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Flavor Text: Gold Edition

A Glimpse of the Soul's Shadow - "Samurai, you anger me. I warn you not to do so again, lest the kami alter your place in the Celestial Pattern." - Toturi Sezaru

A Samurai Never Stands Alone - "Kaneka draws honorable bushi to him much as his father did. Where will his destiny lie, I wonder: proving that he is his father's son or that he is his own man?" - Akodo Ijiasu

A Samurai's Fury - "The Akodo think that bushido is control: control of self; control of the foe. I say there is another form of control - the power of knowing when to lose control and fight with fury." - Matsu Nimuro

A Stout Heart - "You test my courage with tricks? Pit what remains of your soul against my steel. Then perhaps I will wear your head as a trophy!" - Matsu Domotai

A Test of Courage - "I don't care what excuse you give! Crane hearts still beat upon the field, and I will not leave until they are silenced." - Hida Kagore

Accessible Terrain - "Volcanic eruptions have driven the Dragon from their mountains. The Phoenix wait on farming land. . . land splendid for troop movement."

Agasha Hamanari - Soul of Isawa Norikazu - "---"

Akodo Ginawa (Experienced 4) - "I no longer wield a sword of steel; the Akodo are my sword. I have forged them, shaped them, and tempered them. They are my soul."

Akodo Ijiasu - "My family has never forgotten the slander and dishonor suffered at hands of Kuyuden centuries ago. Now the Tonbo again move into Lion lands, bringing their Dragon cousins with them. We are reborn to 'redeem all that has been lost.' We will not fail."

Akodo Kaneka - "I need only a sword. The Empire needs an Emperor. If Toturi had truly trusted any of you, you would have inherited the throne instead of Kaede."

Akodo Tadenori - Soul of Ikoma Gunjin - "You Mirumoto think you understand war. You understand only mayhem. It takes a Lion to understand war."

Akui Cliffs - "The Akui Cliffs perch on Lion land. All of the Great Clans have such killing zones, redoubts that have witnessed a hundred battles."

Alliance - "When Naseru brokered the alliance between the Lion and the Phoenix, his plan was for Lion might and Isawa magic to smash the Shadowlands once and for all. Unfortunately, the Dragon refugees crossing both Lion and Phoenix borders only further unified the two clans against a common threat."

Ambush - "Ignoble means can hide worthy ends."

Ambush Strategist - "Protecting their borders against the mighty Lion, the Dragonfly have learned to fight on their own terms."

An Empty Victory - "Nothing but peasants and children! How did they know we'd attack? Where did they hide it? Temoru railed. "Perhaps there is no 'Secret of Isawa.'" Temoru touched the pouch by his side, "It exists, Ukira, and it will teach us how to destroy the Phoenix!"

Ancestral Shrines of Otosan Uchi - "Without our ancestors, we are nameless people, doomed to fall into darkness with the barbarians. With our ancestors, we are the people of heaven, the center of the world." - Doji Nagori

Another Time - "Kuoshi, stop! We are guests here; you must hold back!" "Listen to your friends, Hida. They understand etiquette." "Next time, dog of a Daidoji. . . next time, no sweet hospitality will save you."

Archers - "Their arrows have burrowed in paper and straw for eight years. Now they find targets of flesh and bone."

Armored Steeds - "A rock rolling downhill, a Dragon in flight, a tsunami unleashed against the islands: think only of these as we charge."

Armory - "Yes, I am aware that Seung has many finely crafted weapons on display in his shop. I am more interested in the items he does not display. . . " - Yoritomo Ekiken

Arrowroot Tattoo - "---"

Arrows From the Woods - "I did not see them, Tatsune-san. But this arrow is Crane!" - Hiruma Masagaro

Asahina Archers - "---"

Asahina Kimita - Soul of Asahina Tomo - "Here, I will show you: The whitecaps of the sea tumble up and into the mountains, rolling thunder down onto our fields. What you call sky heaves and shifts and slides. Look again: the fisher's boat skims up its skin, dropping nets into the sea of changes."

Asahina Sekawa - Soul of Asahina Tamako - "Sekawa never forgets that the value of a gift is in the person to whom it is given." - Doji Tanitsu

Asahina's Breath - "---"

Asako Misao - "He is favored by the Snow Maiden, and the kami of Mori Isawa bless his path." - Agasha Hamanari

Asako Ryoma - Soul of Asako Yasu - "The order to question you comes directly from Sezaru-sama. Question his orders, and even your daimyo cannot protect you from the kami's emissary."

Ashigaru Archers - "Peasants with too much spirit for farming can find another life in the armies of their daimyos."

Ashigaru Spearmen - "No one expects the ashigaru to defeat a samurai in single combat. But the ashigaru do not fight alone. . . "

Avoid Fate - "Skilled samurai make their own luck." - Usagi Kashira

Bandit Hideout - "The bandits have grown fat and rich while the guardians of the roads count their own gold. No more!" - Toturi Tsudao

Barbican - "Let them attack. Their ancestors will no longer be lonely."

Barricades - "In our homeland, we choose the terms of battle."

Battering Ram Crew - "Even the Crab's shells can be pried open." - Yasuki Hachi

Battle Maidens - "Their banners now bear a kanji: "Forever."

Bayushi Churai - Soul of Bayushi Dozan - "Do you still believe you have won? Look around, and see what you have lost in your 'victory'. Then look closer and see what I have take with me."

Bayushi House Guard - "The attack that killed Toturi caught the Scorpion by surprise, but now their finest warriors face the creatures slinking out of Shinomen Forest."

Bayushi Kamnan - Soul of Bayushi Tomaru - "Come, Mantis. Let us see if you fight better than your brother and sister."

Bayushi Kaukatsu - Soul of Bayushi Goshiu - "Naseru-sama, the rumors you mention about Sunetra are disturbing. Still, I have heard another story concerning an influential member of the Court and his relative who wears a mask."

Bayushi Kwanchai - Soul of Bayushi Tangen - "---"

Bayushi Norachai - Soul of Bayushi Yojiro - "Your destiny and my honor demand you take on the burdens that were once my own." - Bayushi Yojiro

Bayushi Paneki - "Yojiro-sama, I would not give you false counsel. There will be a time to visit Ryoko Owari, but someithing is amiss there and we have yet to find its source. I pray you: give me a month to set it right."

Bayushi Sunetra - Soul of Bayushi Marumo - "I keep vigil on your secrets, desires, and fears - even the ones you do not yet know. Especially those. . . "

Bayushi Yojiro (Experienced 2) - "---"

Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves - "Shamate, you said, 'Do not kill him,' and I listened. I still listen, but you no longer speak." - Matsu Hataki

Bend Like a Reed - "Only if you bend before the cutting rush of the wind will you rise again in the following calm." - The New Tao

Big Stink - "Goblins from deep within the Shadowlands devoured the goblins of the "shallows" and burned their village to the ground, according to their master's wishes."

Biting Steel - "What can stand against a quick hand, sharp eye, and biting steel?"

Black Finger River - "The crazed, the desperate, the vengeful. . . they come to our waters and gain new lives." - Shahai

Blackened Claws - "---"

Blackened Sky - "First the arrows feed, and then come the black birds, finding the spaces between armor." - Rezan, the Ronin Poet

Blacksmiths - "An honest craft. Not like goldsmiths. Or gardeners." - Hida Kuon

Blade of Kaiu - "Since the dawn of the Empire, five have been forged each year below Kaiu Shiro. They will cut through stone and steed, marrow and metal, sinew and soul."

Block Supply Lines - "Cut off by land and sea, the Crab find their supplies failing as the war rages on."

Blood of Midnight - "Stay in the shadows. Choose your moments. Strike when the Empire is divided against itself, and we will not fail." - Jama Suru

Blood Rite - "Before the Dark Lord fell, the Isawa practiced blood magic that was clean, voluntary, pure. That is not the type of blood magic practiced by Shahai." - Usagi Kashira

Bloodstained Forest - "It is but illusion, but even illusion is made of the elements. What, then, can one say of the nature of elements that cannot be touched? - Horiuchi Shem-Zhe

Borderland - "Do not swear on the border stones between the Great Clans, for you will outlive the stones."

