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Flavour Text (Reign of Blood):


Birth and Death - "Kenzo fights to make his father's soul proud. He fights to leave a better world for his son." Kitsuki Iweko

Harsh Crossing - "When the Lion lie defeated before us, all this shall be worthwhile."

Hope in Shadows - "This storm has taken your body, Scorpion, but I shall free your soul."

Honor and Glory - "For what your clan has done to Toshi Ranbo, you will die, Crane." "For your foolishness, Lion, you will suffer."

Jade Shortage - "Let us make this deal swiftly, gaijin."

Our Darkest Hour - "If you would serve the Bloodspeaker, my lord,
then I can serve you no more."

Purification - "The Dragon do as Temoru instructed before his departure, destroying all nemuranai enchanted items that might bring their users to ruin."

Rain of Blood - "There is a place for you among us."

Silence the Future - "The monks in the Temple of Jurojin sensed the dark portents. Sadly, they delivered their warnings to Asako Kinuye&"

Strange Assembly - "How all those Emerald Magistrates work together,
I will never understand." Kakita Munemori

The Voice's Command - "I wish you and the Phoenix to punish those responsible for this accursed storm, Sezaru," the Emperor hissed.
"Let all shugenja in the Empire aid you or be judged among the guilty."


Barley Farm - "You would be surprised how quickly these peasants
can work when given appropriate encouragement," Atsuki said with a thin smile.

Bloodspeaker Sanctum - "---"

Chuda Agent - "I am sorry, my lord," Mishime prayed in silence.

Corrupt Officials - "But sama, I paid my taxes on time." "Take it up with the Emperor, old man."

Crystal Mine - "Legend says the Ashalan can make wonderful things
from such stone," the peasant said. "Is that so?" Hojyn replied with a smile.

Hero's Grave - "Rest well, Masagaro," Todori said in a thick voice. "Your tale will be told in Koten."

Hidden Retreat - "Father?" Miyako said to her brother in surprise.
"Why would the Bloodspeakers be hunting Father?"

Hitomi Dojo - "To fail to learn is the only failure." Hitomi Vedau

Horsemaster - "The men of the Utaku do not ride into battle, but they
are the finest tamers of horses in the Empire."

Inkyo Teacher - "---"

Pit of Blood - "Fill it," Iuchiban commanded. "Now."

Shrine of Fu Leng - "There, far from the eyes of the Bloodspeakers,
Daigotsu planned his revenge."

Shrine of the Eternal - "The monks of the Eternal Dragon understand the flow of the elements in a way that not even shugenja can match."

Tamori's Furnace - "---"

Talented Apprentice - "---"

Tsuko's Shrine - "---"

Vigilant Witch Hunter - "---"

Worthy Gift - "---"

Yasuki Trader - "The Emperor commands no trade with gaijin." "He also commands that the Crab never fail," Jinn-Kuen replied. "That takes priority over our honor."


Hida Katai - "I am almost pleased Iuchiban has returned. Now the Crab have someone to kill again."

Hida Soh - "Daigotsu, Iuchiban, Fu Leng, it makes no difference.
Let them all come to the Wall. We will crush them."

Hiruma Rikiya - "The Bloodspeakers overwhelmed us, slaying Masagaro. Now they march for Hiruma Castle. We must be strong, for we stand alone."

Kuni Jiyuna - "It has been a long time, Najmudin, but I have not
forgotten the debt I owe you."

Omen Exp - "---"


Asahina Nahomi - "The Rain of Blood was a tragedy for your family,
Akodo-san. Rest assured that my brethren and I will use our magic to purify the Empire of all such influences."

Asahina Nizomi - "He came back with Master Tokei from his journey through the Spirit Realms. Now he serves beside Sekawa, showing no mercy to the minions of darkness."

Daidoji Sabaru - "The old yojimbo is too gruff to be a politician, but he
has been around the courts long enough that you would be wise to listen to his wisdom, Mai." Doji Tanitsu

Kakita Matabei - "He has only been defeated once by the beautiful and deadly Korihime. He strives constantly to better himself. But is her defeat his true desire? I wonder." Doji Nagori

Kakita Nichira - "We Crane were not responsible for the fires in the capital. The Lion must be at fault. Who else could it be?"


