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Flavor Text: Dark Allies

Agetoki no Shiryo "---"

Aid of the Grand Master "The Tsuno dwell in the Realm of Slaughter," Tokei said. "Wherever foul murder has occurred, wherever the earth has drunk the blood of samurai armies, they can appear."

Akodo Jusho "Have you tasted your own blood, samurai? Draw against me, and I promise that you shall."

Akodo Map "After Nimuro conquered Toshi Ranbo, he sent copies of the maps his Akodo cartographers drafted to Doji Kurohito. It is time that we returned the Golden Lion's gift." -Daidoji Gudeta

Akodo Ninsei "His brother was executed for the murder of a fellow samurai. Ninsei punishes himself daily, as if the crime were his own. The torment drives him to always better himself." -Ikoma Fudai

Asahina Keitaro "Protect the child, Keitaro," Sekawa commanded. "We owe the Grand Master that much."

Asahina's Blessing The shugenja of the Crane rarely use magic to destroy.

Asako Hirariko "Enlightenment saved her from consumption by the Lying Darkness. She is a living symbol of hope." -Naka Tokei

Asako Misao "Misao returned from the Unicorn lands one month ago. Since that time, he has shaved his head, retreated to a distant monastery, and spent a great deal of time in contemplation. I wonder what he saw out there?" -Shiba Yoma

Asako Yuya "---"

Auspicious House "The Auspicious House is the finest inn in the Doji lands. I highly recommend it, for those who have the means." -Miya Gensaiken

Baku no Oni "Even dreams can be corrupted." -Daigotsu

Bayushi Hirono "He is bound to Yasuko's whim. He kills for her pleasure, for no reward greater than a smile from her perfect lips." -Soshi Eiji

Bayushi Norachai "---"

Bayushi Ogura "Kaukatsu's son is not as talented as his father, but his drive to prove himself makes him quite useful." -Bayushi Paneki

Bayushi Taro "As fast as the shadows may be, Toru is faster." -Bayushi Yojiro

Be the Breeze "Only once have I seen the archery of Tsuruchi combined with the storm magic of the Moshi. Once was enough." -Daidoji Gudeta

Bitter Vengeance "With the Lion distracted by the Tsuno and the Phoenix, the Crane knew the time was right to take back Violence Behind Courtliness City. The attack had a uniquely Daidoji manner&" -Satoshi

Blackened Honor "---"

Blade of Truths "Two pure blades, Secrets and Truths, were once forged in the heart of the Shadowlands. Ironically, the Blade of Truths has been largely forgotten." -Doji Nagori

Boastful Proclamation "---"

Break the Wave The armies of Lost stood ready to prevent Kuon's escape, but the Crab would not be contained. -Kuon at the Wall, part I

Celestial Sword of the Mantis "Now and forever, we are a Great Clan."

City of Lightning "---"

City of the Lost Ryosei was horrified by the sight the dark tattooed man showed her: a city in the Shadowlands, built by those who fell at Volturnum. There, her own father awaited her.

Clear Water Villages Clear Water Village is one of the oldest villages in the Empire; its proud history is a testament to the strength of the Crab Clan.

Construction Crew "It is a Scorpion tradition to seal one of the workers within a newly built bridge, so that his ghost will protect the work forever after. Is it any wonder so few travelers wander the Scorpion provinces at night?" -Ide Michisuna

Court Intrigue "Your legions may pass through our lands, Tsudao-sama, but your Lion allies may not."

Cowardly Conscripts "---"

Curse of Weakness "We must retreat!" Kuon shouted to the others. Despite Daigotsu's potent magic, the Crab found the strength to stand.

Deep Earth Sanctum The zokujin tribe chased Nakamuro and Shaitung to a cave of golden stone deep within the earth, but did not attack.

Defend Yourself! "Cowards," Aikune shouted, "from a clan of cowards!" The Lion drew their blades. Aikune would not stand down.

Doji Kazo "Perhaps we were enemies once, Shara, but things have grown more complicated."

Doji Midoru "He is a strange one. I would ask him what possesses him to fight like he does, but I fear the answer would only ruin the mystery" -Doji Tanitsu

Doji Okakura A wise man knows that the battlefield will not change for him, and adapts accordingly.

