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Flavour Text (Hidden City):


Fortune's Gift - "---"

Interesting Times (PROMO) - "May you live in interesting times" - old Akodo family curse.

To Start a Dark Path (PROMO) - "Isuchiban gathered the treasures of Gisei Toshi, moving from temple to temple, ignoring the feeble resistance the Phoenix offered."


Akodo Dojo - "The Dragon press from the north and the Unicorn withdraw to the southwest. Divert two additional legions of Matsu."

A Favor Returned - "---"

Battlefield Messenger - "The Bloodspeakers had already ravaged Gisei Toshi's defenses, but Toku would not turn aside."

Bleeding Grounds - "---"

Daigotsu Dojo - "---"

Fortress of Thunder - "In this place, heroes shall neither fall nor fade
from memory." The Oracle of Thunder

Forward Observer (PROMO) - "---"

Geisha Network - "We are pleased that you remember the true meaning of loyalty, Yasuko," said Maru upon accepting the scroll. Yasuko said nothing.

Glassblower - "Satsu is a fool to threaten me," the Khan scowled.
"His next vision will be of his own demise."

Hasty Barricades - "---"

Legacy of My Ancestors - "---"

Pillar of Flesh - "The Bloodspeakers craft abominations of dark magic
on the Plains Above Evil," Katamari said. "From them, they cultivate endless legions."

Quartermaster - "---"

Retired Master - "Let the Empire think me dead&"

Secluded Outpost - "Toku and his magistrates fought on, holding out
for hope that might never dawn."

Shrine of Compassion - "---"

Shrine of Courage - "Show me your steel, samurai."

Shrine of Duty - "---"

Third Whisker Mine - "Wherever they point, dig." Kaiu Namboku

Toku's Grave (PROMO) - "When the Emperor heard, he retired to his quarters for seven days"

Well-Tended Farm - "No detail is insignificant." Ikoma Sume


Hida Daizu - "A samurai's worth is measured in the quality of his death. Come, let me give your life worth."

Hida Enko - "Her tactics are ruthless and unorthodox. I would like
to meet this Crab." Bayushi Sunetra

Hida Sosuke - "Bloodspeakers!" Sosuke roared from the Kaiu Wall's
newest tower. "Begone from the Valley of Spirits!"

Hiruma Todori - "Daigotsu promised peace for a year and a day.
Time enough to deal with Iuchiban."

Kaiu Kamura - "What you would build, Mohai would destroy,"
Kiyoshi whispered. "Let him try!" Kamura roared.


Daidoji Kikaze - "Kikaze seeks neither glory nor fame," Kurohito said. "Only results."

Daidoji Tani - "We have found Cornejo, my lord. He is safe."

Doji Asano - "No man will resist her charms, for in resisting you have already given her a measure of power." Rezan, Ronin Poet

Doji Yasuyo - "A Doji bride," the Shogun mused. "How appropriate."

Kakita Kaneo - "Suru marched on Shiro Usagi, confident of success&
the last sight he hoped to see was an army of Crane rising to meet him." Usagi Kashira


Mirumoto Arai - "The Lion do not trust us, Kei," Arai warned. "The Unicorn do not understand us. If we interfere in their war, bloodshed will follow." "Then prepare yourself for bloodshed," Kei said grimly.

Mirumoto Kei - "Bring peace to the Lion and Unicorn, Kei," Satsu commanded, "by whatever means."

Mirumoto Satoe - "Stop seeking Kaelung, Satoe. He is lost to us."
"Only if I stop seeking, Rosanjin-sama."

Tamori Minoru - "Nakamuro stood alone against Yajinden. When the mountains roared in defiance, he knew he was no longer alone."

Togashi Tsuri - "Nothing irritates a Dragon like a straight answer." Heigai


Akodo Dagurasu - "Gaijin pepper, Aoiko-sama! Dozens of barrels, packed around the foundations of the Emperor's Palace!"

Akodo Minako - "Why choose me, Ginawa-sama?" Shigetoshi asked.
"Why not Minako? She is like a daughter to you." The old samurai laughed. "Because she is too much like me."

Akodo Tadenori Exp2 - "---"

Matsu Fujiwe - "For years, the Lion have hunted the Tsuno. Where have the beasts gone?"

Matsu Ryoichi - "Conflict is opportunity, Otemi-san. You should see
this Scorpion betrayal for what it truly offers."


Chizuko - "---"

Tsuruchi Arishia - "---"

Tsuruchi Mochisa - "---"

Tsuruchi Nobumoto Exp - "---"

Yoritomo Mie - "Toturi commanded that Aramasu keep peace with
the gaijin; such was our duty," Kumiko said. "Where do the Mantis stand now that Aoiko would kill Rama Singh for something he has not done?"


