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Scans by Yasuki Keisuke, transcription by Okuma, Evilspork, Shinjo Tegi, Callimachus and many others

Region 1 : Koutesukan (Iron turtle city).

Moto Akikazu exp. At the region 1 Kotei in Los Angeles, Sean Raycraft brought the Unicorn their first victory of the Kotei season. Against a difficult field, Sean's Unicorn cavalry found a way to break through the enemy lines and earned Moto Akikazu the Gift of Enlightenment. Akikazu is a priest of the Lords of Death, strange foreign gods that the Moto worshipped during their time outside of the Empire. What could it mean for one who follows gaijin ways to find Enlightenment? What effect will it have on the celestial order?

A clan divided.

Unicorn fought Unicorn at the region 1 Kotei finals in a reflection of the tensin rising within the Unicorn clan. With the recent rise of the Moto, the Unicorn have struggled to find consensus. They have been outsiders in Rokugan for their embrace of gaijin customs and manners, but now they have embraced those differences even more closely. This have caused tension both outside and inside the clan. Despite Lady Shinjo's orders to accept the Moto leadership of the clan, many within the Shinjo family feel that the Moto are leading the Unicorn astray. As samurai of the Emerald Empire they do not wish their image tarnished by the Moto's foreign habits.

Region 2 : Kyuden Doji.

Hoshi masote exp. John Seal's Unicorn deck brought Enlightenment to the Dragon clan at the region 2 kotei. Focus. Harmony. Purity. These ideals have driven Hoshi Masote's life since he ascended the Dragon Mountains. His life before joining the Hoshi was chaotic, random and empty. He no longer thinks of that time. Now, he seeks only perfect harmony with the world, and that can only be achieved through focus and purity. Even among an order of monks noted for their steadfastness, Masote stand as an example to all. That one such as he can achieve Enlightenment surprises no one. But that speaks only of his past and his fleeting present. What of his future?

Region 3 : Kyuden Isawa

The Unicorn string of victories allowed them to Enlighten their allies as well as their own. Jo Oakes chose to Enlighten Hida Sozen of the Crab at the region 3 Kotei. Hida Sozen has always followed his own path. Born a Dragon, but found life in the mountains unfulfilling. When the time came for the Dragon clan to send a hostage to the Crab, Sozen volunteered out of boredom. Among the sons of Hida, however, he has discovered his true calling. Now, with Satsu's permission, he has sworn his oath of loyalty to Hida Kuon. But what manner of man finds Enlightenment in violence?

Region 4 : Kyuden Hida

Akodo Anshiro exp. The Kami Akodo decreed that the Lion clan should never open their copy of the Tao, but that they should dedicate themselves to Bushido instead. Indeed, each Lion dojo, has a copy of the Tao that has remained sealed. However, what if Enlightenment founds its way to a Lion of its own accord? Enlightenment may be sought and found, but it can also come with little expectation. But even in the latter case, it is possible that the seeker may receive hidden aid. Jim Werner played the Scorpion at region 4 and won the storyline victory. He chose Akodo Anshiro to achieve Enlightenment. Could this be a gift from the Scorpion, or a hidden curse? Will the Lion accept Anshiro or will they reject him?

Boisterous soldiers.

Crab clan players have a reputation for leaving their rivals under the table with their post-tournament (and pre-tournament) revelry. However, as with any good Crab, they're fit and ready for battle the very next morning. This is a must when your entire life is spent in constant warfare against the beasts of the Shadowlands. Boisterous Soldiers commemorates their resilience.

Region 5 : High House of Light

Daigotsu Soetsu exp. Sean Donnelly describes himself as, "a Shadowlands player through and through." Sean took his big oni deck and crushed all who stood in his way at the region 5 kotei as mercilessly as any Oni Lord. His victory earned Enlightenment for Daigotsu Soetsu. Rokugan has scarcely seen the like of Daigotsu Soetsu. A Lost Hiruma, Soetsu is a pious man who reveres Kisada, the Fortune of Persistence. He allowed the Crab, and then the Scorpion - perhaps the two most dangerous clans for a Lost to face - to take him prisoner, and yet he does not complain of his fate. He walks a narrow line between two worlds, and somehow finds balance in between. How will his unexpected attainment of Enlightenment tip the scales of his life ?

Region 6 : Obsidian halls of the Lost

Akodo Bakin exp. In another devious move by the Scorpion, Tom Corbett chose to share the gift of Enlightenment with the Lion clan's Akodo akin. A leader in the Lion clan armies is taught to view his bushi as assets, resources that are expendable. And who would disagree, for there is no question that the warriors of the Lion legions are eager to kill and die for their lords. But Akodo Bakin has learned to look beyond the surface, and see the value of each individual soldier under his command. Understanding the art of war in the abstract is but the first step, he believes. Sharing how your soldiers think and feel and fear as creatures of flesh will show the rest of the path to becoming a great general.

Seeking Enlightenment

In his quest for Enlightenment, the Emperor's travels took him to the Shinomen the forest that is the ancient home of the Naga. Though now most of the race sleeps, there are a very few who still remain awake in the forest, living in jealously guarded seclusion. The Emperor searched out Qolsa to discuss the nature of the world with him. Perhaps this creature would spark an understanding the Emperor had not yet seen - or at least pose questions that he had not yet thought to ask.

Region 7 : Shiro Akodo.

Doji Saori exp. LeAnn Dennis brought Enlightenment to Doji Saori at the region 6 kotei. Doji Saori's specialty is resolving disputes - in a way peculiar to a Doji swordswoman, that is. Everything from mild disagreements to implacable vendettas can be answered in the simple, clean, yet decisive format of the duel. Whether her foes are in the right is never the point; Saori's purpose is to force her clan's foes into duels they cannot win. The clan prospers, even as she loses count of the samurai she has had killed. Saori has learned that victory is its own vindication. Honorable foes, vagrants, schemers and fools alike; she has forced all of them into disgrace or worse to benefit the Crane. Saori's Enlightenment is a simple concept: Victory for the Crane justifies the things she must do.

