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Flavor Text: Fall of Otosan Uchi

A Champion's Strike - "With a single perfect strike, Hachi sent Tsukuro back to Jigoku, if only for a time. . ."

A New Path - "I do not know why Kai retired so young," Unasagi said sadly. "He would not speak of it to me."

Agasha Oshu - "The last thing I expected to face was a band of Dragon samurai marching with the Dark Oracle. Surely this is not what Lord Hoshi intended for his people."

Agasha Yubisaki - "The Dragon claim that Aikune has been attacking their forces of late, yet I know that he has not. Meanwhile, we have found entire platoons of our own troops burnt to ashes in the field. What is the meaning of this?"

Aid of the Fortunes - "Even now, the ancestors will not answer me," Aikune whispered to the Wish. "Why?"

Akodo Tsuri - "This way, mighty Shogun. I think there are some survivors yet in these catacombs."

Ambush Pits - "By the Fortunes!" the Legionnaire screamed. "Where did they all come from?"

Armed and Ready - "Against Kaiu steel, Hida strength, Hiruma stealth, and Kuni magic, the Horde could not hold the Wall forever."

Arrow of Purity - "What better choice for a Master than Isawa's Daughter?" Taeruko mused. The others nodded."

Balance in Nothingness - "I sense the infinite," Sekawa said in deep meditation. "What do you sense, Nizomi?" "I sense a dark god with a mask of fine porcelain," the boy said. "He chews on your dead sister's soul."

Bayushi Kaukatsu (exp) - "The Chancellor's duty is to moderate between the Four Winds. But what happens when the Chancellor sees greater gain in keeping them divided?" - Shosuro Furuyari

Bayushi Seiryo - "Seiryo sighed in disappointment as he wiped the blood from his sword. "Your curiosity doomed you, Shixiang. Just as it will doom Yojiro."

Bayushi Sharaku - "Kwanchai, dead? A student of Bitter Lies never dies!" Sharaku laughed with such fury that I knew he was mad."

Beachhead - "Damn," Garen hissed, realizing that the Mantis and Lion had cut off all escape by sea."

Blood Money - "Find her, Yutaka, and I will give you gold. Kill her, and I will give you the Tsuruchi family."

Bonds of Fate - "What is love, set beside duty, Otemi?" Yasuko asked."

Broken Words - "If this alliance is to be, Doji Kurohito. I would have words with you first." The Master of Fire's stern words brooked no argument."

Carrion's Breath - "That place turns even the Kuni pale with dread."

Ch'tppu'kich - "Where did you find all of this loot?" Hio asked. The Nezumi only cackled."

Chaldera - "I have awakened to fight those who would defile our sleeping cities. There are too few of us left to fight, Akasha. Far too few. . ."

Consuming Darkness - "Daigotsu gave a fraction of his soul to the Shadow Dragon to restore Kyoden to some measure of life."

Daidoji Ekiken - "Enai's brother was an honorless dog once. Since Enai's murder he has found some measure of focus. . . Perhaps honor will follow." - Doji Yasuyo

Dark Eyes on the Wall - "One tower will never be reclaimed. . ."

Denkyu no Shiryo - "Kumiko seeks the favor of her ancestors?" the spirit asked. "Then let her earn it, as her father did."

Dojo Raiden - "Why is this called the room of one thousand falls?"

Dotanuki - "It is an instrument of death, and with it in hand I am certain I could inspire fine compositions." - Kihei

Earthly Yearnings - "Pity for you the spell failed," Kuon snarled."

Eye of the Needle - "I cannot return, mother," Kiyo said. "I love him."

Far and Wide - "From here," whispered Zokusei, "You must go on alone."

Favor for a Favor - "I will lead you to the City of Night, Naseru," Shono said reluctantly, "but I doubt you are prepared for what you will find there."

Fields of Grain - "Golden Sun Plain had not known a farmer's hand in centuries. At Tsudao's command, the lush fields were put to use feeding the Imperial Legions."

Fires of the Phoenix - "Even after all his work, Masaaki was unwilling to believe he might have purified the lost Black Scroll."