Doji Seishiro "If Kaneka seeks to trap us here, then he will pay the price in blood."

Doomsayers Those who have shared the wisdom of the Celestial Heavens are never quite the same." -Miya Gensaiken

Drain the Soul "A Witch Hunter?" Shahai cooed. "I suppose you could say you have found what you are hunting."

Draw From Within Aikune scowled. "If your clan will not stand with us as allies, Shinya, there is only one other option."

Ebbing Strength "The Kolat are no more," the samurai said. "Shinjo destroyed them decades ago." "Of course she did," Yaro said, turning over the crystal in his hands.

Face Me! "If you think yourself strong enough to take this land." Kaiten said, "you must prove it to me, Akodo Kaneka." The Crane sensei drew his blade with a cold smile.

Faith In My Clan Even as the fires of the Last Wish consumed him, Matsu Shinya did not fall. His blade cut the air inches from Aikune's face. The Phoenix looked into the samurai's eyes as he died, and knew that in the Lion Clan he had found a worthy foe.

Gale Force Winds "Shugenja do not command the elements. They draw their favor, and those favors must be returned." -Isawa Akiko

Gift of the Water Dragon "I can tell you of the Tsuno," Tokei said, "if you are prepared."

Goblin Slingers "---"

Goju Kyoden "I don't know where Daigotsu found him, but her is spectacular. What mischief I could create with such a creature by my side." -Shahai

Grim Mempo "We will accept Kaneka's offer for now," Kuon said, "but once we have dealt with the Horde, we shall see whether his claim holds."

Heavy Armor "Is there a samurai under all that?" -Kihei

Hida Hitoshi "Utagu, Kimori, Ogiri, O-Ushi, and now Kuroda. This is not a good tome to be a daimyo of the Crab."

Hida Kosho "Many think that Crabs are big, stupid louts with little concern for art or culture. Fortunately, Kosho does little to dispel the stereotype." -Hida Kagore

Hida Shara "We did not expect Shara to make peace with the Crane in Friendly Traveler, but perhaps her actions may yet help us remove Kaneka from our lands." -Hida Sakamoto

Hiruma Slayers "Three times the Horde has attacked Hiruma Castle since the Wall was taken. With the Nezumi beside us, three times we have beaten them back." -Hiruma Todori

Hitomi Maya "Some day my magic will kill me. What a glorious end that will be!"

Honor's Lesson Dojo Even among the dojo of the Scorpion, the students of Honor's Lesson have a reputation for deadly cunning.

Hoshi Tadao "When Lord Hoshi and his bride return from their journey across the Heavens, we must be prepared to receive them."

Hoshi Takeji He moved slowly, hypnotically. Before the Crane even realized what was happening, her bokken clattered against the floor at the far end of the dojo. He favored her with a smile, and departed.

House of the Fates "---"

Ik'krt "Shamans speak of great pain, great trouble in World of Dream. Much-much worried. No matter how fast you run-run, no can run from Dream."

Ikoma Fujimaro "I regret what happened to your nephew," Nimuro said. "But I can spare few troops to attack the Phoenix." "I only need a few," Fujimaro said, a murderous glint in his eye.

Ikoma Goro "The fault is mine, Lord Naseru," Goro said meekly. "Had I been more attentive, perhaps I could have prevented the Miya from revealing Kaneka's heritage and avoided the unfortunate complications in the south."

Inspiration "For your surrender of the Kaiu Wall, I will return the body of your brother, Crab," Daigotsu said. "What is your reply?"

Isawa Maasaki "The Last Wish has consumed all others who attempted to use it. If we are patient, the Aikune problem will solve itself."

It's a Trap! "You should have accepted my offer, Kuon-san," Daigotsu said, shattering the Crab's dai tsuchi. Kuon took a long look into the Lord of the Shadowlands' eyes, and realized what he faced. He sounded the retreat.

Ivory Isles Mercenaries "Gaijin mercenaries are not welcome in Rokugan. Those that risk the journey must be well paid." -Moto Chagatai

Jagged Earth Aikune demanded that the few Lion who remained pay the price for their perceived betrayal. Vastly outnumbered, the teachings of Akodo have served the survivors well.