Region 8 : Castle of the Emerald champion.

Hitomi Kazu exp. The secretive Dragon clan, represented with skill and cunning by Howard Hooven won the region 8 kotei. Monks are supposed to live lives of peace, filling their hours with contemplation and meditation. But it seems that no one ever explained this to Hitomi Kazu. Since he received his tattoos and took up the name of Lady Moon, he has lived only to serve her will, and he smolders with her righteous rage - a rage that he will vent whenever he feels that his divine mistress wills it. Few who know him do not fear him, and it is only through the auspices of his Lady that Enlightenment has blossomed within his soul. How he will use this gift remains to be seen.

Komori Junsaku

Komori Junsaku is a young, talented shugenja and the personal student of Komori, daimyo of the Bat clan. Although several months past his gempukku, Junsaku has thus far retained a sense of wonder about the world around him, and is fascinated by the simplest of things. He reveres the kami and spends hours in rapt discussion with them each day, communing with them on a level that marvels shugenja many years his senior. Recent months have seen Junsaku grow more intrigued by the tales of enlightenment that have reached the Mantis islands, and he tirelessly pores over ancient scrolls seeking some understanding of the wisdom others have achieved.

Region 9 : Shiro Morito

Bayushi Adachi exp. The Scorpion sealed another win at region 9, as Eugene Earnshaw-Whyte brought Enlightenment to Bayushi Adachi. A gifted magistrate and warrior, Bayushi Adashi has served the Scorpion clan loyally in the City of Lies for many years. During that time, she has seen both the best and the worst parts of human nature, from the honorable Unicorn struggling to defeat the criminals within the city, to the criminals themselves, desperate and evil men willing to sacrifice anything to achieve their goals. Adachi well understands the line between good and evil, honor and dishonor, and she has learned that one must strike a balance between those polar opposites in order to exist in harmony with the world.

Region 10 : Kosaten Shiro

Moshi Kekiesu exp. The Dragon took their understanding of the elements to the Mantis when David Campos chose Moshi Kekiesu for Enlightenment. A life in service to the Bloodspeakers bred nothing but cruelty and treachery in Moshi Kekiesu's heart. Not even the sinister Icuhiban himself was above her scathing disapproval, for upon his defeat she turned her back on his cult, physical distance from Iuchiban allowing her to resist his dying commands. Her deceit was not unknown to Yoritomo Kumiko, however, and the Mantis Champion gave Kekiesu a choice: serve her as an ambassador to the Ivory Kingdoms, or face execution for treason. In the Kingdoms, Kekiesu could find no privacy to conduct her black arts, and in time the philosophies and theology she learned there drove the desire for blood sorcery from her heart. Her experiences changed her, and she now longs to prove her devotion to her new Champion, Yoritomo Naizen.

Test of Enlightenment.

The duel is an integral part of samourai life in Rokugan. Every day, samurai live and die by their skills with the katana. Those skills are honed in hours and hours of practice with bokken, wooden training swords. Students are not even allowed to carry a true steel blade until they have put years of practice with the bokken under their belt.

Region 11 : Shiro Matsu

Mirumoto Gonkuro exp. Steve Fazio brought the Dragon clan another win at region 11 kotei. Mirumoto Gonkuro should have been born a Lion. Many have said this, although for different reasons. Those who know him as a samurai respect his devotion to Bushido and military tactics. Those who know him from the fields of war fears his boundless fury in battle. Is this singular focus as a warrior that has brought the secrets of Enlightenment to him ? Or was the it quiet conversation he had with a simple man called the Ronin that has changed him so ? None can say for certain, but the Crane have learned to fear his name.


The Crane believes that perfection exists at the end of a blade, and it is widely conceded within the Empire that they are the masters of Iaijutsu. Nonetheless, there are a few souls outside of the clan that have attained an understanding of the duel that would rival that of even a Crane Iaijutsu master. This inherent connection with the blade can lead those people to great glory and in rares cases, the gift of Enlightenment glimpsed in the moment of a strike.

Region 12 : Shiro Mirumoto

Hida Sosuke exp. Paul Heaver led his Ratling hordes to victory at the region 12 kotei. He chose to share Enlightenment with his Crab allies. Born with a rare gift know as spirit sight, Hida Sosuke spent much of his youth among the Toritaka learning to put aside the visions that dance at the edge of his mind. With the advent of Rosoku and his challenges, and a chance meeting with the Keeper of Earth, Kaiu Sugimoto, Sosuke now wonders if his gifts should be ignored. After all, he has embraced that which he has struggled so long to put aside, and now seeks the wisdom of the spirits that fill the mortal realm. What secrets will they share with him?

Region 13 : The Imperial palace of Fu-leng.

Chuda Ruri exp. The first clan victory of the 2006 kotei season sent shockwaves through the community. Josh Griffis brought Enlightenment to the Shadowlands! The Chuda embrace the path of personal powder, seized from those weak to retain it and accumulated by those with the strength of will to master it. The legends say that humans were born of the blood and tears of the Sun and Moon. Why can others not see, then, that the true secrets of the universe are locked inside the blood of men? Cowards fear to see the truth, but Chuda Ruri is no coward. She will find the truth of the universe, no matter how many must die.