Footman's Yari - "The Lion and Scorpion celebrate the marriage of Otemi and Yasuko, though few are truly happy for the bride and groom, I fear." - Toku

Forgery - "Enough!" the Lion snarled. "This map is useless!" Behind him, the messenger smiled."

Forward Guard - "So the Scorpion are too proud to give the Shogun tribute, eh?" Chaozhu sneered. "Then charge."

Fury of the Damned - "If you must destroy the Dragon," Tsuge whispered, driven to his knees by his wounds, "then destroy the Phoenix as well!" The Dark Oracle of Fire laughed and the mountains cried out in fury. Now Tamori was truly free. . ."

Glick - "Omoni!" Daigotsu chuckled. "What have you done?"

H-tach'ch - "Nezumi cannot be Tainted, but they can be seduced by the darkness. The Stained Paw serve Daigotsu, going where his Tainted minions cannot." - Hida Hio

Hand of the Shogun - "If Kaneka wants to keep the Yasuki lands so badly, then he can guard them as we do." - Hida Shara

Hida Ishi - "Each full moon Ishi walks alone into the Shadowlands. he does not return until he has sated his hunger for the blood of the Lost." - Hida Reiha

Hida Yagimaki - "---"

Hideo Spawn - "If that is only the spawn, I would hate to see the beast that destroyed the Badger." - Kuni Kiyoshi

Hiruma Tatsuzo - "I will tear the flesh from his bones. Then let us see how loyal his soldiers are." - Voitagi

Hitaka - "Dragon kills Phoenix. Phoenix kills Dragon. Either way, Hitaka, we triumph." - Agasha Tamori

Hoshi Chuichi - "There is no such thing as a little enlightenment. One who knows little, knows all. One who knows all, begins learning anew."

Hungry Ghost - "---"

Hunting Cabin - "---"

Hurricane Tattoo - "How does one man fight a storm?" Mitsu asked. "Patience, master," Matsuo said. "All storms pass."

Ikoma Kyuso - "Nimuro has learned not to ask how Kyuso knows what she knows - only to listen well." - Ikoma Sume

Imperial Messenger - "The Shogun reacted as predicted, Naseru-sama. he has proclaimed Yasuki Yashiki the new capital, just as you have done in Ryoko Owari."

Imperial Proclamation - "The city of Otosan Uchi is dead," Toturi Tsudao said with a heavy heart. "Leave the Yotsu, the Tortoise, and the Legion of the Wolf to guard its corpse."

Inferno - "Watching the city burn was like watching a brother die, but Matsu Nimuro knew his duty."

Informant - "---"

Isawa Nodotai (exp) - "Crane and Phoenix. Dragon and Lion. Who will triumph from a conflict of such proportions? Who indeed."

Iuchi Huasha - "The wind is my mistress. She gives me life, she gives me beauty, and occasionally she hurls me to the earth."

Jester - "---"

Kaeru Contractor - "Kill the Shogun?" the ronin coughed. "Many have tried and failed!" "Try again," Fudai said, and set the gold on the table."

Kaiu Tasuku - "Those Seppun fools think this war is over now that they've chased Daigotsu from Otosan Uchi. Look at the Shadowlands. It has only begun."

Kakita Instructor - "The Crane will teach any who are worthy, but very few can meet their standards." - Shiba Mirabu

Kakita Munemori - "We give you this blade, Tsudao, one of the finest crafted by our family. So long as it serves you, so shall we."

Kakita Nakazo - "I will teach the Golden Lion a lesson in humility, Lord Kurohito. I promise to deliver Shiro no Yojin to you within the year."

Kakita Yariga - "Noritoshi must now teach the students of the fallen Kakita master. I do not envy the work that lies ahead for him, but I will help him on his path."

Kansen Haunting - "The ghosts of those who serve Fu Leng roam freely, fearless of the Fortune's wrath." - Isawa Mitako

Keen Eye - "Some of the surviving members of the Horde attempted to attack Kyuden Seppun, but the First Legion was well prepared. . ."