Junnosuke "A samurai with so much potential should not be discarded so thoughtlessly." -Shahai

Kabuki Mask "The value of Shosuro mimicry is hardly limited to the stage." -Bayushi Kaukatsu

Kaiu Namboku "If the Horde think they can hold the Wall, they can watch while I build another around them."

Kanbe no Shiryo "The son of Yoritomo lives? Tell me where, spirit!" The spirit faded, returned to the Yomi. His laughter echoed in Kitao's ears.

Kaneka's Blockade "I will not pay tribute to a ronin!" the captain cried. "Pride is a heavy burden," the Tsuruchi replied. "Yours will soon drag you to the bottom of the sea."

Kaneka's Strength "Kaneka told the Crab they could share the Yasuki lands' resources if they accepted his rule without contest. His offer to the Crane was not so kind." -Usagi Ozaki

Kawaru Coins "Some call it peasant magic, but one who reads the coins well may learn much about his future." -Naka Tokei

Ki-Rin's Blessing "Aikune has chosen not to attack the sacred lands of the Ki-Rin. The Dragon have found temporary safety there." -Zokusei

Kitsu Hisashi "I look upon the Tsuno, and I feel nothing but hate. For a man of peace, the sensation is most disquieting. Perhaps I can end my discomfort by exterminating them all."

Koan "It seems in every generation there is a ronin shugenja named Koan. I doubt he will be the last." -Miya Shoin

Kobune Port "Kitao emerged from the temple in a fury, and dispatched the Storm Legion to scour the islands. Whatever she seeks, I'm staying out of her way." -Yoritomo Yoyonagi

Kyojin's Blade "---"

Kyuden Agasha "---"

Lies "Did Hachi ally with Naseru to win the Emerald Championship? Of course," Norachi lied smoothly. "Their intent was to shame the son of Tsukune. In return for a small favor, I would be happy to tell you why, Itami-san."

Light a Candle "A bit of hope is better than none at all." -Asako Hirariko

Light of the Kami "---"

Living Death "Daigotsu does not want Rokugan; he already has his own Empire. The Onisu are his Champions, the Lost are his samurai, and the undead are his peasants and eta." -Shahai

Lost Souls "A generation born in the Shadowlands," Ryosei whispered, "who have never known anything but the Taint of Jigoku." "Yes," her father replied hoarsely. "I envy them."

Make Them Pay "Exercising their newly revealed strength, the Unicorn pressed their advantage in the City of Lies. They now rule the city, but the Scorpion did not give ground easily." -Kicho, Okasan of the House of the Morning Star

Massive Power "---"

Mirumoto Zenko "Are you some sort of demon?" the Phoenix shouted. "Of course not," Zenko growled. "A demon can be killed."

Miya Gensaiken "---"

Moshi Junichi "The Sun may have set, but the Storm has not abandoned us."

Moto Feng "---"

Moto Qing "You ask why Qing's troops are so loyal? An easy question. Because they fear him more than the enemy." -Shinjo Shono

Moto Steed "Moto horses are like their riders. Powerful, and unpredictable. I once saw one rear up and trample a Lion horseman - horse and all - after its own rider was slain." -Iuchi Lixue

Naishi The blade was forged by the kenku; once its mission is complete, it must be returned to them.

Naseru's Strength "You failed to protect Toshi Ranbo from further violence. To prevent more bloodshed, I will support the Crane's claim."

New Formation "Lixue assists the Crab despite your orders, Lord Chagatai." "Then either she will triumph," the Khan replied, "or the Horde will deal with her."

Nikushimi "---"

No Failure "Misao has lingered too long in the Seikitsu Pass, Sunetra," Naseru said, "Find out what has happened to him."

No Hiding Place "Did you hear that noise, my lord?" "My lord?!?"

Omen "---"

One Sword "Aikune would fight the Lion, the Dragon, the entire Empire if they oppose him. The Asako and Shiba follow him loyally, while the Isawa obey him out of sheer terror. Both good and evil portents swirl about our new Shiba lord; I am uncertain what to think." -Agasha Hamanari

Oni Horde "---"

Patience "Why does your clan refuse to surrender Ryoko Owari, Higatsuku?" Kaneka demanded. "You compelled my loyalty," the courtier replied, "not my clan's."