Region 14 : Kyuden Ikoma

Shiba Yoshimi exp. The Dragon's benevolence in sharing Enlightenment continued with Jeff Hardee choosing Shiba Yoshimi of the Phoenix clan at the region 14 kotei. Long ago, Lord Shiba pledged his life and those of his descendants to protect the followers of Isawa. In over a thousand years, the Shiba family has fought to uphold the honor and spirit of that pledge. Shiba Yoshimi understands the virtue in humility, the honor in service. Yoshimi has traveled the Empire, guarding and accompanying shugenja for the good of the Phoenix and Rokugan. He has seen, heard, and learned many wondrous things, and witnessed many glorious deeds. But Yoshimi has come to understand that glory is a fleeting thing; that he whims of history are fickle. Yoshimi is devoted to fulfilling the vow made by his ancestor long ago, and through his piety and dedication, has begun to understand far more.

Destined Enemies

The Region 14 kotei featured several prize bounties, including one that involved who could rack up the most kills of Champion characters. Many Rokugani Champions have rivalries, but none more intense than that between Bayushi Paneki and the former Champion of the Crab, Hida Kisada. The Scorpion will use any tactic necessary to bring Kisada down, and the Crab will use all their fury to stop the Scorpion.

Region : 15 Temple of the Ninth Kami

Mirumoto Bokkai exp. Brandon Flake's Dragon deck took the region 15 kotei, giving the sons of Togashi another Enlightened soul. Never a boisterous man, Mirumoto Bokkai is the quintessential duelist. He is calm and focused, but not to the exclusion of others matters. He is a soldier, and warrior, a father and a yojimbo. He has played so many roles within his clan that he sometimes wonders where his true destiny lies. Thanks to the gift of Enlightenment he may discover it soon.

Region 16 : Kyuden Otomo

Bayushi Saya exp. At region 16, The Scorpion's Bayushi Saya was granted Enlightenment by Tom Wiinikainen. Ever since she was a child, nothing has excited Bayushi Saya like playing games. A true daughter of the Scorpion, she reveled in planning strategy, executing tactics, maneuvering and manipulating and outwitting her opponents, as well as the sheer exhilaration of mastering the rules for its own sake. Upon her first appointment to Court, she realized the games played with the lives of others were fulfilling far beyond anything she could ever have imagined. There, she has experienced first-hand how a single word or phrase can bring honor or disgrace, life or death to another. it has been, as she often puts it, most Enlightening.

The Darkened Path

The Tao of Shinsei is the way to understanding for most in the Empire. It guides their actions and helps them to understand the mystical Elements. However, it is not the only way some believe to find Enlightenment. The self-described Dark Prophet, Kokujin, believes that he knows the way of Enlightenment. His madness had led him to bring others to his fold, through force if necessary. Kokujin has a method as to whom he chooses, though it makes no sense to those around him. His recent decision to take on the ogre Moshangoru as a student seemed entirely bizarre, as the monster would seem to be a terrible abomination to the Elements. But now, none can deny the beast's powers and talents.

Region 17 : Shiro Shiba

Moshangoru exp. At the region 17 Kotei, the members of Team Traveling Ronin gained the top spots, sharing the victory among themselves and with the Shadowlands. What humans call Enlightenment, the ogre called Moshanguru might consider a simple moment of clarity. His people have known no existence other than servitude for longer than any can remember. Every attempt at attaining something greater has failed, and most have accepted slavery as their lot. Moshangoru has realized, however, that every failure has actually made them stronger. The weak have been culled from their number, and the strong have flourished. The time has come for a new destiny, and Moshangoru will lead his race to it.

Region 18 : Toshi no Inazuma

Isawa Sawao exp. The Phoenix clan's Isawa Sawao was granted Enlightenment by the Unicorn clan's Pat Naayer at region 18. Fire brings destruction, pain and grief. It also stands fives warmth, for the spark of life, and symbolizes the essence of creativity and imagination. Sawao understands fire. She understands that the wonder of imagination, the joy that accompanies hope, is no different from the primal element upon which she draws. Like fire, hope also spreads quickly when given the right conditions. It is the fire of reason that lights Sawao's soul, the possibility of a brighter tomorrow. For her, Enlightenment is the vehicle by which the fire may spread.

Region 19 : Shiro Moto

Tsuruchi Terao exp. Jack eddy brought the Mantis another victory in region 19, and chose Tsuruchi Terao for Enlightenment. Like many others from his family, Tsuruchi Tearo was accustomed to scouting and hunting down criminals. The rigors of war lay outside of his experience until he was assigned to work with the Yoritomo in the War of Fire and Thunder. It was during a skirmish with a Phoenix patrol that Terao was pinned down by a shugenja's onslaught, and he was certain that no matter what action he took, he would die. The certainty of his death freed something in his spirit, and Tearo leapt from his hiding place, firing arrow after arrow, laughing wildly all the while. Some say that the experience drove him mad. Others that it set him free. Which is true - or are both equally true?

Region 20 : Shiro Hiruma

Asahina Yoshino exp. Asahina Yoshino was the first Crane to achieve Enlightenment in this Kotei season. The Crane are the clan who brought Enlightenment to the Empire in the first place, and they see it as their gift to guard. The pacifistic Asahina use the gift to assist those around them, and Yoshino is no different. David Winner fought his way to victory at region 20, and attributed a good part of his success to having Asahina Yoshino in his deck. As such, he felt it proper to return the favor.

Region 21 Shiro Luchi

The scorpion won again at Region 21, with Mattew Maddocks choosing Shosuro Dazai. In the end, it takes a fool to tell a lie and expect to get away with it. That much is obvious to Shosuro Dazai. Between her own ability to see through the veil of others' deceit and the whispers that the kami bring to her, deception is nothing more than a pathetic ruse. The truth cannot be escaped. It cannot be hidden. But it cann also be molded into a weapon and wielded against those of weak minds. A lifetime of truth has shown Dazai unique insights into the world and those within it, and she has become all deadier for it.

