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Flavor Text: A Perfect Cut

A Desperate Act "The Crab were unprepared for the sudden appearance of Kurohito's forces, or for the sabotage of their fleet by Mantis mercenaries."

A Matter of Pride "When the first Tsuno fell to Dejiko's blade, the Lion roared in triumph. Though their foes were unknown, one thing was familiar - they could die."

A Plague Spreads "Chieko frowned. "I can do little but make you more comfortable, old one,: she said gravely, "and pray that the Fortunes show mercy." "That will be enough," the old man said, and the light went from his eyes."

Acquiring Favor "The offer is a simple one, Lord Kaneka. Give the Scorpion our vengance upon the traitor Aramasu, and we shall give you the aid of a truly Great Clan." - The Death of Aramasu, Part V

Advance Scout "I do not care what the Anvil's sycophants say. I am a Yasuki, I was born a Crab, and I shall die one."

Akodo Setai "He speaks nothing of his past. He has no hope for the future. He has one foot buried in the Realm of Slaughter, and I do not wish to face him again." -Mirumoto Taiu

Annekusai's Feathers ---

Asahina Handen "The industrious man makes note of all opportunities."

Banner Guard "To be a symbol of the clan's honor is a heavy burden."

Bayushi Tai "I have been watching her, Paneki-sama. I think you shall find this interesting..."

Bayushi Tasagore "Let the Mantis have their victory. Kitao's debts will be repaid in time."

Blazing Sun "As the strange lights burned in the sky, each of the Winds saw a different destiny. Tsudao saw a great flame, with herself at the hear of it. A dull pain burned in her heart at the sight. She said nothing, for now."

Blood Madness "By the Fortunes, don't stop and watch. Run!" - Hiruma Todori

Breaking Concentration "Shaitung faltered but did not fall. The Masters gathered for their vengeance, but Shaitung was not finished..." Snow and Fire VII

By the Will of the Wind "Consider it a favor to my dear brother, Remata-san. Only a Kitsuki could possess both the wisdom and discretion to unravel the threads of his tangled heritage." - Hantei Naseru

Cast Down the Meek "For those who wonder at their place in the world, wonder no more. I will set aside a place for those with the courage to seize it." -Daigotsu

Command Group "The commanders of the Legion were the finest in the Empire, and yet Tsudao felt that they were somehow incomplete."

Connecting Walls "The greatest Kaiu engineers can build a wall without mortar, fitting one stone into another as if building a mountain."

Contemplation of Osano-Wo "We are the Phoenix, Shaitung," Hochiu countered. "Unlike you, we do not stand alone." At that, Taeruko and Ningen appeared, and added their power to the Master of Fire's. - Snow and Fire VI

Contingency Planning "Remain here, Kuroda, and defend the Wall. I shall take a detachment of our troops and see to Kurohito personally." - Daughter of the Bear, Part I

Crab Recruiter "So you once killed peasants for the bandit-lord Hayato? Excellent. Now you can kill Crane for Lord Kuroda."

Crane Tradesman "The Crane have lost much political ground to the Scorpion in recent decades. The wealth of the Yasuki will do much to restore that loss, and save the Empire from Bayushi deception."

Daidoji Megumi "She was born blind, but has never needed eyes to see. Her blade strikes true enough." -Kakita Noritoshi

Dairu no Shiryo ---

Dairya's Cackling Skull "His corpse was never found. The bakemono say his soul is trapped within that club." - Hiruma Todori

Defensive Duty ---

Diplomatic Apprentice "A skilled politician surrounds herself with experts and informants, seeking their advice in all things." - Otomo Madoko, Subtlety of Court

Doji Kurohito ---

Elemental Shock "As surely as water douses fire, fire boils water." Hochiu said. "All is a matter of perspective and timing, Shaitung. I am surprised you have survived this long not knowing that." - Snow and Fire IV

Endless Deluge "In barely a moment, Shaitung and the Masters were gone." - Snow and Fire IX

