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Shadow of the Dead Moon

The Horde has been driven from the Imperial City but the scars of their passing remain. The Four Winds scatter to the four ends of the Empire, and with no Winter Court to give them a peaceful opportunity to negotiate the succession, the quest for the throne seems doomed to end in bloodshed. In the Celestial Heavens, the returned Dark Kami, Fu Leng, stretches his grasp across the untainted realm of the Fortunes.

Amid all this chaos, who would notice the return of another enemy?

Unseen among the people of Rokugan, the sinister cultists of the perished Moon God Onnotangu gather, led by whispers and nightmares. Since the death of their god, their immortal master Bunrakuken has pondered what future lies ahead for their dark order. He knows that the Hantei have returned, embodied by the lost son, Daigotsu. He knows that Fu Leng has returned, released from Meido to open the gates of Jigoku wide. Perhaps, Bunrakuken reasons, if the Hantei and Fu Leng can return, then Onnotangu can as well.

For now it is nothing more than a theory, but when left to fester, such baleful motives often become reality. Unnoticed, the Cult of the Dead Moon begins to make plans. A samurai from the winning faction in this tournament will discover this plot, giving the Empire a chance to end it before it begins. Should the Shadowlands Horde win, however, Daigotsu's minions will make contact with Bunrakuken. Perhaps the Horde will find an ally in the cult; perhaps the Dark Lord has his own plans for the twisted order of Onnotangu.

One clan will discover the existence of the Cult of the Dead Moon.

One hero from that clan will face Bunrakuken and survive.

The winning clan will be the first to determine how to deal with this threat.




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