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Phoenix Clan Letter - #21


Since my return from captivity in Dragon lands, as you know, I have made the current crisis with the Dark Oracle of Fire my top priority. This, I believe, is the greatest threat that currently faces our clan. Our war with the Dragon is secondary, a mere side effect of Tamori's manipulations. Our conflict with the Lion is inconsequential, as they have already turned their armies toward the Tsuno; with proper diplomatic overtures peace with the Matsu may yet be won. The emergence of Isawa's Last Wish, while disturbing, is no immediate threat. It has emerged before, and always returns to obscurity. Agasha Tamori's war against our clan is the most deadly threat we face, because it is a threat that we have created.

As you know, I am an expert regarding the origins, history, and abilities of the strange immortals we call Oracles, both Light and Dark. The Dark Oracles are deadly foes, but they cannot interfere in mortal affairs unless invited by a person in authority. Once so invited, they can do as they please, sowing wanton destruction in their path. The last time I faced Tamori, he admitted that one among the Phoenix had invited him to begin this war against the Dragon. For Tamori to do such a thing, the one in question must be high ranking indeed. Add to this his known hatred of our clan and our future looks quite bleak.

While I would not theorize as to who is responsible, I will theorize who is not. I do not believe that you would have invited Tamori, Hochiu-san, for you have personally saved the Empire from darkness in the past. This is why I send you this message - so that in the event that I fail in the quest I undertake perhaps another may succeed.

For Each Dark Oracle, there is a covenant - a powerful Tainted nemuranai that protects its bearer from the Oracle's power. He who holds the covenant may demand one favor from the Oracle, a favor the Oracle must fulfill. However, to demand this favor is to abandon the Covenant's protection. Those who dare make demands of the Dark Oracles seldom survive.

I have studied my scrolls and I believe I have found the Dark Covenant of Fire - a lamp that burns with a pale green fire and radiates no light. It was last seen in a cave three days' ride north of Shiro Shiba, well hidden in the cliffs near the sea. If I can find this Covenant, I can use its power to force Agasha Tamori to leave the lands of the Phoenix and Dragon forever. I do not expect to return alive. I select Isawa Ihara as my replacement on the Council. She is inexperienced, but I believe one day she will have great power, and perhaps will bring the Council closer to Shiba Aikune.

May Tsukune grant her the wisdom to serve better than I did.

Arigato, my friend.
Isawa Nakamuro
Master of Air




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