Brash Hero - "Uso baited the trap; Aikune could not resist. With two more warriors, we would have killed him." - Mirumoto Ukira

Bridged Pass - "Sometimes wisdom consists of burning bridges before you cross them."

Burning Your Essence - "We are the newest family of the Dragon, but we will save the clan from its foes and restore the honor lost when the Agasha fled to the Phoenix." - Tamori Shaitung

Bushi Dojo - "Many members of the Brotherhood have returned to their original families, sharing some of the fighting styles of the Monks among their samurai brothers and sisters."

Call to Arms - "You were my lord and I served. You were my Emperor and I obeyed. You were my friend and I have said my goodbyes. Your throne stands empty and war is everywhere. I cannot retire from my duty." - Toku

Campsite - "While I would hire a ronin to serve on the battlefield, I wouldn't trust one to guard my family. I may not always be the highest bidder." - Bayushi Hikashi

Candle of the Void - "---"

Careful Planning - "We have halted the Mirumoto's retreat east and south. They can move only west, where our forces are already waiting." - Akodo Tenero

Celestial Alignment - "All magic flows from the kami, the spirits who create and compose the world."

Celestial Sword of the Crab - "Guard the Empire"

Celestial Sword of the Crane - "You are the honor of Rokugan"

Celestial Sword of the Dragon - "Comprehend that which cannot be known"

Celestial Sword of the Lion - "You are the sword of the Empire"

Celestial Sword of the Phoenix - "You are the guardians of magic"

Celestial Sword of the Scorpion - "---"

Celestial Sword of the Unicorn - "Learn who you are, so you can teach us who we are."

Charge - "Follow me into destiny! Cries Toturi Tsudao, and the samurai of the imperial army follow her as if her words were lightning and they were the thunder."

Chasing Osano-Wo - "Are we not your children as much as the Crab?" asked the Yoritomo shugenja of the storm. . .

Chime of Harmony - "One to calm the mind. Two to gather the kami. Three to send the kami forth once more, our souls braided into one." - Tamori Katsu

Chrysanthemum Festival - "The spring's cruel joke: In the face of this beauty You must choose just one." - Shosuro Taberu

Cleansing Bell - "No secrets. No lies. Just the pure tones of the bell. . . and the certainty that your enemies will reveal themselves for what they are."

Come One at a Time - "---"

Confusion at Court - "Your mother has refused to hold the throne she has inherited? Well, I also have a claim, and I am Akodo. Like our father. . . " - Akodo Kaneka

Contentious Terrain - "The plains northwest of Honored Treaty City are neither Phoenix nor Lion. That did not stop the Phoenix and Lion from attacking the Dragon there."

Copper Mine - "The Lion heimin work the mines now that the Zokujin have fled the underground to travel the Spine of the World."

Corrupted Ground - "The Shadowlands spread wherever their armies march."

Corrupted Iron Mine - "Those who work the Hiruma mines carry enough jade to ward off the taint. But even jade cannot remove the memories of what they have seen there."

Corrupted Silver Mine - "Gah! How do they stand the smell?" "They aren't exactly human, my lady."

Corruption of the Harmonies - "The elements shift as though blown by a dark wind. I cannot see what it means." - Toturi Kaede

Costly Alliance - "I know you lack funds, Yasuki-sama. The Mantis expect more later."

Counterattack - "We must strike the Phoenix as they have struck us. They must burn and not be allowed to rise again." - Mirumoto Daisuke

Crane Tattoo - "---"

Crossroads - "Even two wars, the Emperor's death, and Kaede's refusal of the throne cannot change the fact that life in the Emerald Empire is happier and easier than ever for most of its citizens."

Crystal Katana - "When members of the Brotherhood say that they are "going to seek the missing half of the Tao," they usually mean to seek it in the blood of the creatures responsible for its destruction."

Dai Tsuchi - "We honor the spirit of our swords by using other weapons to destroy such filth." - Hida Kuon

Daidoji Rekai (Experienced 2) - "I fought beside Yakamo, beside O'Ushi. I do not wish to kill their kin, but the Yasuki lands are Crane lands. The spirit of the clan is stronger than the bonds forged when we were heroes."

Dead Eyes - "---"

Deadly Ground - "We took back Hiruma Castle thirty years ago. We pay the price daily, but we make the Shadowlands play more." - Hiruma Tudori

Dealing with Shadows - "You ask if I control the Tsuno. No, it is not I. Was it your command that killed Toturi?" "No, child." Shahai caressed the ancient skull. "Then together we must make plans."

Deathseeker Technique Fierce, desperate, ferocious, they can redeem their honor only by dying in battle. They do not die easily.

Deeds, Not Words - "---"

Defend Your Honor - "---"

Delicate Calculations - "Such steps are not taken lightly."

Diamond Mine - "You see, they are more than simple jewels; with minimum effort they can become food, clothing, ships, or even secrets. But in the right hands, their beauty and hardness can be turned to power and destruction." - Kaelung

Dispersive Terrain - "Force your foes to attack over broken ground , and you will see their composure shatter along with their formation." - Matsu Nimuro

Diversionary Tactics - "If your enemies have occupied the terrain of their choice, do not engage them. Retreat, and entice them to follow." - Master Suana.

Doji House Guard - "The Crane armies are overextended, and their coffers are bare. The Crane themselves do not seem to know it.

Doji Kurohito - "I was born the day the great Kumo rose from the sea to weave its web of darkness over Otosan Uchi. According to tales my mother told, when the floods receded, this sword was found in the family shrine; a gift from my ancestors on my day of birth."

Doji Nagori - Soul of Doji Shizue - "Seven centuries gone, a tattered Crane cut off its wings and crawled inside a tortoise shell. It waved its stumps through the holes. warning that they were pincers."

Doji Tanitsu - Soul Kakita Yoshi - "He carries the favor of each of Toturi's children. He can please them all, even when their dispute is with each other. He knows their hearts and weaknesses." - Seppun Shigeta

Doji Yasuyo - Soul of Doji Kuwanan - "Her brother, Nagori, would understand; a request from Lady Doji could not be ignored. As she opened the shoji, she turned to allow herself one last look on what she was leaving behind. Then she stepped into the night, with Naishi in its saya and the burden that was hers alone."

Double Chi - "I hear Akiko's voice exhorting me, and I know that the thing Kakita did not speak of is the fierce joy of the strike." - Doji Kurohito

Dragon Dancers - "There are thousands of kami. Those with the inclination can always find a festival to celebrate and heimin willing to pay to honor the Fortunes."

Dragon Tattoo - "---"

Dragon's Claw Katana - "The finest swords have histories as detailed as the Great Clans' sagas. Such swords share their spirit and power with their rightful owners. . . if the swords deem them worthy."

Dragon's Teeth - "I would trade twenty Hida berserkers for one good Kaiu engineer." - Ichiro Masaharu

Drum of Water - "---"

Duty to the Clan - "For the glory of the clan, may I die as bravely as my brother."

Earthquake - "One sword, two swords. Your style means nothing when the earth swallows you whole." - Isawa Taeruko

Earthworks - "The Kaiu know their craft. Their walls and tunnels break up the hordes, forcing them to commit to long charges where we can prepare for the assault." - Hida Kuroda

Elite Pikemen - "I am not samurai, but my ancestors have held faith with our lord for forty generations."

Elite Spearmen - "The rain of spears is followed by the storm of swords"

Encircled Terrain - "I am Daidoji Enai. In honor of my grandfather's friendship with the Hida, I will let you stand aside." "I am Hida Kuoshi. Give your grandfather my greetings."

Energy Transference - "---"

Enough Talk! - "I don't care if we are in court. This time there's no one to save you!"

Entrapping Terrain - "Maneuver them toward the marshes, and let them pit their strength against the mud."

Eternal Halls of the Shiba - "---"

Eyes Shall Not See - "The Unicorn patrolled the borders of the forest. Into the fog they moved. . . and did not exit."

Facing Your Devils - "After Isawa Hochiu's victory over the Shadow at Oblivion's Gate, the Empire had no choice but to take the Isawa seriously."

