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Season of the Shadowlands

The events that will unfold as a result of the Shadowlands depend upon the clan or faction that you choose to represent, and its performance relative to the other factions. Though the Shadowlands Horde is spotlighted in many of these events, all clans will be affected by the outcome of the Season of the Shadowlands. This tournament affects not only the winning clan, but every clan. . .

* * *

The war that escalates between Crab and Crane has drawn the notice of darker forces. Though the Crab maintain their vigil upon the Wall, they are distracted. The Crane do not realize the dangers that lie in the shadows of the Crab provinces. The Shadowlands Horde shall strike at the weaker of these two clans, burning one of their great palaces to the ground.

* * *

The enlightened prophets of the Dragon hold the secrets of the future, while the Scorpion have mastered the shadowed secrets of the past. The Lord of the Shadowlands finds the alliance between these two clans distasteful, and seeks to drive a wedge between them. The clan with the better performance, Scorpion or Dragon, shall be gifted with a terrible revelation about its ally. Despite its tainted source this secret will raise questions too terrible to be ignored. Knowledge is power. This secret, if used, will bring great power to the clan that wields it.

* * *

When Fu Leng was defeated, it is said, the Twelve Black Scrolls were destroyed. Their foul magic plagues Rokugan no more. However, Moto Chagatai's spies have intercepted information indicating that the Phoenix may have preserved one of the Scrolls for study. Chagatai knows the danger of this magic, and is too wise to allow the scroll to be used directly. His shugenja yet believe that the scroll would be a valuable object of study, and that much could be learned of Isawa's original pure blood magic now that Fu Leng's soul no longer inhabits the Scrolls. If the Unicorn triumphs over the Phoenix, the Iuchi shall appropriate this Black Scroll for their own study. If the Phoenix triumph, they will continue to protect this dangerous artifact.

* * *

In the Seikitsu Mountains near the lands of the Unicorn, the Horde and the Lion clash. The Tsuno have discovered a blade that can only be the sword of Akodo himself. His tomb cannot be far distant. The Lion will not allow their enemies to desecrate the resting place of their Kami founder. The Tsuno have sworn that they will find Akodo's remains and return them to their Dark Lord. The faction with a stronger performance, Shadowlands or Lion, will find Akodo's grave first.

* * *

Each Shadowlands player who wins a tournament during the Season of the Shadowlands will receive a special prize - a chance to sway the Dark Lord's savage whim, a vote on the destiny of the Dark Lands. Decide who has found the favor of the Dark Lord, who will be singled out for corruption, and who will perish.

* * *

For all others who succeed in this venture, the secret of Toturi's killer will be revealed. . . though the answer will only bring more questions.

* * *

Besides these Empire-shaking events, there are many other notable outcomes of this dark season. . .

Akodo Kaneka has begun his quest for the throne, but he has determined to earn it through strength of will, not the support of sycophants. Only the strong are allowed to join his elite command staff; the clan with the greatest representation will find a place high among his counsel.

Miya Gensaiken, a corrupted shape-shifter, watches Toturi Sezaru in anonymity, waiting for a chance to corrupt the Wolf. If the number of participating corrupted decks supporting Sezaru exceeds the number of uncorrupted decks, Gensaiken will find the opportunity he needs to steer the Wolf down the path of destruction. (For the purposes of this tournament, four or more Shadowlands cards is considered a corrupted deck.)

The Dark Oracle of Water watches over the great armies of the Unicorn and Lion; one clan prepares to defend the Empire, the other prepares to shake it to its foundation. The Dark Oracle has not yet decided who he favors in the battle to come. . . but the clan which succeeds shall receive the Oracle's gift to do with as it will.

In the deep Shadowlands, a force of Crab and Ratlings have discovered a threat unlike any that has been seen in recent memory. If these combined forces can defeat the Shadowlands, they will return to Rokugan with news of this threat. If the Shadowlands triumph, there will be no escape.

The Dragon and Phoenix continue their struggle in the northern lands. The clan with a stronger performance will gain the aid of a previously neutral Minor Clan.

The Scorpion Clan dominates the court, a domain once ruled by the Crane. However, the Crane are not to be underestimated. The clan with a greater amount of success between these two will arrange a marriage to one of the Four Winds.

The clan with the least representation in the tournaments will hear the siren song of the Shadowlands. . . as one of its family daimyo is drawn into the darkness.




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