Asako Soun - "Do not wonder how we have found your hidden city," Soun shouted to the Shiba.

Kaneka - "---"

Shiba Aikune Exp 2- "Leave our city, Bloodspeaker."

Shiba Koseki - "Better a single moment of brilliance than a lifetime of darkness."

Shiba Marihito - "My ancestors have always guarded Gisei Toshi, never stepping beyond its walls. Our time has come."

Shiba Toshiki - "Tsukimi-sama, I never dreamed such a city could exist."
"Then summon all your bravery, Toshiki, lest Gisei Toshi become a memory."


Ch'krit - "Crippled Bone Tribe say no to Ikm'atch-tek's offer.
He kill-kill many of us to teach us lesson. Survivors will teach-teach him another."

Chee'trr - "Chief Kan'ok'ticheck know better than to trust Tsuno.
Whatever they offer, price too high."

Er'chi-chek - "---"

Ikm'atch-tek - "Nezumi will obey or die-die like the animals they have become."

Ith-ik - "Humans always kill each other. Never notice one more."

Ratling Raider - "Tomorrow Chieftain demands all Nezumi come,
join him in building new Empire. We come."

S'ktcha - "Nezumi no make deals with nightmares," S'ktcha snarled.
The Tsuno smiled at the chieftain's brother. "If you will not deal with a nightmare, you tribe will perish to a dream."

Set'tchr'foo - "---"

Tek'teki-tek - "---"


Bayushi Adachi - "A Bayushi's smile is like a serpent's hiss. Look, she warns, but touch at your peril." Kakita Munemori

Bayushi Kamnan - "Patient misdirection will defeat any enemy."
Bayushi Shoju

Bayushi Motomu - "The Scorpion eagerly offered their aid in Sezaru's quest. Who better to uncover Iuchiban's hidden servants than
the Mistress of Secrets?" Iuchi Katamari

Shosuro Mikado - "---"

Shosuro Osamito - "He seeks the one who sent Yojiro's assassin. When he finds the one he seeks, he will burn a path of vengeance through everything they love." Bayushi Sunetra


Daigotsu Meguro - "Iuchiban, Daigotsu, what does it matter who leads us?" the oni asked. "Let me show you," Meguro said, and nocked a jade arrow.

Daigotsu Toru - "---"

Fushin - "---"

Goju Arai - "Damn that Shadow Dragon! Which side does it favor in this war?" Yajinden asked. "Its own, of course," Ninube replied.

Kareido no Oni - "Daigotsu made a deal with the Ghul Lord, and
vanished with Kokujin into the desert sands." Kyofu


Keeper of Air (PROMO) - "---"

Keeper of Earth (PROMO) - "---"

Naka Tokei - "---"

Otomo Ishihama (PROMO) - "The Emperor commanded that all traces of maho be routed out and destroyed. It falls to men such as to ensure that the power he has granted Sezaru and his minions is not misused."

Sennin (PROMO) - "---"


Iuchi Katamari - "---"

Moto Gurban - "---"

Moto Taidjut - "Destroy anything that cannot be held. Leave the Lion and Dragon to fight for blackened earth."

Shinjo Jinturi - "Leave the battle to the Moto and Utaku. Give me the open plains and the wind in my face."

Utaku Jamaira - "---"


Hidden City (PROMO) - "---"

The Shogun's Armory - "---"

Trade District - "Life in Toshi Ranbo will return to normal. Imperial Guardsmen on every street will assure this." Toturi III


Archer Squad - "---"

Armed Brigade - "You fight well, Lion. Your defeat will be a tale for the histories."

Blessings of Steel - "---"

Blind Honor - "Korin could not believe what Yasuko had done. By the time he gathered the courage to speak, the deed was done and she was gone."

Blocked Ground - "---"

Brilliant Soul - "Where would heroes be without meager souls to cheer them?" Asahina Nizomi

Brutal Confrontation - "---"

Cautious Advance - "---"

Crescent Moon Cut (PROMO) - "---"

Deathseeker's Oath - "My life is wasted. My honor is dead. For the sake of my ancestors, let my end be glorious."

Delayed March - "Since the Rain of Blood, even those who were once our closest allies may rise against us."

Direct Assault - "---"

Endless Horde - "---"

Exhaustion - "Where did these damned Dragons come from?"

