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It is a dangerous time for Rokugan.

A new age has dawned, and a new emperor has claimed the throne. Toturi has raised his banner across the empire - a banner of jade. Teh clans rest uneasily, and only the strength of the emperor's hand maintains the unsteady peace.

From the flames of destruction, a new legend is born!


This is the time of the Jade Empire!

Fu Leng's power has been broken, and a new era of peace has risen. Teh empire has been reborn, and the great clans have attempted to set aside the ancient rivalries that once drove them to the edge of disaster.

During his first two years, Toturi ruled with justice. A new Tao has been revealed by the descendant of Shinsei. I nreturn, the clans were gathered and given Imperial Charters to ensure renewed attention to their ancient duties to the empire. Each clan accepted with solemn honor, but of the Phoenix there was no word. In return for their steadfast loyalty to the empire during the time of crisis, Yoritomo and the Mantis clan were accorded the status of a great clan.

But darkness has fallen once more across the empire. Toturi has vanished. On their high mountains, the Dragon must defend their homeland from a bloody invasion. Teh Naga seek the defeat of those who had once been their allies. The Unicorn race across the continent, desperate to uncover the emperor's fate. Teh Crab seek to recapture Hiruma castle, whil Lion armies march toward their lands. The Crane watch jealously as the Mantis grow in power, fueled by mercenary gold. And in the Shadowlands, the horde of evil listens to a new master.

In the mountain fortress of the Dragon clan, a dark secret burden's Hitomi's soul. Her obsidian hand rests uneasily on the arm of the Dragon throne, and her voice rumbles with thunder. She has rebuilt the Dragon into her own image, struggling to master ancient powers and defend her clan against powerful enemies. I nthe empty halls of the palace of the Dragon, a haunted voice whispers secrets into her ear...

Across the empire, it is a time of great change. The old order is being replaced by the new. Vast plans are set in motion to achieve the dreams of generations. Teh crab seek to reclaim the lost provinces of the Hiruma. Yoritomo looks at the undefended provinces of the mainland and sees opportunity where others see only chaos. None will break Toturi's peace, but few will actively support it.

Like lightning ,the story of the emperor's loss strikes across the Jade empire. Toturi's throne is empty, his empire is on the brink of war, and the Scorpion are implicated. Over the protests of the Imperial Assembly, Kakita Toshimoko chose to command the exile of the Scorpion rather than take their lives. The next day, his armor was found atop a cliff overlooking the sea, along with the final haiku of the Gray Crane.


The saga of Rokugan began with the failed Scorpion clan coup. Once the Scorpion were crushed, the empire began a dark era that culminated in the opening of the black scrolls and the release of the Dark Lord, Fu Leng. When the last Hantei emperor fell to the Shadowlands, Rokugan was plunged into civil war. At the time of greatest need, the seven thunders of prophecy arose, uniting the land against its ancient enemy and facing the greatest evil the empire has ever known.

The dishonored ronin, Toturi, united the warring clans beneath his banner and rallied the empire. After the Day of Thunder, the clans raised Toturi to the throne of Rokugan - a throne that would never be the same. But his rule was short-lived. Beforethe second anniversary of his reign, Toturi was kidnapped and his peace destroyed. Now, the saga of Rokugan continues with the Hidden Emperor. Teh misfits who have sworn to serve Toturi must uphold his laws and defend the last vestiges of stability. Some assume that the emperor is dead, but others realize that the truth is much, much darker.

One clan will be torn apart; another will seek the truth in the shadows of the past. Dark secrets, hidden from the eyes of even Lady Sun, will at last be revealed, and the Age of Man rests uncertainly on the shoulders of two unlikely heroes. Teh most hidden truth will be revealed: the greatest enemy of humanity is not the anger of a forgotten god, but the machinations of humanity itself...

...the Jade Empire will never be the same again!




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