Region 22- Shiro Daidoji

The crane duelist Doji Seo was shown the way to Enlightenment by Alexander Magoulas in Region 22. The Crane Duelist, doji Seo has been called many things in her young life: flawless, exquisite, dour, and inflexible are but a few. She has never permitted such things to alter her focus, for a duelist's strength must never waver. Of the late, however, she has begun to read the writings of the great Kakita Toshimoko. Toshimoko-sama was the very epitome of the master duelist, and yet his philosophy is unlike anything Seo has previously encountered. Perhaps her rigidity has not enhanced her skill so much as inhibited it, and with the gift of Enlightenment she now wonders what heights are truly possible for someone who embraces life with her entire being.

Region 23: Kyuden Bayushi

Ep'kee exp. Joe Torrez and his ratlings scurried to a victory in Region 23, where he chose Ep'kee for Enlightenment. Other packmates in the Green-Green-White tribe call Ep'kee a monster. He does not care. He has served his tribe faithfully and well as both a scout and warrior. He stood alongside his Chieftain when they attacked the Tsuno City of Dreams deep in the Shadowlands, and it was he who first brought news of the Unicorn attacks against the Tattered Ear in the great Shinomen Mori. Ep'kee has seen the "wisdom" of humans and found it lacking. He understands that the Nezumi are the only race that should rightfully rule this world, and the time has come to drive the humans from it. Ep'kee is ready.

Bay of Green Corral

In Rokugan, trade by sea is thriving, and protected bays that can allow ships to stop for trade with less risk of pirate activity are incredibly valuable commodities to any clan.

Region 24: Kyuden Tonbo

Isawa Kimi exp. Bryan Reese shared Enlightenment with Isawa Kimi of the Phoenix Clan after winning the Region 24 Kotei with Dragon. The greatest student of Master of Void Shoba Ningen, Isawa Kimi is the most gifted practioner of Void magic in her generation. Kimi possesses an insatiable curiosity, and consumes knowledge like most students consume rice and water. She understands and embraces the truth of the world - namely, that she can never fully understand it - but does not allow that to inhibit her learning. Thought no one can ever truly be learned in this sense, Isawa Kimi intends to discover all that she can, and meditate upon the rest.

Region 25: Aojiri Oku Shiro

Former world champion Bryan Reese proved himself a powerhouse at this year's Kotei, putting three victories under his belt with three different Clans. His victory at Region 25 brought Enlightenment to the Phoenix. Agasha Miyoshi is perhaps the youngest Agasha ever to achieve the position of head priestess of a major temple. As leader of the Temple of the Seven Dragons, Miyoshi has been blessed by the great Elemental Dragons, and they have shown their chosen daughter great favor. Communing with the dragons has opened Miyoshi's mind, and she no longer sees the world in the same way as others.

Region 26: Shiro Ide

Bryan Reese continued his string of Kotei wins in Region 26, this time winning with the Phoenix and choosing Agasha Miyoshi (sic) for Enlightenment. By all rights Yoritomo Chimori should be dead. In fact, he was believed dead for years, cut down in a duel by the nephew of a Suzume daimyo. When Chimori awoke days after the duel, the searing pain from the wound in his chest a strange reminder that he was still alive, he didn't understand how it could be. The ronin sensei Chiant-Tsu, who officiated over the duel, had saved him by falsely declaring him dead. Chiang-Tsu tended to Chimori's wounds for over a year, all the while teaching him of philosophy, theology and Bushido. Now, his wounds healed, Chimori has returned to the Empire at last, a changed man. Can Enlightenment enable such a man escape the sins of his past?

A Sage's Counsel

There are those who would believe that experience is the greatest teacher. The Wanderer's quest opened him to many possibilities, so he spent time with the eldest of the Empire, be they samurai or peasant. Their stories of life through the years, from the times of their youth before the Clan War, through the rise and fall of the Shadow, to now, brought the Wanderer a perspective he had never known, but it still left him without true understanding.

Region 27: Shinomen Tower

The ratlings took Region 27, with Charel Thoss choosing Achirin for Enlightenment. Achirin was blessed - or perhaps cursed - with the gift of foresight. Although his power is not absolutely reliable, the young Ratling shaman can see glimpses of Tomorrow, visions that would leave others of his race terrified and shaking. There is no greater horror the Nezumi can experience than to face Tomorrow, a force that longs for their death. And yet Achirin looks it in the eye again and again and comes away unfazed. He has come to understand that the fear his people have is misplaced, for Tomorrow can easily be thwarted by those with powerful Name, or what the humans call destiny. Enlightenment has given him the courage and knowledge to face squarely that which his race fears worst.

Region 28: Shiro Sano Kakita

Aaron Boyhan showed his prowess with Unicorn, taking the Region 28 Kotei for Moto Rumiko, bride of the Khan. Born of the Matsu, Moto Rumiko was forced into a political marriage. Hers would have been just one of many such marriages, save that her betrothed was none other than the great Khan of the Unicorn, Moto Chagatai himself. Freed from a life of rigid tradition, Rumiko discovered the wild freedom of self-indulgence and the glory of the open plains. Her life as a Lion is over, little more than a distant memory. Her life as the Khan's bride has only just begun.

Region 29: The Yogo Towers

The unicorn were victorious again under Aaron Boyhan, when region 29 was claimed and Enlightenment went to Iuchi Umeka. Many believe that Iuchi Umeka was a Phoenix during a previous lifetime in her cycle of death and rebirth. Surely, they say, there can be no one among the Iuchi who has more fully immersed herself in the Elements than Umeka. She is one with the wind. Her voice is like the rustling of leaves in the breeze, and her laughter the refreshing spring wind that brings the scent of flowers. That she exists in a state of harmony previously unknown among the Unicorn is accepted without question, but no one knows what she will make of her gifts.

Region 20: Kyuden Agasha

Jesus Mera won the day at the Region 20 Kotei, bringing to the Dragon a deeper understanding of the Elements. Most who know Mirumoto Hakahime have never heard her speak. She is a phantom that appears only to report on the Dragon's enemies, then disappears back into the fields of battle. She has been written off for dead many times, but she always survives. Some say that her many brushes with death have changed her, but others who have served alongside her in the Dragon armies insist that she remains the same as ever. If there is a new light of understanding in her eyes, only a few can get close enough to see it.

