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Lion Clan Letter - #21

Lord Nimuro

You remember me. I was one of you once. At the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, I gave my life and soul for the Empire. In time, I became as I am now, and yet I remember what I was.

I was a Lion.

In the Seikitsu Mountains I have found something extraordinary. I have found the remains of Akodo, the Lion Clan's divine founder, along with his no-dachi. The sword is mine, but what shall I do with his bones?

No doubt if I returned them to the City of the Lost something could be done with them. The flesh-shaper, Omoni could transform them into a deadly beast. The Shokansuru could use them to summon a terrible oni. Daigotsu himself may simply might take them as a trophy, or give them to the madman Voitagi to gnaw upon in the shadows. I could gain great favor for such a prize, among the Lost.

I do not need their favor.

I would return the bones to you, my former clan. There is enough Lion left in me to know that this is what must be done. Though I now worship Akodo's great brother, I know that even Fu Leng would not wish to see Akodo's remains violated in such a manner. I give you this one chance to salvage Akodo's remains.

As an Oracle my powers are great, but so are the rules by which I must abide. I would have a servant, an enforcer in the lands beyond the Kaiu Wall. Not just any servant - I must have a Matsu.

Send one samurai of the Matsu house, a descendant of the Thunder, to me. They must come willingly and accept my corruption. They must learn from me, become my agent in the lands beyond the Kaiu Wall. Do this and I will return Akodo to you.

You claim that you are prepared to give your lives to serve the Lion.

Are you prepared to give your souls?

I was prepared.

Which of you has the courage to join me?

Matsu Turi
Dark Oracle of Water




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