False Alliance - "The Fox chose to interpret lack of support by an ally under siege as 'betrayal'. Without allies, how will they survive the war that rages around them?" - Doji Tanitsu

Familiar Surroundings - "My lady Dejiko, they had great horns on their heads and the strength of ogres. We drove them off before they could reach the Tombs." - Kitsu Akua

Famine - "Barren fields, blocked supplies, or pillaged storehouses - it is all the same. This is famine and I will not watch my people die!" - Hida O-Ushi

Famous Poet - "The sword, the soul, honor, and the glory of the clan - artfully arranged, these words give the mother who has lost her son in battle some comfort." - Shosuro Taberu

Fan of Command - "Whenever you have the advantage on the field of war, fight as if you are at a disadvantage." - Matsu Nimuro

Fantastic Gardens - "Kurohito was raised with his cousins Yasuyo and Nagori in the rebuilt splendor of Kyuden Doji. After his gempukku, the beauty of the garden could do nothing to quench the fires growing in his soul."

Farmlands - "Some seek to become other than what they are. Others are forced to become more than what they were born."

Festering Pit of Fu Leng - "The eight Kami who founded the Empire have long since departed, but their creations live on. Are you surprised, then, that the ninth Kami's creation lives on as well?" - Isawa Mitori

Fields of the Dead - "What was sown here is not for reaping." - Asahina Kimita

Fields of the Morning Sun - "Even in the dead of winter, when pilgrims cannot visit the shrines, no honorable samurai would fight on these sacred plains."

Fight to the Setting Sun - "Red our lifted blades, Red the slash of the horizon, Red the dripping earth."

Finding the Harmony - "Those who believe all elements are one follow a false path to understand the Celestial Pattern." - Toturi Sezaru

Fires of Purity - "If only death can end the Isawa's hatred, we will give it to them." - Tamori Taiu

Fires of Retribution - "What the kami give, they sometimes catastrophically take away."

Firestorm Legion - "---"

Fist of Osano-Wo - "Thunder shakes the heavens; lightning lashes the earth. Osano-Wo did not return to Rokugan to sit idle on mountaintops."

Fist of the Earth - "Master your chi; live in harmony. The all the power in the universe is power that you can direct against your enemy."

Flatlands - "The plains of the Unicorn are ours again. We must be ever vigilant, or they will not remain so." - Shinjo Maku

Flattery - "---"

Flee the Darkness - "I do not think the hatred between these two shugenja started the war between the Dragon and the Phoenix. It has only served as fuel." - Ide Tadaji

Focus - "---"

For the Empire - "---"

Forest - "Still your mind and listen. You will see that the forest is not empty." - Lady Kitsune

Forests of Shinomen - "I bear no love for this forest. But the kami of the forest does not ask to be loved." - Bayushi Yojiro

Forgotten Tomb - "---"

Fortress of the Dragonfly - "Tamori storms and Isawa fire collided. Akodo steel met with Mirumoto blades. Kyuden Tonbo fell to fury and hatred."

Frenzy - "A Hida berserker and an ogre bushi - tell me how one of these things is not like the other." - Doji Nagori

Gakochun - Soul of Orschat - "I. . . Hunger. . . "

Gambling House - "Some may feel gambling is the luck of the fortunes. Others read the signs from Fate to take action."

Garrison - "I do not think we can stop them, sir." "We do not have to stop them. Only slow them down."

Geisha Assassin - "In nature, beauty is often used to conceal death."

Geisha House - "Samurai, please enter. . . Take off your helmet. . . yes, relax. You have earned it."

Ghedai - "The skies have shifted. The Bright and the Pale have left, and their own worst enemies have replaced them. The Akasha could not remain here, but how could I leave? What is not possible in this new world the humans have made?"

Gift of the Wind - "The sun travels the world in a day, but the wind is already there."

Glimpse of the Unicorn - "Three hundred years ago, a sandalwood fan convinced the Court that the Unicorn Clan was indeed Shinjo's people returned from their quest."

Go Master - "Where you do not place a stone is as vital to us both as the board itself." - Master Suana

Goblin Madcaps - "Some of the goblins coming through Shinomen Forest bear familiar tattoos."

Goblin Mob - "They come in waves of teeth and muscle, driven by needs of which none can speak in the light of Lord Sun."

Goblin Sneaks - "We have lost them. The only thing worse than the ones that are all teeth are the ones that won't fight." - Toritaka Sensaichi

Goblin Warmonger - "The goblins from the deep Shadowlands do not waste their teeth on words."

Goblin Wizard - "I lay wounded as the goblin walked amongst the dying, drawing their lives by its magic. Through jade I survived, and when dawn came I struggled to burn the bodies that remained, and returned to Hiruma Castle." - Hiruma Todori

Gold Mine - "Our mountains have awoken with fury. Many mines have been abandoned, but a few loyal servants of Hoshi remain to serve the clan's needs." - Mirumoto Ukira

Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess - "You are her messenger now and must carry on what we began with honor and lost by pride." - Moshi Jakigi

Goldsmith - "The metal of the Sun. A most fitting gift, Osema-sama, for the daughter of Toturi."

Great Crater - "Lord Sun watches over his handiwork. The Lion and Scorpion claim it, but it is ours to protect, for he has revealed more than just a pass through the mountains." - Moto Vordu

Hammer of Earth - "---"

Hantei Naseru - "I see a future as glorious as our past."

Hawks and Falcons - "Hawks are more than talons. Life is more than war. And there is more to war than killing." - Ide Tadaji

He's Mine! - "Stand aside, Doji! She has dishonored our family!" cried Gineza. "She is his now, and he is my brother. So your argument is with me."

Heartbeat Drummers - "---"

Heavy Cavalry - "Much harder than drought, this rolling thunder, drumming the fields into dust." - Sachi, heimin poet

Heavy Infantry - "With courage, the watchful eye of a noble daimyo, and battlefield promotions, one or two of them may become taisa."

Hida Hio - "Connections among the Nezumi make him unwelcome at Court but a hero on the Wall."

Hida House Guard - "There are three arts respected in the lands beside the wall: iron work, siege work, and breaking bones."

Hida Kuon - "The Crane smile prettily as they cut your throat with a bribe in Court. Let's see them smile with their heads buried in their chests."

Hida Kuroda - "The Crane prattle on about their 'honor'. Yasuki Tsanumi pledged his family's loyalty to the Crab seven hundred years ago when they were not 'honorable enough' for the Crane. What has become of Crane honor that they would break Tsanumi's ancestral oath by stealing our very people?"

Hida Rohiteki (Experienced) - "She has been O'Ushi's advisor for twenty years. Soon, she knows, she will need to advise a new champion."

Hida Tenshu - Soul of Hida Amoro - "He never speaks during battle. The screams of his enemies and the crunch of bone speak for him."

Hida Wukau - Soul of Yasuki Nokatsu - "They're like animals: beat 'em; curse 'em; shake 'em until they do what they're told."

Hida Yasuhiro - Soul of Hida Unari - "I can recognize him at two hundred paces, tall as an ogre and twice as wide. I have stopped believing that he is too big of a target to miss. My arrows fly true, but he moves in a blur. The Fortunes watch over him. If this war ends and we are both alive, I will show him the arrows that should have hit him, and see if he laughs." - Daidoji Gudeta

High Morale - "There's no end of them today!" cried Mitaki. "The Fortunes are with you then, brother. You are behind by six!" said Koatsu

Higher Ground - "Kaiu-san, what would make you fear for the safety of the Wall?" - "Nothing, Doji-san, except that the Shadowlands could build a bigger wall next to it." - The One Wall, a play

Hiruma Masagaro - Soul of Hiruma Kage - "As a child, he led his friends to the wrong side of the Wall. Unlike other such foolish children, Masagaru brought his friends out again, alive." - Kuni Utagu

Hiruma Tatsuya - Soul of Hida Nezu - "Tatsuya studied with the Daidoji. He respects them. But he can beat them." - Hida Kuroda

Hiruma's Last Breath - "---"

Historian - "The Ikoma family of the Lion Clan are the Empire's official historians. But every clan has its own viewpoint on events."

Hitomi Technique - "If you cannot find a shugenja's heart beneath the ribs, destroy the rest of the body and look for the heart later."