Region 31: Ryoko Owari Toshi

The human mind cannot comprehend the mind of an Oni Lord such as Kyoso no Oni. Her infernal machinations are such that trying to fathom their depths would break the spirit of even the most devious Scorpion. And yet even a demon as powerful as she cannot overlook the strength of the mortal spirit. How can so many great powers of Jigoku have been defeated by such pathetic creatures? Turning aside her disdain and contempt, the Oni Lord has begun to plumb the mysteries of mortality, and each discovery makes her all the more dangerous. Daniel Sales ran a strong Shadowlands Control deck at the Region 31 Kotei in Madrid, Spain, finally defeating the Mantis to claim victory.

Region 32: Shrio Kitsuki.

Juan Palomo added to the ratlings' horde [sic] of victories in Region 32, yet chose Yoritomo Iongi of the Mantis for Enlightenment. He is called a pirate by many, but Yoritomo Iongi has never bothered to disagree. In spite of what others think, he sees himself as a warrior for his clan and his Champion, and his Emperor's faithful servant. All things in Rokugan belong to the Emperor, but he bestows them to his Clans for safekeeping. Therefore (so Iongi's reasoning goes) those who cannot protect their charges do not deserve the honor of safeguarding them. It is Iongi's lot to determine, through the test of hard experience who deserves the Emperor's trust and who does not. His unusual perspective and his certainty of purpose have afforded him a unique insight into the nature of man and his need for possessions, and many now seek his wisdom in analyzing the actions of their enemies.

Region 33: Shiro no Shosuro

Togashi Nyima Exp.

The Dragon showed their prowess over the elements again in Region 33, where Michael Habel gave Enlightenment to Togashi Nymia. While not a judgmental man, Togashi Nyima looks upon the rage of the Hitomi and the inaction of the Hoshi with disdain. A higher state of consciousness cannot be achieved without experiencing the world, and the world cannot be mastered through either fury or stagnation. Precision is the key. Precision in thought and precision in action are required for true understanding of one's place in the world, and there are none more precise in both mind and deed than Nyima.

A Quest Abandoned

The Shogun, Kaneka, also too on the search for Enlightenment. If there was a power to be gained, he could not allow his brother to have it all for himself. However, Kaneka is also a very practical man despite his vaulting ambition. After a much shorter journey than Naseru, Kaneka decided to leave behind the quest for Enlightenment, and keep his focus on the politics of the Empire. Will his ambition propel him to the throne while Naseru chases mere wisps of philosophy?

Region 34: Shiro Utaku Shojo

Bayushi Bokatsu Exp.

Jacques Goldcher's Unicorns rode to victory in Region 34, sharing Enlightenment with Bayushi Bokatsu of the Scorpion Clan. It is not a simple matter to be a man whose duty is to expose the truth in the Clan of Secrets. Bayushi Bokatsu's role as a magistrate leads him to seek out certain lies and expose them while blithely ignoring others. He must separate those who lie for their own benefit from those who lie for the good of the Scorpion. He must expose the former while protecting the latter. How can a man shield the truth and champion it all at the same time? Will the Blessing of Enlightenment help him find an answer that will enable him to live in harmony with his life's task?

Mystic Waterfall

Monks believe that they may find Enlightenment through quiet meditation and the perfection and total control of one's body. Hoshi Masote spends hours on end contemplatinf the Elements and honing his body into an amazing weapon. The Wanderer encountered Masote as he traversed the Empire and began to study with him. However, as with much else that he came to knowm the Wanderer ultimately decided that Masote's way could not

Region 35: Kaiu Shiro

Utaku Tarako Exp.

The Unicorn were victorious again, with Frederic Capbert granting Enlightenment to Utaku Tarako at Region 35's Kotei. Utaku Tarako is one of Moto Chagatai's favored officers among the ranks of the Khol. A hardened warrior since the days of her youth and an accomplished battlefield leader, Tarako has brought victory to the Unicorn so often and with such ferocity that she has earned the nickname, the Khan's Vengeance. As a child, she loved to wander the land with her mother, an accomplished Unicorn scout. Since then, she has learned to view the landscape as a military asset, nothing more. Of late, however, she has come to question that mindset. Is it right to surround yourself with the beauty of nature and see it only through a killer's eyes Region 36: Shiro no Yojin

Daidoji Akagi Exp.

Faber van Kraanen, who started the war between the Dragon and the Crane at the 2005 European Championships, decided to try to make up to the Crane, by choosing Daidoji Akagi for Enlightenment. Death is the center of Daidoji Akagi's world. As a Crane Clan Harrier, it is his job to deal with death: to protect the Crane from it, and to inflict it on any who threaten his Clan. Like many Harriers, Akagi has grappled with questions of honor. The means he uses clearly do not fit definitions of honor accepted by his Clan, yet the objectives for which he fights, if not noble, are at least necessary. Recently, Akagi has come to an important realization: For him, in this life, such concerns are irrelevant. There is only death, and if he cannot be a good man, he will ensure that other Cranes can be.

Elemental Arrow

The harriers of the Crane are at the epicenter of the war between their Clan and the Dragon. But even in the chaos of war, the spark of Enlightenment can be found, expresed in the Crane bushi who strive for perfection of the spirit through the practice of arms. Daidoji Akagi is a marksman of great reknown. While the others of the Crane find the sword to be their primary weapon, Akagi seems to have more in common with the archrs of the Wasp. Unusual among his Clan, he finds spiritual perfection in the tip of a well-guided arrow rather than the point of a katana.

egion 37: Kyuden Gotei

Kuni Okichi Exp.