Personal Sohei The Brother of Rebirth were once members of the Order of Osano-Wo. At Osano-Wo's command, they have sworn to obey the will of the new Fortune, Tsukune.

Pillaged "The best thing about a good battle is the looting afterward. Clan samurai never loot. That leaves more for me!" -Kihei, ronin swordsman

Raise the Dead The Phoenix tried to scream, but the sound would not come.

Restless Zokujin Nakamuro and Shaitung fled deeper into the Earth to escape the Dark Oracle of Fire. What they found surprised them both.

Roaming Caravan "Your troops seem to be in great need, so I can supply you at a discount. Just remember my name." -Ide Jotaro

Ronin Village Ronin often seek the favor of clan samurai by protecting the inhabitants of a remote village.

Rubble of Beiden Pass "The Unicorn demand a tithe from all who wish to travel through Seikitsu Pass. The Mantis dominate the seas. If only Beiden Pass were opened once more&" - Bayushi Yojiro

Selecting the Chancellor "Who stands for the Scorpion?" Naseru demanded. "I do," Bayushi Yojiro said, "in the name of Bayushi Kaukatsu." The Unicorn paled, not eager to match blades with the Master of Secrets.

Sezaru's Mask "A fine trophy. It will look handsome next to the Steel Throne." -Daigotsu

Sezaru's Strength "Yokubo slew Ryoma and took the Wolf's mask, but what Sezaru learned from the Onisu was victory enough." -Toturi Koshei

Shackled Oni The Dark Oracle of Earth attends to those who defy Daigotsu.

Shiba Itami "She is pretty and well-schooled, but naive," Doji Nagori said. "Perfect," Norachai replied.

Shiba's Shrine "---"

Shinjo Xushen "He takes great pride in cleanliness; his foes never get close enough to stain his armor with blood." -Moto Chagatai

Shinsei's Staff "---"

Shiro Matsu "---"

Short Season "It seems as if winter comes sooner every year." -Satoshi

Shosuro Koneko "Do not allow her to get too close, Doji-san. She will bend your will to her pleasure as easily as a tailor spins cloth from thread."

Shrieking Mujina "I cannot concentrate&where is that noise coming from?" -Daidoji Megumi

Shrine of Reverse Fortunes "I could tell you how the shrine gained its name, but I do not think you would believe me." -Hoshi Wayan

Soshi Kiyo "Her husband Eiji calls her 'Snowflake', for he claims to have found her amid a savage blizzard. I doubt there is any truth in it, but it is an entertaining story." -Doji Nagori

Strength in Unity Moto Chagatai has revealed the Unicorn's loyalties at last. They stand beside the Mantis Clan& and Akodo Kaneka.

T'k "Why do they have to talk like that? It hurts my ears." -Kuni Kiyoshi

Taken Unawares "I would be the first to remind you that the ninja are no more, my friend. That dark chapter of our history is completely in the past." -Shosuro Aroru

Tamori Yamabushi "The Tamori use their magic to bring peace and harmony with the spirit of the earth& and occasionally to drop enormous rocks on their enemies." -Mirumoto Ukira

Te'tik'kir "---"

Teeth of Osano-Wo Kiyoshi's magic shielded Kuon and the others as they escaped the fallen towers.

The Future Laid Bare "The Oracle of Thunder would tell Sezaru nothing. He simply pointed the way to the next Oracle."

The Wandering Monk "I have no name, and do not seem to need one."

Thunder's Kiss "All have turned against us, my love," Akiko said, holding the Crane lord in her arms. "Perhaps we can still find allies in the north&"

Togashi Matsuo "---"

Toturi Koshei "Yokubo slew Ryoma and took my lord's mask, but we will have the final victory."

Trusted Advisor "I commend you, Miya," Chieh said. "Your face, your gesture, your body all conceal your lies from my eye, but you cannot fool the kami. They see into your very heart, and they favor me. I know the truth."

Tsudao's Strength "Tsudao has turned all of her attention towards discovering how the Tsuno appear and vanish so quickly. In time, we will find them." -Miyako

Tsuno Nintai "---"

Tsuruchi Hiro "---"

Tsuruchi Nobumoto "Well, I've done my part. See you back at the castle."

