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Flavor Text: Winds of Change

A Champion's Heart - "You have proven your valor, Hachi," Kuon said. "Then let me continue to do so," Hachi said. "Let Crab and Crane be at peace, my lord."

Akodo Sarasa - "It is a dangerous time to travel for all enemies of the Lion"

Akodo Tadenori Exp - "Come my friends. I will show you how to kill"

Akodos Grave - "Domotai's sacrifice brought Akodo's remains home, and gave even a Dark Oracle pause. The shrines that hold Akodo's ashes honor Domotai as much as they honor Akodo." - Matsu Ketsui.

Asahina Barako - "Her soul is like an unfettered storm" - Dojo Yasuyo.

Asako Shiwasu - "The tale of Toturi Sezaru shall be one for the ages"

Ashigaru Fort - "Are you ready to fight?" Ijiasu asked the peasent. We are always ready came the reply," came the reply.

Banner of Heroes - "Dragon and Phoenix began this war &" Nakamoro began as he stood before Tamori. "And Dragon and Phoenix shall end it, " Shaitung finished, standing by his side.

Barren Fields - "---"

Bawaru no Oni - "That one's & rathe large, isn't it?" - Kihei

Bayushi Aotora - "Death to all traitors. No mercy. No forgiveness."

Bayushi Kwanchai - "A true master of the Dark Sword cannot die!"

Bayushi Rie - "You think I would challenge one who was not worthy of my blade? Cowards heap shame upon themselves."
Bloodied Ground - "---"

Castle of the Wasp - "---"

Chu-rochu - "The name the shamens gave him means "ten-and-six". Since he became a pack chief, fiveteen oni have fallen to his spear. What happens when he fights the next? Even the shamens cannot say. " - Hida Hio

Clarity of Purpose - "The Crab were angry that they could not follow the Winds into the Shadowlands. Sezaru told them to keep their anger ready. They would need it when the Dark Lord came seeking retribution." -Iuchi Lixue

Commanding Favor - "The Shogun commands your presence, Hiruma," the Lion said. "Lord Kaneka has need of your family's unique talents."

Contingency Plans - "Kaneka expected Naseru to offer him an alliance. The Shogun did not expect the alliance to sound so profitable." - Bayushi Sunetra.

Control the Field - "The Scorpion move against their own, Ichiro-sama." "Follow them, Terao. Find out what is happening and, if it threatens the Mantis, end it."

Corrupted Dojo - "Daigotsu's armies grow every day." - Toturi Tsudao

Court Chambers - "---"

Daidoji Akimasa - "You call him a Shogun. I call him a thief"

Damning Evidence -

Dark Soul Mask - "Some questions are best unanswered." -Kitsu Hisashi

Dark Wings - "The Four Winds stand together, but too late. They shall not escape this battle unscathed." -Shahai

Defend your Master - "Four Winds against one Dark Lord?" Daigotsu mused as he gazed out upon his readied armies. "More like four Winds against four thousand."

Dismissed - "I've no time for your foolishness today."

Doji Tanitsu Exp - "Watch out for that one. Whoever takes the throne, he shall stand at their side." - Ikoma Sume

Domotai's Sacrifice - "---"

Edict of Glory - "The name Matsu Domotai shall be entered into the ranks of the greatest Lion heroes." - Ikoma Fudai.

Edict of Judgement - "Do not be too hasty, Tanitsu-san," Kaukatsu said. "The court will have need of both of us, I think."

Eloquence - "Listen to my tale," the storyteller said. "A tale of Four Winds, and the Void between them & "

Fields of Gloroius Slaughter - "Leave a few of these clay toys intact," the Soultwister said. "I wish to understand the magic these humans use to bring them to life."

Fine Steed - "---"

Fruitless Combat - "The flesh of a Wind would be a precious prize indeed," Omoni whispered.

Gaki - "There are some foes, Ekiken, that steel cannot defeat."

Gempukku - "I see much of Toku in his sons," Saigorei said. "Pity for them," Ginawa said with a chuckle.

Ghul Lord - "I have crossed the Burning Sands to find a city of corruption and madness. I knew I had come home."

Hachi's Legion - "At Shinsei's Last Hope, Hachi made his stand."

