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Flavour Text (Diamond Edition):


Are You With Me - "Like his sister, Toku's eldest son Kyoji has sworn fealty to the Toturi name. He will be as great a hero as his father and sister one day, I think." Saigorei

Birth of the Anvil - "The histories of the Empire might remember Naseru as a villain. The Anvil was never concerned with such matters. The security of the Empire was always more important than being loved."

Birth of the Sword - "Of all Toturi's heirs, Tsudao proved herself the most like her heroic father. The soldiers of the First Legion swear to uphold her example." Toku

Boastful Proclamation "---"

Boundless Sight "Tokei and Nizomi, two shadows of the same soul," Asahina Sekawa said with a troubled frown, "but which is our savior and which is our destruction?"

Celestial Alignment "---"

Chrysanthemum Festival " First snows of winter, Delicate upon the earth, Breathtaking, fleeting. Rezan, the Ronin Poet"

Court Intrigue - "The children of Toturi swiftly learned to be as
talented in the courts as on the battlefield."

Doom of the Dark Lord "---"

Dragon's Strength - "Sensei," Matsuo whispered. "Have you returned to warn of dark times ahead?" Mitsu chuckled. "To be a Dragon is to know that there are always dark times ahead."

Far From the Empire "Iuchiban will destroy all that we have built, Kyofu. We must succeed where the Empire failed twice before. We must kill him."

The Heavy Shadow of Fear "Laugh at my superstitions if you like," the peasant grumbled. "When the spirits drag you away,I will be the one laughing."

Imperial Ambassadorship - "For the first time in centuries, gaijin ambassadors have been welcomed in the Empire. At least by the Crane." Ikoma Sume

Imperial Quest- "---"

In Time of War "For five years, the Empire has remained at peace, but the old hatreds linger. There are always those who see the profit in conflict men of power and ambition with little to risk." Doji Akiko

Kachiko's Promises - "The Mistress of Secrets has enemies even she cannot see," the spirit whispered from deep within the lake. "Protect her, Tsimaru." "Always," he whispered.

Moon and Sun "The blood of Lord Sun flows through the Crab, and Lady Moon protects the Dragon." Naka Tokei

My Enemy's Weakness - "Patience is a necessary virtue, Masasue."- Master Tiger

Naga Storm Mirumoto Mountain - "Peculiar that this, of all tales, should concern you so, lord Kenzo."

New Emerald Champion - "The tales of Yasuki Hachi's rise to greatness pale only beside his incredible accomplishments as Emerald Champion." Ide Tadaji

A New Wall - "If the Tower of Fear will not fall, we will rebuild
the Wall around it." Kaiu Ryojiro

New Years Celebration - "The most mysterious of all nights of the year.
One never quite knows what to expect." Rezan, Ronin Poet

Norikazu's Raving - "What is happening?" the apprentice shrieked. "A warning!" Hamanari screamed, clutching his skull in pain. "Too late!"

Occult Murders - "Do not act so rashly, Mohai," Iuchiban said. "Before we begin our conquest in earnest, there are details to attend."

Poetry Contest - "A true samurai must have wit as well as courage."

Proposal of Peace - "The Emerald Champion is the chief peacemaker in
all the Empire. His authority is second only to the Emperor, and his agents go where they please."

Regions of Rokugan - "Within the deep forests and mountains lie the lost cities of the Naga. Their people slumber now. Some say they are lost forever in the bonds of a magic they could not control. One day, I think, they will return." Mirumoto Gonkuro

Restoring the Doji Treasuring - "The time has come to pay us what you owe, Ikoma."

Shadow of the Dark God - "The Lost are slaves to corruption, mere pawns of the power of Fu Leng. Powerful Bloodspeakers such as
Iuchiban and myself have learned to use outside magic to control the Taint. We are the true masters of darkness." Yajinden's Journals

The Shogun's Fealty " To a samurai, word and deed are one .An oath is forever."

Wisdom Gained - "The Brothers of Shinsei are the custodians of the prophet's wisdom." Togashi Mitsu


Blacksmiths - "Without steel, a samurai is just a man." Kaiu Umasu

Copper Mine - "The Lion are not a wealthy clan, but even their peasants take great pride in their work."

Daidoji Merchants - "Never underestimate the cunning of a Daidoji."
Yasuki Jinn-Kuen

Devout Acolyte - "Prayer is a blessing in and of itself."

Dragon Dancers - "They are a metaphor for life. On the outside,
brilliant color and fearsome fire. On the inside, tired, sweaty men with sticks." Akodo Ginawa

Fantastic Gardens - "The Crane are a clan that breathes excellence in
everything they do. A Crane will not settle for mediocrity in any venture, from his comrades or from himself." Bayushi Kaukatsu

Geisha House - "Secrets are to the Scorpion as thread is to a tailor,
raw matter waiting to be spun into workable cloth."

Gifts and Favors - "---"

Gold Mine - "How ironic that metal with such value should come from the lands of the Dragon they who value wealth the least. "

Grove of the Five Masters - "This place is familiar to me," Tokei said, his gaze unfocused. "I feel at peace here."

The Hiruma Dojo - "The Hiruma are among the most elite warriors in the Empire, masters of survival in the harshest of territory. Endure their training, and you can endure anything." Hida Kuon

Honor's Lesson Dojo - "Those who shun the teachings of the Scorpion are doomed to fall prey to them." Kakita Mai

House of the Red Lotus - "One of the most beautiful places in the City of Lies." Akodo Shigetoshi

Iron Mine - "With the aid of trickster spirits, the Crab draw iron from deep within the earth to make their legendary steel. "

Ki-Rin's Shrine - "---"

Ki-Rin's Shrine Exp - "Some Dragon have not forgotten your victories,
father." Mirumoto Kenzo

Kisada's Shrine - "One does not pray to the Fortune of Persistence,
unless one wishes him not to answer." Hida Kosho

Kobune Port - "It takes seven Great Clans to rule the land. Our Clan alone rules the sea." Yoritomo Kumiko

Lion Scout - "---"

Marketplace - "The enormous wealth of the Crane is perhaps their greatest weapon."

Master of Bushido - "Without honor, there is nothing."

