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Rise of the Shogun Flavor Text

Hida Benjiro
"Kuon trusts no man more than his wife's brother."

Hida Wakou
"I have endured the Scorpion annoyance long enough," Kuon said. "Demonstrate my irritation with them."

Hiruma Sakimi
The Hiruma forces grow anxious to find the Tomb, but wait for the others to depart.

Kaiu Sadao
"If Paneki believes we cannot war with two foes at once, he will be unpleasantly surprised."

Kuni Daigo
"Send more demons! I shall bury them all!"

Kuni Fumitake
"Shogun or Emperor, I care not. Only the pure will be spared."

Asahina Aoshi
"She wished to join the Kakita House Guard as a child. It seems her destiny was greater still." Kakita Noritoshi Soul of the Dragon

Asahina Beniha
"She found the monastic lifestyle somewhat uninteresting, so she says." Asahina Hira

Doji Otoya
"I will record a tale of unwarranted Dragon aggression."

Kakita Kaisei
"Precision in art, precision in war."

Hitomi Chishou
"Samurai long for an honorable death. I shall help the Crane find theirs."

Mirumoto Taishuu
"If you wish to understand," Daigotsu whispered, "then you must stand among us as an equal." Taishuu bowed his head. "If I must." Test of Steel V: Into the Shadows

Tamori Emina
Shaitung's apprentice shared her blessing with her lady, and the Dragon gained much as a result. Will of the Gods: Gift of the Gods

Tamori Futaba
"All south of Shiro Kitsuki has been lost. We shall retake it."

Togashi Kadoma
"Sometimes the blood of a god awakens something primal." Hoshi Kaelung

Akodo Osamu
"I lost my honor in a moment of weakness. I have found it again in the blood of Dragons."

Matsu Bunka
An early winter bodes ill for the Lion, with the Dragon to the north and the threat of the Khan's vengeance to the west.

Matsu Gakuya
The Deathseekers have hurled themselves against the Dragon mountains in waves, hoping for glorious deaths.

Matsu Yufu
"She is the eldest sensei among the Lion, having taught Matsu Ketsui herself. Her students stand among the finest in three generations." Ikoma Otemi

Moshi Sakae
"I do not fear the Phoenix. I crave the day they seek to take back their lands."

Tsuruchi Chion
"Our scouts report outbreaks of conflict among the Phoenix," Chae reported. "We do not know why."

Tsuruchi Futoshi
"The Shogun promises order. The Tsuruchi shall enforce it."

Yoritomo Ryouta
"The City of Broken Waves is protected by the most ruthless of men."

Yoritomo Tadame
"The Empire has seen our might," he said with a grin. "Now give us the open sea, and our destiny is fulfilled."

Yoritomo Singh
"Kumiko's death was a terrible blow for Singh, but he has found a kindred spirit in his new lord Naizen. What role he shall play has yet to be seen." Yoritomo Yoyonagi

Asako Bairei
"No man knows more, not even among the Scorpion."

Asako Makito
"We must eliminate Bairei before he exposes us all, Seiga," he hissed.

Isawa Angai
"Who is more dangerous? The Wolf or his bride?"

Isawa Emori
"An architect and engineer, as powerful as he is lecherous." Isawa Ochiai

Isawa Seiga
"It is too late, Makito. Our lady's work is undone."

Shiba Jouta
"Not all Phoenix are pacifists." Tsuruchi Nobumoto

"Ik'krt give us our memories back. Now it time for us to repay the One Tribe. We help the Tattered Ear fight the purple humans."

"Otemi gone a long time, but we not forget him."

"The pink ones and the dark ones work together. Must-must watch both!"

Not content with serving aboard Crab and Mantis vessels, the Chipped Tooth have begun to employ their own.

Bayushi Iyona
The Bayushi possess the perfect blend of force and stealth. None can oppose them.

Bayushi Shaiga
A peasant uprising larger than any in history wracked the City of Lies. Only the students at the Dojo of Bitter Lies saved the city from destruction.

Bayushi Takaharu
"Kisada has thwarted our attempts, my lord," he said. "We must draw him out by striking at those he loves."

Shosuro Atesharu
"Life is a play, and I shall be the villain."

Soshi Tabito
"The Chancellor's agents are everywhere."

Horiuchi Nobane
"Does my duty lie with the Khan, or with the Empire?"

