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Khan's Defiance Flavour Texts

Hida Dayu "Let the Damned fight the demons for us if they want. It is Scorpion blood I crave."

Hida Ikkaku "Be cautious," Benjiro ordered. "The Scorpion know our tactics." Ikkaku grinned. "They have never seen anything like me."

Hida Rikyu "Some could not follow Kyofu, much though they wished to."

Hida Yaheiko "When the snows thaw, then we shall see if this Khan can hold whatever he has taken."

Jikagun "Come, friend," the Kuni smiled. "We need your aid in reporting Kyofu's attack." The mujina frowned. "There are things that frighten even we who cannot die."

Asahina Hideki "The Khan is just another storm of winter. When the sprint comes, he will be forgotten."

Daidoji Kikaze "Shiro Giji," Domotai demanded. "What is it?"

Daidoji Yaichiro "Defeat is more bitter than the winter cold."

Doji Doukohito "Humility is the greatest teacher." Tao of Shinsei

Doji Nagori "It is through the arts we remember our honor."

Kakita Noriko "Hero songs alone are worth dying for."

Hitomi Shiori "The war seems to be adversely affecting Lady Moon's adherents. They are growing more unstable." Hoshi Noritada

Hoshi Noritada "Something ails the Hoshi. They grow more distant, more dispassionate. We need to discover the cause." Hitomi Shiori

Mirumoto Rosanjin "He died alongside the Emperor. We are poorer for their loss." Mirumoto Kei

Mirumoto Taikishi "If we accept the Khan's provisions, are we honor bound to support him? We cannot survive without his aid."

Tamori Wotan "He held the Daidoji troops from the western pass to Shiro Kitsuki. Alone." Kitsuki Iweko

Togashi Tsuri Imbalance is the only true sin. The Heavens tolerate all else.

Akodo Shigeotshi "Let us remind them why they fear the Akodo."

Ikoma Hanshiro "We know how to deal with usurpers like the Khan. History will show that it was the Lion who defended the throne."

Kitsu Ineko "Her training with the Elemental Masters has made her formidable indeed." Kitsu Katsuko

Matsu Yoshike News of the Khan's assault caused all but the Akodo to withdraw from the Dragon border.

Sasada The Mantis believe they rule the seas. They only ride the surface.

Tsuruchi Ayame "I do not care who my enemies are, only send me against them. Peace bores me."

Tsuruchi Etsui "The Emperor's death haunts me. Could I have done more?"

Tsuruchi Gidayu "Some think the capital far away, but the throne's reach is without measure. If the Khan should take it, he will be difficult to unseat."

Yoritomo Isoshi "Naizen is our Champion. If he wishes us to stand alongside the Khan, then that is our duty."

Yoritomo Utemaro "We can aid you, Chagatai-sama, but there will be a price."

Asako Juro We will remember Naseru's reign, and Chagatai's treachery.

Asako Keiki "What has Mirabu done?" he whispered. "Only what he felt he must," Keiki replied.

Fire Dragon The egg called, and the Heavens answered.

Houhou The Phoenix are at peace with themselves, and many of their ancient allies have returned.

Shiba Daizan The City of Tears is well-defended now.

Hch-tik "Alas, poor Chitik&"

Mytchokan The Unicorn did not realize that they were still fighting on two fronts.

Ok'kantich "Kill horses first. Men will fall."

Pep'trchek "Tomorrow will never come!"

Vik-sch'tok "Emperor die bravely, but dead not worth courage."

Bayushi Hisako "Fate favors more than the foolish and mad."

Bayushi Maemi "Subtlety is lost on the foolish. For such individuals, there are other means of manipulation."

Bayushi Yumita "He is called by some the Black Scorpion. It is a name the Crab will learn to fear."

Soshi Idaurin "A gaijin name is just another mask she wears."

Moto Chagatai "Who will stop me?"

