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shadowlands Horde Letter - #10

Awaken, my brothers and sisters, for your time is at hand!

I hear many of you grumble at these words. And why not? You have heard them before, by other lords who claimed that victory was within their grasp. Each time you were disappointed. Each time you watched as the Clans assembled against our power and defeated us. Are you to believe, then, that you will never be defeated again merely because I say it is so?

I would not taunt you with such lies. Defeat is a part of existence. Each power that exists is subject to another, and all things, in time, meet their match. But neither is that any reason for us to surrender.

I tell you this now; this is not the time for surrender.

Some of you may wonder why you should obey me. Who am I, who dares proclaim himself Lord of the Shadowlands?

Look upon what I have wrought and decide for yourself.

I have built cities in the heart of darkness.

I have created the Onisu, nightmare creatures born of the fear, sin, and weakness of the Great Clans.

I have given the Horde the power to travel beyond the Great Wall, through a means not even conceivable by the shugenja of Rokugan.

Rokugan does not begin to suspect what we are capable of; they look upon the Shadowlands and believe us to be weak, easily defeated.

Let them think it is so.

Let them think they have time.

It is already too late.

- Daigotsu, Lord of the Shadowlands




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