Kirei - "Shahai created it and named it. The Dark Daughter calls the beast 'pretty' and I know better than to argue." - Daigotsu

Kiseru - "Tell me, Kamnan. Now that you have slain Aramasu, do you not thirst for something more? A new purpose?" - Bayushi Ogura

Kitsu Juri - "He who seeks mastery over this realm without mastering those beyond may as well build a castle upon a river."

Kjgkt - "---"

Kokujin (exp2 Hitomi Kokujin) - "---"

Konetsu - "Occasionally the Fortunes take human form, Midoru. The appetites of the divine are similar to a mortal's, and sometimes children are born such as yourself. . . "

Kyofu (exp Hida Kuroda) - "---"

Kyuden Doji - "---"

Kyuden Gotei - "---"

Led Into Darkness - "---"

Legendary Strength - "Kuon does not punish himself for what became of his brother - he punishes the Horde. I think even the undead have come to fear him." - Iuchi Lixue

Let Courage Guide Me - "The Horde is torturing the sleeping Naga," Tsudao said with cold fury, "and using their nightmares to move their troops across the face of Rokugan!"

Lost Ashigaru - "Tainted or no, it looks like we still have to do all the work."

Master Sculptor - "Surely he is blessed by the Fortune of Stone, that he can give course rock such life and beauty." - Shoan

Matsu Masakado - "Twice now the city has returned Fu Leng from hi imprisonment," Nimuro said. "The Kitsu say that this place is cursed. Let Otosan Uchi burn, and may the heavens help any who bar your path."

Matsu Reishiko - "Run, beast! The chase is what gives me life!"

Menhari-gata - "Even the simplest tool can be a deadly weapon in the hands of a samurai." - Akodo's Leadership

Mirumoto Tachiyama - "Tsuge chose to ally his forces with the Dark Oracle against Aikune. Fool! What sense is there in winning this war if we lose all that we are in the bargain?"

Mirumoto's Haori - "The Dragon Thunder's spirit was so powerful it echoes through everything he touched. Wear it, Chuichi, and bring it honor." - Mirumoto Uso

Moneylender - "---"

Monkey Magistrates - "---"

Moshi Hinome - "---"

Moto Sanpao - "A Shinjo general?" Sanpao laughed. "I'll take orders from his horse first!" Sadly for Sanpao, Shono heard him. Before the sun set, the Moto had a limp and a new nickname."

Moto Tsusung - "I call upon the Moto gods. . . I call upon the Lords of Death. Grant your blessings to our enemies. . ."

Mystic - "Satsu burst into the monastery, covered in blood and scars. "Mitsu, Matsu, come with me," he said. "I know where Kokujin hides."

Now Face Me - "---"

Ogre Hordes - "Fu Leng enslaved we ogres before," the ogre chief growled. "Who is to say that he will not do so again?" "Who indeed?" Kurushimi replied with a feral grin."

Omoidasu - "---"

One Will Fall - "Junnosuke fell to Tsudao in the heart of the Shinomen, but no body was recovered. Where Shahai is involved, expect surprises." - Naka Tokei

Perfect Attunement - "In a single day, Toturi Sezaru rebuilt the ruins of Kyuden Tonbo with his magic and summoned the survivors of the Dragonfly to serve him. Some answered the call. Others did not." - Toturi Koshei

Pile of Stones - "Nezumi help-help fix wall if Nezumi get to keep what we find under the rocks. . ." - Yoee'trr

Playing With Madness - "---"

Precise Orders - "Gather our forces in Ryoko Owari, Shono. This will be your first test. Do not fail me in this."

Private Dojo - "The samurai who realizes that his training must never end is a true master." - Kakita Noritoshi

Pulse of the Black River - "Daigotsu may have retreated from Otosan Uchi but now Fu Leng lays siege to Heaven itself."

Purify - "Tell me a tale, Horiuchi-san," Kumiko said. "Of what shall I tell?" the old man asked. "Tell me of the Unbroken."

Recruiting Drive - "Mitsu led Fujimaro to his wounded nephew, then vanished."

Run For Your Lives! - "The Shogun's Lion troops met the armies of Kyofu on the field, and for the first time they felt true fear."