Hands of the Tides - "When I see magic perform wonders such as these, I give thanks the Pheonix are pacifists." -Satoshi

Heimin Laborers - "We have found something interesting, my lord."

Hida Hoitsu - "She shines with all the glory of the Sun. I would die for her. I would kill for her. Question my loyalty, and you will see."

Hida Sozen - "He was born a Dragon, not a Crab, Lord Kuon" "He is willing to die as a Crab. That is all that matters"

Hida Wukau - "He is the finest student of Sunda Mizu in many years. Learn from his example."

Hiruma Tracker - "Why do they always run?"

Hitomi Kichi - "Tamori is gone now, but their will be other enemies. We must stand ready to receive them."

Honored Sensei - "A skilled swordsman can defeat one enemy. A skilled teacher can defeat thousands."

Hospitality - "I think some of our samurai are finding our new alliance with the Crane more comfortable than others, Lord Kuon," Benjiro said dryly.

Ichido no Shiryo - "The fruits of your victory insure that others survive to recall your failures. Such is the burden of a hero."

Ik-krt - "---"

Ikoma Korin - "We cannot die in Phoenix lands uncle. We cannot be forgotten. We must press on."

Inspired Troops - "Lady Namika commands that these weapons be finished in four days or you will answer to her. Finish them in two or you will answer to me."

Invasion - "I have never seen a gaijin port befoe Shanegon" "By the end of the evening, this port will belong to the Empire." the Moshi snapped.

Isawa Fosuta - "Someone is hunting us" - Ikoma Fujimaro

Isawa Wazuka - "She is powerful, wise, and discreet. A remarkable combination in a vassal." -Doji Akiko

Judgement of the Kami - "Since that day, Kaukatsu no longer speaks of his son."

Kaede's Fan - "Mother, " Sezaru said with a choked voice.

Kaiu Village - "The Crab want for jade, but never steel."

Kakita Hirotada - "Stay your blade and set your grief aside, Reju-sama," Hirotada said. "You may yet serve the Crane."

Kakita Rekkusu - "Of course I follow the Anvil. His siblings are all & imperfect."

Karo - "It is not difficult to find good advice, though it may be difficult to listen to it." - Akodo's Leadership

Kharmic Vengence - "We are tied together, you and I," Tsukuro hissed. "One day, Hachi, you will be forgotten as I was"

Kitsu Tanoyame - "I have no time for fools, boy. Offer your prayers and begone from this place.

Kitsuki Kiyushichi - "Justice, like the Wolf, will not be defied."

Kitsuki Mizuochi - "---"

Kitsune House Guard - "Though the Kitsune walk a path between two worlds, they understand both equally. Such wisdom is rare indeed." - Naka Tokei

Korjagun - "---"

Koten - "---"

Kyuden Tonbo - "---"

Mastermind - "The three of you may possess the power to fight Daigotsu and resist his taint," Naseru said, "but only I can tell you where he hides."

Mat'chek - "Tomorrow will tell"

Matsu Ferishi - "Why would I fight someone so beautiful, Ferishi?" "I was about to ask you the same question, Rekkusu," she said with a sly smile.

Meditation Chamber - "---"

Mirumoto Ryosaki - """Reju returned to the Crane long ago, but he sent his daughter back to us. She has joined her mother's family,
and serves as he once did."" -Mirumoto Uso"

Mirumoto Takeo - "Understand one thing. Embrace it to the utmost. Through this, you will understand everything."

Miya Shoin - "With Tadaji, Kaukatsu, and Tanitsu, he has rebuilt the court. It is a fortunate daimyo who draws his favor, and a fool who ignores him." - Hantei Naseru.

Monkey House Guard - "None were so beloved by Toturi. It remains to be seen whether they will enjoy his successors favor."

Moshi Eihime - "Kumiko has proven herself, Jukio-sama. The time has come to set aside your anger over Wakiza's death. The time has come for the Mantis to be whole."

Moshi Yoshinaka - "Is it true male Moshi shugenja are ignored?" Lixue asked. "It's true," Yoshinaka smirked "But I like it that way."

Moto Genki - "My brother has responsibilities to his family," Haruko said "and the Shinjo have been without an heir too long. Marry Shono, and let our houses stand as one."