Shinjo Isuke While the Khan marches on the throne, Shono's men hunt for the source of the peasant revolutions.

Shinjo Saihan "The way is clear, my Khan. Only the Lion stand between us and Toshi Ranbo."

Utaku Nayan The Baraunghar attacked cities throughout the Lion lands, disrupting troop movements.

Aka-Name "It cares nothing for war. It only wishes to feed."

Chutoburo The war raged at the Wall of Bone. The demons seemed victorious... and then the Damned appeared to the north.

Gutobo "With the Emperor dead, opportunity abounds." Daigotsu

Nairu no Oni "Destroy them!" Kyofu roared. "No mercy!"

Umi-Bozu "HOLD!!!"

Kitsune Tsutaro "Empty thrones lead only to death and destruction. Is there no other path for the Empire?"

Sachika "For every samurai, there are a dozen peasant warriors. Wars are impossible without them." Ikoma Otemi

Yukari no Onna Winter is the time of the snow maidens.

Governor's Court "The kingdoms of petty tyrants." Bayushi Kaukatsu

Harmonious Temple "This is sacred ground!" the monk bellowed. "Take your bloodshed elsewhere."

Hidden Warrens "Purple humans think we gone. When they forget, then we kill them all."

Seiden Sanzo "His chase is over. He is at peace at last."

Temple of Unity Winter is the Brotherhood's chance to counsel against war.

Birth of the Blood Heir "Let the clans fight among themselves. When his time comes again, he shall have an Empire."

Ideal Conditions "Surprise and strength and the battle is won." Akodo's Leadership

Second Doom of the Unicorn "Those who cannot serve both the Khan and the Empire will suffer for their weakness."

The Portals Open "There are worlds beyond worlds, and some of those that dwell there are curious."

Wrath of the People "The Emperor that saved them is dead. The Khan is on the march, burning their fields. There is a limit to what they can endure."

Hitsu Taeruko "Reliance upon others is weakness." Tao of Fu Leng

Overflowing Fields If this year's harvest is poor, it means starvation.

Valley of Heroes We remember heroes, that we might join their ranks.

Advance Position "We will lose many men tracking the Khan, Yoshino-sama," Otemi said. "That is the way of war."

Allies Become Enemies Kaneka shook his head. "Chagatai," he said. "I knew this day would come."

A Noble End "Death cannot be avoided. Only embraced." Tao of Shinsei

A Soldier's Fate "Our honor is to delay the Khan while the officers withdraw."

A Soldier's Spirit Gukochi bowed. "A worthy duel," he whispered.

Blanketed Forest The conditions were difficult for the Unicorn, but far more so for their unprepared enemies.

Broken Lines Not all the Baraunghar's targets were undefended.

Coward! "Not while I live, dog!"

Crushing Blow Even the power of Jigoku cannot overcome the strength of a Crab's will.

Dissent "Ryoko Owari was only the beginning!" the peasant hissed. "The Empire shall burn while the clans play their games!"

Fist and Blade "Flesh against steel. Which shall prove stronger?"

Flanking Action The Unicorn's assault took the Lion completely by surprise. The border fell within an hour, and the Khol marched into the Lion provinces.

Flanking Assault Kyofu and the Damned came upon a great battle. "Destroy the demons!" Kyofu ordered. His men did not hesitate.

Frenzied Charge "If you turn your back&"

Gathering Darkness"Our destiny is greater than you know, little Maru," the beast whispered. "Obey, and your reward shall be beyond measure."

Hunting the Prophet"Kokujin!" Yudoka snarled. "Tell me where he is and I'll end your misery!"

Impressive Resilience "History is filled with failed traitors. Let Chagatai join them."

Insolence Punished "I have found him, my lord. His threat ends now." Shosuro Yudoka

Nezumi Vengeance "The Nezumi forget the past easily, but they do not forget those who wrong them, as the Unicorn discovered."