Iuchi Bitomu
"Respect their power. Fear their speed." Ikoma Fujimaro

Utaku Gyonwan
"The failure of the Khan's first advance is a stain upon our honor. We must cleanse it, no matter the cost."

Utaku Tayoi
"She will have blood for her sister's death. Her wrath cannot be contained." Iuchi Lixue

Utaku Wakiken
"The Khan has ordered all steeds kept in readiness despite the impending winter. I fear for their well-being."

Daigotsu Eiya
"It was human once. It still serves, that is all that matters." Chuda Mishime

Daigotsu Makishi
"You will abide by Daigotsu's laws, or your suffering will be unparalleled."

Kokujin Akae
"Revolution is an art form."

Kokujin Konetsu
"There comes a time when blood and death are not enough. Is there nothing more we can achieve?"

Oni no Akuma

Ninube Chisai
"The Ninube have been driven from Otosan Uchi, but they have not been destroyed. Not yet." Asahina Sekawa

Obsidian Dragon
"A wise choice, Angai. Wise indeed."

Toku Butaka
The alliance of Minor Clans grows stronger each day, with the Oriole and Bat joining their ranks. Together, they wield considerable resources.

Usagi Genchi
"They say the only thing more horrifying than his scars is what remained of the oni that gave them to him." Fuzake Sekkou

East Hub Village
"The Shinjo's allies, the East Wind, rule the port village." The Fallen City

North Hub Village
"Shono and his men discovered forgotten troves of Tortoise gold, and use it to fund their ronin allies." The Fallen City

South Hub Village
"The Yotsu and the Jade Legion maintain order here. Move on." The Fallen City

Torii no Orochi
The death of Yoritomo Kaigen left the Storm Riders without a leader. Will the Orochi recognize any other authority?

West Hub Village
"The Dragon and their Tsi allies have established order once more." The Fallen City

Paper Lantern Festival
The Mantis festival at Broken Wave City was visible from the mainland. Theirs is a celebration of victory.

Second Doom of the Dragon
"In an obsession to achieve enlightenment, the Empire has embraced a false path. If we step forward to stop it, will we doom ourselves as well?" Hoshi Wayan

Second Doom of the Scorpion
"The children of Bayushi are so concerned with their secrets that they overlook the poison brewing in their midst." Kokujin

The Shogun's Peace
The Shogun decreed that Toshi Ranbo would remain under his complete control until the Emperor's return.

Assembly Grounds
"When the Emperor makes his decree against the Lost, we strike." Hida Kisada

Bamboo Thickets
The Unicorn discovered, to their disgust, that fighting the Nezumi in the forest is impossible.

Treacherous Plains
"These orders are forged! This is nothing more than a diversion!"

Advance with Glory
"Let me deal with them, Domotai-sama," Kikaze said.

Ancestral Ground
"Will our ancestors find favor with us?" Shono wondered.

Bounty of the Clan
"It is not in steel or armies that the strength of each clan lies, but in the honor of individual samurai." Doji Jun'ai

Bow Your Head!
All bow before the Khan, one way or another.

Breeding Season
"No matter how many we kill," the scout cursed, "more seem to spring from the bushes themselves!"

Call Upon the Dead
"Our sacred ancestors endorse this war," Katsuko said. "Their honor demands vengeance!"

"Others can only thwart your plots if you allow them the chance." Yogo Baisetsu

Daigotsu's Discipline
"None can stop the Goju under cover of night" Daigotsu

Dark Harmony
"Jade?" Ruri laughed at the Crab. "That only harms those who suffer from an imbalance, little samurai!"

Deeds of Honor
"The Khan knows nothing of bushido!" the Lion shouted.

"Know your outcome and you cannot fail." Matsu Turi

Fan and Sword
"Steel, armor, or a magistrate's seal. None can defeat a whisper in court."

Glorious Mission
"Kaneka will take the throne," Chagatai insisted. "He must!"

Honored Hostage
"Don't be afraid, little one. This is your home now."

Hunted Down
"Neither Lion nor Crane alone is strong enough to defeat the Dragon!" Hitomi Hogai

Infamous Deeds
"I will avenge Hirotsugu," Kinuye promised. "I will avenge them all."

"Seek your truths, however unpleasant." Kokujin

Inspired Strategy
"Some battles cannot be won with steel." Shiba Mirabu

Kaimetsu-Uo's Lineage
"Only a Yoritomo can lead the Mantis," Naizen said.

Kisada's Banishment
"Punishment? Hardly."

