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Phoenix Clan Letter - #20

Lady Taeruko -

I received the most disturbing gift today.

The day began with an unexpected visit, an emissary from the Fox Clan. To my surprise, I soon discovered that this was no minor emissary, but the very daimyo of the Fox, the shugenja known as Ryosei. She was rather distraught when I met with her, and the reason why soon became clear. She carried with her one of the Twelve Black Scrolls.

No doubt you find this news difficult to believe. You were there during the Clan Wars, when the Scorpion claimed to have destroyed the Scrolls that once bound Fu Leng's immortal spirit. I have studied the relic extensively and communed with the kami, and thus far it seems to be genuine. Ryosei claimed that she did not know what to do with the scroll, but feared the temptation of keeping its power so close. She did not return it to the Scorpion, for it was they who claimed to have destroyed the scrolls initially and yet did not. Plus, as you know, the Scorpion and Fox have little love for one another.

So now it falls to us to protect or destroy as we wish. Its presence inspires the question - if one Black Scroll survived, might there be others? If so, might they be purified now that their kharmic connection to Fu Leng's spirit is no longer necessary?

Once the Black Scrolls were powerful magic created by Isawa to defeat the dark god.

Perhaps, as one of Isawa's creations, they might be used against another of Isawa's powerful creations...

I hope that you will see the same potential in this idea that I do. I await your command.

Isawa Masaaki




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