Family Tactics "If the Crane believe we would not fight them to win back the Yasuki, they are mistaken. A Fortune, a Kami, and the Sun itself share our bloodline. Only fools stand against the Hida." - Hida O-Ushi

Fire and Air "Peasant magic," Shaitung laughed, casting Nakamuro's storm aside with a wave of her hand. Riake whispered the words of summoning once more, but Shaitung knocked the Master of Water senseless with a simple gesture." - Snow and Fire III

Fortify "The Dragon fought with the ferocity born of desperation. The Phoenix fought with the righteous anger of the just. Who can win in such a conflict?" - Satoshi

Fukurokujin Seido "The Dragon honor the Fortune of Wisdom above all. They shall need his blessings, I think." - Morito

Furious Strike "O-Ushi's forces struck with savagery the Crane could not withstand, driving them to the sea. It seemed as if the battle was over. Then Kurohita, Champion of the Crane, arrived."

Guard House "The Unicorn have not simply stood idle since the Naga's slumber. Soon, the entire Empire shall see." - Moto Chagatai

Hida Kagore "Some frown upon the Moto for their lack of mercy. I think they set a good example."

Hida Kuon "I failed to avenge my father. I shall not fail my mother as well."

Hida Reiha "For eleven centuries we have stood against the darkness and received nothing but mockery and betrayal. When the time comes, I shall step away from the Wall and let our treacherous cousins see exactly what we have protected them from."

Hiruma Todori "A witless Hiruma is a dead Hiruma. The Kuni, Kaiu, and Hida have the Wall to shield them from their mistakes. We can afford to make none."

Hunter "A wise hunter does not face the bear in his cave. The Crane would not have started this war if they did not have a plan."

Hyakute no Oni ---

Iaijutsu Lesson "Welcome back, Ukira-sama."

Ide Michisuna "Indeed the City of Lies may be a place of deception and treachery, but it is also a place of great beauty. Sit and listen to my tale..."

In Light of Darkness "Though his siblings could make little of the visions painted in the sky, Sezaru understood his future perfectly. However clarity of vision hardly bestowed peace upon his tortured mind."

Inside Agent "My sources indicate that the Lion are weak toward the west, lord Jannosuke." -Hantei Naseru

Interesting Sticks "Each year, the Rememberer of each tribe takes up the memory sticks and tells the tales of those who have passed on into Dream. So long as the Rememberers tell these tales, no Nezumi ever truly dies." - Hida Hio

Isawa Hochiu "The Master of Fire fears no man."

Isawa Nakamuro "He has fallen from the Council's favor, Master or no, I have no time for a man who cannot release his past." -Isawa Hochiu.

Isawa Nodotai ---

Kaeru Kenko "The City of the Rich Frog is off limits, Scorpion," the ronin snarled. "Perhaps we can reach an agreement?" said Paneki with a faint grin.

Kaiu Hosaru "No wall stands forever. Only duty stands forever. The Carpenter Wall is built of duty. The rest is only stones."

Kakita Dueling Academy ---

Kakita Gosha "A Nezumi? In the Imperial Court? Absurd."

Kayobun "Fu Leng saw us as cumbersome brutes to be enslaved. Daigotsu sees us as brothers. We do not serve him. We simply kill by his side."

Kitsune Taro "I do not know where our Lady has gone. Wherever she is, I pray that the spirits keep her safe."

Kokoro "The center is everything. Find the center. All else proceeds naturally from there." - The Tao of Shinsei

Kukan-do "I did not choose this fight, Shiba Kai. Do not force my hand again." - Hoshi Wayan

Kyuden Hida ---

Lion Scout ---

Mapped Region "The Maps of the Emperor are the eyes of the Emperor, Unicorn. To say that the maps are wrong is to say that the Emperor is wrong. You sat that you have found a city in this crater that is not on the Emperor's maps? Then I say that you are wrong." -Asako Misao

Matsu Domotai "Drive the Tsuno from the Halls, but leave their leader to me."