Hoshi Oki - "I would not say she defends the land so much as that she is the land. The wind, the rain, the earth are hers to command." Isawa Nakamuro

Tamori Nobuyoki - "Such a waste," Nobuyoki whispered, gazing into the depths of the volcano.

Togashi Shozo - "Put your mind at peace, and all else falls into place."

Mirumoto Mareshi - "His father is Daini, one of the Dragon's greatest
samurai. His mother is Mara, a hero among the Naga. His very existence is myth in the making. His will be a difficult road." Togashi Satsu

Mirumoto Kenzo - "Fear not, my enemies, for even in defeat you will know glory in that you have been defeated by a legend."


Akodo Ieshige - "We will make our stand at the City of the Rich Frog,"
Ieshige roared. "There, let the Unicorn learn the strength of the Lion!"

Akodo Maiko - "One day, Kurushimi. I will hunt you beyond the veil of death."

Matsu Takenao - "When the Rain of Blood ended, Takenao stood in
a field of his fallen kinsmen. He was the only one not to succumb to the Bloodspeakers' call."

Matsu Taniko - "A merciful enemy is an enemy to be exploited."

Kitsu Tomoe - "Born of the Hare, trained by the Kitsu, her spirit is now that of a true Lion."



Moshi Kekiesu - "Naseru failed to save the Lady of the Sun. Let his dynasty burn."

Tsuruchi Amane - "The Lion and Crane quarrel over who let the Imperial
City burn. Let the Tsuruchi find the truth." Tsuruchi Nobumoto

Tsuruchi Fusako - Hiro!" Fusako screamed. The daimyo's son fell to his knees in the rain of blood, laughing like a madman.

Yoritomo Kitao Exp 2- "---"

Yoritomo Utemaro - "Rama Singh speaks to only the Crane, when it is the Mantis who saved his nation," Kumiko said. "Find out why, Utemaro. We must gain his friendship back."


Agasha Chieh Exp - "Hamanari saw the truth, but only Chieh believed his ravings. But that was enough, and her magic protected one family from corruption."

Asako Genjo - "---"

Asako Katsuhito - "I do not trust the Agasha's silence, Lord Kaneka."

Isawa Jun - "One thousand spirits protect her," Tokei said. "Even I cannot see them all."

Isawa Ochiai - "Her vote sways the balance of power among the Council."


Tch'rikch - "City rise from Shadowlands, Bloodspeakers go there& not human city& not Naga city. Seen this place in dreams. Look-look like& home?"


Bayushi Atsuki - "From this chaos, the Gozoku shall build order."

Bayushi Shintaro - "Do not fear the Scorpion knives that cut through the
shadows. Fear the voice that commands them." Bayushi Kaukatsu

Shosuro Haru - "Find these Ashalan, Haru," Juru said with a fond
smile. "Our master would know more of them."

Soshi Uidori - "Three sisters, one soul, one destiny."

Yogo Hiroji - "Natsuo has shown his true colors. I will plant his heart in Traitor's Grove."


Hakai - "---"

Migawari - "What is that carved into your flesh?" Shahai asked. "Truth," he replied.

Skub - "The creature looked up in terror, but it did not back away, for it knew its master. "Konnichiwa, little one," Daigotsu said, resting one hand on the savage beast's forehead. "Now go, and bring the others."

Shukumei - "---"

Yajinden - "---"


Fu Lion - "Their spirits have awakened to fight this unnatural evil," Chieh said grimly. "I fear they are too late."

The Stone Breaker - "Bloodspeakers? I cannot say that I am worried." Kaiu Umasu


Ide Haichang - "I tell you, in all my travels, in all my adventures, I have heard no words sweeter than, How much does it cost?'"

Iuchi Katsumi - "The Khan is disappointed with your lack of progress,
Shem-Zhe," she said. "The City of Night is ours now."

Iuchi Tudev - "Careful, child, draw the magic sparingly, lest it corrupt your flesh. We must remain pure, so that our master can see the Empire through our eyes."

