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The Lion Clan - Kyuden Ikoma

Once the Lion Clan was the right hand of the Emperor, but without an Emperor on the throne, who can they serve? More than any other clan, they are divided. Some are inspired by Toturi Tsudao's charisma. Others, followers of tradition, are comforted by the Hantei name Naseru bears. A few choose to place their faith in Toturi Sezaru's magic. Finally, many feel a kinship to Akodo Kaneka and rally to the Shogun's cause. Now that the Winds begin to turn on one another, where will the Lion stand? Will the contest for the throne turn the Lion Clan against themselves?

For the time being, one thing is certain. Enemies surround them, enemies who must be dealt with. The Crane Clan's grip on Violence Behind Courtliness City weakens, and the Lion would like nothing better than to regain Toshi Ranbo. The Tsuno prowl in the south, a demonic reflection of everything the Lion stand for. And in the Seikitsu Mountains, one of their own has returned with a dark power - Matsu Turi, the Dark Oracle of Water.

In Kyuden Ikoma the Lion prepare to destroy their enemies. Can they triumph before they destroy themselves?

"The Ikoma are the most unpredictable of the Lion families. Just as fierce, but twice as cunning. If you would stand against them in battle, you will not stand beside me." - Kihei, the Ronin Swordsman

* * * * *

The Phoenix Clan - Morning Glory Castle

When the sun rises and reflects from its walls, Morning Glory Castle can be seen from the farthest end of the Phoenix provinces. One of the great wonders of the Empire, Kyuden Asako stands as a beacon of wisdom and hope to all that would enter. It has been the home of poets, holy men, statesmen, and immortals. Even attacking armies have been overwhelmed by the holy aura that lies about this, the oldest of Phoenix castles. Within lies a power beyond human comprehension - a power good, pure, and noble.

This is the home of the henshin, the shepherds of mankind, those who would see all of Rokugan one day taste the sweet fruit of enlightenment. Their road is not an easy one, and in recent months the pure lands of the Asako family have become tainted by the stench of war. The Dragon, once their allies, are now bitter foes. Rumors fly that the Dark Oracle of Fire, an enemy of both clans, is responsible for the war but still the battle rages on.

Can the wisdom of the immortal Asako bring an end to the conflict? Or will they merely be dragged into the wanton bloodshed?

"The opulence of the Asako castle is only surpassed by Asako wisdom. How sadly ironic that so wealthy a family is ruled by monks who care nothing for money." - Kihei, the Ronin Swordsman

* * * * *

The Shadowlands Horde - Temple of the Ninth Kami

The Shadowlands Horde rejoices in its triumph. Fu Leng has been released from bondage and now wages war against the Celestial Heavens. In the heart of Daigotsu's City of the Lost, the true purpose of the Temple of the Ninth Kami is now clear. Through worship of Fu Leng, the terrifying armies channel their own will and power to Fu Leng, the corrupted child of the gods. With every twisted prayer they utter, Fu Leng strikes another blow against all that is holy, all that the Rokugani hold dear.

But Daigotsu does not take victory for granted. He has spoken to the Dark Oracle of the Void, seen his own death on the horizon, and knows that the Four Winds will somehow find a way to pierce the Temple's defenses. Will the Dark Lord's plans defeat the Four Winds regardless of his own impending death, or has the invincible Daigotsu found a way to thwart fate itself?

"I have only heard of such a place, and I pray to every Fortune I can name that it does not exist. I have never seen it, nor would any sane man desire to." - Kihei, the Ronin Swordsman




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