Master Painter - "Martial training nurtures the body, but art nurtures the soul." Doji

Obsidean Mine - "There is no jade to be found, Reiha. Instead we find this. What does it mean?" Hida Kuon

Oracle of the Void - "---"

Phoenix Library - "Knowledge is the most powerful weapon." Asako Bairei

Treasure Hoard - "Where do they hide all that trash anyway?" Hida Benjiro

Rice Paddy - "For all the power the Great Clans hold, it is the simple
farmer who keeps Rokugan from foundering." Naka Tokei

Sanctified Temple - "Most temples honor both the Fortunes and the
Tao of Shinsei. To many, the two are inseparable."

Scorpion Distractor - "I assure you, captain, the papers are genuine."

Shackled Oni - "Now, let us see what secrets this beast holds." Kuni Kiyoshi

Shadowlands Bastion - "At last. Mine." Th'lazz, Ghul Lord

Shinmaki Monastery - "Enlightenment is a noble pursuit, but not at the expense of one's duty." Togashi Satsu

Shokansuru - "What can you offer me, creature?" "Oh, all manner of terrible things, Lord Iuchiban."

Shrine of Stone - "The Fortune of Stone perished at Fu Leng's hands,
but we remember him so that others will never share his fate." Kitsu Juri

Silk Works - ""Such wonder can be found in a simple kimono. Such wonder, and such secrets." Soshi Yukimi

Silver Mine - "Silver is like the soul of a samurai, purest when tried by fire." Shiba Mirabu

Simple Huts - "The peasants care little who sits upon the Throne. Taxes come regardless."

Stables - "Care well for the horses. We will need them when Winter Court draws near." Miya Shoin

Tangen's Lies - "Such wisdom it holds." Bayushi Kwanchai

Trading Grounds - "I love a bazaar. So many intriguing things to be found." Shinjo Nakaga

Unicorn Marketeer - "Yes, my gaijin friend. We certainly can do business."


Hida Hitoshi - "A weapon untested is as dangerous to its wielder as to his enemy."

Hida Kosho - "You are a brute," Nakaga said, reaching for his sword.
Kosho raised an eyebrow and smirked. Nakaga thought better of it, and backed away."

Hida Kuon Exp3 - "Follow me to victory."

Hida Reiha - "Kuon's bride is as renowned a warrior as he, beloved by her people. He may be the backbone of his clan, but truly she is the heart." Shahai

Hida Shara - "None walk the streets of Friendly Traveler Village at night save Shara and her magistrates, searching for any clue to the recent grisly murders." Yasuki Jinn-Kuen

Hida Sunao - "For the first time in my long life the Crab and Crane stand as one. It is a good time to be Crab, but I wonder if the Crane profit more."

Hida Tenshu - "Tenshu stood, a dozen spears piercing his broken body,
and laughed. Though they were many to his one, the Lost turned and fled."

Hida Isamu - "Isamu stood at the head of his ronin band and, looking at
Hida Kuon without fear, threw the heads of twenty goblins to the ground. "I am Isamu," he growled, "Son of the Stone Crab, and I demand my place among you."

Hida Utaemon - "My brother stands beside the Dark Lord still," Kuon whispered, "his soul trapped in the shell of the demon, Kyofu." "We will free him, my lord," Utaemon promised.

Hiruma Ashihei - "Is it true that you are Hida Benjiro's most trusted
officer?" Doji Gombei asked with a smirk. "Speak your piece, Crane," Ashihei said grimly.

Hiruma Todori - "The Hiruma stand between two walls, the Kaiu Wall
to the east and the Wall of Bones to the south. We are alone, far from aid, but we are ready."

Kaiu Hisayuki - "Hisayuki guards the Tower of Fear, ensuring that those
beasts who dwell within never threaten the Wall again."

Kuni Tansho - "Have a care, Kiyoshi," Tansho warned. "The Dark Daughter is no foe to be taken lightly."


Daidoji Gudeta - "Yasuhiro," Gudeta whispered, kneeling beside the body of the fallen Crab. "You will be avenged, my friend."

Daidoji Akagi - "---"

Doji Domotai - "Born of Kurohito's line, she named herself for the Lion hero. She is the only samurai in Rokugan to train with both the Kakita and the Matsu. Fear her." Akodo Shigetoshi

Doji Gombei - "For the Crane!"

Doji Jotaro - "Watch your tongue, Bayushi," Jotaro hissed. "Your Clan no longer rules the courts as it once did."

Doji Kurohito Exp 2 - "---"

Doji Nagori - "His presence is welcomed and honored throughout the lands of Rokugan, and his talents at storytelling are matched only by his wit and charm."

Doji Tanitsu - "I do not forget my promises, my lady," Tanitsu whispered. "I will serve you for the rest of my days."

Kakita Gosha - "Ambassador Zin'tch is an unusual sort, but I have
learned to appreciate his unique insight. I admit he is a capable statesman& for a Nezumi."

Kakita Mai - "The bride of the Kakita Master, her tongue is twice as sharp as Noritoshi's steel." Kakita Munemori

Kakita Mai Exp - "We shall not tolerate such uncouth behavior in our House."

Kakita Masazumi - "For a samurai, word and deed are as one. There is no room for falsehood, no failure. Such is the way of the Crane."

Kakita Korihime - "---"


Hitomi Daisetsu - ""The Hitomi are as yin to the Togashi's yang." Togashi Matsuo

Hitomi Mae - "---"

Hoshi Wayan Exp 2 - "---"

Kitsuki Iweko - "She is driven to succeed where all others fail. It is no
wonder Mizuochi chose her as his heir." Kitsuki Tadashi

Mirumoto Gonkuro - "The Last Wish and the Dark Covenant have left the Mirumoto with a distrust of all nemuranai. Those they cannot understand, they destroy in Tamori's Furnace, reducing them safely to elemental spirits. "

Mirumoto Tsuge - "Tsuge atoned for his betrayal with my father's blood.
He shall serve me in the courts, for I know he will never betray me again." Tamori Shaitung

Tamori Chieko - "Kokujin would have killed her, but her soul remains among us."