Matsu Hyun "The Tsuno retreat toward the Tombs with such speed... I wonder if their true intent was to attack the Hall of Ancestors at all, Dejiko-sama."

Matsu Kenji "Fear is a burden for Lesser men. We are not lesser men. We are Lion."

Matsu Kenseiko "Domotai means well, but he is inexperienced. He should know well enough to leave command in the hands of those who can wield it."

Memorial "Miyako finished her prayer and rose. Her father was the next to pray at Tzurui's grave, but his words to his departed friend were his own.

Mining Foreman "Something stirs, deep in the earth. We must seek it out, though even we cannot say why." -Krcklg, Zokujin Speaker

Minor Illusions "...I could have sworn this was jade."

Mirumoto Junnosuke "I do not care about the beasts that attack the Lion. I have come to punish Dejiko for her alliance with our enemies."

Mirumoto Taiu "I had never seen one of the Lion's copper goblins - the zokujin - before today. Now our abandoned mountains crawl with them."

Miya Heikichi "I have the scroll you seek, Remata-san. The study of lineage is always intriguing, especially so with an individual with a history as... colorful as Lord Kaneka. I think you shall find the contents most illuminating."

Moto Chen "The Moto divide the Unicorn forces into three great armies, and only the Baranunghar, the smallest, come to aid us. Moto Chagatai's Khol and Moto Chen's Junghar simply wait..." - Hida Kuroda

Moto Reijiro "The Shinomen has been unquiet of late. Something prowls the darkness, and I do not think it is the beast that slew the Emperor."

Mujina Gang "Only the Nezumi are immune to their pranks. The shamans say they have come to an understanding with these spirits." - Hida Hio

Nagamaki "The Scorpion destroyed Aramasu's home in Otosan Uchi, and through it all Kaneka said nothing. Kamnan's blade took the traitor's life, as a cry went up from Golden Sun Bay." -The Death of Aramasu, Part VIII

Needed at the Wall "I will remain here, Kuon, as Mother would have wished." Kuroda said gravely. "Find Kurohito, and reap vengeance for us both." - Daughter of the Bear, Part III

No One Wins "Few Scorpion survived Kitao's vengeance, but it was as we planned. The Lady of the Mantis thinks us defeated, her pawns. As it should be." - Bayushi Kamnan, The Death of Aramasu, part X

Omoni "The bakemono are not the laughable creatures they once were. They have been recreated. They are my masterpiece."

Open Arms "If you would serve me, then you must have a fitting name. Rise, Toturi Miyako, and serve as your father served mine."

Osoreru no Oni "Once we were slaves, bound to the names of mortals. Daugotsu has changed us; now we are one with their stolen souls."

Outmaneuvred by Force "An Emperor cannot lead if no one follows him, Kaneka-sama. I would give you an army, and you deny me?" - The Death of Amarasu, Part III

Outmaneuvred in Court "Aramasu turned to the harbour, watching in horror as his vessel sank in flames. Akodo Kaneka said nothing, showing favour to neither Scorpion nor Mantis." -The Death of Aramasu, Part VI

Persuasion "A gift, Mantis, from my Lord Paneki. And now that I have your attention, I have a proposition ..." - The Death of Aramasu, Part I

Phoenix Library "The Dragon and Phoenix once shared the libraries of Izaku. These days, the Phoenix keep their secrets to themselves."

Plum Tree Training Ground "The Unicorn train constantly, almost without rest. I find it rather strange that a clan with no enemies should focus overmuch on combat... strange indeed." - Kaeru Tomaru

Politicamatch for youth and talent, my dear ..."

Preparing the Edge "My death was my finest hour, Scorpion. Yours, I fear, will not be quite so memorable." - Yasuki Nokatsu, Dark Oracle of Earth

Rain of Emeralds "While Tsudao saw only tragedy and Kaneka opportunity, to Naseru the omens foretold his own greatness. Of that, he was already certain."