Moto Najmudin - "Now is a time for heroes. Let us ride forth together, my friends."

Utaku Xiulian - "The Utaku were the first to reach the walls of the Rich
Frog. They had waited decades to test their strength against the Lion again. This was their moment."


Blood-Soaked Ground - "For one night, Iuchiban's rain of blood covered the Empire, and when it struck the flesh of those filled with fear, desire, or regret, corruption was born."

Shrine of Humility - "Ijiasu is dead, my lord, slain by the Moto." A scowl deepened Kaneka's features. "Gather my army," he said in a low voice.
"We ride forth to meet with the Khan."

Temples of the Snake - "Rejoice that you serve your true master, Mishime," Mohai said. "Daigotsu is gone now." Mishime only nodded silently, and said nothing.

Where the Kami Walk - "The spirits fly to serve my whim here," Nizomi said with a laugh. "I feel as if I have come home."


Battle-Hardened - "---"

Blood Pact - "We ask so little, Mirumoto, and offer so much. Do not worry for the price."

Break the Line - "---"

Calculate Strength - "Impressive, Matabei," the watchful Scorpion whispered. "But will you do so well next time?"

Ciphered Scroll - "Always read a Phoenix scroll carefully."

Fires of Dishonor - "If I am doomed to Jigoku let my enemies be
dragged along beside me." The Writings of Kuni Yori

From Every Side - "The outer watchtowers of the Hiruma were quick to fall."

Inexorable March - "Here they come," Todori whispered. "Be ready."

Nemuranai Arms - "Let the Crane's gift be reinforced by my magic, Kuon. So long as you hold this hammer, you will never know defeat."

Political Interference - "I am the Jade Champion! I have no time for this!"

Quarantined - "---"

Reinforcements - "Since the Rain of Blood, the Bitter Flower has become the scourge of the seas, and Kitao answers to no one."

Rising Shadows - "I apologize for my crudeness, old man," Suru said to
the seer. "But your visions must remain shadowed."

Rising Terror - "Hiruma Castle will fall today," Kyofu said. "No," Daigotsu replied. "Not by Iuchiban's hands."

Search For Advantage - "The Scorpion have a way of finding truth, even if they must invent it." Kakita Munemori

Steel on Steel - "The Brotherhood of the Tessen has always protected
Toshi Ranbo, resenting the Lion and Crane's feuds. Now that Lion and Crane battle once more, what will the Tessen do?"

Strange Alliance - "The Bloodspeaker lays siege to Kyuden Hiruma,"
Daigotsu said. "We shall allow him no victory."

Strategic Crossroad - "---"

Strength In Numbers - "---"

Stymied - "Why were you not on patrol?"

Swift as the Wind - "The rain of blood fell, and the unquiet dead rose, but across the Empire heroes stood ready to destroy them."

Taint the Land - "---"

The Death of Tadaji - "He died as he lived, in the court, surrounded by the Emperor and his servants. He was no warrior, but he was a hero, and we will miss him." Miya Shoin

Way of the Willow - "---"

Woodlands - "---"


Acolytes of Air - "---"

Bloodspeaker Students - "Across the Empire, each hidden band of cultists swiftly came to realize that their ancient master had finally returned."

Bloodstained Peasants - "Many fortunate peasants lost their souls in the Rain of Blood. They serve Iuchiban now." Jama Suru

Bones of the Fallen - "They may be only bones, but Iuchiban knows the
power of turning an enemy's dead against them."

Eye of Iuchiban - "---"

Kuroiban Advisor - "This way, Lord Sezaru, I can smell their Taint!"

Reinforced Cavalry - "Not even the Hiruma expected to see legions of
goblins and dark tattooed men attack the Bloodspeakers from the rear. The Crab only fought on, as they always do." Kyofu

Reinforced Infantry - "Fight on!" Todori roared, watching the new army
with caution. "Attack only those who threaten you, and leave the others to the Bloodspeakers!"


Blade of Penance - "My gift to you, Hiruma," Kokujin said, laying the blade at Todori's feet. "Keep it& or leave it for the Bloodspeakers!"