Tamori Hiroko - "Satsu is my Champion, and Shaitung my daimyo. Fail to respect them, and you shall feel the Dragon's fire."

Tamori Shaitung - "Her power is that of the earth, but her anger is like a raging fire that cannot be stopped. Cross her at your own peril." - Isawa Nakamuro

Tamori Shaitung Exp - "Nakamuro-san, how nice to see you again."

Togashi Jusai - "---"

Togashi Satsu Exp - "---"

Togashi Teijo - "He walks the path of nothingness to find its secrets."


Akodo Kurako - "To tell the tale of battle is glorious. To live the tale is even greater still."

Akodo Mino - "Only give the order, my lord, and I will drive the Crane from Toshi Ranbo in your name."

Akodo Shigetoshi - "When Ginawa retires, it is Shigetoshi who shall
take his place. Tens of thousands await the chance to follow his first command. "

Akodo Tadenori - "War creates heroes and reveals villains. War fosters growth that peace forsakes. Some call war a curse. I call it a blessing."

Akodo Yobi - "Do not trust the Khan, Ijiasu-san. His ambition is as boundless as his lust for battle."

Ikoma Sume - "Otemi is not yet ready, but he will be soon."

Matsu Aoiko - "Her grandfather perished in the Burning Sands. She has never forgiven the gaijin for their role in his death."

Matsu Atasuke - "He pines for some Crane maiden. A Matsu and an
Asahina. Can you imagine a poorer match?" Matsu Aoiko

Matsu Ikari - "A samurai's soul should be full of duty. His knows only hate." Ikoma Otemi

Matsu Kenji - "Kenji may have accepted that Otemi will never be hers, but why should we?" Matsu Ketsui

Matsu Mabuchi - "The song of battle resounds in my heart. The rush of victory fills my soul. I am Lion."

Matsu Michiho - "The Crab would do well to remember that we are not
their enemy. It would be a shame if they faced a foe when their weapons are all pointing the wrong way."

Matsu Nimuro Exp - "If Kurohito is behind this, I will crush him. If someone else plays us for fools, then they shall face us both."


Moshi Amika - "Moshi Jukio has finally died, her long curse lifted by her acceptance of Kumiko. Her niece Amika has taken her place as Moshi daimyo, and shows little of Jukio's prejudices."

Moshi Kalani - "The Daughter of Storms calls what they do justice or
even commerce, but it is little more than piracy." Bayushi Norachai

Tsuruchi Hiro - "---"

Tsuruchi Hiro Exp - "---"

Tsuruchi Isunori - "Vanity is the luxury of those who are truly perfect," the Mantis said, chuckling at himself as he drew his sword.

Tsuruchi Nobumoto - "I am a Tsuruchi, not a Wasp. Revere the past,
but live for the future."

Yoritomo Chimori - "I do not trust that one." Yoritomo Kumiko

Yoritomo Hiroya - "---"

Yoritomo Kajiko - "Yukue remains with the Unbroken, but her daughter is with us. I promised her mother I would watch over her, but there is little she needs from me." Yoritomo Kumiko

Yoritomo Kumiko Exp- "---"

Yoritomo Masasue Exp - "I have done many things I regret in life. If only I could atone." Master Tiger laughed. "There is no redemption, friend."

Yoritomo Sen - "Not every Mantis is a pirate, and not all forsake the blade."

Yoritomi Ukyo - Scorpion filth! Your goods are not welcome in Mantis waters!"


Agasha Chieh - ""In the wake of Hamanari's madness, she has assumed control of her family. Her wit and beauty are easily the match of any Isawa." Miya Shoin

Agasha Seruma - "Another Ishiken born outside the Isawa, and no new
Ishiken found in five years. How odd." Shiba Ningen

Asako Naokazu - "Power often comes with a price. Not everyone is able to pay it." Asako Toshi

Isawa Ihara - "The Last Wish has been gone for years, but those touched by its power remain. They are its true children."

Isawa Moriko - "Her soothing touch healed the wounds of many injured soldiers. She is priceless to the Shiba, and hundreds would die to protect her." - Shiba Mirabu

Isawa Tosheji - "---"

Isawa Washichi - "---"

Isawa Yoriko - "The kami whisper things to her that no one else can hear."

Shiba Bunjaku - ""The Isawa forest is her domain. The Lion defiled it
once. She has vowed to die before it happens again." Shiba Mirabu

Shiba Danjuro - "The Phoenix and Crane stand together, now and always."

Shiba Mirabu Exp 2 - ""Puppet of the Council, or brilliant leader?" Shiba Yoma

Shiba Ningen Exp - "Embrace the Void and nothing can be hidden from you."

Shiba Tsukimi - "Threaten my charge, fall on your own sword& either assures your death."


Ashi - "Ashi is ninth pup of great-powerful-hero Rik'tik'tichek and chases Tomorrow with same skill and daring." Te'tik'kir

Ep'kee - "I will show you savage,' samurai&"

Ik'krt - "The Grasping Paw are the cleverest and most nimble of the tribes. They are powerful allies. But be cautious with your valuables." Hida Hio

Kan'ok'ticheck - "---" ( "All tribes must stand-stand together... or die-die-die together." appeared on Preview of Card)

Nir'um'tuk - "The Crooked Tail understand the Stained Paw better than most, though we cannot forgive."

Pep'trchek - "When time for war comes, other Nezumi stand aside, let Crippled Bone lead!"

Ratling Conjuror - "Strong in the power of Name, Ratling magic is unlike any other."

Ratling Scavenger -"There is no steal! If could not keep-keep, was never yours to start!"

Ruantek - "Ruantek very old for Nezumi. Maybe he such good thief he steal death from Tomorrow itself?" Ashi

T'k - "For a Nezumi, to survive is bravery. The Crippled Bone have a different view. To survive is brave, but to make one's enemy die as well is better." Hida Hio

Te'tik'kir Exp - "---"

Yoee'trr - "Yoee'trr is greatest hero in Tattered Ear Tribe," Ashi said.
Pep'trchek snorted. "Not saying much."

Zin'tch - "---"


Bayushi Churai - The sensei drew his boken with a smile. "No one leaves the Dojo of the Red Crane until I say they are ready."

