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Fire and Shadow: Box text:

Beneath a rising moon, the Emperor has been betrayed by the ambition of an innocent man...

In the darkness of the empty Phoenix lands, the Emperor's final battle begins. Toturi's last enemy is the Master of the Shadow, and the prize is no less than his very soul. To the south, the Shadowlands writhe and howl as oni climb the Great Kaiu Wall, sweeping the Lion and Crab forces who remain to hold the line. Defeated by the Phoenix, the shattered Alliance retreats beyond the gates of the Emperor's city. An army of Dark Moto march beside the maho-users of the Bloodspeakers, destined to engage in a bloody battle to decide teh ultimate fate of the Unicorn. One by one, the elements bleed, and their wrath shakes the foundation of the heavens, threatening to tear apart the true Tao and destroy its wisdom forever. And from the Iron Mountains of the Dragon, a mighty army marches, joining its strength with the Great Clans who prepare to travel into the heart of darkness, into the maw of the Shadowlands.

These may be the final days of the Jade Empire....




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