but swear now that you will always return..."

Rise, Brother - "---"

River Delta - "Sleep is for the weak. Only through strength can we triumph." - Shahadet

Ryosei - "I will fight by your side and I will watch my men die at your command, my Lord. But I will never take your name!"

Samurai Cavalry - "If you stand against us, you stand against Emperor Toturi, and there is nothing we would not do to avenge such an insult." - Shinjo Yokatsu

Samurai Warriors - "The way of the warrior is to build an indomitable spirit and an iron will; to believe you cannot fail in doing anything." - Miyamoto Musashi

Sanctified Temple - "In times of trouble, the temples were a place of peace. Even now, the Brotherhood still stands in their doorways, welcoming visitors to these holy sites."

Sanzo - "His eyes shone with a dark light, and his face was drawn and pale. I fear he may have found what he was searching for..." - Isawa Norikazu

School of Wizardry - "The Age of Myth has come and gone, its magic fades and its voice grows dim. Now herald the Age of Man!" - Ikoma Ujiaki

Scout - "The army moved forward, unaware that hostile eyes were watching their every movement."

Secrets on the Wind - "---"

Shahadet - "---"

Shalasha - "Where there is evil, we will hunt it down and see it die beneath our spears. It is not our ancestors which compel us to act, but our very souls."

Shame - "---"

Shashakar - "---"

Shiba Tsukune - "Never again shall darkness taint our noble house. Never again, I swear to you..."

Shield Wall - "The shields shook from the heavy fall of arrows, and I prayed that our guard would hold just a few minutes more..." - Matsu Goemon

Shinjo Morito - "Lead the magistrates to the south, my friend, and seek what aid the Crab can give you." - Shinjo Yokatsu

Shinjo Sanetama - "Sanetama, to the east, and Yasamura, to the west. Our troops will protect the Empire, even without the Emperor to guide us." - Shinjo Yokatsu

Shinjo Shirasu - "Temporary leader of the magistrates after the death of the Emerald Champion, Shirasu's brow has become troubled with the cries of an Empire."

Shinjo Yokatsu - "Toshimoko doubted the testimony we brought forward, favoring the 'evidence' of the Kitsuki. If he wants a traitor, we shall find one for him."

Shuriken of Serpents - "She lifted her hand, and I saw it, writhing and hissing from her fingertips. As it sprang toward my throat, I heard her whisper, "Too late, my friend. And you were so very close..."

Silver Mine - "Only shadows of the past walk the paths of the Phoenix now, only echoes and memories of lost glory."

Skeletal Troops - "We are the last legion, the final remnants of those who followed Tsume into the Shadowlands so many years ago. Come join us, brothers, if you dare..."

Small Farm - "Overgrown and filled with the rubble of the wars, the ashigaru farms are simple shrines to the courage of Toturi's men."

Sneak Attack - "---"

Spearmen - "Strengthen the spirit as well as the body, and the depths of the soul will become the steel of the blade." - Kakita's "The Sword"

Spirit Guide - "The past is our teacher and our judge. We must learn the lessons of our ancestors, or join them." - Asahina Tamoko

Stables - "Tsuko has fallen, Hoturi destroyed by Fu Leng, and Kisada's breath grows shorter each day. Only Yokatsu has not been touched by the devastation of war..." - Matsu Gohei

Stifling Wind - "I take the shadows as my homeland, and vengeance will be my Lord!"

Street to Street - "---"

Strength of My Ancestors - "---"

Strength of Purity - "Honor is your sword - keep it untarnished, and its edge will cut through your enemies as swiftly as the finest steel." - Kakita's "The Sword"

Strike with No-Thought - "---"

Suana - "---"

Superior Tactics - "---"

Swamp Spirits - "The shugenja who called them thought he could control them. They left behind only bones and bloodied flesh."

Swamplands - "---"

Takuan - "Takuan turned to the Imperial Advisor behind the jade Throne. "Help me, Yoshi. I was not trained to rule an Empire." The Crane smiled and raised his fan in contemplation. "Then I shall rule it for you, my friend."

Test of Honor - "---"

Test of Might - "---"

Test of the Emerald Champion - "---"

Tetsubo - "So, the Emerald Champion is dead? A pity. Perhaps a hammer will serve where a sword did not?" - Hida O-Ushi

The Ancient Halls of the Lion - "---"

The Armour of Sun Tao - "---"

The Armour of the Golden Samurai - "He raised a golden gauntlet to the sky, and the sun's light reached to touch his sword. Surely, he was descended from Amaterasu herself, to have such purity at his command."