Bayushi Kaukatsu - "I do not share power easily, Tanitsu," the Chancellor warned. "Be cautious in your dealings, and remain out of mine."

Bayushi Shunko - "My honor for the Mistress of Secrets!"

Bayushi Sunetra Exp - "---" ( "When honor fails, we are there." appeared on Preview of Card)

Bayushi Tai - "---"

Bayushi Tsimaru - "---"

Shosuro Higatsuku - "If the Scorpion have any true virtue, it is loyalty."

Shosuro Maru - "She wears no mask, Yasuko," Otemi said. Yasuko laughed, "You do not look closely enough."

Shosuro Toson - "---"

Shosuro Toson Exp - "---"

Soshi Angai - "I am watching you, Gensaiken," she said in a low voice. "The others may not know your secret but I do. Make any misstep, and your demise shall be swift."

Yogo Soto - "A sad fate, to be a Yogo," Angai whispered. "Doomed to betray that which you love most."

Yogo Tjeki - "Your accomplishments may outweigh your crimes, Tjeki," Sunetra said coldly, "but they will never wash them away."


Chuda Maseru - "If there is one constant, it is this: all power begins and ends in blood. Grant life, grant death, live forever; all are simple tasks to a Bloodspeaker. Master blood, and you have mastered all."

Fushiki no Oni - "All will burn!"

Gekido no Oni - "It is invincible when enraged. Flee, wait for it to tire,
or die with your pride." Hiruma Todori.

Goblin Wizard - "What shall we do, Omoni?" the bakemono hissed.
"Shall we follow the Bloodspeaker?" "He bears the Dark Lord's sword," Omoni said. "We must follow him."

Iuchiban -"---"

Jama Suru - "---"

Kukanchi - "---"

Kyoso no Oni - "Hunt the Dark Lord for me, demon," Iuchiban whispered, "and the lands of the Dragon shall be yours."

Mohai - ""Rejoice, Dark Daughter," Mohai growled. "The true master
has been reborn and Daigotsu cast down forever." Shahai said nothing.

Ogre Bushi - "You use the Dark God's power, yet you do not serve him," the ogre said. "Yes," Iuchiban said with a smile, "and I will show you how."

Seppun Jin - "---"

Voitagi - "---"

Yosuchi - "Take soul, take breath, and leave only dust behind&"


Air Dragon - "The first was lost to Nothing. The second hungers
for his predecessor's destruction."

Chiang-Tsu - "---"

Earth Dragon - "I do not fear the future, Tokei-sama. Live in the present, and all shall happen as it should." Toku

Fire Dragon - "The future is hidden to me. Why now?What has changed?" Naka Kuro

Ki-Rin - "A creature of such heavenly grace and beauty has little place in the mortal realm." Iuchiban

Koto - "Father, I will not fail you!"

The Mad Ronin - "Murderers! I know the truth, and you shall hide behind your lies no longer!"

Thunder Dragon - "Its light shines in the soul of every hero. So long as samurai stand against evil, it can never know defeat." Naka Kuro

Utagawa - "In every generation there is a handful of great duelists. Why the Fortunes see fit to waste such talent on a filthy ronin woman, I will never understand." Kitsu Juri

Void Dragon - "---"

Water Dragon - "There is great power in the formless."


Iuchi Najato - "A great ally and a tremendous source of knowledge
regarding the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang." Isawa Nakamuro

Moto Chagatai - "The Unicorn Khan's armies are second only to those of the Lion Clan. How long before he proves his might to the Empire?"

Moto Chagatai Exp 2 - "None may cross the Khan and survive."

Moto Kadu-Kai - "Some call me ruthless. I prefer to think of it as effective."

Moto Reijiro - "The Shinomen has been silent since the Tsuno's defeat, but the Junghar do not falter in their duties."

Moto Zhijuan - "She and her immediate family secure the Empire's western border. It seems strange to entrust Rokugan's safety to a barbarian woman& until you meet her." Doji Jotaro

Shinjo Nakaga - "Nothing moves through Seikitsu Pass without his knowledge. His fascination with commerce is unhealthy, but profitable."

Shinjo Noriyori - "Shono's wife and daughter must die, Noriyori, lest
they destroy all we have worked for." Master Steel

Shinjo Reizo- "---"

Shinjo Yushiro - "There are other hidden evils besides the Kolat, and some are far more dangerous."

Shinjo Xushen - "He preens like a Crane and fights like a Lion."
Shinjo Haruko

Utaku Etsumi - "She is the biting northern wind that wears away mountains."

Utaku Tama - "She is young, but brilliant. She has the Khan's ear,
but she cares only for battle."


700 Soldier Plain - "When the Empire's greatest warriors face its greatest shugenja, all of Rokugan suffers."

City of Gold - "Temoru trained Kenzo to finish what he had begun, and returned to his wife in the lands beyond Rokugan."

Farmlands - "To arms!" Nimuro shouted to the peasants. "Your lord calls you to battle!"

Fields of the Moon - "The Lady Hitomi now rules the heavens as she
once ruled the Dragon. Even Lord Yakamo cannot equal her power." Hitomi Mae

Fields of the Sun - "Lord Yakamo shines forever in the sky, powerful and absolute. Even Lady Hitomi quails before his might." Hida Benjiro

Mapped Region - "That which does not lie upon the Emperor's maps
does not exist. So it can be said that we, who create the Emperor's maps, create the Empire." Kaiu Juro

Mystic Grround - "The monks of Osano-Wo are a strange lot. They fight like demons and scar themselves as a sign of rank. However, they keep to themselves, and that makes them welcome neighbors." Usagi Ozaki

Plains above Evil - "What a dreadful place."

Plains of Otosan Uchi - "---"

Ratling Village - "It was not here yesterday," the Crane said. "It may not be here tomorrow," the Crab replied.

Refuge of the Three Sisters - "---"

Road of Dust - "The Crab have grown strong in my absence," Iuchiban said, gazing upon the Kaiu Wall in displeasure. "We must return, and plan."

Ryoku Owari - "---"

Secluded Ravine - "By the time the Lion realized what the Unicorn were planning, the Utaku steeds surrounded them on all sides.