Uji no Shiryo "He who would sacrifice nothing, lose all."

Unprepared "Kaiten's sword has never known defeat, and yet he could not stand against the Bastard. I did not believe Kaneka was the son of Toturi until that moment." -Daidoji Rekai

Untested Troops "Youthful zeal can make up for a lack of experience, until the dead rise from the earth and the fools realize eagerness alone will not win the day." -Hakai

Utaku Keyo "Like Mu-Dan, she is young, but she is learning." -Utaku Shiko

Vengeful Ronin "The Lion slew the Dragonfly. Now I am nothing more than a shadow, but even a shadow can kill."

Veteran Samurai Daigotsu invited Hida Kuon to parley with him in one of the great watchtowers taken by the Horde. Kuon accepted, if only to discover what fate had befallen his brother.

Violence Behind Courtliness City "Toshi Ranbo has changed hands between the Lion and the Crane more times than anyone can easily count. Those who live there have come to care little about who rules them. They simply try to stay out of the way." -Tsume Yoneko

Voice of the Shiryo "So long as the ancestors look upon him, a Lion never fights alone."

Wall of Steel "---"

Wasp Tattoo "---"

Wave Tattoo "In sound, find silence. In stillness, find motion."

Whistling Bulb Arrow The Wasp sent up the signal, and the Crane navy found its retreat from the Yasuki lands suddenly cut off.

Wikki'thich-hie A'tch "I was there on the Terrible Day, when the Dark God fell from the heavens. This one you call the Lord of the Shadowlands carries the smell of the Dark God."

Yoritomo Gombei "Gombei throws himself into every task with a fierce relish, whether it be polishing off a bottle of sake or lopping heads off of oni. I am proud to call him a friend." -Yoritomo Sen "---"

Yoritomo Heishiro "I've battled the sea for fifteen years. What can you possibly do to frighten me, Crane?"

Yoritomo Ikemoto "Ask me about the eye, and I'll give you one to match it."

Yoritomo Naizen "He was a thief, a pirate, and a cutthroat, until Kitao made him one of her generals. Now he isn't a thief anymore." -Yoritomo Katoa

Yoritomo Sen "The noble blood of the Mantis was earned drop by drop, not granted by the Heavens."

Yoritomo Sumio "---"

Yoritomo's Kama Aramasu hid the weapons after his adopted father's passing. Are they lost, or did he simply give them to another?" -Yoritomo Heishiro

You Are Weak "I will tell you nothing!" Domotai snarled, glaring at the Onisu's torturers in defiance. Nikushimi looked surprised. "You have nothing we wish to know," the torturers cackled, and began their work.

Starter Deck Reprints:

Akodo Ijiasu "Kaneka has taken the Yasuki lands because they are his by right, and in doing so he brings peace to the Empire. If these lands also give him the wealth to pursue his path to the throne, then this is clearly the hand of destiny."

Akodo Kaneka "I have every right to be here. It is the Lions' duty to end all threats to the Empire's peace, and the Crane have distracted the Crab from guarding the Kaiu Wall. Justice must be done."

Archers Their arrows have burrowed in paper and straw for eight years. Now they find targets of flesh and bone.

Biting Steel "What can stand against a quick hand, sharp eye, and biting steel?

Block Supply Lines "If Kaneka would unite the clans against us, my husband, let us seek allies among my former family." - Doji Akiko

Charge "Follow me into destiny!" cries Toturi Tsudao, and the samurai of the imperial army follow her as if her words were lightning and they were the thunder.

Confusion at Court "---"

Contentious Terrain "Of course the Mantis seek their vengeance, Kamnan. I expected no less." - Bayushi Yojiro

Copper Mine The Lion heimin work the mines now that the zokujin have fled the underground to travel the Spine of the World.

Counterattack "Let us tear the Tamori's wall aside like rice paper and show the Dragon who the true masters of magic are." - Isawa Ihara

Dai Tsuchi "We honor the spirit of our swords by using other weapons to destroy such filth." - Hida Kuon

Dispersive Terrain "Force your foes to attack over broken ground, and you will see their composure shatter along with their formation." - Matsu Nimuro

Dragon Dancers There are thousands of kami. Those with the inclination can always find a festival to celebrate and heimin willing to pay to honor the Fortunes.