Moto Latomu - "Sezaru had only four jade tears. Kaneka was forced to enter the Shadowlands without us. I pray for him"

No Mercy - "---"

Oblivions Gate - "How can the Winds defeat the Dark Lord when he has forseen his own demise?" - Tonbo Toryu

Officers' Council - "---"

Official Papers - "---"

Omoni Exp - "---"

Otomo Taneji - "Hatori's karo has learned much in his journeys and has friends in every household." - Kakita Munemori

Ox House Guard - "We are fortunate to have such steadfast allies," Shiba Ningen said in a thoughtful voice. "Tell Morito I wish to meet him, Yoma"

Peasent Vengence - "Even with a sharp blade, samurai should mind their manners when traveling alone." - Kihei

Personal Librarian - "---"

Pettty Insults - "---"

Poisened Thread - "How tragic, for a samurai to die in his sleep."

Political Entanglements - "---"

Promotion to the Court - "The Omoidasu are the heart of the Lion. No less fearless, no less dangerous. Theirs is simply a different battlefield." -Matsu Nimuro

Prophets - "Just as a person standing far enough away can see the entire mountain clearly, the wise can easily predict the future of fools." - Hoshi Wayan

Provincial Governer - "There is much profit in strife." -Master Tiger

Radiant Staff - "Sezaru's magic was so powerful that even Daigotsu's most loyal followers found themselves unwittingly fighting by his side for a time."

Rage - "I thought the ogres had abandoned Daigotsu!" The ogre sneered and crushed him in his fist.

Reserve Commander - "---"

Retribution - "---"

Rhetoric - "The lady Itami conveys you her thanks, Doji-san," Naseru said. "With Phoenix and Crane so closely allied, I think there are interesting times to come."

Ruins of Yotsu Dojo - "One day, we will rebuild Otosan Uchi as it was."

Running Engagment - "You cannot keep up this facade forever, Chaozhu. Justice rides a swift steed!" -Moto Chen

Ryouko - "---"

Sacred Grove - "Something weakens Daigotsu's power," Sezaru said. "The Naga," Tsudao whispered. "From their dreams, they fight."

Sashimono - "Forward to glory!"

Seek the Path - "I do not believe Kokujin or Mitsu are dead," Satsu whispered. "Each still has a purpose to fulfill.

Settozai - "---"

Sharing Strength - "Enlightenment is best found through hardship. Let me help enlighten you, stranger."

Shiba Emiri - "---"

Shinjo Haruko - "You have my brother's respect, Anvil. You have mine."

Shinjo Xushen - "None shall escape the Khan!"

Shirasu no Shiryo - "---"

Soshi Seika - "Be careful of that one. By the time you realise he is against you, it may already be too late." - Ikoma Sume.

Soshi Tabitu - "I have heard rumors of a secret organisation within your clan," Miya Genseiken said. "They are called the Kuroiban" Tabito's eyes narrowed.

Sound Strategy - "Clay troops cannot defeat Daigotsu," Sezaru said. "No," Kaneka said. "But they need only distract him."

Spearhead - "The Crab rallied around Kuon, punching a hole in the Horde's defenses and giving the Winds their chance to ride for the Wall as swiftly as they could."

Stable Master - "A gift, Lord Kuon. From the Khan." - Iuchi Lixue

Stay Your Blade - "You sent assassins to kill me, Naseru" Kaneka roared. "Why should I trust you?" The Anvil sneered. "Without me, you could never have proven yourself worthy of our father's legacy".

Steadfast Bushi - "Baysuhi Kamnan has slain Shouro Furuyari. Bayushi Sunetra rules the Scorpion and the Shadowed Tower tsukai have been executed." "Excellent," Atsuki replied. "Now let us begin &"

Stern Reprimand - "One misspoken word can defeat a lifetime of service."

Storm Heart - "---"

Strange Politics - "A message, my lord, from the & Nezumi ambassador." "Fortunes," Naseru swore. "What is that smell?"

Strike Like The Wind - "An old man I may be, Atsuki," Yojiro said between gasping breaths, "but I am still young enough to deal with your inept minions."

Suzume House Guard - "I do not understand why Roshi did what he did," Yugoki said in a mournful voice. "I do," Ozaki said. "With your aid we might undo it."

