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The Truest Test Flavor

Arrival of the Phoenix
Isawa Ochiai appeared over the capital. "No more!" her voice boomed across the city. "This city shall not fall as Otosan Uchi did!"

Danjuro's Legion
The Shogun's rikugunshokan is among the most respected commanders in the Empire.

Tetsu Kama Mura
"If the Crab have the strength of mountains, surely the Dragon have their serenity."

The Spider's Lair
"Subtlety can destroy what war leaves intact."

The Khan's Shining Horde
Whether it ends in victory or defeat, the Khan's march has changed the world forever.

Shiro Usagi
"They are a simple people, but terrible enemies."

Hida Kozan
I do not fear Kyoso's army, for I am already dead.

Hida Masatari
"We warned them, but Scorpion insolence knows no bounds. Their sly tricks will not save their towns from our armies."

Hida Otoya
"Allow your enemy to waste his strength, exert yourself only when you must."

Hida Tsuburu
"My death will be a good one, for I will be sharing it with you!"

Hiruma Shotoku
"Tell me where you want to go, and I will find you a way to get there."

Kuni Ochiyo
"If the Unicorn succeed where the Crab once failed, then are they not worthy of respect? Perhaps even of loyalty?"

"Remember this: When you pick up a sword, you make a pact with death."

Daidoji Gempachi
"The Khan's men have no manners a good thing we were here to teach them some!"

Daidoji Murasaki
"Advance daily, becoming more skillful than yesterday, more skillful than today. This is never-ending."

Doji Hitomaro
"Domotai-sama, I have learned some disturbing things about the unpleasantness at Kosaten Shiro."

Kakita Komachi
"The flowers of spring are unharmed by cold winds. Why, then, should we allow fear to touch our hearts?"

"Lady Doji, the Crane are the clan of art, and my art is that of the deal."

"I serve Satsu alone."

Mirumoto Jairuzu
"I do not care about the Khan, as long as he stays out of our mountains."

Mirumoto Kei
Mareshi chose well. As did Satsu.

Kitsuki Berii
"As long as the Crane refuse to admit their dishonor, there will be war."

Togashi Kisu
"He has the heart of a Togashi but the training of a Kitsuki. He can see both the internal and external world."

Togashi Wirro
The Jade Mirror revealed the truth.

Akodo Shinichi
At the Imperial City, Akodo Shigetoshi and his soldiers watched the Unicorn's arrival. They stood ready in position to defend the city. The Khan's Charge, Part Four

Ikoma Noda
"Each soldier that marches under the Lion banner borrows the strength of a thousand of his ancestors."

Ikoma Uchito
"He is a true Lion." Akodo Bakin

Matsu Fumiyo
When spring began, Lion soldiers quickly mobilized. Thousands of soldiers gathered to oppose the Khan.

Matsu Ouka
"Yoshino is not Nimuro, but he is clever and his honor is unquestionable. Under his command we will destroy the Khan!"

Matsu Shoken
She has not spoken to another since her crime. In battle, she murmurs prayers of penance to the kami, hoping that she will finally cleanse her dishonor.

Moshi Kiyomori
"The former Topaz Champion has proven a great asset for the Storm Riders. I will be watching this one" Moshi Sayoko Topaz Championship " Brian Fox

Moshi Minami
"Does the Mantis only send their prettiest to court?" Kakita Munemori

Tsuruchi Ki
"The Khan marches for the throne, and armies gather to face him. We will protect the peasants of Rokugan for the chaos that will ensue."

Yoritomo Harada
"The pirates rest in their lair. Your orders, my lord?"

Yoritomo Kurei
Naizen and his generals led their armies deeper into the mainland, restoring order everywhere they passed.

Yoritomo Sachina
"She manipulates with honeyed tongue and veiled suggestion. A worthy rival." Yoritomo Yoyonagi

Asako Masamichi
"Let the Shiba and the Isawa go bring order to the Empire. The Phoenix lands will be protected."

Isawa Chinatsu
The decision to march upon the capital was issued from the Elemental Council. Many wept at the notion of war for peace, but none could deny their wisdom.

Isawa Sawao
"The time has come when philosophy is not enough. If there is to be peace, we must demand it of others as we demand it of ourselves."

Isawa Tokiko
There is serenity within the Void, but sometimes there is rage as well.

"Every day an adventure! Every battle a festival!"

Shiba Sotatsu
The Phoenix swept through the city. The Legion of Stone and the Avalanche Guard seperated enemies, ending the battle as they moved.

"Humans know how to talk, but they don't know how to listen."

"Unless Tomorrow learns how to swim, some Nezumi will remain."

"Stand and face Tomorrow!"

"My place is with Tanari."

"The Unicorn are only our enemies. Tomorrow is our destiny."

"Watch how they die. It is fascinating."

Bayushi Kosaku
"As a hawk sees his prey on the ground, we see the weakness in a heart."

Bayushi Tomo
"A plan to deal with the invaders? My sensei's teachings are the only plan I need!"

Shosuro Jimen
"I believe this will help take care of your problem."