Shadowlands Marsh - "Something stirs in the Shinomen," Akasha said.
"My people send a warning."

Shinsei's Shrine - "Complexity is simple. Simplicity is difficult." Shinsei

Sorrows Path - "I do not like these gaijin in the court, Sume," Kaukatsu said. "They must be exiled before it is too late." "I could not agree more, Chancellor," the old courtier replied.

Temples of the New Tao - "I am intrigued by the ways of your Tao,"
said Rama Singh. "Teach me more."

Tidal Land Bridge - "Here is where Masashigi died, though his courage lives on."

Utaku Meadows - "Shinjo steeds are to normal horses as horses are to dogs, and Utaku steeds are stronger and faster still. With such wonderful mounts, is it any wonder the Unicorn wander so?" Togashi Satsu

Valley of the Two Generals - "Countless battlefields dot the Empire, and each one has a story& as well as a few ghosts." Yoritomo Kumiko


Along the Coast at Midnight - "The Crab warn others not to sail these waters, but I am not afraid." Yoritomo Hiroya

Ambush - "---"

Ashigaru Levies - "Even insects can kill if they know where to bite."

Assuming the Championship - "Find Jineko," Kashira said in a sorrowful voice. "Tell her that her father is dead."

Avoid Fate - "There is no breath quite as sweet as the first after you realize you are still alive." Bayushi Kwanchai

Battlefield of Shallow Graves - "---"

Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves - "Foolish Usagi," Suru chuckled over the fallen samurai. "Did you think to escape my vengeance forever?"

Berserker Rage - "There is a certain talent in losing control in exactly
the right place and time." Hida Tenshu

Block Supple Lines - "If the enemy never arrives to field his army, is that not victory?" Doji Kurohito

Call To Arms - "I call you into service as my father once did. Protect the Imperial City. Find those who seek to turn Crane and Lion against one
another, and make them pay for their treason."

Carrier Pigeon - "---"

Come One At A Time - "---"

Concede Defeat - ""Cheer up, Sen," Akimasa gloated. "It takes a great man to admit his opponent is the better man."

Confusion at Court - "The Crane and Scorpion may be masters of the court, but even they cannot prepare for every contingency."

Contested Holding - "---"

Corrupted Ground - "I will not follow Iuchiban," Kiichi said, bowing his head. "You are the true Dark Lord." "Then rise with my name, Daigotsu Kiichi, and let us have vengeance."

The Daimyo's Command - "All samurai must serve a master. A samurai with no purpose is no better than a wild animal." Doji Gombei

Desperate Wager - "---"

Destiny Has No Secrets - "Thus fall all enemies of the Empire." Toturi Miyako

Dirty Politics - "---"

Diversionary Tactics - "The Akodo are masters of strategy," Shono warned. "They will predict any tactic we use against them." "Then invent new tactics," Chagatai replied.

Dying Effort - "You will not return to report what you have seen, Lion,"
the Scorpion hissed. "And you shall not survive to gloat over my defeat,"
the Lion promised.

The Egg of Pan'Ku - "Thank you," Iuchiban said.

The Emperor Returns - "As fires consumed Toshi Ranbo, riots erupted in the streets. The Imperial Guard drew their swords, prepared to embrace death rather than let the capital fall again." Ide Tadaji

Encircled Terrain - "I am Mirumoto Kenzo, son of the general Mirumoto
Junnosuke. The nemuranai will leave with me, Phoenix. Whether you choose to die I leave to you."

Enough Talk - "Never underestimate Hida eloquence." Doji Tanitsu

Explosives - "What did you say your name was?" the Daidoji asked the strange man. "Cornejo," he replied with a smile, and the city behind him became an inferno.

The Face of Fear - "You have saved the Dark Lord," Emma-O whispered. "Why?" "Why not?" Kuroda replied.

Face of Ninube - "If you will not bend the knee to Iuchiban, False Hoturi," the Ninube whispered, "then you shall be unmade."

Faith in My Clan - "It has been many years since any in the Empire has
seen Shiba Aikune," Mirabu said to the Master of Air. "Most believe he was killed by the Wish, but I would like to think otherwise."

Fall on Your Knees - "A samurai must always show reverence to his ancestors. One never knows when they might show their disapproval."

Feign Death - "Flee, Reizo, you idiot!" Tarou said through blood-flecked lips. "That the Empire knows what has happened here is worth more than my life!"

Focus - "Conquer oneself, and all other opponents are as nothing." Shinsei

For The Empire - "---"

Geisha Assassin - "Atsuki sends his regards," she said, drawing the
needle from her hair.

Honor's Cost - "If you are truly loyal to your master, then you will heed my warning," Chiang-Tsu said. Koshei listened patiently.

I Believed In You - "For a true samurai, death is more welcome
than disloyalty to a wicked master."

Iaijatsu Challange - "Few warriors are so feared as the Kakita duelists."

Iaijatsu Art - "Two swords or one? The truth is in the killing."

Imperial Edicts - "---"

In Search of The Future - "There is no destiny save for that we make." Usagi Ozaki

Kamoko's Charge - "---"

Kharmic Strike - "---"

Kolat Assassin - "There is no escape from the Tiger."

Kolat Recruiter - "Be at peace, sama. We merely wish to discuss what you saw."

Let Your Spirit Guide You - "The Daidoji understand the Hiruma better perhaps than even their fellow Crab. Both families have lost a great deal to the Shadowlands, and both are yet unbroken." Doji Tanitsu

Loyal Yojimbo - "To die for one's lord is the highest honor."

Luring Tactics - "You shall aid us in retaking the City of the Rich Frog,
and we shall give you Ryoko Owari," Chagatai said. "And together, none can oppose us," Sunetra replied.

Moment of Brilliance - "The ronin Kihei appears in Shinsei's Last Hope
every time the Crab declare a Twenty Goblin Winter. Every time he returns with twenty heads. Every time he refuses fealty and returns the way he came."

Narrow Ground - ""Fight!" Ijiasu shouted desperately. His voice was lost amid the sound of Moto hooves. Soon he was lost as well."