The Unicorn's impressive victories contnued with Lars Bodach taking Region 37. During the Bloodspeaker war, Kuni Okichi was simply called the Hunter of the Wolf. He spied on the Bloodspeakers for the Wolf, Isawa Sezaru, infiltrating the cult on more than one occasion. Many times, Okichi had to fight for his life, and on those occasions no one remained for the Wolf to bring to justice upon the conclusion of the mission. He has seen the depths to which mankind may fall, and yet he has retained his self-possession - so far. Now, he seeks to understand the beauty of the human soul, because he fears it is the only thing that may wash away the blood and keep the threat of madness at bay forever.


Kenku are nature spirits who train the worthy in the ways of dueling. It is said that if a Kenku should take on a student, that person has a great destiny, for the Kenku do not waste their time in the mortal realm on the mediocre. The Kenku have historically taken students from the Crane Clan, though it is not unheard of for their teachings of the blade to come from other Clans.

Region 38: Tokigogachu

Daidoji Setsuko Exp.

Tuomas Poikela won wih the Unicorn at Region 38, and chse he harrier Daidoji Setsuko for Enlightenment. A true samurai does not hesitate, does not doubt, does not question. Daidoji Setsuko has seen this truth in countless skirmishes. In the purity of the moment, there is truth. For Setsuko, the moment is everything. She receives her orders, and executes them without hesitation. Her zeal, the simple joy she takes out of what she is and what she does, makes her unique among the ranks of the Harriers. Setsuko would be among the last to label herself Enlightened, but the complex simplicity of her outlook is something philosophers could spend a lifetime discussing.

Mantle of Flame

Ironically, the Mystic may have been the most suggestive clue to the Wanderer's true indentity, for there were strong hints that he was actually Sezaru, one of the Four Winds. The Mystic had the same Elemental Traits as Sezaru, Fire and Void, and Sezaru is the only shugenja character in the game to have both. While the other two brothers used methods both mundane and mystical to conceal their identities, Sezaru had the power within himself to hide his visage at will, and we must say, a flaming head does seem like a pretty effective - if painful - way to hide your facial features!

Region 39: Kyuden Miya

Hiruma Oda Exp.

Andreas Stavropoulos led the Crane to victory at the Region 39 Kotei in Athens, Greece. He gave Enlightenment to the Crab's Hiruma Oda. None who have ever met Hiruma Oda would suspect him capable of deep thoughts. He is a simple man who follows orders and rarely speaks. And yet the Brotherhood of Shinsei believes that to find Enlightenment, one must put aside the concerns of the world. Is it possible that the example set by the Keepers is enough to make those who had never considered enlightenment ponder matters of a spiritual nature? And is it possible that among such men, there are those ready to discove the truth?

Region 40: Yugure Yama

Bayushi Kan Exp.

Bayushi Kan has never been a great prodigy for honor through spectacular achievements, like her kinsman Shinzo, or other shugenja of her acquaintance. Kan only wishes to srve her lord faithfully and well, and to be permitted to pursue her own interests when time allows. Perhaps because of the wickedness in which she must engage, Kan seeks solace in beauty. Natural beauty, the theater, works of art, poetry; the medium through which she experiences this quiet joy does not matter to Kan. What she truly desires from life, she finds iy in quiet aesthetic contemplation.

The Dragon's Talons

Honor demands much from the samurai of Rokugan. Your rightful lord may require to fight on, even when the battle is lost, and lay down you life in his cause. A last stand may not bring victory, but it is part of a warrior's duty, if so ordered. At the Region 40 Kotei in Guateng, South Africa, Robyn Grimsley demonstrated that she understands the samurai spirit very well. At the end of a grueling game against Sean Arnall's Unicorn deck, she was left with a single Agasha Miyoshi against Sean's many Unicorns. After studying the table and he hand, she confidently declared an attack with Miyoshi. Sean was stunned. After trying to analyze her plan, he even turned to the player beside him to ask "What am I missing?" He finally decided to assign a single Unicorn to defend, and Miyoshi was then soundly defeated. However, Robyn never gave up in the face of overwhelming odds, and even though she lost, she certainly lost with honor!

Region 41: Kyuden Ashinagabachi

Z'chkir Exp.

The ratlings took Region 41, where Grzegorz Rak chose Z'chkir for Enlightenment. Z'chkir is the eldest and wisest of the Third Whisker shamans, and as such he has served as teacher and friebd both to Achirin and K'mee. He takes great pride in their accomplishments, for to his shame, he has never had pups of his own. Instead, he looks to his students as his children, and they return his devotion. They come to himwith all that troubles them, and he does his best to sooth their spirits. As one who devotes his entire life to dispensing wisdom and fostering hope in others, Z'chkir has come to perceive the world differently than many of his kind, and he wonders if this is what humans call Enlightenment.

Rosoku Sensei

Rosoku was to be the heir of Shinsei. Like those of his line, he was to stay in hiding, propagating jis line until the day the Empire would need Shinsei again. Rosoku, however, did not follow custom, and revealed too much of himself to the public at large. This allowed the vile Bloodspeaker Shukumei to assassinate him, thus ending the line of Shinsei. But all was not lost with Rosoku. His teachings live on. If the Empire can embrace the wisdom of Shinsei, is it possible another can rise in understanding to continue the traditions that he began?

Region 42: Kyuden Teketsu

Kakita Funaki Exp.

Christian Zoli demonstrated the nature of perfection, s his Cranes won Region 42, enlightening Kakita Funaki. Sister of the impulsive, tempestuous Keeper of Fire Kakita Tsuken, Kakita Funaki has been entrusted with safeguarding the Book of Fire that Tsuken discovered during his trials in the Phoenix lands. Funaki has reveres her brother and the other Keepers, and considers the book a sacred artifact that she must defend with her life. Although she believes that she is not yet worthy of such knowledge, Tsuken has encouraged her to read the passages found within, and she is beginning to understand the way he sees the world now.