The Brotherhood of Shinsei - "---"

The Code of Bushido - "---"

The Esteemed House of the Crane - "---"

The Final Breath - "Never turn your back on a desperate man..."

The Fires that Cleanse - "From the ground at our feet, the shugenja raised a bloodied hand and clutched my daimyo's armor. "Today we both die."

The Great Walls of Kaiu - "---"

The Hidden Temple of the Naga - "---"

The Mountain Keep of the Dragon - "---"

The Provincial Estates of the Unicorn - "---"

The Purity of Shinsei - "---"

The Ruins of Isawa Castle - "---"

The Shadow Stronghold of the Bayushi - "---"

The Shadowlands Horde - "---"

The Sight of Death - "---"

The Soul Goes Forth - "Your soul - your life energy - is not bound by flesh. It can reach where your fingers cannot." - Tao of Shinsei

The Star of Laramun - "The Unicorn brought it from the Burning Sands long ago, but I fear we have not seen its full potential."

The Tao of the Naga - "---"

The Touch of Amaterasu - "The sun's light touched O-Ushi's hammer, and her eyes were filled with strength. "Come with me," she cried, "and learn what it means to be a Crab!"

The Turtle's Shell - "Hide with your little shields, little men. You cannot hide forever." - Hida Yakamo

The Wrath of Osano-wo - "To tempt the wrath of the Fortunes is not courageous or bold. It is simply foolish." - Togashi Yama

The Yoritomo Alliance - "---"

Togashi Hoshi - "---"

Togashi Mitsu - "---"

Toku - "The evil we face is not a god, it is a man. And one man can undo what another has done."

Toturi's Army - "---"

Touch of Death - "She knelt beside the body as a last wisp of smoke escaped his tortured mouth, and I swear I saw a faint smile cross her lips." - Ryosei

Touching the Soul - "---"

Traversable Terrain - "---"

Treacherous Terrain - "---"

Treaty with the Naga - "...Our cousins of the Naga shall be recognized as a free and allied nation, welcomed within our borders and in our Imperial Court..."

Tsuruchi - "---"

Unattuned - "A twist of the hand, a single syllable in the prayer... these things are the difference between life and death."

Unexpected Allies - "---"

Unscalable Walls - "Fifty men may stand before the wall, but the day will be won by he who stands within."

Void Strike - "---"

Vows of the Brotherhood - "...Take the new Tao, gentle brothers, and learn its ways, that we all might prosper from its wisdom..."

Wakizashi - "Amaterasu gave me two hands to serve my lord. Am I so proud that I will only use one?" - from Mirumoto's 'Niten'

Walking the Way - "My path is not the path of my father, nor of my ancestors. We all must find our own way." - Isawa Osugi

Way of Deception - "A victorious strategy is one which sows disorder. Attack when he is unprepared, and take your opponent by surprise." - Sun Tzu

Wounded in Battle - "---"

Writings of Kuni Yori - "Behold, dark cousins, all is not lost... gather together and over the bodies of the living we will restore the rule of the Dead..." - Kuni Yori's 'Oaths and Betrayals'

Yasuki Nokatsu - "Mujina? Rebel? I think not, my dear Doji..."

Yasuki Taka - "Wily Trader is worth 2 Koku."

Yodin - "---"

Yoritomo - "The blackest storm yet rests upon the horizon, awaiting only a fierce wind to set it free."

Yoritomo Kamoto - "The path of betrayal shimmers with plundered gold."

Yoritomo Kanbe - "The banners of the Mantis have been seen throughout Rokugan, seeking more glory and prestige for their leader's name."

Yoritomo Masasue - "You must force destiny to hear you. Fate has no place for humble men."

Yoritomo Takuni - "His keen eye for storms is only matched by his strong sword arm. In war, there is no man I would trust more." - Yoritomo Masasue

Yoritomo Tsuyu - "After his battle with the Captain of the Imperial Guard, Tsuyu bears a scar, a broken naginata, and a desire for revenge..."

Yoshi - "---"

Zombie Troops - "You are in my way, little Crane. Move, before I add your stinking carcass to my ranks." - from "The Bad Death of Hida Amoro"




Kaze no Shiro Return


Togashi will return!