Nezumi Technique - "No foe is as fierce as a Nezumi with nowhere
left to run." Hiruma Todori

Ninja Kidnapper - "---"

Ninja Thief - "Yudoka has proven his loyalty, Kamnan," Sunetra said. "Bring me proof of his treachery, or do not speak of it again."

No Hiding Place - "The Scorpion Clan's wrath is impossible to escape."
Bayushi Tsimaru

Open Warfare - "Allow me to retake the city from the Khan." Akodo Tadenori

Outmaneuvered by Force - "Mantis negotiations' are little more than thinly veiled efforts at intimidation." Miya Shoin

Outmaneuvered in Court - "By the Fortunes! Is that your boat?" Shosuro Maru

Overconfidence - (Mistake in printing ment it never got printed. Reliably informed it would have been "I found an Imperial outpost in the wilderness. Something came in the night and destroyed it.
Nothing survived." Shinjo Reizo)

Overwhelmed - "---"

The Path of Wisdom - "A wise man does not seek wisdom in the world.
He finds it within himself." The Tao of Shinsei

Peasent Vengence - "You will prey on this village no longer, Bloodspeaker!"

Plans within Plans - "To expect surprise is the only way to avoid it."
The Tao of Shinsei

Political Distraction - "The excited chatter of courtiers was all
Shosuro Fueko needed to slip away."

The Price of Innocence - "There is no shame in enjoying a geisha's company. Unless you're caught, of course." Kakita Munemori

Primal Rage - "No sane man fights the Crab berserkers. They care not if they live, only that they kill their enemies." Akodo Kuon

Refugees - "Do not fear," Rosanjin said. "The Tamori shall tame this one in no time."

Relentless Assault - "The Lion at the City of the Rich Frog were crushed
before they realized the Unicorn were attacking."

Remorseful Seppuku - "Reju would have taken his life after Toshiken's
death, but Kurohito told him he had a greater purpose to serve."

Return for Training - "Drawing your blade is as simple as breathing,"
Noritoshi said to the students. "Fail at either and you shall surely die."

Retribution - "The Four Winds risked everything for the Empire. Can the Great Clans do any less?" Miya Hatori

Rhetoric - "Trust and respect your allies, but never become dependent upon them. That leads only to failure." Otomo Madoko's The Subtlety of the Court

Scroll Cache - Zokusei smiled. "Thank you, sensei."

Shame - "You left me, Reizo," the mutilated corpse growled. "Why did you leave me to die?"

Shosuro Technique - "---"

Show Me Your Stance - "I tire of your arrogance, Crane," Sen snarled.
"Prove yourself, if you can."

Slaughter the Scout - "Our wall, fool. Forever." Hida Kuon

Smoke and Mirrors - "Such a troublesome magistrate," Kinuye mused.
"He has upset me. Deal with him, children."

Sneak Attack - "No one expected the Unicorn to seize a Lion city. To attack the Lion is all but unheard of."

Soul's Sacrifice - "Our family avoids steel for a reason," Sekawa said.
"We must not awaken our legacy of darkness."

Spearhead - "The Lion answered the Unicorn's challenge, but the Khan's men were already in position to defend the city.

Stand or Run - "Run?" Sunetra laughed. "I did not flee from Shosuro Furuyari. I hardly think you compare."

Strength of Purity - "Tsudao no longer leads the First Legion, but her lessons live on. Her lieutenants strive to emulate her, and the Empire is safer for it."

Strike at the Tail - "The Baraunghar crush bandits throughout the southern provinces, leaving the Crab free to push back the Horde.

Superior Strategist - "You do not play Go?" the general asked with a mocking laugh.

Suspended Terrain - "I hate marching through the swamps," Benjiro growled. "My horse stinks for days."

A Test of Courage - "You'll have to do better than that."

Test of Might - "Fool!" Morito shouted. "I want results, not excuses!"

Three-Stone River - "At night, the ghosts of past battles can sometimes be seen, waging their wars for all eternity."

Time of Destiny - "Our time has come at last," Chuda Mishime whispered in the darkness, though he took no joy in the words.

To Do What We Must - "Your mother died as she lived, Kuon. I would be honored to construct a shrine in her memory." Doji Kurohito

Today We Die - "---"

Touching the Void - "Never assume you know the Shinomen's secrets."

Treachery and Deceit - "What is this?" the magistrate demanded. "These papers are forgeries!" The shugenja smiled and reached for a scroll. "I know."

Tribute to Your House - "---"

Tsuruchi Technique - "Ichiro hopes his son Hiro can unite the Tsuruchi once and for all, but many wonder if the rift between generations can ever truly be healed."

Twisted Forest - "Will your precious virtues protect you now, samurai?" Iuchiban

Uncertainty - "My father," Koto gasped. "What did she mean about my father?"

Unrequited Love - "Where has she gone? To be with Atasuke?" Kakita Masazumi

Wedge - "---"

White Shore Plain - "I cannot stay long, Shaitung. I am needed elsewhere." "Then do not waste our time with words, Nakamuro."

Wounded in Battle - "I did not see our attackers, Mirabu-sama. They struck from the shadows. They were waiting for us."


Akodo House Guard - "---"

Ashigaru Archers - "No goblin has crossed the Kaiu Wall in five years!"
Hisayuki roared. "This will not change today!"

Ashigaru Hordes - "---"

Ashigaru Spearmen - "Call us farmers again and we shall see how thick your armor is, samurai."

Byoki no Oni - "Beautiful," said Kinuye as the creature rose from the earth. "Beautiful."

Chitatchikkan - "They are Nezumi with no fear, aberrations to their kind. But Nezumi never throw away anything that could be useful." Kakita Gosha

Command Staff - "Samurai are the ruling class of Rokugan, makers of war, keepers of the peace. Their rule is undisputed. To question them is to court death itself. This I have learned in my time here." Rama Singh, Ivory Kingdoms Ambassador

Courier - "The Miya family are the Emperor's heralds, and the most beloved of the Imperial Families. Where the Miya travel, peace and prosperity follow."

Decoy - "Will this truly draw their fire?" "I do not know. I do not intend
to be here to find out."

Diplomatic Apprentice - "---"

Elite Spearmen - "Alone, we are vulnerable. Together, we are invincible."