Entrapping Terrain "Maneuver them toward the marshes, and let them pit their strength against the mud."

Hantei Naseru "the next move is yours, my false brother."

Iaijutsu Challenge "In the Court of Otosan Uchi, more than diplomacy is conducted in the Assembly."

Iaijutsu Duel "---"

Isawa Nakamuro "The Masters - my friends - were consumed by the Dark Oracle's power. Do you realize now, Shaitung, who our true enemy is?"

Isawa Taeruko "We will be free," Taeruko growled to Ningen and Hochiu.

Jade Works "Daigotsu wishes to make us an offer. I think we shall make him one as well," Kuon said, hefting his jade-encrusted hammer with a grim scowl.

Kabuki Theater Troupe "One must survive first," Sezaru answered. "That is the way of things. Survive. The rest comes in time." "I hope you do not waste your entire life waiting for a better day, brother," Naseru said with a sigh.

Kitsu Dejiko "I have twenty ancestors to call on, Mirumoto dog, and eight of them slew dozens of your ancestors. Do you think I will disappoint them by letting you live?"

Light Infantry "The minions of the Dark Lord move on our borders. Therefore, we patrol Shinomen Forest, fighting where the Crab could not even walk without bruising their shoulders." - Bayushi Jun, gunso

Look Into the Void The gash in Kaede's soul when she took her place upon the throne was nothing compared to the truth in the mirror.

Matsu Domotai "If the Dragon lose heart for fighting, let them return to their mountains. Surely they have a tattoo for walking on lava."

Matsu Hataki "Even should the stars fall from the sky, I will not abandon my vengeance."

Medium Infantry "We hold the high ground and the ridge. The samurai will hold the pass. We keep the enemy off the samurai's flanks, and victory is ours."

Naginata "I prefer my katana, but it cannot reach my enemies who sit astride great horses." - Matsu Kenseiko

Narrow Ground "A dozen Lion had come to see their Kami's last place. They then drew upon us and laid claim to the land. Foolish. We buried them there, in the narrow passages our ancestors had cleared." - Utaku Yu-Pan

Ninja Thief It would not do to admit that anyone other than a ninja could so easily slip through your guards.

No-Dachi "Live each moment as if it were the last, balanced on the edge of a blade." - Matsu Nimuro

Rallying Cry "The horn sounds the call to regroup, and I know that we will succeed. This will not be our only glorious victory today."

Sanctified Temple "Serenity comes easily in times of peace. In times of war, the soul shows its true balance." - Toturi Tsudao

Shiba Aikune "You are weak where I am strong. Together we shall complete one another. Together we shall recreate the world." - Isawa's Last Wish

Shiba Kai Two of Kai's uncles returned from the monasteries with the secrets of the Brotherhood's arts. Kai still bears the two swords, but he trains and fights like a Seven Fortunes monk.

Shiba Tsukune Even as a young girl, Tsukune carved a formidable reputation among Rokugan's strongest defenders.

Silver Mine "We seek to quench Tainted-Fire that burns in soul-of-earth," the Zokujin said to Shaitung and Nakamuro. "You will help fight Tainted-Fire, or die in darkness."

Small Farm "The peasants are the backbone of our Empire. They may be beneath the samurai in the Celestial Order, but that is no excuse to treat them with disrespect." - Akodo Kaneka

Spearmen "Even peasants can be taught to throw a spear. In sufficient numbers, they might even be considered dangerous." - Kakita Tenshiko

Superior Tactics "---"

Test of Might "Stand again, and it will be your last step." - Kaelung

The Hiruma Dojo "Say what you like about the katana; if the bushi wielding the sword is weak, the second oni will have his head." - Hiruma Tatsuya

Toturi Sezaru "Perhaps you would be better equipped to fight Daigotsu's Nightmares, my lord, if you united the Clans against them... as Emperor." - Miya Gensaiken

Toturi Tsudao "How can any stand near her and have any wish but to serve her with all their heart?" - Bayushi Paneki

Yoritomo Kitao "Kitao has taken the Bitter Flower and seeks what should not be found. Find her, Kalani. Stop her before it is too late." - Moshi Jukio







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