Reassert One's Mettle "Though Kitao had arrived too late to save Aramasu, she was not too late to take vengeance upon those who had slain him." - The Death of Aramasu, Part IX

Retired Sohei "One cannot define a color using coarse words. So it is with enlightenment." - The New Tao

Returned to the Pit "You are powerful, yes, but you do not know obedience. I have taken what I need from you, Kyoso. Now return to the hellish realm that spawned you." -Daigotsu

Ronin at the Wall "Any ronin willing to stand and fight the Shadowlands will be welcomed by the Crab. Few survive the ordeal, but those that do will win the Hida's respect."

Scorpion Distractor "As the Mantis split the Scorpion treasures, none noticed the men stealing aboard Aramasu's vessel." The Death of Aramasu, Part II

Seppun Isei "I have already died for the Emperor once. What makes you think I would not die for his son?"

Shadowlands Bastion "Daigotsu has many names, many faces. The creatures known as Onisu are more than his nightmare minions. They are nightmares. And they are him... occasionally." - Shahai

Shallow Graves "In the Shadowlands, even a shallow grave is more than most can hope for."

Shiba Mirabu "Protect Aikune, Mirabu. He needs you." - Shiba Tsukune

Shiba Unasagi "Only the finest samurai of the Phoenix are invited to join the brotherhood of Heaven's Wing. Only those who have been among their number truly understand what they have become." - Shiba Mirabu

Shinjo Sanraku "The Seikitsu belong to the Unicorn. The Pass is closed. Turn around now, or I will turn you around."

Shinsei's Smile "Don't ask the Moto what it means. They might show you."

Shosuro Gardens ---

Shosuro Higatsuku "Clearly the son of Toturi is unimpressed by your churlish manner, Aramasu-sama. Perhaps I can make an offer he will find more interesting?" - The Death of Aramasu, Part IV

Shosuro Yasuko "Sleep, my lord. This shall remain our secret."

Show of Strength "Some wondered whether Kitao's late arrival was truly an accident..." - The Death of Aramasu, Part VIII

Snowy Fields "Shaitung screamed. The earth opened..." Snow and Fire VII

Sohei "Not all followers of Shinsei are men of peace."

Soshi Tishi "The Scorpion are not merely masters of subtlety. When the time for subtlety is done, I am always waiting."

Speed of the Waterfall "The last thing either Crab or Crane expected to see was the arrival of Unicorn Shugenja and troops. Both sides paused warily, waiting to see whom the newcomers would aid."

Spyglass "Never underestimate a Unicorn."

Stand as Stone "All fires die, Hochiu," Shaitung smiled in reply. "We are the mountains, and mountains do not crumble." - Snow and Fire V

Stand Your Ground "As the Lion rallied against the Tsuno forces, the beasts unexpectedly fled toward the Hall of Ancestors. Tsudao's Legions moved to intercept, but found themselves cut off by an army of Dragons led by Mirumoto Junnosuke."

Standing Tall "So be it. If Kaneka does not value my position, then I do not value him. We do not need your aid, Akodo." -The Death of Aramasu, Part VII

Strong Guard "I do not know what these Tsuno are. I do not need to know. I need only do my duty, and protect the Hall of Ancestors." - Matsu Domotai

Summoning the Gale "Nakamuro's storm cast aside the arrows of our finest archers. Even the Tamori were awed by his power." - Snow and Fire II

Tachi "Even a good blade is nothing in the hands of a fool, Junnosuke." -Mirumoto Temoru

Taijikku "A gift, great Taeruko-sama," the Ox said, bowing deeply. "A blade fit to be wielded only by an Elemental Master."

Taiko no Shiryo "Tsuno? The answer lies before you, Dejiko. You need but seek the appropriate question."

Tainted Bushi ---

Tamori Chieko "Her magic soothes the soul and calms the kami, but her music is even more potent." - Tamori Chosai.