Hitomi Vedau - Soul of Hitomi Kagetora - "He entered this life with eyes as yellow as the full moon and dragons entwined around his arms."

Hitsu-do - "The Way of Shinsei seems gentle only to those who assume the sword makes the warrior."

Honorable Seppuku - "I heard my orders, and I also heard Lesharu's orders." - Moshi Keika

Horiuchi Shem-Zhe - Soul of Iuchi Takaai - "Alone among the clans, we understand that the Empire must always find its direction anew. You cannot alter your route in darkness until you know your position under the heavens."

Horsebowmen - "The example of the Unicorn has spurred the Great Clans to experiment with fighting styles that would have seemed foolish before."

Hoshi Eisai (Experienced) - "She has chosen not to speak. She had chosen not to age. She sees choices where others see only riddles."

Hoshi Wayan (Experienced 2) - "Kokujun still has the daisho. Kaelung has disappeared completely. I cannot rest."

Hummingbird Tattoo - "---"

Hurricane - "The storms rage against him. Osano-Wo ignores him. The traitor leads his own to destruction; we only clear the path ahead." - Bayushi Yojiro

I Believed in You. . . She was to kill Leshanu for his clumsiness, not because he followed my orders. Am I the only member of this clan left who has the slightest understanding of duty?" - Aramasu

Iaijutsu Art - "We have remade ourselves and refined our arts. . . all our arts." - Kakita Akiyo

Iaijutsu Challenge - "In the Court of Otosan Uchi, more than diplomacy is conducted in the Assembly."

Iaijutsu Duel - "---"

Ikiryo - "---"

Ikoma Otemi - Soul of Matsu Mori - "As a young man, Akodo Toturi left the lands of the Lion to ride with the Unicorn. Upon his return, he taught the Lion to fight on horseback. Otemi's generation feels ready to challenge the Unicorn's best."

Ikoma Sume - Soul of Ikoma Kaoku - "To the Matsu, the kill. To the Akodo, the victory. To the Ikoma, the tale."

Ikoma Tsai - "His understanding of the kami may grow, but the Halls of the Ikoma can teach him no more" - Ikoma Sume

Imperial Ambassadorship - "Go in my name and the service of the Empire. Bring this war to a close, however you may accomplish it." - Hantei Naseru

Imperial Edicts - "---"

Imperial Funeral - "Kaede watches as he is carried to his pyre. She will take the throne, as he wished."

Imperial Gift - "What weapon is stronger than a gift?" - Doji Tanitsu

Imperial Honor Guard - "The guard is torn between personal loyalty to Tsudao, obligations to Naseru, and respect for Sezaru. Kaneka is praiseworthy, but he is an Akodo and an outsider come late to Court."

In Search of the Future - "I will find my own destiny; I have no need to share the one you make for yourself." - Yoritomo Kitao

In Time of War - "Kaneka is not recognized by all. Tsudao is eldest, but she has few allies in the Empire. Sezaru commands respect, but many fear his nature. Naseru can forge alliances, but he is the youngest. Who shall sit, then, upon the Steel Throne?" - Doji Tanitsu

Inaccessible Region - "This time, the Earth shall rise to form our battlefield, and no Akodo or Isawa will be present to hide the Shiba from our ise zumi" - Tamori Shaitung

Inner Fire - "Fate saw to my birth and Destiny assured my survival. He was my father and I will claim what is rightfully mine." -Akodo Kaneka

Investigation - "You are here just in time, Remata-san. Another moment, and all might have been lost." - Usagi Ozaki

Iron Mine - "Our mujina may curse and mumble, but at least the oni are not eating them." - Hida Wukau

Iron Mountain - "---"

Isawa Nakamuro - "When I see Taeruko-sama, I cannot help but wonder if she fights as custodian of our sacred lands, a guardian of the kami, or the grieving mother of Yaruko."

Isawa Riake - Soul of Isawa Tomo - "In the temples or on the battlefield, it is the same: I give proper respect to the kami and they choose to answer. When requested, I give them my aid in return."

Isawa Sayuri - Soul of The Nameless One - "Now that Mitako is the Oracle of Water, Sayuri may walk alone forever."

Isawa Taeruko - "The kami have blessed our mission. We serve beside the Fortunes, and nothing can stop us."

Izaku Library - "The oldest texts in the Izaku Library make reverence to other, still older works. If the Masters know of these ancient texts, they do not speak of them to us." - Asako Itaru

Jade Bow - "The sword is the soul. The sword is all. So is there honor in killing from afar? Perhaps, but only if the bow has its own honor, its own spirit that lends grace to the shot." - Kakita's The Sword

Jade Works - "Few sources of jade have been found since the Spirit Wars. The Crab demand that more be found, for they cannot penetrate the Shadowlands without it."

Judgement of Toshiken - "---"

Kabuki Theater Troupe - "In the future, this will make a splendid play, no matter which of us attains the throne." Sezaru smiled coldly. "I think of the future of the Empire as something more than material for a play, Nesaru."

Kaede's Tears - "You are the four winds of change," she said, walking into the Void. - "Each of you serves the Empire. You must decide which Empire you will serve."

Kaiu Umasu - Soul of Kaiu Utsu - "Toturi Tsudao understands loyalty and duty. She doesn't understand defensive war, but she has us for that."

Kakita Atoshi - Soul of Kakita Torikago - "---"

Kakita Kaiten (Experienced) - "The Shadowlands are strong, but not so strong that we should fear teaching the Crab to go back behind their shells."

Kakita Kyruko - "I do as I please and I leave no trace. You may join me if you dare, but be gone before I tire of you."

Kakita Nanami - Soul of Kakita Yuri - "We offer peace with honor. Is that not better than fighting with those who would be your friends and aid you in another matter. . . ?"

Kakita Noritoshi - Soul of Doji Jiro - "From guilt as much as grief, Toshinken adopted his nephew. His father, his mother, his uncle, which tragedy shapes his destiny?"

Kakita Technique - "An iaijutsu duel with a Kakita master is as sure a death as seppuku."

Kamoko's Constellation - "Shinjo said, "I will always return." The last time she left, she took the dying Utaku Kamoko to a place of honour in the heavens."

Kan'ok'ticheck - Soul of Tchickchuk - "---"

Kaze-do - "Strength is found in more than just arms." - Hoshi Wayan

Kharmic Strike - "Victory; defeat. Sometimes there is no difference."

Ki-Rin - "The first Ki-Rin were children of the Unicorn Kami, Shinjo, and fathered by a distant spirit in faraway lands."

Kitsu Dejiko - "I have twenty ancestors to call on, Mirumoto dog, and eight of them slew dozens of your ancestors. Do you think I will disappoint them by letting you live?"

Kitsune Ryukan - Soul of Kitsune Shodo - "Ryosei has made her choice. She will not retire or enter a monastery. Instead she has left us to track down her . . . father . . . and put an end to his affronts."

Kolat Assassin - "They had all drunk the same tea, but only Matsui was overcome."

Kolat Master - "With great preperation, anyone can be . . . anyone."

Kosaten Shiro - "---"

Kumo - "Parts of Rokugan that it has attacked suffer plagues of insects after the peasants kill all of the spiders they can find, thinking that they are taking revenge." - Satoshi

Kuni Utagu - "His strength and justice were unquestioned, but not even his clanspeople foresaw that he would vault ahead of the Unicorn and Dragon to become the Jade Champion."

Kuni Utagu (Experienced) - "The call him the Wall: as long as he stands, the Empire will be safe from the blood witches and the Shadowlands." - Toku --

Kyoso no Oni - "One who serves a mortal sorcerer does not deserve to know the Dark Lord's Favor."

Kyoso no Oni (Experienced) - "If you do not bargain for allies, you have no one to betray."

Kyuden Hitomi - "---"

Lady Kitsune - "As long as you pay proper respect to the Kami, I will be glad of your company."

Large Farm - "The wealth of daimyos is measured by both the banners of their samurai and in the koku of their fields."

Last Stand Plain - "They could not escape. The oni had caught them. It toyed with them, sending their fallen comrades, one by one, against them. Their discovery would die with them."