Explored Territory - "---"

Failure of Duty - "---"

Fire in the Hidden City - "---"

From Nowhere - "---"

Go in Disgrace - "---"

Gold Buys Security - "---"

Heart of a Hero - "The Wall shall never fall again!" Isamu roared.

Ignominious End - "March, fool, lest your lord learn the truth."

Iron Pillar - "---"

Killing Fields - "---"

Kiss of the Scorpion - "---"

Knife in the Dark - "---"

The Legions Charge - "---"

Lion's Rampant - "---"

Lotus at Dusk - "---"

Marching Column - "---"

Outer Walls - "I would be proud to have your Kaiu Wall extend around my lands, Lord Kuon." Moto Chagatai

The Pull of Destiny - "He knew the risks: remain in solitude and be safe
while his clan perished, or return and risk all that he had gained. "I will help them, mother," Shiba Aikune whispered, and rose to his feet."

A Samurai's Anger - "---"

Scouting Report - "The scouts move more swiftly and silently than ever. Now that our home is safe once more they will see that it remains so." - Hiruma Todori

Scrutiny's Sweet Sting - "Reveal the spy, Korin," Otemi demanded, "or begone forever."

Shameless Slander - "If the Lion has his suspicions, he knows better
than to come forth and speak them."

Shining Example - "---"

Ten Thousand Swords - "While the Lion battled the Dragon invasion, Chagatai led his armies south to Shiranai Toshi. There, the Khan would
make his stand." Shinjo Shono

We Know - "---"


Brothers in Arms - "---"

Demanding Gunso - "Dress that line!"

Deranged Mujina - "Sometimes imprisonment shatters what little mind was there to start." Kuni Jiyuna

Desperate Conscripts - "A peasant with a spear will surely die when facing a samurai, but nine peasants may tire him so that the tenth can plant a spear in his heart." Bayushi Atsuki

Disciplined Infantry - "One well-trained soldier can defeat twenty
untrained fools." Heigai

Expert Archers - "Kumiko showed Kitao mercy once& So we must find
her first this time, my brothers." Tsuruchi Nobumoto

Fudoshi - "---"

Hardy Infantry - "Send me, my lord," Isamu offered. "I will slay Tsuburu."

The Iron Legion - "---"

Peasant Laborers - "---"

Political Adjunct - "A masterful tactic, my lord. If I may make a suggestion?"

Seasoned Cavalry - "If I do not return, Kyofu, you must kill Shahai for me."

Strategic Assassin - "The Rain of Blood was a tragedy, but it has brought opportunity to expose the Emperor for what he is." Bayushi Atsuki

Usagi Rangers - "Despite their larger numbers, the Bloodspeakers
found Shiro Usagi a most difficult objective. "

War Council - "Ginawa has retired and taken the name Heigai. Incidentally, Lord Kaneka has a new monk advisor."

Yobanjin Wyrm - "---"


Ambition (PROMO) - "---"

Ancestral Kabuto - "Some artifacts become magic to the legend of the their past wearers. Those who prove worthy will be guided by heroes of the past."

Anvil of Earth - "It shapes the land. Stand too close, and be shaped as well." Oracle of Earth

Blade of Fury - "---"

Book of Air (PROMO) - "---"

Book of Earth (PROMO) - "---"

Daisho of Water - "The Unicorn were prepared to drive the Lion from
Kaeru Toshi when Mirumoto Kei led her soldiers in and claimed the city from both armies." Shinjo Jinturi

Family Token - "So long as you carry it, my love, you will be as safe as within your own castle." Doji Akiko

Family War Banner - "Draw courage from the colors of your clan." Akodo's Leadership

Fireworks (PROMO) - "---"

Gleaming Wakizashi - "The Dragon held his wakizashi at an angle, catching the light of the sun. The Lion flinched only for a moment the rest of his life."

Hero's Banner - "---"

Ichiro's Yumi - "---"

Mirumoto Daisho - "---"

Purloined Letters - "---"

Seeds of the Void - "---"

Senpet Scimitar - "---"

Shakuhachi of Air - "---"

Yumi of Fire - "---"


Drunken Mantis - "Mock my style with a mouth full of mud!"

Fire and Water - "You seem to know me, Tokei," Katamari said,
"but we have not met."

Turn of Fortune - "I could have died." "No," the monk smirked. "Did you not see me here?"


Essence of Yomi - "---"

Heart of Bushido - "For Gisei Toshi and the Phoenix!"

Summon Air Kami - "---"

Summon Earth Kami - "---"

Summon Fire Kami - "---"

Summon Water Kami - "---"


Tani Hitokage - "---"

Shiranai Toshi- "---"

The Meeting Place - "---"





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