Tampako no Shiryo "You are only as good as your last failure. He who dares nothing is not worth of honor."

Tea House "Come within, brave samurai, and rest. Surely the war will go on without you."

Temple of the Dragon "The monks that worship Lord Hoshi move their temples from place to place overnight. Their mumbled prophecies and strange blessings cloud my mind. They are strange, even for Dragon."

The Enemy You Deserve "Tsuno. Why do they hunt us? Why now, of all times?"

The Great Climb "The Shiba pursued our archers into the mountainous terrain...to their sorrow." -Tonbo Dayu

The Greatest Cost "Yes," Nokatsu whispered through tortured lips. "Yes, make the pain stop." "Of course, my friend," Daigotsu said, his voice sympathetic.

The Hand of Thunder "Even the Tamori were unprepared for the onslaught of magical power unleashed by the newest servants of the Elemental Council...." - Snow and Fire I.

The Power of Nothing ---

The Wolf Speaks "I care not for your war, Crane. My soul dwells upon weightier matters." -Toturi Sezaru

Thuk-Kigi's War Machine ---

Thunder Calls to Fortune "Shiba Tsukune." Osano-wo's voice rumbled across the Phoenix plains. "Your time has come."

Togashi Iroshi "There are at least ten spirit realms, including the one we live in. Who can say what wonders shall emerge from them?"

Togashi Satsu "Yoshune carries two names. Like his father he lives in two worlds. Now that his parents have retired to explore the mysteries of the kami, it falls on him alone to decide which path he will travel."

Too Much Too Soon "Truth is too valuable to be given to the fool that dares ask for it." - The New Tao

Training Dojo ---

Training Exercises "We have prepared long for this. Our leaders are more skilled than theirs, our politicians more adept. The Crab are mighty, but they cannot fight a war they cannot afford." -Yasuki Hachi

Traitor's Grove "You have had your blood, Scorpion, just as we arranged," Kitao whispered, "but I shall have my victory as well." With that she buried her blade in the Scorpion's throat. - The Death of Aramasu, part IX

Tsudao's Challenge "I may not be Empress, but I stand for the Empire, Mirumoto. Set aside your War and join us in our fight...or die upon my blade." "Impudent girl," Junnosuke whispered, reaching for his swords.

Tsuno Kurushimi "How quickly these Lion forget. By the time they realize what we have done, our mission will be complete"

Tsuno Ravagers ---

Tsuno Squad "Revenge is fodder for lesser beasts. We shall feast on justice!" -Tsuno Kurushimi

Twenty Goblin Winter "Come to the wall, ronin of Rokugan, and test your mettle. Any samurai who enters the Shadowlands and returns with the heads of twenty bakemono shall have fealty with the Hida. No questions asked." - Hida Kuroda

Unavoidable Destiny "Your place is not here, Soul of Shiba," the Thunderer said, his voice shaking the sky. "I shall lead you to your destiny, if you have the courage to follow."

Unexpected Assault "Hirota looked up with only a moment to spare. Ozaki had warned him that this day would come, when the Hare's enemies would return to finish what they had begun."

Unexpected Confrontation "So you have come to the Shadowlands seeking a nightmare? Well, you have found one, little fox-maiden." - Kokujin

Unicorn Marketer "I am a busy man. Buy something or leave."

Unspeakable Preparations "Twenty years it has taken to break your will, Yasuki. Now, we shall both reap the rewards." -Daigotsu

Usagi Kashira "Kashira is as brave as his father, and twice as quick. He has escaped Bunrakuken's cultists three times; what he has learned about fighting the maho-tsukai arms us against them. Ozaki-sama approves." - Ujina Tomo

Utaku Mu Dan "I think you for your assistance, Unicorn," Kuroda nodded. "Do not thank us yet," the Utaku smiled as she charged the spearmen of the Crane.

While the Empire Watches "To Tsudao's surprise the Tsuno gathered their wounded as they fled from the wrath of her armies. Not a single beast's corpse was left upon the field."

