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Nezumi Letter - #5

Funny thing happen the other day.

Zin'tch think-thinking about all bad things happening in Imperial City, about how humans seem so broken up about their great pretty huge warren getting torn up by walking nightmares and ugly-smelly goblins and ogres and dream-warping Tsuno monsters. Lots of bad-bad things happen to humans and Zin'tch feel sorry. Many humans die, so many maybe nobody remember them all that that probably the worst part.

Sad to die and not be remembered. Sadder even than dying, Zin'tch thinks.

As much bad as there be, Zin'tch realize there be some good too. Samurai-Nimuro, of tribe we Nezumi call the Hert'chik, decide that Otosan Uchi be cursed, no longer safe for humans to live there. Nameseekers say that Taint be strong in city, agree with Nimuro.

Zin'tch think about this for some time. Nezumi never feared Taint.

Perhaps Imperial City would make good warren for Ratling Tribe?

Must call a meeting of the chieftains to discuss. . .

High Rememberer, Council of the Eye




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