Shosuro Maru
To rise above a weakness is the only sure strength. Blessings of Obsidian " Jesse Michaelica

Shosuro Masanori
"We walk in the darkness to protect the Empire from a darkness greater still."

Soshi Korenaga
"I hear them call me. The scrolls offer power, but will my family pay the price?"

Chuda Chiaki
"I have heard of your problem. Perhaps we can help each other?"

Chuda Eiichi
"They are so eager to assist us once they feel my mark upon them."

Daigotsu Hidetsugu
"Not all among the Lost believe that our lord's new path is true. It falls to me to silence the heretics that walk among us."

Daigotsu Iemitsu
"The bandits fell upon the village like rabid dogs, killing and burning everything. The warriors clad in the spider mon came. The village survived. The bandits did not."

Daigotsu Yajinden
"The Anvil." He turned towards the east. "My former kin are using the Anvil."

Goju Zeshin
"Those whose weaknesses we can not exploit must be dealt with," Daigotsu smiled.

Kokujin Buncho
"The Dark Prophet is an artist, and I am the brush with which he will paint his masterpiece."

Master Saleh
"Your Spider Clan needs a threat to combat to gain legitimacy, lord Daigotsu. I can help you."

The Quelsaurth
"The Soetsu was the first, but there is much yet to learn."

Horiuchi Rikako
"She presses forward with admirable skill and recklessness."

Moto Jin-sahn
"The Akodo claim to have never been defeated? Give me a unit of the White Guard and I will show them the folly of their arrogance."

Moto Yong-tai
"Her brush with the Lords of Death has left her unstable, but powerful. Direct her toward our enemies and stand aside."

Unicorn Wardogs
"Release the hounds!"

Utaku Fujiko
"A second army gathered behind the formation of the Khol. Before the Lion could react, the Baraunghar began their ritual. The Khan's Charge, Part Two

Utaku Remi
Youthful exuberance makes her daring. Skill keeps her alive.

Picker of Bones
"We shall see how they seek enlightenment when they are paralyzed by fear. They shall pray for a savior, and the Spider will answer." Omoni

Tadaka no Oni
"It is time. Kill them all." Daigotsu

"What glorious peaks the Badger dwell among!"

Ujina Saionji
"The Ujina are a mysterious and dangerous lot. One who can speak to the kami should be watched particularly closely." Otomo Taneji

Usagi Heiji
"We have seen the damage that secrets can do. Bloodspeakers, Kolat, or Kokujin, it does not matter. They must be stopped."

Anvil of Despair
"Let others have honor. We shall have victory." Daidoji Shihei

Castle Moat
"Domotai acts like a Lion, not a Crane," Shihei said. "We will do what is best for the clan, regardless of her foolishness."

Forgotten Battleground
"Clumsy, but good battle fodder," Rekai said.

Lion Advisor
"I can breathe, so I can serve." Ikoma Otemi

Ceremony of Planting
Wars, Emperors and gods shall come and go. Each spring, the rice must be planted regardless.

Dawn of the Spider
"Let the demons rule the Shadowlands as they like. Our domain shall be that of man." Shahai

Naseru's Funeral
"His body is destroyed, and his wisdom lost to us forever, but we will remember him all the same." Isawa Ochiai

Second Doom of the Dark Lord
"Defeat is not the end. Death is not the end. Submitting to a pattern of constant failure and weakness... that is the end." Daigotsu

Hashi no Oni
Kyofu smiled at the sight of Kyoso's army. "After today, even demons will fear the battle cries of the Crab."

A Legion of One
"I have been ordered here, and I will not leave!"

"I have a few questions for you, my friend."

Assigning Blame
"Did you truly believe you would get away with this?"

Astonishing Resilience
"Be prepared to kill a Crab berserker three times over."

Beginning Arbitration
"Miya-sama, please accept this token of our esteem." "Miya-sama, please accept this small sign of our clan's regard for your most honorable family."

Berserker's Charge
All who have faced the Crab know that there comes a time when you can only run or die.

Blunting the Charge
"Inform Lord Yoshino that we have secured this flank and the Unicorn are retreating."

Clan Heirloom
"It is not a katana, but is has been used by great warriors. Do not shame it, or them." Toritaka Tatsune

Courage in Death
"I shall hold it until you can strike, brother!"

Cursed Gift
"With this blade," she whispered, "your duel will end as you wish. In glorious victory."

Dark Inheritance
"Those who accept our aid have formed a pact from which they can not escape. They belong to the spider Clan always." Shahai

Death Poem
Writing death poems / is a game for samurai. / Death is only death. the death poem of a shamed Doji

Denounced on Stage
"Already the playwrights vilify the Khan's march. They will ensure he is remembered forever as a villain." Doji Nagori

Desperate Gambit
"I have lost everything. I will not miss my honor."

Double Bind
"Should we not all aid the Keepers in their quest?"

Echoes of Disgrace
A dishonorable relative can ruin a courtier's career.

Failure of Courage
"Face the Crab and be blessed in the next lifetime!"