"Knowledge constrained by morality is ignorance." Asako Kinuye

One More Sacrifice
"Rise, Shinzo. Rise, my pupil."

One-Sided Melee
"No fancy tricks this time, Scorpion!"

Passing the Message
"News travels very quickly among the Unicorn."

"Perfection is not found in service to another." Daigotsu Rekai

Rally the Ranks
"You were a fool to leave the shadows," the Hida bristled. "No samurai stands alone."

"Run!" the magistrate shouted. "We will try to slow it down!"

Rising Tensions
"If you permit them to goad you, you have already lost. Unless you finish it with the first strike." Toritaka Tatsune

River Crossing
The Dragon armies pushed the Crane back across Dragonfly River, but could not maintain the lands south of Shiro Kitsuki.

Frustrated by their defeat by the Mantis, the Shiba armies turned their wrath upon the corrupt within the Phoenix ranks.

Steep Slopes
Kaigen's Island has treacherous slopes on all sides.

"That which you can take is yours by right." Yasuki Nokatsu

The Price of Loyalty
"For enough treasures, I work for everyone." Chitik

The Shogun's Left Hand
"The Crane will resist your edict, of course," Kaukatsu said with a smile. "I find it much more agreeable."

The Shogun's Right Hand
"I do not know this Yoshino," Heigai said, "but I know that the Lion respect duty. Perform the Shogun's duty, and you will win his respect."

Tiger's Mouth
"If we die today," Yoshino shouted, "we die with our blades in our hands!"

Treacherous Sands
Skirmishes on the beach are not uncommon, but both clans overlook them.

"Death itself cannot defeat true strength of will." Moto Tsume

Calling the East Wind
Their war is over, but the Mantis and Phoenix continue to have... disagreements.

Lightning Strike
"Enemies or lovers? So little difference." Moshi Amika

Path of Pain
"Come then!" Hirotsugu roared. "Come and take me!"

Strike of the Dragon
"There is nothing worth the price of war, save the redemption of one's honor." Togashi Matsuo

The Rolling Tides
"Genocide is distasteful, but occasionally necessary." Moto Hideyo

A Dragon's Caress
"Do not speak to me of Lady Moon!" it hissed.

Consumed by Five Fires
"The Tamori's martial philosophy adds greatly to the Dragon military effort. Pity the Asahina are not so inclined." Koteru

Earth Becomes Sky
"The islands are yours, Mantis. Come no farther." Isawa Emori

Strength of the Forge
"Your deception is at an end, Kinuye," Bairei said. "Your sickness has no place in the Phoenix."

The End is Near
"They shall remember my departure forever." Kinuye

Fire Maple Mempo
"Many Bitter Lies students wear them to emulate their sensei."

Golden Oriole Wakizashi
A Tsi blade is among the Empire's finest gifts.

"That blade looks real!"

Hida War Drums
"They thrill the soul and rouse the warrior's spirit. Just hearing them makes me long for battle." Hida Benjiro

Jade Figurine
"No corruption within our ranks can be tolerated," Nakamuro said. "The Phoenix must be pure, in action and in deed."

Merchant's Wagon
"I have something here that you simply must have! How much money do you have?"

Obsidian Figurine
"The Phoenix did not recognize your talents," Kokujin said with a smile. "I am more appreciative, Lady Kinuye."

Rosoku's Urn
"A touching gift for our child, my love," Shahai whispered.

Slayer's Vial
They are gaijin in origin, but no less corrupt for it.

Tortoise Shell Armor
The Mantis's new port has severely impacted Tortoise trade routes.

Battle Maiden Troop
"So Nimuro's whelp thinks himself my equal?" The Khan laughed. "He must wish to see his father!"

Crab Detachment
"Regardless of circumstances, I would never wish to draw the ire of the Crab." Yoritomo Yashinko

Deathseeker Troop
"The Khan will come again!" Yoshino shouted. "And when he does, we will be ready!"

Dragon Detachment
"Tales of valor strengthen the will."

Legion of Pain
"They possess honor, of sorts, but compassion? Not at all." Daigotsu Soetsu

Ratling Truthseeker
"Unicorn traitors! Punish them for the Tattered Ear!"

Scorpion Detachment
"They've left themselves open! The fools!"

Shadowlands Ambassador
"How can anyone accept their counsel? Are they mad?" Hida Reiha

Shogun's Advisors
"Some counsel Kaneka to take the throne, others to leave it empty."

The Hammer of Kaiu
"Look upon our works and despair, demons!"

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