Empress's Guard - "You would dare suggest the Empress's Guard would challenge an unworthy foe? For that you will all die."

Firestorm Legion - "Few outside the Elemental Council know what truly became of Isawa Hochiu, but his Firestorm Legion remembers&"

Fortified Infantry - "The Mirumoto scour the Empire for all dangerous
nemuranai, fearful that another Last Wish will rise to threaten the Empire."

Goblin Slingers - "---"

Gunso - "All samurai serve the Emperor, but to serve in the Imperial Legions is a doorway to honor and glory."

Heavy Cavalry - "We risk much in this gambit, Chagatai-sama," Lixue warned. "No army led by an Akodo-trained samurai has ever lost in battle." "Then we are fortunate indeed that the Akodo trained me during my time with the Shogun," Chagatai said with a grim smile.

Heavy Infantry - "Twice before, Iuchiban made plans that nearly brought
Rokugan to ruin. Twice before, the Clans were barely able to contain him. He cannot die. His spirit leaps between bodies like a thief. He shows no fealty to Fu Leng, but draws upon powerful black magic regardless. He must be destroyed, or taught his place." Daigotsu

Heavy Mounted Infantry - "---"

Hiruma Archers - "Even the stupid bakemono realize that to face a Hiruma scout on his own terrain is suicide." Hida Kuon

Hiruma House Guard - "---"

Hoshi House Guard - "---"

Imperial Honor Guard - "Whosoever challenges the Emperor challenges a thousand Kakita blades, throws down the gauntlet before every Akodo general, spurns the Crab's duty and insults the Scorpion's loyalty. Who will be first?" Kakita Munemori

Isawa House Guard - "In the name of the Elemental Council, leave this place."

Kakita House Guard - "---"

Kenshinzen - "Focus upon your opponent's destiny. Bring it to them on
the end of one perfect cut." Kakita's The Sword

Kobune Crew - "Those who followed Kumiko merely because they thought she was less threatening than Kitao have come to realize she is truly Yoritomo's daughter."

Mantis Raiders - "I grow weary of Kumiko's definition of justice," Yasuki Hachi said with a frown.

Minor Shugenja - "Even a meager shugenja can summon our gifts
if they only ask." Chuda Mishime

Moto Steed - "The sight of Lixue charging across the plains, laughing like a madwoman, was enough to break the bandits' spirits."

Ogre Elite - "---"

Ogre Warriors - "We have few allies," Kyofu said gravely. "The ogres have joined him." "But I am here," said the tattooed man emerging
from the darkness.

Oni Horde - "Some denizens of the Shadowlands care nothing
for Daigotsu or Iuchiban, only destruction."

Ratling Archers - "Why humans no aim? Stupid humans."

Ratling Bushi - "Crude, ignorant beasts they may be, but they do not fear the Shadowlands, and for that they have my respect." Kuni Tansho

Ratling Scroungers - "Scavengers by nature, the Nezumi waste nothing,
no matter how battered or useless it may be."

Shireikan - "A samurai is sworn to follow his commander's orders
without question. Death matters little."

Shosuro House Guard - "---"

Skeletal Troops - "If Iuchiban steals my armies from me, then we shall make more." Daigotsu

Spearmen - "A simple spear makes one man an obstacle that can daunt a dozen cavalry." Akodo's Leadership

Spirit Guide - "Daughter of Isawa, Elemental Master of Water, wife of the Crane Champion& one would think she'd be satisfied." Kakita Munemori

Tattered Ear Watcher - "Of course you may join us. We would be honored to have your&unique perspective on this matter." Doji Tanitsu

Tsuruchi's Legion - "They move without sound and strike without
warning. The Tsuruchi are a small family, but respected on the battlefield."

Untested Troops - "Perhaps half will survive. From those survivors, the
Lion armies draw their strength." Matsu Nimuro

Utaku House Guard - "---"

Veteran Bushi - "Bands of ronin combine the talents of many clans into a single group, all available for hire to those willing to pay their price."

Veteran Samurai - "With so many veterans of the Four Winds conflict
among the Great Clans' armies, it was only a matter of time before they found wars to occupy themselves."

War Dogs - "An excellent tool for separating the wheat from the chaff." Moto Chagatai

Warrior Monks - "Not all monks study the Tao. Those who revere the
Fortunes find physical experiences far more enlightening." Asako Bairei

Yoritomo House Guard - "---"


Armor of Earth - "The Empire has never seen its like." Iuchi Lixue

Blackened Claws -"---"

Blade of Secrets - "Some secrets are best left forgotten." Bayushi Tai

Blade of Truths - "The truth can be far more dangerous than a lie." Doji Akiko

Bone of the Tattered Ear Tribe -"---" ( "Eight Chiefs carry it. All die fat and old." appeared on the Preview of the card)

Bronze Lantern- "Find a way to use it." Moto Chagatai

Celestial Sword of the Crab - "---"

Celestial Sword of the Crane - "---"

Celestial Sword of the Dragon - "---"

Celestial Sword of the Lion - "---"

Celestial Sword of the Mantis - "---"

Celestial Sword of the Phoenix - "---"

Celestial Sword of the Scorpion - "---"

Celestial Sword of the Unicorn - "---"

Chukandomo - "It was given to heal the rift between Lion and Crane. Was it for nothing?"

Clay Horse - "A useful tool, but quite fragile." Mirumoto Rosanjin

Corrupted Jade Sliver - "How delightfully insidious." Asako Kinuye

Dai Tsuchi - "Crude, but effective." Kakita Noritoshi

Daikyu - "The Lion are weak, Chagatai-sama. Now is the time to strike." Moto Kouang

Dragon Pearl -"---"

The Emerald Armor - "Yasuki Hachi serves both Crab and Crane, and thus far neither has found his service wanting."

Fan of Command - "A strange quiet from the Shadowlands, an Imperial
outpost destroyed, and mysterious attacks in the Phoenix lands. The air is thick with fear and mistrust." Miya Gensaiken

Gunsen of Water - "---" ( "Be wary of that which is formless, for it cannot easily be countered." -Akodo Leadership appeared on the Preview of the card)

The Imperial Standard - "All hail Toturi II, the Glorious Emperor!"