Region 43: Kyuden Asako

Gran-otik Exp.

Jan Ang's Ratlings ran over the competition at Region 43, enlightening Gran-o-tik. Gran-otik is la creature out of a nightmare, a powerful, deadly beast that comes in the dead of night and slaughters anyone who stands against him. He does not know mercy or compassion, only the pressing need to prove himself again and again. Gran-otik was cast out from his tribe for unknown reasons and seeks to gain entry into another through his accomplishments. In his wanderings, in his loneliness, he finally undestands that which is most important: One's family is the key to finding one's place in the world.

The Way of Will

For the Crab, the study of the Elements is rarely the most pressing matter of concern. The daily demands of life on (and even behind) the Kaiu Wall give little time for any thoughts outside of vigilance and survival. However, even the oddest actions or events can provide the spark tht leads to Enlightenment. Hiruma Oda is an example of this. So determined was the Wanderer that he ruled out no method of finding Enlightenment. Oda's war against the Shadowlands brought him understanding of a sort, yet it would leave the Wanderer still questioning.

Region 44: Citadel of Daigotsu

K'mee Exp.

The Ratlings won again at Region 44, with Seng Huat Lim choosing K'mee (and her hat) for Enlightenment. The tiny shaman K'mee is an oddity among the Nezumi. She seems to lack utterly the severity and dour nature that typify a shaman. She is quick to laugh and even quick to poke fun at others until they laugh as well. Despite her youth, and that she is a member of the reclusive Third Whisker tribe, K'mee has traveled far and wide throughout the Empire in search of wisdom. She finally completed he quest in a tiny monastery in Moshi lands, talking with a monk named Tanari. In their conversations, both have found wisdom, and now both have vowed to find a way to use it to help their people.

Divining Pool

The lure of the Shadowlands has seduced many souls throughout history. The prospect of power, immortality, and the call of Fu Leng leads those who seek power down a dark and treacherous path. The woman once named Soshi Ruri was once such a person, but little of her remains. She is now Chuda Ruri, and will stop at nothing to achieve more power. Having betrayed he family, her clan, and he Empire to join Daigotsu, she now wonders... can there be even more to be gained by betraying her lord one last time?

Region 45: Shiro Tamori

Tsuruchi Arishia Exp.

Richard Chan dominated Australia, taking Region 45 with the Mantis and choosing Tsuruchi Arishia for Enlightenment. Tsuruchi Arishia served as a commander in the War of Fire & Thunder, and she saw death on a scale she had never imagined. Arishia had killed before, of course, and will kill again if her lord demands it, but the contradiction between her duty as a Mantis bushi and her belief in the inherent sanctity of life had never truly weighed upon her until the day she saw a Phoenix village put to the torch for no other reason than to deny it to the enemy. In that moment, Arishia understood the delicate balance beween life and death, and chose to value life instead of a soldier's duty.


The peasant falls well beneath the samurai in the Celestial Order. The Order defines each person's place in life, and who answers to whom. But it is also a part of the Order, that even peasants achieve harmony with the Elements. Most peasants receive little education and even fewer have rudimentary understanding how the Elements work together, but it is not unheard of for a rare peasant to achieve understanding with the passing of years. Some of those of great age carry a wisdom that transcends that of the mortal realm.

Region 46: Toshi Ranbo

Moshi Amika Exp.

Richard Chan's Mantis solidified their grip on Australia at Region 46, bringing Enlightenment to Moshi Amika. The Moshi Family have a troubled past. Their reverence for Lady Sun saw them through many difficult times, but her death shattered their faith. Unwilling to embrace the worship of a human who ascended through sheer happenstance, the Moshi have turned to their new lady, Moshi Amika, for guidance. Amika has spent months meditating upon the nature of her family's dilemma, and she received remarkable support from both Tsuruchi Nobumoto and Yorimoto Kumiko. Amika has found comfort in the storm, and in the Fortunes who control such overwhelming power. The Moshi were once serene and complacent, and it led them to spiritual ruin. The time has come for a new path, a new hope, a rebirth of the spirit.

Monastary Classroom

There are those in the Empire who insist that Enlightenment can only be gained through living in the world at large. They feel the study of scrolls and the direction of a teacher will never lead to true Enlightenment. However, many of them also believe that each individual who seeks it may find a different path to Enlightenment. If this is the case, then, how could one possibly rule out structured study as a valid path?

Region 47: Kyuden Yorimoto

Shiba Denbe Exp.

Drew South's Dragons won Enlightenment in Region 47, and he chose to share it with the Phoenix, enlightening Shiba Denbe. The Isawa lead, the Shiba follow. For ten centuries, this has been the way of things. The learning and wisdom of the Isawa set a path for the Phoenix to follow, and the Clan has achieved knowledge, wisdom, and prosperity as a result. But in war, other needs come to the fore, and other perspectived demand consideration. A flag raised, a blade pointed, a command uttered; all of these things, subtle though they may be, can drive the fate of a Great Clan. Shiba Denbe understands this. One clear voice, placed correctly and heard by all, can change the course of nations. In the days to come, Denbe will find such a voice, and it will be his own.

A Clan United

At the Region 47 Kotei, two Lion players fought bravely through the field, with the same number of wins and losses, but one edging out the other for Top Lion by strength of schedule alone. Top Lion, Derrick Reeves stood during the presentation of prizes and declared that the Lion Clan would stand together, in victory as well as defeat. He then divided his Top of the Clan prizes with Aaron Wong in the name of Clan unity.

Region 48: Shiro Kuni

Utaku Keyo Exp.