Old Alliances "Accept the Khan's rice if you must," the Scorpion whispered. "We will shield you from the Crane in court."

One Final March "Goodbye, bother," Kyofu said. "I shall not return."

One More Sacrifice Rise, my pupil.

Ordered Retreat "Fall back," Yoshino ordered, "but slowly. Ride ahead to the castle with Otemi. He must not die!"

Peaceful Discourse "We must put aside our disagreements for now, Hida-san. The Khan's march must be dealt with."

Recruiting Allies "I need to find the ones called Utagawa and Tamago," the Shinjo said. "Will you help me, Tawagoto?"

Restoring Order "Kill only the rioters!" the magistrate ordered. "Indiscriminate killing only harms our cause!"

Reverence for Chikushudo The kami are not the only spirits that offer the priests their blessing.

Ruthless Advance The Khan's advance created a hole in Yoshino's defenses. The battle could be salvaged, but a great sacrifice would be required.

Scouring the Village "His name was Rosoku," Masae said. "Did he pass through here?"

Silent Solace In the strangest places, seek yourself. Tao of Shinsei

Snowy Overlook "Soon," the Nezumi hissed. "Soon!"

Soul of Battle "They are not men!" she screamed. "They are animals!"

Soul of the Winds "Should the Khan succeed, he will need allies to help keep the peace." Tsuruchi Nobumoto

Standing Fast "Only six against a Crab? You should have known better."

Strength in Certainty "If the Khan is victorious, will your deaths even matter?"

Strike the Summit "Let us begin the lesson!"

Surprise Attack "...you will pay the price!"

Take the Charge Yoshino hesitated. "Give me the order, my lord," Otemi said. "I will not fail."

The Brotherhood's Influence "We follow only the Tao! Nothing more!"

The Elements' Path Sekawa stared at the Keepers grimly. "If we fail, the Empire dies."

The General Falls The former Lion Champion fell as the Khan's laughter rang across the battlefield.

The Khan's Gambit "There has never been a winter march such as this," the Khan said to his men. "We shall take the capital, and be remembered forever!"

The Lesser Evil "What is more important?" Kuon demanded. "Principles or victory?"

Two-Front War "Go," the Doji said. "Your kinsmen need you more than we do."

Unexpected Betrayal The only loyalty is to oneself, and to power. Tao of Fu Leng

Unexpected News "The Khan marches for the capital! For the throne!"

Unstoppable Power "Do not be a fool, Mirabu!" Sezaru shouted.

You Die With Me! "You are nothing!" Kengo roared. "I will wallow in a lake of your blood!"

Purge the Unclean "This Khan is a man worthy of my respect." Daigotsu

Seeking the Way "The Khan's way is war. The Phoenix path is peace. What if we have no choice but to intervene?"

Touch of Ice "Beautiful and deadly. Unrelenting, yet fleeting."

Yuki no Onna's Wrath "The Phoenix Clan has sworn an oath of purity. I pity those among them who break it." Naka Tokei

Blade of Guile "Can a god-forged blade slay a god made mortal?"

Kumade "Crude, but sophistication is lost upon murderers."

Laquered Armor "I have prepared my whole life for this. These walls will not fail."

Dishonored Vassal Honor gives way easily to convenience and efficiency. Tao of Fu Leng

Imperial Magistrates If a criminal is known to be guilty, then a confession may be obtained by whatever means necessary.

Ox Sentry "My lands shall be free of war until such time as I choose otherwise." Morito

Revolutionaries "The Dark Prophet has shown us the truth. We will lay down our lives for no samurai! We are our own masters now!"

Seasoned Deckhand "I know where we can get a good price for these."

Temple Acolytes "The Keepers have been scouring the land, searching temples and villages. Sekawa seems desperate to find something, but what?" Isawa Ochiai

Watch Commander "You shall not pass. Not while I live."

Wave Man "I have no obligations, no responsibilities, no man to call master, and no home to call my own."



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