Lesser Mujina - "The mujina forced into the Empire by the surge from the deep Shadowlands are far more malicious than their weaker cousins. The only consolation is that they can be cut with a sword. Sometimes."

Lesser Oni - "---"

Let Your Spirit Guide You - "The strength of samurai is not measured by steel, but by the honor in which their clans hold them, their ancestors, and themselves." - Daidoji Saito

Lies, Lies, Lies. . . - "Who is behind these attacks, Sezaru? I think I know."

Light Cavalry - "The Unicorn gifted us with twenty of their steeds in honor of my sons and their father." - Hida O'Ushi

Light Infantry - "The minions of the Dark Lord move on our borders. Therefore, we patrol Shinomen Forest, fighting where the Crab could not even walk without bruising their shoulders." - Bayushi Jun, gunso

Light Mounted Infantry - "Questions of honor are questions for my daimyo. She gives orders, and I am honored to obey."

Lion's Pride - "The Kami Akodo could defeat Matsu, his magnificent disciple, in combat, but he could not woo her. "Why be Akodo's wife, if any other man who weds me will be Matsu's husband?" she asked, and he had no answer."

Look into the Void - "The gash in Kaede's soul when she took her place in the throne was nothing compared to the truth in the mirror."

Lookout Mountain - "Many of the Great Clans have extensive holdings in the lowlands but place their strongholds in the hills."

Low Morale - "Make your enemies doubt what they fight for: take away faith, and they will surrender."

Magic Mud - "Its goal is single-minded: to provide the most painful death for its enemy."

Mantis Bushi - "They are all dead, Kuroda-san. I am sorry that I did not leave one alive so we could find out what the Scorpion want in Yasuki lands."

Mantle of Fire - "Living or dead, nothing can deny fire."

Mantle of the Jade Champion - "Utagu is dead?! I should have seen that. Who would benefit most from such an event?" - Toturi Sezaru

Marketplace - "The markets of the Crane did not close for the funeral of Yasuki Taka."

Marries a Barbarian - "Love is a surer weapon than hate, because lovers believe they have something to live for." - Bayushi Sunetra.

Master of the Rolling River - "Trapped in a shell of armor, the samurai sees a world made of solid objects and the spaces between the objects. The shugenja lives in the world behind this world, where an "object" is a blend of elements and space is a change in moods."

Master of the Tea Ceremony - "A perfect strike with the katana or a perfect setting of tea - in an Empire in which form is everything, either can save a clan from dishonor."

Matsu Domotai - "If the Dragon lose heart for fighting, let them return to their mountains. Surely they have a tattoo for walking on lava."

Matsu Hataki (Experienced) - "He has moved on. Perhaps he knows I search for him now. He and I shall have no rest."

Matsu Hataki - Soul of Matsu Turi - "Shamate is with me always. If he knows that I wear her mask, and knows what it means, he has not acted on that knowledge, and I am free to move toward revenge."

Matsu House Guard - "In my sword, the wind. In my heart, courage. In my eyes, death. "I am Matsu." - Kakita Morushijin's No Man's Bride, a play

Matsu Ketsui - "Age slows only those who are afraid to die."

Matsu Nimuro - Soul of Matsu Tsuko - "I am Nimuro, general of these armies before you. I am the Golden Lion of Toshi Ranbo. Know whose blade you die upon this day."

Meditation - "There is no space for regret in the pure center of the self. . . not even if you blame yourself for failing to accompany your father on the mission that sent him to the pyre."

Medium Cavalry - "Matsu Nimuro's brilliant use of cavalry fielded by both the Shiba and the Akodo gave the Alliance its first victory in the war against the Dragon, at the Battle of Honored Treaty Plains."

Medium Infantry - "We hold the high ground and the ridge. The samurai will hold the pass. We keep the enemy off the samurai's flanks, and victory is ours."

Mirumoto Daisuke - Soul of Mirumoto Sukune - "I owe Naseru my life. If he demands return on this debt, I will not compromise the clan. I will ask Hoshi to accept my seppuku."

Mirumoto House Guard - "---"

Mirumoto Rosanjin - Soul of Mirumoto Taki - "I will tell you how a thousand young samurai have died. In the chaos of battle, they swing wildly and forget to check their strokes. They die prying their swords out of bone. If you cannot learn restraint, drop your katana and pick up a tetsubo, for you are no Dragon."

Mirumoto Temoru - Soul of Mirumoto Hitomi - "He collects jade, fights with only one sword, and tells terrible jokes. The warriors who follow him pool koku to buy jade figurines for his collection. They spar against him with two swords and cannot touch him. They even laugh at his jokes." - Mirumoto Daisuke

Mirumoto Ukira - "Some souls find their only peace in the bitter winters of the mountains and the moment of calm before the strike."

Mirumoto Uso (Experienced) - "He holds the Sword of the Sun for the Dragon Clan. One day soon, its debt will be paid."

Mizu-do - "The strength of our enemy belongs to the universe, and therefore to us."

Moat - "---"

Moto Chagatai - Soul of Moto Soro - "Gaheris' only living heir, his grandson, has never ventured from Unicorn lands. His whole life has been to guard the Naga's Legacy. What will he do when it no longer desires a guard."

Moto Fanatics - "Thirty years ago, the Unicorn slew the last Dark Moto and reclaimed the family's spirit."

Moto Hideyo - "Do not speak to me of the Dark Moto. They are dead, gone my entire life. We are the Moto, and those who stand before us do not stand again."

Moto Kadu-kai - Soul of Moto Toyotomi - "There is no greater honor for my name than to serve the Khan with strength and courage."

Moto Vordu - "I have lived long enough to see an emperor die twice. When a new emperor stands worthy, I will bow. Until then, I will serve my Khan and bring justice to the Empire."

Mountain of the Seven Thunders - "Those who have seen the Cave of Thunder have already been judged worthy by their ancestors."

Mountain Pass - "We guard the passes to our homeland, for many Dragon remain despite the mountain's complaints." - Mirumoto Temoru

Mountain Tattoo - "---"

Mushin - "Without power, speed is wasted. Without speed, power goes untested."

Naginata - "I prefer my katana, but it cannot reach my enemies who sit astride great horses." - Matsu Kenseiko

Narrow Ground - "A dozen Lion had come to see their Kami's last place. They then drew upon us and laid claim to the land. Foolish. We buried them there, in the narrow passages our ancestors had cleared." - Utaku Yu-Pan

Nemesis - "And where is your father now, Shaitung? Does his tainted blood run through your veins as well?" - Isawa Taeruko

New Year's Celebration - "One grim face cannot spoil the brightest festival of the year."

Night Battle - "In the darkest of nights the forces of the Shadowlands seek to enter the Empire. No resources are wasted; even the Kuni have their place atop the Wall."

Ninja Spy - "---"

Ninja Thief - "It would not do to admit that anyone other than a Ninja could so easily slip through your guards."

Nir'um'tuk - Soul of Mack'uk - "Armor is mine-mine-mine, Samurai. Took it from ogre. Big-big ogre. Never saw your ancestor. Only ogre."

No-Dachi - "Live each moment as if it were the last, balanced on the edge of a blade." - Matsu Nimuro

Noekam - "Give me news of the wars in the Empire, and I may let you live, samurai. Where are the battles fought? Where can I find new troops for my legions?"

Northern Provinces of the Moto - "---"

Oath of Fealty - "Why do you come here, Koshi, when Kaneka is one of your own?"

Occult Murders - "What is the message? I do not know. We only know that it is written in blood." - Kitsuki Remata

Ogre Bushi - "Just as strong and deadly, these 'cousins' are smarter than any ogre I've ever encountered. I've heard rumors that there are others capable of leading troops and instilling discipline. If this is true, how dark will our future become?" - Toritaka Sensaichi

Ogre Warriors - "Not enough meat on a Crane, but a Crab makes a good meal."

One Life, One Action - "He raised nobility in those without honor. He faced Fu Leng with the strength of many. He fought the Shadow at the cost of his life. He rose again to fight tyranny. He died so that the Empire might live."