Lessons from Kuro - "I have never seen such focus and clarity. Miyako's lessons with the Naka have changed her." Kitsu Dejiko

Mempo of the Void - "---" ( "To understand such a thing is to respect it. Only a fool is not wary of an unknown power." -Mirumoto Temoru appeared on the Preview of the Card)

My Father's Weapon - "I would not sully my grandfather's soul with
unclean blood. This was sufficient for my father. It is sufficient for me." Hida Kuoshi

Obsidean Mirror - "Many things far-far away, it shows." Zin'tch

Ruby of Iuchiban - "---"

Takao's Jingasa - "It is a simple hat, worn by a simple man. Ambition
and power are complicated. Enlightenment is not." Hitomi Maya

Thuk-Kigi's War Machine - "---"

Yakamo's Claw - "Once worn by Lord Sun, it is an affront to all the Crab hold dear.Surely the man who destroys it will gain much favor in their eyes."

Yoritomo's Kama - "Blessed by Osano-Wo, carried by the Son and
Daughter of Storms, they can cleave most katana in two without effort."

Yoshi's Fan - "Why should we be rivals, Tanitsu-san? There is so much more to be gained." Bayushi Kaukatsu


Aid of the Grand Mater - "Naka is one of the greatest of all shugenja,
but his past is mysterious indeed. Be cautious." Asahina Sekawa

Bloodstrike - "He did not look like a maho-tsukai," the dying man groaned. "They never do, fool," snarled Kiyoshi.

Chasing Osano-Wo - "Storm and rain, my cousins and friends, destroy this wretched fool!"

Dharma Technique - "Not even uncertainty is certain." Hoshi Wayan

Double Chi - "Together we shall build a more glorious Empire than has ever existed, my love," Kurohito said. "Together," Akiko replied.

Feeding on Flesh -"I have never seen undead like this before," Masagaro said warily.

Fist of the Earth - "Even a strong man cannot stand when the earth betrays him." Mirumoto Kei

Flee the Darkness - "The war between Phoenix and Dragon is long over, but anger still remains." Isawa Nakamuro

Freezing the Lifeblood - "Rise again, and sleep forever," the monk warned.

Mercy Shrounds the Earth - "No further, abomination." Togashi Teijo

Palm Strike - He may be aged, but Hoshi Wayan is still among the most formidable unarmed combatants in the Empire.

Purity of Spirit - "I understand now, Ningen-sama," the bushi said in a language the Empire had not heard in a thousand years. "I understand."

Ryoshun's Last Words - "May the Dead Kami watch over their spirits."

Touching the Soul - "I feel as if my soul is no longer bound to my body, sama." "In truth it never was," Ningen said with a smile.

Written in Blood - "Shahai has made her choice. Now she will abide by it."


Ring of Air - "---"

Ring of Earth - "---"

Ring of Fire - "---"

Ring of Void - "---"

Ring of Water - "---"


Amnesia - "---"

Cloak of Night - "---"

Contemplate the Void - "Stare into nothing too long, and you will become forever seduced by its beauty." Agasha Seruma

Doom of Fu Leng - "---"

Earthquake - "The earth kami are steadfast and patient, but their anger is terrifying. To hear the mountains scream is to be forever changed." Isawa Taeruko

Emergence of the Masters - "---"

Fear's Bane - "Here the Kusatte Iru fell," Iuchiban said to Yajinden. "Wake it for me."

Fire and Air - "The Elemental Council are the most respected and
powerful of all shugenja. To challenge their wisdom is to spit upon the honor of the Phoenix."

The Fire from Within - "---"

The Fires that Cleanse - "The fire kami are a vindictive and spiteful lot,
sometimes inflicting as much pain upon their summoners as their enemies." Isawa Ochiai

Fist of Osano-Wo - "Osano-Wo, the Thunderer, is a Fortune who once
walked as a human. Of all the gods, he is the most attached to the physical realm, and has passions most like a mortal's." Naka Tokei

Force of Will - "What are you doing here, Unicorn? Why do you spy upon the lands of our Lion cousins?"

The Kami Watch Over Me - "---"

Kuro's Fire - "The name Naka enlightened' is held only by the Grand Master. Tokei, student of the mighty Kuro, bears it now."

Look into the Void - "The Light Oracles, except for Jade, have retreated from this world," Tokei said. "Good riddance," Satoshi replied. "They caused enough trouble."

Purity of the Seven Thunders - "I do not worship you, Fu Leng," Iuchiban said to the dark statue, "and one day I shall cast you down from your place."

Ryoshun's First Gift - "Ryoshun is a creature of mercy, who helps the
restless dead find their place," Mishime explained. "What a worthless creature," Iuchiban answered.

Sympathetic Energies - "In magic, we are one," Shiwasu said lightly.
Danjuro closed his eyes at her touch as the power of magic flowed through him.

Tomb of Jade - "A Tsuno this close to Gisei Toshi?" the Phoenix said as it died. "This is unsettling&"

Walking the Way - "The kami provide what we need, just as samurai
provide for the peasants. Thusly, we must respect the spirits as they deserve." Shiba Ningen


Castle of the Wasp - "---"

House of Tao - "---"

Kakita Dueling Academy - "---"

Kyuden Agasha - "---"

Kenson Gakka - "---"

Kyuden Doji - "---"

Kyuden Hida - "---"

Kyuden Ikoma - "---"

Kyuden Gotei - "---"

Morning Glory Castle - "---"

Northern Provinces of the Moto - "---"

Razor's Edge Dojo - "---"

Shiro Mirumoto - "---"

Shiro Shinjo - "---"

Tch'tch Warrens - "---"

Temple of the Ninth Kami - "---"

The Shadowed Tower of the Shosuro - "---"

The Spawning Ground - "---"

The Towers of the Yogo - "---"

Warrens of the Nezumi - "---"


Left Hand of the Emperor - "---"

Right Hand of the Emperor - "---"

Underhand of the Emperor - "---"

Voice of the Emperor - "---"

Black Heart of the Empire - "---"





Kaze no Shiro Return


Togashi will return!