Scouting Maneuvers - "Hiroshi may trust the Shogun, but I do not," Todori said, crouching as he studied Kaneka's troops."

Shahai's Fan - "A gift from Otosan Uchi, my dear," Daigotsu said."

Shiba Takeishi - "He sheds no tears for his fallen brethren. He has none. All he has left is a promise of vengeance."

Shiba Yoma (exp) - "---"

Shinjo Horsebow - "Chen will no longer command his Junghar," Chagatai said. "Shono, his army is yours."

Shinjo Rao - "The Shogun claims Scorpion allies, and yet we attack the Scorpion. Think not of entangling alliances, my friends. Focus instead on the killing."

Shinjo Shono (exp2) - "---"

Shiro Tamori - "---"

Shosuro Miyo - "Ah, Miyo. Young or old? Man or woman? Mortal or devil? I find it better not to ask." - Bayushi Yojiro

Show of Good Faith - "If we are truly to be allies, Chen, then you will tell me what you know of the Naga," Kumiko said. "And what can you offer me?" Chen asked"

Shrine of the Moon - "It seems so. . . sinister, Bairei-sama." - Asako Yuya

Shrine of the Sun - "---"

Snake Tattoo - "---"

Song of Corruption - "Those who hear and answer the song discover the truth the Empire denies." - Daigotsu

Soshi Kiyo (exp) - "Snowflake abandoned her home in the forest when she saw an evil man perform a single act of kindness. Either she will redeem her mortal husband or lose herself in the trying." - The Lady Kitsune

Storm Legion - "Be cautious, Kumiko-chan," Komori warned. "The Storm Legion serves Kitao, and to them loyalty is all."

Strike At the Soul - "We are men of action, Kurohito," Hochiu said. "There is only one way to test your worth as an ally."

Summon the Dead - "---"

Superior Swordplay - "Those who believe that the Tsuno lack skill because they are strong had best not stand against the Tsuno." - Matsu Domotai

Tamori Tsukiro - "Junnosuke taught him victory was worth any price. He has learned the lesson well." - Agasha Tamori

Tempting Kansen - "Give a bit of yourself to us," the voices whispered. "Give a bit, or we take all!"

Terror - "Those who face Nikushimi and survive the encounter are never so foolish as to seek the demon again."

The Anvil's Blessing - "---"

The Deathless - "It was Ikoma Otemi's ship alone that cleansed Golden Sun Bay of Daigotsu's army. I would like to meet this Lion, I think." - Yoritomo Kumiko

The Seppun Temples - "Toturi Tsudao has declared herself Empress, and Kyuden Seppun is her new capital. Those who would serve her should find her there." - Doji Jotaro

The Shadow's Claw - "Carry your secret to the grave, Shixiang!"

The Time Is Not Right - "To kill Naseru now would be petty," Chagatai said. "But to ignore his insult would make me seem weak," the Shogun answered. "We will return to Yasuki Yashiki and begin planning our attack."

Third Whisker Warren - "The Nezumi of the Third Whisker can see the future. Their return to the Wall is a good omen for the Crab." - Hida Hio

Togashi Kansuke - "Do not wait for me, you fools!" Kansuke shouted as he fell. "Attack the Phoenix!"

Togashi's Shrine - "Grandfather, grant me guidance." - Togashi Satsu

Traveling Ronin - "The Badger defeated Hideo no Oni once before. If it has returned, we shall do so again." - Ichiro Kihongo

Trickster Spirits - "What did you bring me today, little one?"

Tsuno Blade - "The black steel of the Tsuno is yet another secret."

Tsuno House Guard - "---"

Tsuno Sochi - "The humans think that they won. All that they destroyed in Otosan Uchi were undead, goblins, and the weakest of the Lost. We continue to thrive."

Tsutomu no Shiryo - "Mother, give me guidance," Shaitung said, bowing her head. "Show me the way to defeat my father."

Tsuruchi Hunters - "That isn't who we're looking for, Yutaka." "He is a Scorpion. Kill him anyway."