Ono - "It can cleave an arm from an ogre in a single blow. The other arm is a different matter." - Hiruma Todori

Oracle of Earth - "In life he was Hiruma Osuno. He has not answered to that name for over thirty years. Speak to him, if you must. I prefer action to hurling my voice at the mountains." - Hida Okashi

Oracle of Fire - "Mitori maintains human interests alongside his immortal concerns. Although he only watches the course of events, those who see him feel he is waiting for something."

Oracle of the Void - "---"

Oracle of Water - "The human part of her mourns the loss of the bond she had with her twin. The part of her that is the Water Dragon's immortal link to the world of humans sometimes forgets her sister's name."

Oracle of Wind - "One moment, she looks as human as you or I. The next she is a summer storm." Asahina Kimita

Outflank - "I confess that I had never seen an enraged Scorpion before then. They cut their way to Toturi's side. When they found that he was dead, they tripled their assault." - Seppun Shigeta

Overconfidence - "The Shiba may defeat the dragon without aid, but at great cost."

Pearl Divers - "Since the Naga returned to their long slumber, the divers need no longer fear the Chameleon bloodline's violent objection to humans who loot the oyster beds."

Peasant Revolt - "They are afraid. They fear the kami will not listen, even to us, without an Emperor." --Satoshi

Personal Champion - "I have heard the voices of my ancestors only once, Sezaru-sama. They told me to serve you." - Koshei

Personal Standard - "---"

Pitch and Fire - "---"

Plain of Fast Troubles - "Bushi erupted from the ground, emerging from concealed pits to strike from all sides."

Plains above Evil - "A few guardians remain awake, while the rest of the Naga slumber in worlds hidden within Shinomen Forest"

Plains of Otosan Uchi - "Throne of our ancestors; crossroads of the future. My heart lightens when I see your walls across the fields." - Toturi Tsudao

Poison Dartgun - "The faceless shapeshifters who walked in Shadow are no more, but cadres of assassins still kill without the constraints of bushido."

Poisoned - "Bad fish is a warning. The next message is final." - Shosuro Aroru

Poisoned Weapon - "Let me show you a secret."

Political Dissent - "---"

Poorly Placed Garden - "It takes dedication, skill, and magic to grow anything in the ancestral lands of the Kuni reclaimed from the shadowlands. Honor springs from the attempt."

Porcelain Mask of Fu Leng - "---"

Port - "No one foresaw that the destruction of Beiden Pass would make the ports of the East this vital. No one foresaw the difficulties the Mantis would face, taking advantage of this position after Yoritomo's death." - Akodo Ijiasu

Proposal of Peace - "It is wise to listen seriously to peacemakers from the Court. Acting on their words is another matter."

Provision Storehouse - "Tell the peasants that we stockpile to ward off famine. They will be grateful for the attention and will let us know whenever the Dragon stray toward our lands." - Shiba Tsukune

Purity of Spirit - "A thousand years of meditation cannot give the Dragon the knowledge the Isawa had before the Kami ever arrived." - Isawa Taeruko

Purity of the Seven Thunders - "The night the Temple of Blood was destroyed, Isawa Akiko awoke from a nightmare. With fear in her voice, she uttered a single word: - "Daigotsu."

Rallying Cry - "The horn sounds the call to regroup, and I know that we will succeed. This will not be our only glorious victory today."

Ratling Bushi - "How do the Ratlings live in the Shadowlands without acquiring the Taint? How do birds fly? How do swords cut? It is their nature." - Ikoma Tsai

Ratling Conjurer - "Don't talk honor to us. History of your Empire, one big oni-summoning ritual is!

Ratling Pack - "The pack is the largest organization that the Nezumi can muster." - Kuni Mokuna's Guide to the Shadowlands

Ratling Scout - "The Nezumi say they were here before us, before the Kami. Of course, they are lying, thieving wretches, but they have their own sense of justice, and they defy the Shadowlands." - Bayushi Paneki.

Refugees - "Would the Dragon have stirred from their mountains if the earth had not forced their steps?" - Isawa Taeruko

Regions of Rokugan - "The Fortunes blessed Rokugan with everything: mountains touching heaven, great plains sweeping beneath the sun, and heavy rocks for the Scorpions to hide beneath when they are not liberating someone else's lands." - Ikoma Tsano

Remorseful Seppuku - "My actions are abhorrent to everything we stand for. I do not deserve a second. But I will complete the three cuts, because it was not weakness that brought me to this pass." - Doji Salei

Resist Magic - "This is the vaunted Phoenix mastery of magic?" - Hitomi Vedau

Retired General - "My daughter Miyako can see to our home. Toturi can see to the Empire. I have had enough of fighting. For now." - Toku

Retired Wasp General - "---"

Retirement - "The pursuit of wisdom always comes at a cost.

Riding Yari - "To the Daidoji family of the Crane, the yari is nearly as sacred as the katana."

Ring of Air - "---"

Ring of Earth - "---"

Ring of Fire - "---"

Ring of the Void - "---"

Ring of Water - "---"

Rise of the Phoenix - "If it is your destiny to walk among the giants of the world, nothing will be impossible for you, not even pulling your mon from your own funeral pyre and drying your mourners' tears." - Isawa Mitori, Oracle of Fire

River Region - "The river's promise is to return that which it is given. . . be sure you are there to accept it."

Road of Dust - "To discourage an invading army, clog the roads with your own refugees. The people will not love you, but if they survive and their children return to them unscathed, they will remember you as a great general." - Ikoma Tsano

Ruantek - "Samurai hunt goblins - good. Samurai hunt Nezumi - dead."

Ryokan's Sword - "---"

Ryoshun's Last Words - "When will you understand, Shaitung? If you attempt to disrupt the Pattern, you will only bring destruction. Your father understood this well." -Isawa Tetsuya

Sacrificial Altar - "Good servants are not worth their weight in silver. But the blood, the blood - yes, that has value." - Shahai

Salt the Earth - "Ukira, burn the fields as well as the huts. See that nothing rises from these ashes." - Mirumoto Temoru

Samurai Warriors - "Each will make a name or die with glory."

Sanctified Temple - "Serenity comes easily in times of peace. In times of war, the soul shows its true balance." - Toturi Tsudao

Satoshi - Soul of Fusaki - "No, Phoenix, I have not stolen any of your hoarded secrets. But that does not mean I cannot learn from your failures."

Scout - "Over this ridge, quickly; we can reach them before they deploy."

Secluded Ravine - "It was thought that he had fallen bravely in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. Only years later, as he led Tsuneo's troops to Phoenix lands under cover of night, did the Empire begin to learn the true fate of Agasha Tamori."

Secrets on the Wind - "You make bargains with the Yasuki behind my back, Leshanu-san?" demanded Aramasu.

Setsuban Festival - "The daimyos in Ryoko Owari hoped that the Emperor would grace the festival with his presence, but he did not arrive and the festival had to start without him. Then came news of Toturi's death, and dancing gave way to mourning."

Shadowlands Marsh - "Those caught in the marsh have the fight drained from them. Better that than their souls."

Shadowlands Sickness - "The oni promise 'power and more.' These fools do not stop to think about what that 'more' entails." - Asako Ryoma

Shahai - "I ask only that you find a small box. Such a trivial thing, Mohai. And with it you will earn my favor."

Shame - "They killed his lord while he was on guard. Did he have the courage to commit seppuku and redeem his family's name? No."

Shiba Aikune - "My mother was the Champion that secured victory in the Spirit Wars. My father was the man who dared to marry my mother. If you hoped I would play yojimbo as a quiet little Shiba, you arranged the wrong marriage!"

Shiba House Guard - "We never forget that Shiba told us to guard the Isawa. Nor do we forget that we have the blood of a Kami - and they do not." --Shiba Geksai

Shiba Kai - Soul of Shiba Katsuda - "Two of Kai's uncles returned from the monasteries with the secrets of the Brotherhood's arts. Kai still bears the two swords, but he trains and fights like a Seven Fortunes monk."

Shiba Ningen (Experienced) - "A lifetime of conversation with kami has given him confidence beyond his years."

Shiba Technique - "Sworn to protect the Isawa shugenja at all cost, the Shiba have learned how to fight with and around magic."

Shiba Tsukune - "Even as a young girl, Tsukune carved a considerable reputation among Rokugan's strongest defenders."