Fight Another Day
"Furry little thieves! They are bold enough when no one is around, but have a samurai show up, and they run like their tails are on fire." Moto Jippensha

Find a Way Through It
"Battles are fought with steel, but they are won with a light step and an observant eye." Hiruma Shotoku

For the Fallen
The air shimmered, and the Baraunghar appeared on the fields of the Imperial City. The Khan's Charge, Part Three

Gift of the Lady
"Setai-sama, the Crane Clan will never abandon the Imperial City. We have said we will protect it, and nothing will come between us and our word." Asahina Beniha

Glory in Death
"We shall hold until reinforcements arrive, Yoshino-sama." Matsu Kenji

Honorable Rebirth
"No matter what happens, I will always protect you."

Honor in Death
"I mourn your death, but rejoice for your clan."

Hope from Death
"Destiny can not be denied."

Inspire Courage
"Fight, for the brothers that stand beside you!"

Inspire Excellence
The Crane seek to elevate all things to the level of art be it poetry, dance, or war.

Inspire Fear
"You know nothing of true horror, Crab."

Inspire Obedience
"Your pride matters not, samurai. You will be made to serve."

Inspire Reverence
"My ancestors guide my every move." Ikoma Noda

Kharma in Death
"We were both born in preparation for this moment."

Let Them Fight Their Dead
"Know that a Crab faces unspeakable horrors each day."

Loyalty, Unto Death
Death without understanding is the ultimate loyalty.

Merciless Death
"The Unicorn entered the Imperial City, destroying the opposition where it stood."

Prepared Defense
"The Khan will not pass." Akodo Shigetoshi

Preparing Stockpiles
"Get this cart moving or I'll have you blessed by the Lords of Death!"

Profit from Death
"Everything I have belongs to my clan."

The beast roared as it leapt for its prey. "The book!" it demanded. "Where is the book?"

"We must move the flanking division at once!"

Requisitioned Troops
"The Emperor may be dead, but our responsibility to him continues." Tsuruchi Chikuma

Sake House Brawl
"And I say Friendly Traveler is not the best sake!"

Shameful Tactics
An army of the Crab can not be stopped by traditional tactics. Unorthodox thinking is required.

Share the Blame
"Gentlemen, please! This is undignified."

Summoned to Justice
An enemy in the courts can prove deadlier by far than a legion of foes on the battlefield. In battle, at least death brings honor.

Tales of Battle
"We will immortalize their sacrifice in our hearts."

The Price of Weakness
"What will be the price?" he asked. "Do not worry about that for now," she smiled. "We will discuss that once your victory is complete."

Triumph of Courage
Even a peasant can draw courage from his ancestors.

True Artistry
Violence takes an instant. Art requires a lifetime.

Vengeful Shadows
"Our lord was murdered, Aroru." Tosun said. "Betrayed. It is time to reminded the Empire how the Scorpion treat traitors."

We Join the Ancestors
The Lion charged the Khol, eager to halt the Khan's advance. The Khan's Charge, Part One

Earthen Guardians
"Can not be destroyed to pay costs." After this turn ends, remove this Personality from the game.

Inferno's Tooth
She raised her hands to the sky in prayer and the fire kami heard the call. Buildings burned and weapons shattered in the wake of their furious answer.

Funeral Rites
"His sacrifice will never be forgotten."

Purity in Death
Only the worst sins will prevent a soul from reincarnation.

Summon Maseru no Oni
"I will obey you, human... for now."

Brand of Cowardice
"I am so sorry to bring this to your attention Lord Shinjo, but I am sure you do not want such a man serving you." Bayushi Maemi

Made of steel, both signal and shield.

Iron Tetsubo
"They are forged for use against the hordes of the Shadowlands, but they work just as well on Scorpion."

Lion Mempo
"I am ready." Akodo Setai

Soul Jar
It is a foul, gaijin magic.

Bakemono Warpack
"A book, with the symbol of a spider," Omoni patted one on the head. "Find it, little ones."

Cowardly Rabble
"Stay and fight, fools!" Tamago roared. "They bleed and die, just like you!"

Devoted Yojimbo
The Mantis deflected the blow at the last possible moment. "These people have suffered enough at your master's hands," he snarled. "It ends now."

Gate Guardsman
"I regret that I can not allow you to pass, Sekawa-sama," the man said with a bow. "I was instructed to admit no one, not even the Jade Champion."

Ronin Scout
"The village is safe now," Fusako said. "Find me a trail, scout. The hunt continues."

Spider Heavy Regulars
"What is this?" the bandit whispered. The Spider smiled as he crushed his throat. "A new world."

The Desiccated
"Leave your pets behind, Mishime," Katsu said. "The Dark Lord has work for them in the Crab lands."

Traveling Magistrate
"They have no lord to give them their tasks. They simply travel the Empire, bringing order where there is chaos, giving hope where there was only fear."

"They've come for the Tao!" the sentry roared. "They will die without ever seeing it," Benjiro promised.

Wandering Sohei
"You reek far too much of fish paste to have any hope of approaching unnoticed, friend."

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