Tsuruchi Technique - "All Tsuruchi have a lucky arrow, though how lucky it is depends on whether or not you're the target." - Kihei

Tsuruchi Terao - "This is what the Wasp think of your treachery," the archer whispered as he let the arrow fly. The shaft flew true through his cousin's chest, and with that shot the Tsuruchi would never be the same."

Unicorn Striders - "A Unicorn who must watch his brothers ride while he merely walks is an angry Unicorn indeed. No wonder they are so fearsome." - Shinjo Shono

Unquiet Spirits - "---"

Unraveling - "I would help you master the Last Wish, Aikune," Ningen said. "I am not like the others. I, like you, am a Shiba, and bear you no grudge." "Then make your case quickly," Aikune replied."

Using the Wish - "Foolish boy!" Taeruko hissed. "You cannot know power without wisdom!" "Silence, old woman," Aikune replied."

Vengeful Dead - "---"

Watanabe Builders - "It is more likely that the islands will sink than a Watanabe vessel." - Yoritomo Kamoto

Wazinu no Yokai - "Garen drew his sword and prepared to die in Otosan Uchi, but Jigoku had other plans. A wraithlike hand appeared from the shadows, drawing the undead gaijin screaming into the darkness."

Wear Him Down - "The weapons that slew your Iuchiban are ours now, human," the Tsuno laughed."

Whispers - "Few sights fill me with more dread," Ijiasu said, "than four Scorpion courtiers huddled in a corner."

Words Cut Like Steel - "Tell the Shogun that he failed to protect Otosan Uchi!" Naseru snarled, striking the messenger angrily."

Yasuki Yukinaga - "My good cousin's mother was a Hida. She taught him to be strong. His father was a Yasuki. he taught him to be sensible." - Yasuki Jinn-Kuen

Yokutsu no Shiryo - "Who are these men that call themselves my Akodo?"

Yoritomo Kalilea - "It is said that Yukue once was Tainted, but purified herself. None know where she is today."

Yoritomo Komori (exp) - "Did you think you were the first to seek to slay the Daughter of Storms, mercenary?" the shugenja said, and countless tiny eyes gleamed in the shadows."

Yoritomo Yoyonagi - "Rezan, you forget yourself. These are the Mantis Isles, and only Mantis ships can sail these waters. If you wish to return home, you will do as I say."

Starter Deck Reprints:

Akodo Kaneka - "The Shogun's capital will be in Yasuki Yashiki, the land he took by the strength of his sword and held in the name of order." - Akodo Ijiasu

Asahina Kimita - "Kimita's death was tragic Sometimes I think that she was destined to die so that her brother could become a strong Jade champion, but when I look into Sekawa's tormented eyes, I wonder if the price was too high." - Asahina Keitaro

Block Supply lines - "Avoiding battle entirely might also be considered victory." - Kuso

Charge - "Follow me into destiny!" cries Toturi Tsudao, and the samurai of the imperial army follow her as if her words were lightning and they were the thunder."

Confusion at Court - "Tsudao has finally dared to claim the throne. Unfortunately, so have her brothers." - Doji Tanitsu

Contentious Terrain - "The wise man knows that he cannot learn to be a general from a book." - Sun Tao

Counterattack - "We must strike the Phoenix as they have struck us. They must burn and not be allowed to rise again." - Mirumoto Daisuke

Diversionary Tactics - "If your enemies have occupied the terrain of their choice, do not engage them. Retreat, and entice them to follow." - Master Suana

Doji Yasuyo - "Her brother, Nagori, would understand; a request from Lady Doji could not be ignored. As she opened the shoji, Yasuyo turned to allow herself one last look at what she was leaving behind. Then she stepped into the night with Naishi in its saya and the burden that was hers alone."

Encircled Terrain - "Who is there?" Enai called out to the shadows. A whisper was the only answer. Enai fell to the earth, dead."

Entrapping Terrain - "Maneuver them toward the marshes and let them pit their strength against the mud."

Facing Your Devils - "After Isawa Hoichu's victory over the Shadow at Oblivion's Gate, the rest of the Empire had no choice but to take the Isawa seriously."