Tadaka's Children - "The Crab do not have enough jade to send an army to the City of the Lost," Sekawa said, "but with these soldiers you will not need jade."

Tainted Dreams - "Those who fight the Shadowlands long enough begin to see things that are not there things that defy explanation." -Hiruma Todori

Taut Bowstrings - "---"

Tch'Tch Warrens - "---"

The Four Winds March - "To the City of the Lost," said Tsudao. Her brothers only nodded.

The Future is Unwritten - "---"

The New Order - "The time has come for the Empire to be reunited," Tsai said to the Legionnaires. "All will bow. Either by choice or before the Emperor's sword."

The Outer Darkness - "---"

The Shoguns Barracks - "---"

The World is Empty - "If I am to defeat my lost sister, I must learn to fight as she did."

Time to Pay the Price - "---"

Traitor's Reward - "Ogura begged for forgiveness, and found none."

Treachery - "Kamnan was apparently not as loyal as Furuyari had hoped."

Tsudao's Chambers - "It takes more than a throne to make an Empress."

Tsuruchi Tasuku - "Not all the former Dragonfly appreciate the fact that Sezaru has taken their home for himself."

Twist the World - "Fu Leng felt his grip on the Celestial Heavens slip, and the sky above Kyuden Seppun rained daggers"

Untouched Temple - "Surely the Fortunes are with us." -Yotsu Seou

Utaku Qsi-Tsing - "Yue's personal guard mercililessly hunted the Phoenix who stole the Black Scroll, but found nothing."

Utz - "Kumiko tore the beast's throat apart with her father's kama as her men echoed her battle cry. Her taint died with Settozai." - Rezan

Wait and See - "What did Kaede say?" Hatori asked urgently. "Who has the Empress chosen as her successor?" "I cannot say," Toku replied. "Not until they have returned from their journey."

Weight of the Heavens - "---"

Well Prepared - "The Shogun believed Ryoko Owari would be an easy target," Naseru said with a scowl. "Teach his troops the price of misplaced pride."

Wretches - "---"

Writ of Conscription - "---"

Writ of Justice - "---"

Writ of Peace - "---"

Yasu no Shiryo - "Hochiu believed that a powerful new enemy would return the Phoenix to greatness. Look upon your clan and ask yourselves& was he wrong?"

Yasuki Namika - "---"

Yoritomo Manobu - "Ready yourselves fools!" Manobu roared. "Fail me, and you will not survive to report your uselessness to the Daughter of Storms!"

Yoritomo Yorikane - "I do not fear that the sea shall take my life. To never sail again - that, to me, is death."

Starter Deck Reprints:

Akodo Kaneka - "Dark times are coming. I fear what we have faced until now is only the beginning."

Alliance - "When Naseru brokered the alliance between the Lion and the Phoenix, his plan was for Lion might and Isawa magic to smash the Shadowlands once and for all. Unfortunately, the Dragon refugees crossing both Lion and Phoenix borders only further unified the two clans against a common threat."

Ashigaru Archers - "Peasants with too much spirit for farming can find another life in the armies of their daimyos."

Blade of Kaiu - "Since the dawn of the Empire, five have been forged each year below Kaiu Shiro. They will cut through stone and steed, marrow and metal, sinew and soul."

Block Supply Lines - "Kitao believed her blockades would slow Kumiko, but the Daughter of Storms had grown tired of hiding."

Contentious Terrain - "Despite being heavily outnumbered by the Shogun's armies, the troops loyal to Naseru fought with amazing ferocity."

Corrupted Silver Mine - "Gah! How do they stand the smell?" "They aren't exactly human, my lady."

Daigotsu - "Come and face me, Four Winds. I am ready."

Dispersive Terrain - "Force your foes to attack over broken ground , and you will see their composure shatter along with their formation." - Matsu Nimuro

Encircled Terrain - "Your brother's life was mine to take, Ekekin." "Then help me find these dark spirits, Kuoshi. We shall both have vengence."

Gifts and Favors - "---"

Hantei Naseru - "Never fight an enemy on his own terms."

Heavy Infantry - "With courage, the watchful eye of a noble daimyo, and battlefield promotions, one or two of them may become taisa."