Yasuki Heikichi "I may have been born a Crab, but now and forever I am Crane. Yasuki Hachi is a noble man, and he is my daimyo."

Yasuki Palaces ---

Yogoso no Shiryo "Even in death, he whispers shameful tales of the weakness of others. Shameful, entertaining tales."

Yoritomo Kitao ---

Yoshi's Fan "Naseru lifted the fan with quiet reverence, as if in hopes that some shadow of the soul that once wielded it might be reflected in his own."

Starter-deck reprints:

Akodo Kaneka "I will not play Naseru's games; I have no need for them. Subterfuge is the last resort of the undeserving. The Empire will see through his games in good time."

Akui Cliffs "The Akui Cliffs perch on Lion Land. All of the Great Clans have such killing zones, redoubts that have witnessed a hundred battles."

Arrows From the Woods "I did not see them, Tatsune-san, but this arrow is Crane!" - Hiruma Masagaro

Asahina Kimita "Here, I will show you: the whitecaps of the sea tumble up and up into the mountains, rolling thunder down onto our fields. What you call sky heaves and shifts and slides. Look again: the fisher's boat skims up its skin, dropping nets into the sea of changes."

Bayushi Kamnan "Come, Mantis. let us see if you fight better than your brother and sister."

Blacksmith "An honest craft. Not like goldsmiths. Or gardeners." - Hida Kuon

Block Supply Lines "Cut off by both land and sea, the Crab find their supplies failing as the war rages on."

Bushi Dojo "Many members of the Brotherhood have returned to their original families, sharing some of the fighting styles of the monks with their samurai brothers and sisters."

Contentious Terrain "The plains northwest of Honored Treaty City are neither Phoenix nor Lion. That did not stop the Phoenix and Lion from attacking the Dragon there."

Diversionary Tactics "If your enemies have occupied the terrain of their choice, do not engage them. Retreat, and enticethem to follow." - Master Suana

Doji Kurohito "I was born the day the great Kumo rose from the sea to weave its web of darkness over Otosan Uchi. According to tales my mother told, when the floods receded, this sword was found in the family shrine; a gift from the ancestors on my day of birth."

Doji Yasuyo "Her brother, Nagori, would understand; a request from Lady Doji could not be ignored. As she opened the shoji, Yasuyo turned to allow herself one last look at what she was leaving behind. Then she stepped into the night with Naishi in its saya and the burden that was hers alone."

Encircled Terrain "I am Daidoji Enai. In honor of my grandfather's friendship with the Hida, I will let you stand aside." "I am Hida Kuoshi. Give your grandfather my greetings."

Entrapping Terrain "Maneuver them toward the marshes and let them pit their strength against the mud."

Farmlands "Some seek to become other than what they are. Others are forced to become more than what they were born."

Geisha House "Samurai, please enter. Take off your helmet... yes, relax. you have earned it."

Hantei Naseru "A fool always believes he has plenty of time..."

Heavy Infantry "With courage, the watchful eye of a noble daimyo, and battlefield promotions, one or two of them may become taisa."

Hida Kuon "The Crane smile prettily as they cut your throat with a bribe in Court. Let's see them smile with their heads buried in their chests."

Hida Kuroda "The Crane prattle on about their 'honor.' Yasuki Tsanumi pledged his family's loyalty to the Crab seven hundred years ago when they were not 'honorable enough' for the Crane. What has become of Crane honor that they would break Tsanumi's ancestral oath

Hiruma Masagaro "As a child, he led his friends to the wrong side of the Wall. Unlike other such foolish children, Masagaro brought his friends out again, alive." - Kuni Utagu

Hurricane "Teh storms rage against him. Osano-Wo ignores him. The traitor leads his own to destruction; we only clear the path ahead." - Bayushi Yojiro

Iaijutsu Challenge "In the court of Otosan Uchi, more than diplomacy is conducted in the Assembly."

