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Fire and Shadow Starter Quotes:

Iron Mountain

Strong in their mountain keep, the Clan of the Dragon has a new Champion, and a bright moon hangs in the silver sky. The tattooed Dragon clan gathers beneath its gaze, ready to fight the Shadow with the secrets they hold. They are the last of the ize zumi and the beginning of a new family within the Empire. They are also the only ones who know the truth....

Kyuden Kitsune

The Mantis banner is tattered, and Yoritomo's control over the minor clans is splintering. Inspired by the deeds of the Crane general, Daidoji Uji, the Fox have stood their ground against all who denied them. In this most desperate hour, they must face the final battle alone. If courage alone makes a hero, then the samurai of the Fox will live forever.

Temples of the Crow

Takao, Master of the Five, has commanded the Brotherhood to search the Empire. One half of the true Tao has been recovered, but half has been stolen, taken by the Darkness whispering from the gates of death. Without it, Jigoku will fall forever to emptiness and shadow. The torn eyes of a mad prophet foretell the death of an Empire.




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