Shiba Tsukune (Experienced 3) - "I hear the counsel of ages, but my words are mine alone. Do not think me a mere puppet! This Council has made its choice, but I am my own soul with my own destiny."

Shiba Yoma - Soul of Shiba Kyukyo - "There is a trace of void in that one. He senses the flow of elements as easily as his spear finds throats." - Tamori Shaitung

Shield Wall - "When our enemies take shelter behind walls, we must dig them out. While we are digging, we need more than our valor to shield us." - Kaiu Umasu

Shinjo House Guard - "---"

Shinjo Maku - Soul of Shinjo Hanari - "I stand with honor and wait as the Iuchi prepare to discover the secrets that Lord Sun has opened for us. At night my dreams are plagued with images. . . riddles, the likes of which only a Dragon could conceive."

Shinjo Osema - Soul of Shinjo Tashima - "The Emperor gave his laws into our hands to uphold. Emerald Champion or not, we will do our duty."

Shinjo Shono - "As a young samurai, I had a family I loved. I had hope for a happy future. These distractions were taken from me. Now I live only for the clan."

Shinjo Shono (Experienced) - "The tricks of te Shadowlands? Learn them once, and you will see them a thousand times. The oni are strong, but their minds are nothing but ooze."

Shinjo Technique - "Beware. Shinjo's children know a secret the other clans forget: not everything can be learned within the Empire." - Shosuro Turaki

Shokansuru - "The flames show the future. The future is a dark thunder raining destruction upon the Empire."

Shosuro Aroru - Soul of Bayushi Yokuan - "---"

Shosuro Technique - "---"

Shosuro Turaki - Soul of Shosuro Taushui - "Other clans put on honorable faces to tell lies. We put on masks to tell the truth."

Shosuro Yudoka - "I have hunted the Goju and the Ninube, until only handfuls survive. I wish to finish them, not skirmish with beasts."

Shrine of the Dragon Champion - "The other clans believe we are slow and ineffective. They think only in human terms. We know the mind of the Dragon, and the Dragon knows when to act." - Tamori Kiyuke

Silk Farm - "Truly the Fortunes find favor with the Yasuki; my farms flourish and bear no blight. But I must ask Leshanu, can you provide what I truly need?" Yasuki Jinn-Kuen

Silk Works - "The strong fibers of silk will be pierced but not cut by arrows or barbs. Such a wound is more easily treated and at little risk of infection. It is not for fashion that samurai wear shirts of silk - it is for protection."

Silver Mine - "The purity of silver is only achieved by burning away that which corrupts it." - Isawa Hoichu

Single Combat - "Your plea for assistance did not go unanswered. It went unheard."

Skeletal Troops - "Amongst them, I see many that fell at Volturnum" - Kaiu Umasu

Slander - "Ah, these lovers. You would think that there were no war." - Bayushi Sunetra

Slidge - "This creature's ancestors built the mighty city of Volturnum. If the Empire grows weak, this is what Shahai and the oni will make of our children's children." - Toturi Sezaru

Small Farm - "Capture their stores to feed our troops and burn the farms, but leave the Asahina's peasants alone. Let their masters choose which dogs will be fed and which will starve." - Hida Kagore

Sneak Attack - "The Mirumoto came at dawn. Hanayon Village would have more mourners than defenders."

Solar Eclipse - "Shugenja are the priests of the kami. When the kami withdraw their favor, the priests can only pray for the Fortunes to turn."

Sorrow's Path - "For every army that is certain of victory, there is an opposing general who knows how to set the price too high."

Soshi Angai - "He and I both believed that the other would be tricked into giving us what we wanted. . . "

Soshi's Curse - "---"

Spearmen - "Even peasants can be taught to throw a spear. In sufficient numbers, they might even be considered dangerous." - Kakita Tenshiko

Spirit Guide - "The daughter of Isawa, Akiko paid dearly for following her heart instead of her honor. I do not believe that the love she bears for her husband is stronger than the memory of her father's last wish. What will happen with Kurohito discovers this?" - Shiba Ningen

Stables - "The Unicorn find a kind of insight in motion which the other clans associate with stillness."

Stand Against the Waves - "---"

Stand Firm - "I don't care what they throw at us next. They will die just as the last wave did. . . quickly." - Hida Meiko

Stifling Wind - "These are the spells I prefer: not lethal in and of themselves, yet decisive when combined with a sharp attack." - Horiuchi Shem-Zhe

Storehouses - "There are profits in war, if you know where to cut corners."

Street to Street - "---"

Streets of Otosan Uchi - "Names are made and lives are lost in the fleeting seconds before the arrival of the Legion."

Strength of My Ancestors - "To those who went before, reverence. From those who went before, guidance."

Strength of Purity - "In Court Tsudao is diffident, reserved. In the field, in the shadow of the Wall, she blossoms into her full power.

Strength of the Earth - "When the Dragon of Earth sets its coils into place, nothing can shake them lose."

Strike at the Tail - "Do not wait for a battlefield. Ride your foes down before they realize they are fighting." - Shinjo Shono

Strike of Flowing Water - "Summon all of your chi. Throw yourself upon my blade."

Superior Strategist - "Losing to a master is nothing to be ashamed of, unless you learn nothing from the experience" - Master Suana

Superior Tactics - "---"

Surrender - "---"

Suspended Terrain - "In the whirl of battleone which must be heeded if the future of Rokugan is to flourish." - Isawa Taeruko

Swamp Marsh - "Let them charge into our lands with all of their armies behind them. Let them perish one by one, their names forgotten in the mud."

Swamplands - "If you do not wish to receive ambassadors from the Unicorn, I can show you some remarkable sites for a fortress." - Ikoma Tsano

Take the Initiative - "There are dreams that no one in the Empire can recall upon waking. I dream that those dreams are prophecies." - Kokujin.

Tamori Chosai - "The Agasha have turned the Phoenix against us. I will fight them as long as I am able.

Tamori Shaitung - "The kami are my armor. My faith is my sword. Face me when you are ready to die."

Tapestry of Air - "---"

Te'tik'kir - "I am old-old. Soon new Nameseekers come. I feel it."

Temple of Bishamon - "---"

Temples of the New Tao - "Half of the New Tao was destroyed in battle against the Shadow, but the monks are accustomed to working with incomplete texts."

Tessen - "I did not choose to bear the Hantei name. The Fortunes chose it for me, and I will not sully the name of the First Emperor by allowing the hundredth assassin to mark me where the first ninety-nine have failed." - Hantei Naseru

Test of Might - "Stand again, and it will be your last step." - Kaetung

Test of Stone - "A Kakita blade, cutting through stone, holds a tone that slips into the soul of those made of flesh and blood."

Test of the Emerald Champion - "---"

Test of the Jade Champion - "---"

The Ancient Halls of the Lion - "---"

The Armor of Sun Tao - "---"

The Arrow Knows the Way - "I only give the arrow speed; its path is its own." --Daidoji Rekai

The Celestial Pattern - "It is said that from the Flowing Tower of the Oracle of Air, humans look like colorful ants and the Fortunes themselves resemble brightly painted kites. Ants, kites, Oracles - all weaving their place in the Pattern." - Doji Nagori

The Citadel of the Hiruma - "---"

The Code of Bushido - "---"

The Damned - "---"

The Edge of Shinomen Forest - " The forest protects its secrets."

The Emperor's Left Hand - "While the Crane fight their war, the Court pivots around the person of Hantei Naseru."

The Emperor's Right Hand - "The Lion are the Right Hand of the Emperor, but the Emperor is dead and Tsudao commands the imperial armies."

The Endless Well - "---"

The Face of Fear - "Honor, courage, duty: everything melts into a single scream."

The Fire from Within - ". . . And the evening sky suddenly gained two new stars."

