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"Without honor, there is no victory.
Without fear, there is no defeat."
- from Akodo's Leadership

Since the beginning of history, the Lion Clan has served as the strong right hand that enforces the will of the Imperial City. It boasts the most fearless warriors, the cunning tacticians, the most experienced generals in Rokugan. Bushido, the way of the warrior, is their way of life. Their courage and honor are above reproach.

With the death of Toturi, the Four Winds strive to gain the favor of the Lion Clan's might armies. Toturi Tsudao's Legions protect the temples of the Lion, but Akodo Kaneka bears a Lion name and commands the personal respect of Lion daimyo Matsu Nimuro. Toturi Sezaru, trained by the Kitsu family, respects the spiritual traditions of the Lion, but Hantei Naseru can offer the Lion key power in an arena where they have always lacked influence - the Imperial Court.

The time has come for the Lion to choose their path, to choose an Emperor.

Who will you choose?




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