Iaijutsu Duel ---

Imperial Funeral "Kaede watches as he is carried to his pyre. She will take the throne, as he wished."

In Time of War "Kaneka is not recognized by all. Tsudao is eldest, but hse has few allies in the Empire. Sezaru commands respect, but many fear his nature. Naseru can forge alliances, but he is the youngest. Who shall sit, then, upon the Steel Throne?" - Doji Tanitsu

Iron Mine "Our mujina may curse and mumble, but at least the oni are not eating them." - Hida Wukau

Jade Works "Few sources of jade have been found since the Spirit Wars. The Crab demand that more be found, for they cannot penetrate the Shadowlands without it."

Kabuki Theater Troupe "Sezaru smiled coldly. "I think of the survival of the Empire as something more than material for a play, Naseru." "If all one aspires to as survival," Naseru replied, "What point is there in living?" The assembled court chuckled.

Large Farm "The wealth of daimyos is measured by both the banners of their samurai and the koku of their fields."

Light Infantry "Careful, sons of Bayushi. Keep searching and you may find something." - Daigotsu

Marketplace "the markets of the Crane did not close for the funeral of Yasuki Taka."

Medium Infantry "We will hold the high ground and the ridge. The samurai will hold the pass. We keep the enemy off the samurai's flanks, and victory is ours."

Naginata "I prefer my katana, but it cannot reach my enemies who sit astride great horses." - Matsu Kenseiko

No-Dachi "Live each moment as if it were the last, balanced on the edge of a blade." - Matsu Nimuro

Port "No one foresaw that the destruction of Beiden Pass would make the ports of the East this vital. No one foresaw the difficulties the Mantis would face, taking advantage of this position after Yoritomo's death." - Akodo Ijiasu

Rallying Cry "The horn sounds the call to regroup and I know that we will succeed. This will not be our only glorious victory today."

Refugees "Would the Dragon have stirred from their mountains if the earth had not forced their steps?" - Isawa Taeruko

Sanctified Temple "Serenity comes easily in times of peace. In times of war, the soul shows its true balance." - Toturi Tsudao

Scout "Over this ridge, quickly; we can reach tehm before they deploy."

Secrets on the Wind "Rest, my lord. Set your troubles aside for a time." - Shosuro Yasuko

Shosuro Aroru ---

Small Farm "Capture their stores to feed our troops and burn the farms, but leave the Asahina's peasants alone. Let their masters choose which dogs will be fed and which will starve." - Hida Kagore

Sorrow's Path "For every army that is certain of victory, there is an opposing general who knows how to set the price too high."

Soshi Angai "He and I both believed that the other would be tricked into giving us what we wanted..."

Superior Tactics ---

Suspended Terrain "In the whirl of battle, the first casualties are often the scouts."

The Fury of Osano-Wo "What is the source of a storm's fury? No one dares ask." - Isawa Nakamuro

The Hiruma Dojo "Say what you like about the katana; if the bushi wielding the sword is weak, the second oni will have his head." - Hiruma Tatsuya

The Wind's Truth "To fully understand an event, you must be more than a bystander, more than a witness. You must choose a role and share in the action." - Horiuchi Shem-Zhe

To Do What We Must "The Crab never let the Empire forget that they sacrificed themselves to guard the Wall. They forget that the Crane are not afraid to sacrifice as well." - Bayushi Yojiro

Toturi Sezaru "Sezaru turned on the Witch Hunter with murder in his eyes. "I know nothing of your master's death," he hissed. "My hands are clean of Kuni blood. Though if you persist in your accusations that may well change."

Toturi Tsudao "She is like the sun, bright, powerful, and unopposable. And like the sun, sadly, she must always be alone." - Moshi Jukio

Unexpected Allies "Dragons are never sure why you come to their aid. But they cannot forget." - Bayushi Churai

Wakizashi "It is as important to samurai as their katanas. One carries their souls, the other their honor."







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