The Fires That Cleanse - "There are times the kami exact a steep price for fulfilling your requests." - Asako Ryoma

The Fury of Osano-Wo - "What is the source of a storm's fury? No one dares ask." - Isawa Nakamuro

The Great Walls of Kaiu - "---"

The Hiruma Dojo - "Say what you like about the katana; if the bushi wielding the sword is weak, the second oni will have his head." - Hiruma Tatsuya

The Imperial Standard - "Which of the Winds will be Emperor? Not my affair." - Imperial guard

The Iron Fortress of the Daidoji - "---"

The Iuchi Plains - "The grasses of the plain often grow higher than a person's shoulder. Bandits, invading armies - all give up hope in a sea of swaying grass they cannot hope to survive." - Moto Chagatai

The Kaiu Forge - "The Crab make the finest weapons in the Empire, if your principal requirement for a weapon is that it kill things."

The Noble Halls of the Akodo - "---"

The Price of War - "I'm sorry to have to ask you for more gold, Kuroda-sama, but the Mantis mercenaries have many problems of their own, and. . . " "Hai, Koushi-san. I understand. This season there is more war than warriors in Rokugan."

The Rising Sun - "We must be examples to teh Empire, so that all of those who call us 'ancestor' will recount our victories and bless out names." - Toturi Tsudao

The Ruined Keep of Fu Leng - "The samurai do not understand that something burned and broken can still be useful." - Kyoso no Oni

The Shadow Stronghold of the Bayushi - "---"

The Shadowlands Horde - "---"

The Soul of Shiba - "Everything dies. The Unicorn die in the saddle; the Crab die of the Taint - but only the Phoenix know the path to return."

The Spawning Ground - "---"

The Towers of the Yogo - "---"

The Turtle's Shell - "Samurai are not the only warriors who have learned the lesson of the tortoise."

The Utaku Palaces - "---"

The Wind's Truth - "To fully understand an event, you must be more than a bystander, more than a witness. You must choose a role and share in the action." - Horiuchi Shem-Zhe

The Wrath of Osano-Wo - "Osano-Wo. A Crab with lightnings instead of a hammer. That is good. But I fear he is as stubborn as a Crab also. And what shall we do then?"

Those Who Stand Alone - "The attack was overwhelming. Kyuden Tonbo lay exposed, its allies embroiled in their own conflicts and its magical defenses betrayed. No one within escaped." - The Ikoma Histories

Thuk-Kigi (Experienced) - Soul of Kappuksu - "---"

Tides of Battle "Mirumoto, Akodo, Isawa - each believes that Tadaji has come to support them in this war."

To Do What We Must "The Crab never let the Empire forget that they have sacrificed themselves to guard the Wall. They forget that the Crane are not afraid to sacrifice as well." - Bayushi Yojiro

To the Last Man - "---"

Togashi Genshuo - Soul of Hitomi Juppun - "Genshuo has plunged deep into the world of experience. He shows few signs of returning to the mountains."

Togashi Hoshi (Experienced 2) - "---"

Togashi Nyima - Soul of Hitomi Iyojin - "Vedau, you waste your strength tearing them in two. Strike them just so, and save them for Taiu to question."

Tomb of Jade - "You cannot stop me, Isawa! I will crush your skull and use it to scoop out your heart. I will. . . " "You will not."

Toritaka Tatsune - Soul of Hida Tadashiro - "I will teach you how to fight, and I will teach you how to survive."

Torrential Rain - "I have no use for sorcerors and their tricks. Let them meet me on the field and stay there for a change." - Matsu Domotai

Toturi Sezaru - "I am not a woman who knows only war, an architect of others' despair, nor the son of a geisha - I am a priest of the kami. But do not depend on sweet words. My deeds will speak louder.

Toturi Tsudao - "The enemies of the Empire cannot prevail against honor and duty. Whoever stands with me, stands with the might of the Empire."

Touch of Death - "Your body. Your blood. Your soul. Mine."

Touching the Soul - "Space is what's left between the kami's breaths. It parts as easily as silence." - Shiba Ningen

Towers of the Asako - "---"

Trade Route - "The Crane squabble amongst themselves over the size of their markers. But they still control the map."

Trading Grounds - "If the people must travel to your rival's lands to trade, they will count every koku of profit as a gift from your enemy." - Kakita Tenshiko

Training Grounds - "A samurai should always keep his weapons in excellent condition." - Bayushi Churai

Traveling Caravan - "---"

Treacherous Terrain - "---"

Trenches - "There is more to making a trench than digging. Try explaining that to a Hida or a Daidoji. No matter. What they do not know can still save them. Or kill them." - Kaiu Umasu

Tsuburu no Oni - "---"

Tunnel System - "The great clans of Rokugan have had centuries to honeycomb their family holdings with secret ways."

Ukuro - Soul of Seikua - "In our new lives with our old families, we must remember there can be harmony in conflict. The clans will never join together like our Brotherhood, but we can guide them toward understanding."

Umi Amaterasu - "Yes, there is a new sun in the heavens. Yakamo bestows his gifts upon the world with grace and wisdom, but that does not mean that we have lost the blessings of Amaterasu." - Toturi Tsudao

Uncertainty - "Not all ancestors speak words of truth. Doubt can be more crippling than lies."

Unexpected Allies - "Dragons are never sure why you come to their aid. But they cannot forget." - Bayushi Churai

Unscalable Walls - "Piled stones do not make a mountain. Piled stones defended by brave samurai are stronger than a mountain."

Untrustworthy - "Crab, Crane. What's the difference? In the end, it isn't really about us. That knowledge in itself will provide the leverage I need." Yasuki Jinn-Kuen

Utaku Xieng Chi - "Samurai-ko have always had a place in the legions of the Empire. Battle maidens such as Utaku Xieng Chi showed that the samurai-ko's place is the first rank of the assault." - Ikoma Sume

Utaku Xieng Chi (Experienced) - "I will die in my saddle, not in the monastery or the birthing bed."

Utaku Yu-Pan - "No, I will not leave the battle maidens until I have found the spirit who killed my family."

Voitagi - Soul of Uragirimono - "If your jade wears out, his incessant mumbling begins to form itself into words and makes perfect sense."

Wakizashi - "It is as important to samurai as their katanas. One carries their souls, the other their honor."

Walking the Way - "Do not confuse the ability to summon what you need with license to fulfill your desires. That way lies corruption." - Agasha Hamanari

Wall of Bones - "Tomorrow we rebuild the wall with your bones!"

War-Stained Fields - "Practiced long enough, war begins to seem normal." - Ikoma Tsano's A True History

Warhorses - "Swallow your fear! Get on and follow. We must reach Ken Hayai by dawn!" - Ikoma Otemi

Watchtower - "---"

Way of Death - "I am the blood of your ancestors and the ashes of their pyres. I am death come amongst you."

Way of Deception - "The ogres and oni who dodge the Crab by slinking through Shinomen Forest have found that the defenders of the forest's borders have their own sting."

Wetlands - "If my foes bumble into a marsh, I do not need to slosh into the water to greet them. The arrow carries my message." - Daidoji Rekai

When Darkness Draws Near - "After eight years of silence, a ravening darkness boiled forth from the Shadowlands, heralding an end to the reign of Toturi the First and the peace of the Empire."

White Shore Plain - "Kaede blessed the marriage of Seppun Kossori and Shinjo Shirasu's son, Nayaru, by granting stewardship of White Shore Plain to the Unicorn." - Seppun Shigeta

Winds of Change - "It is our nature to blind ourselves to that which we do not wish to see. But the value of what is ignored is never truly known until it is needed."

Yakamo's Claw - "Kill them all"

Yamaso no Oni - "One does not summon oni such as these; they come when it pleases them." - Shahai

Yasuki Hachi - "When Oguri died, the Yasuki daimyoship passed to Kamoru, his son and heir. When Kkamoru died the following Spring, lineages had to be traced back seven centuries to discover the new daimyo of the Yasuki."

Yoee'trr - "New people; new weapons; good-good foord. War is good."

Yuki no Onna - "Some legends say she is the spirit of the Isawa woodlands given form to protect the secrets of the Phoenix from evil."

Zin'tch - Soul of Ropp'tch'tch - "Crab people good allies. Other samurai? Not so good."

Zokujin - "These creatures grow bolder. The volcanoes that drive our peasants from the fields draw the zokujin like beacons in the earth." - Tamori Shaitung

Zombie Troops - "Eternal Life? It is a myth, unless it is joined to eternal death." - Noekam







Kaze no Shiro Return


Togashi will return!