Gifts and Favors - "---"

Gold Mine - "Shaitung brought the Zokujin with her from the depths. What wise creatures, if somewhat difficult to understand." - Kitsuki Mizuochi

Hantei Naseru - "Let the new capital be Ryoko Owari, the City of Lies."

Heavy Infantry - "With courage, the watchful eye of a noble daimyo, and battlefield promotions, one or two of them may become taisa."

Hummingbird Tattoo - "---"

Iaijutsu Challenge - "In the Court of Otosan Uchi, more than diplomacy is conducted in the Assembly."

Iaijutsu Duel - "---"

Jade Works - "There is precious little jade left anywhere in the Empire. Find me more, Jinn-Kuen, and you may name your reward." - Hida Kuon

Kabuki Theater Troupe - ""I hope you do not waste your life running from the enemies you make," Sezaru said. "Only a fool assumes he can live his life well liked by everyone," Naseru replied."

Kobune Port - "Kitao emerged from the temple in a fury and dispatched the Storm Legion to scour the islands. Whatever she seeks, I'm staying out of her way." - Yoritomo Yoyonagi

Light Infantry - "The minions of the Dark Lord move on our borders. Therefore, we patrol Shinomen Forest, fighting where the Crab could not even walk without bruising their shoulders." - Bayushi Jun, gunso

Marketplace - "Our clans were enemies, Daidoji, but what injury is there that gold cannot mend?" - Yasuki Jinn-Kuen

Medium Infantry - "We will hold the high ground and the ridge. The samurai will hold the pass. We keep the enemy off the samurai's flanks, and victory is ours."

Mirumoto Daisuke - "I owe Naseru my life. If he demands return on this debt, I will not compromise the clan. I will ask Hoshi to accept my seppukku."

Mirumoto Rosanjin - "I will tell you how a thousand young samurai have died. In the chaos of battle, they swing wildly and forget to check their strokes. They die prying their swords out of bone. If you cannot learn restraint, drop your katana and pick up a tetsubo, for you are no Dragon."

Mountain Tattoo - "---"

Naginata - "I prefer my katana, but it cannot reach my enemies who sit astride great horses." - Matsu Kenseiko

Occult Murders - "The path is dangerous, Wayan. If you seek the traitor Kokujin, you need not seek him alone." - Togashi Mitsu

Rallying Cry - "The horn sounds the call to regroup, and I know that we will succeed. This will not be our only glorious victory today."

Refugees - "Would the Dragon have stirred from their mountains if the earth had not forced their steps?" - Isawa Taeruko

Ring of Earth - "---"

Ring of the Void - "---"

Ring of Water - "---"

Sanctified Temple - "Serenity comes easily in times of peace. In times of war, the soul shows its true balance." - Toturi Tsudao

Spearmen - "Even peasants can be taught to throw a spear. In sufficient numbers, they might even be considered dangerous." - Kakita Tenshiko

Superior Tactics - "---"

Test of Might - "Stand again, and it will be your last step." - Kaelung

The Hiruma Dojo - "Say what you will about the katana; if the bushi wielding the sword is weak, the second oni will have his head." - Hiruma Tatsuya

Togashi Nyima - "He was chosen by Lord Sun for some great purpose. Pity the Dragon, always the pawns of destiny." - Bayushi Paneki

Toturi Sezaru - "I will rebuild the ruined fortress of the Dragonfly and it will stand as a symbol of my power, a symbol that with the Wolf as Emperor there will be no wrong that I cannot mend."

Toturi Tsudao - "As Seppun was the first to serve the Emperor, let Kyuden Seppun be the new center of the Empire."

Tsuruchi Hiro - "---"

Yasuki Hachi - "Hachi may have prestige, but he still has a long road ahead if he intends to gain the Empire's respect." - Doji Kurohito

Yoritomo Heishiro - "I've battled the sea for fifteen years. What can you possibly do to frighten me, Crane?"

Yoritomo Kitao - "I was wrong, Kalani. Dishonorable she may be, but I would rather follow Kitao that the abomination that is Kumiko." - Moshi Jukio




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