Hida Yasuhiro - "When I offered him the arrows that could not strike him when we met as enemies, he could not help but laugh. He said he would give them to his children, so that his good look will follow them as well." - Daidoji Gudeta

Higher Ground - "Kaiu-san, what would make you fear for the safety of the Wall?" - "Nothing, Doji-san, except that the Shadowlands could build a bigger wall next to it." - The One Wall, a play

Inner Fire - "Fate saw to my birth and Destiny assured my survival. He was my father and I will claim what is rightfully mine." -Akodo Kaneka

Iron Mine - "Dig! Bring the Crab what they need. Then we can hide when the Oni Come!" - Korjagun.

Jade Bow - "The sword is the soul. The sword is all. So is there honor in killing from afar? Perhaps, but only if the bow has its own honor, its own spirit that lends grace to the shot." - Kakita's The Sword

Jade Works - "The Crab do not have enough jade to send an army to Daigotsu's city," Sezaru said, turning four shards of jade in his hand. "But I believe I can protect us."

Kabuki Theatre Troupe - "Only a great fool sees enemies in every shadow," Sezaru said, raising an eyebrow. "Then we both have been fools, my brothers," Naseru said. "The time for foolishness is over."

Kan'ok'ticheck - "---"

Kobune Port - "Kumiko reigns as true Champion of the Mantis now. Kitao's destiny has led her elsewhere ..." - Yoritomo Naizen

Kuni Utagu - "Utagu may be gone, but his drive for justice still burns in the heart of every Jade Magistrate, every Inquisator, every Witch Hunter." - Kuni Tansho

Medium Infantry - "We hold the high ground and the ridge. The samurai will hold the pass. We keep the enemy off the samurai's flanks, and victory is ours."

No-Dachi - "Live each moment as if it were the last, balanced on the edge of a blade." - Matsu Nimuro

Ono - "It can cleave an arm from an ogre in a single blow. The other arm is a different matter." - Hiruma Todori

Ratling Bushi - "How do the Ratlings live in the Shadowlands without acquiring the Taint? How do birds fly? How do swords cut? It is their nature." - Ikoma Tsai

Ratling Conjurer - "Don't talk honor to us. History of your Empire, one big oni-summoning ritual is!"

Ratling Pack - "The pack is the largest organization that the Nezumi can muster." - Kuni Mokuna's Guide to the Shadowlands

Ratling Scout - "The Nezumi say they were here before us, before the Kami. Of course, they are lying, thieving wretches, but they have their own sense of justice, and they defy the Shadowlands." - Bayushi Paneki.

Small Farm - "Great things come from humble beginnings." - Toku

Spearmen - "Even peasants can be taught to throw a spear. In sufficient numbers, they might even be considered dangerous." - Kakita Tenshiko

Superior Tactics - "---"

The Hiruma Dojo - "The Hiruma see the Crab as the Crab see the rest of the Empire: safe, protect and unaware of the Shdowlands true danger."

Toturi Sezaru - "I have faced the darkness within myself and risen above it. Can my sister or brothers say that? Only one who has truely been tested deserves to rule the Toturi Dynasty."

Toturi Tsudao - "Mother has returned and shall chose her successor, If one of my brothers takes the Throne, I swear to stand beside him."

Tsuruchi Hiro - "---"

Tsuruchi Nobumoto "Well, I've done my part. See you back at the castle."

Yoee'trr - "New people; new weapons; good-good food. War is good."

Yoritomo Kitao - "A wise pirate knows better than to sail against the storm. We have lost, Naizen, but there will be other oppurtunities"

Yoritomo Sen "The noble blood of the Mantis was earned drop by drop, not granted by the Heavens."


Crippling Blow - "Huasha's eyes glazed over with pain. "Kyoden!" he gasped. "I saw you die!" The Obsidian Champion said nothing.

Helm of Thunder - "---"

Prayers and Blessings - "Put away your sword, Tsudao-chan. It is faith, not steel, that will save the Empire." - Chiang-Tsu

Taking Credit - "I killed it myself" - Kihei, ronin swordsman.

Tetsubo of Thunder - "It was Osano-Wo's," Reiha told her brother. "If you are not as deserving as he, the tetsubo will not accept you."




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