Blade of Thorns - "It's so very thirsty." Asako Kinuye

Blood Armor - "Yajinden smiled as he lifted his hammer, as if greeting an old friend, and began his work."

Bloodspeaker's Tools - "---"

Fan of the Grand Master - "A gift from Naka Tokei, it carries a hint of magic from every Spirit Realm."

Inkyo's Jingasa - "---"

Kouken Blade - "These swords bear no magic beyond the castle walls,"
the Phoenix said. "Then fix them," Kaneka replied.

Mark of the Ninth Kami - "Fu Leng never gives his gifts lightly."

Reichin's Helm - "Suru still remembers his defeat by the Hare. As do we." Usagi Ozaki

Ruby of Iuchiban - "For you, master. Forgive me." Yajinden

Spirit Drums - "I thought the Lion were exhausted, beaten by the Unicorn's mobility. Then the Kitsu drummers began, and the Lion charged with new vigor." Rezan

Suchiro no Oni - "Even after his long imprisonment, Yajinden's craftsmanship has not diminished." Jama Suru

Witch Hunter's Amulet - "---"


Blessing of the Dragon - "When one is properly prepared for one's enemy, the fight itself is merely a detail."

Cloud the Soul - "---"

Honor's Gift - "Fear not that the flame will burn you. Fear that your coarse flesh will darken the fire's brightness." Togashi Satsu

Jigoku's Rage - "Fall!" Isamu roared.

Purity of the Heavens - "Let this temple be cleansed!"

Ride the Way - "The Dragon remained at the City of the Rich Frog only long enough to confirm that this battle did not concern them."

Sezaru's Gift - "Sezaru traveled the Empire after the rain of blood, his magic washing away the vestiges of corruption."

Shadowed Terrain - "---"

Shield of Blood - "Your death serves me well, my friend."

Suitengu's Uncertainty - "---"

Test of Magic - "---"

Tsuruchi's Flame - "Temper power with patience." Tanari


Bleak Portents - "The altar is prepared. Now bring forth the last Ki-Rin."

Blood and Chaos - "---"

Blood Command - "The kami can be forced to obey, my little Dragon spy," Kinuye said with a smile. "They simply share your pain in the process."

Burning Blood - "Tadenori's rage built as his corruption increased,
until fire billowed from his form."

Curse - "---"

Death's Caress - "A moment's weakness is all that is required." Bayushi Atsuki

Ebb and Flow - "Jade, gold, steel& any can be summoned by magic.
But the loss is always felt elsewhere."

Essence of Gaki-do - "---"

Harvest of Death - "The Ghul Lord moved among the dead with a smile of deep satisfaction. Nothing would go to waste here&"

Heaven's Wrath - "In the Dragon mountains, those who succumbed to the rain fell to their stronger brethren."

Inazuma Blade - "The Dragon's blade is truly a marvel, my lady Kinuye," the Bloodspeaker said breathlessly. "Where could he have been taking it?"

Move the Earth - "Even Crab shugenja know the value of honest work."

Poisoned Kiss - "I have seen things you cannot imagine, Najmudin," Jiyuna said darkly.

Poison the Land - "Let their fields wither and fear gnaw at empty bellies." Iuchiban

Reflect the Spirit - "No, no," Bairei hissed. "This simply will not do."

Renewed Energy - "Rest when you can. Remember why we fight." Asahina Sekawa

Smite the Blood - "You are not welcome here, Unicorn," the Chuda
hissed. "Let me show you my displeasure."

Speed of the Plains - "The Lion moved cautiously, knowing that the Unicorn could move an entire army in an instant."

Two Souls, One Destiny - "Sekawa watches Nizomi and Tokei, always wondering which shall prove to be his ally and which his enemy."


Shirasu no Shiryo - "---"


City of Remembrance - "---"

Shinden Horiuchi - "---"

The Temple of Hoshi - "---"


Left Hand of the Emperor - "---"

Right Hand of the Emperor - "---"

Underhand of the Emperor - "---"

Voice of the Emperor - "---"

Black Heart of the Empire - "---"





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