The Unicorn trampled all opponents at the Region 48 Kotei, as Francisco Briano brought Enlightenment to the battle maiden Utaku Keyo. Vengeance was all that Utaki Keyo desired when the Lion and the Unicorn first went to war: vengeance for the death of Utaku Kamoko, whome she revered. Keyo found vengeance in spades as the was dragged on, and each Lion she slew was another tribute to the shiotome who sat among the stars. Since the war, however, she has read more of Kamoko's exploits, and now she wonders if the great Second Thunder would, in fact, be proud of what she has done.

Region 49: Shiro no Soshi

Bayushi Shinzo Exp.

Walbert Ibarra won the day using a deck powered by Shiro no Soshi ninja-duelling. However, Walbert also leaned heavily on the power of Kokujin, the Prophet of the Dark Lotus. He chose Bayushi Shinzo to receive Enlightenment. The Scorpion are trying to quell the peasant uprising Kokujin inspired. Does Shinzo's Enlightenment mean that he is actually a student of Kokujin? Will Shinzo destroy the Scorpion's efferts at bringing down Kokujin, or is he merely allowing himself to be brought close to his target? Time will tell, but the Scorpion would b smart to not underestimate the powers of Kokujin and his Dark Enlightenment.

Region 50: Kenson Gakka

Shinjo Wei Exp.

At region 50, Galileu Paolo tore his way to victory with the cavalry of the Unicorn, and brought Enlightenment to Shijo Wei. Moto Chagatai, the Khan of the Unicorn, is not universally revered among his people. There are those who look upon his savagery and his lust for conquest and wonder where the love of life that Lady Shinjo once enjoyed has gone? Shinjo Wei would never speak against his lord, nor allow another to do so unpunished, but deep in the corners of her mind, she wonders if Lady Shinjo was not simply blinded with rage over the death of her brother's descendants and the infiltration of her family by the Kolat. Wei knows that those days have passed, and now she simply waits for the Moto's time to end, so that the Shinjo can rise again.

Sacred Hillside

There are many shrines across Rokugan. From the mightiest samurai to the lowest peasant, the Rokugani build shrines to the Fortunes, their ancestors, and the Elements. These shrines act as a focus for their powers, a place of rememberence, or places of meditation. The Torii that often stand outside of them symbolize the gateway that separates the outside world from the world of the Kami.

******** Strength of the Crab

The greatest strength of the Crab Clan is their devotion to duty. Of all the Clans, the Crab have never forgotten for an instant their role as the Empire's first line of defense against the Shadowlands hordes. They risk their lives every day that the people of Rokugan might live in safety, never knowing the horrors that lust for their deaths.

Strength of the Crane

The strength of the Crane Clan lies intheir pursuit of Perfection. Lady Doji was Hantei's favored sibling, and was majestic in all things. Living by her example, all Crane select one preferred area and pursue it with all their passion and will, striving for excellence above all else. The Crane remind the Empire of what is possible, even if it earns them enmity in the process.

Strength of the Dragon

When other clans act in desperation, the Dragon act from certainty. Their centuries of study, observation, and introspection have taught them the wisdom necessary to consider all avenues and do what must be done. Wisdom is their strength, wisdom brought from mortals seeking enlightenment led by a god made flesh.

Strength of the Lion

The strength of the Lion lies in their adherence to tradition. No other clan in the Empire has such reverence for their ancestors, or such close contact with them thanks to the unique magic of the Kitsu family. Other Clans struggle with the dillemmas of the current age, but the Lion do not hesitate. Whatever the problem at hand, they know the answer already, as their ancestors did.

Strength of the Mantis

The Mantis Clan never rests on its traditions and customs. The sons and daughters of Osano-Wo know that the world changes quickly, as do the seas and the whether, and they are prepares to adapt no matter what obstacles present themselves. There is no struggle the Mantis cannot win, no difficulty they cannot overcome. Ingenuity is their strength, and it has served them well indeed.

Strength of the Phoenix

There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome if it can only be understood. The Phoenix's greatest strength is in their knowlefge. It is what has allowed them to arise reborn from the ashes of near-destuction time and time again, each time stronger and wiser for their struggles. The Phoenix can face any trial, decipher its riddle and ultimately defeat it, no matter what the other Clans may think.

Strength of the Nezumi

Wisdom, perfection and tradition are all well and good, but they are human traits. The nezumi understands that only survival is truly important. Twice, the humans have saved their Empire from the grip of a dark god. Each time, they have teetered on the brink of ectinction. The Nezumi know this well, for it is a fate they themselves barely escaped hundreds of yers ago.

Strength of the Scorpion

The Scorpion Clan have no greater strength than the secrets they safeguard. No sin is hidden from them and their shadowy agents, no crime unknown. When the time comes for unpleasent action to be taken in the name of the Empire, the secrets of the Scorpion safeguard ensure that their enemies look the other way while they themselves attend to the duties no one else is strong enough to perform.

Strength of the Shadowlands

The strength of the Shadowlands lies in the fear they inspire in others. The samurai of Rokugan claim to know nothing of fear, but when the time of testing comes, they cannot hide the weakness in their spirit. They are naught but flesh, with a single life to serve their disinterested gods. The Shadowlands is eternal, for even death cannot stop them.

Strength of the Unicorn

What greater strength can the Unicorn possess than their incredible mobility? Any other Clan's army takes weeks or months to cross the Empire, but the Khan can move the forces the same distance in a matter of days. By nursing their resources and spending them wisely, the Unicorn have created a body of cavalry whose fighting strength has never been equaled by any other Clan.

The Wanderer

What choice does a man have when his only options are to do what is best for him, or what is best for his people? Toturi Naseru knows, as he has always known, that there is no choice. On his head rests the legacy of his father and his sister, the entire Toturi Dynasty. Naseru must lead, and he knows he cannot unless he finds the Enlightenment so many others have discovered.

The Ronin

Kneka has never discovered his own path. He has followed paths before him by others his entire life, and each time he attempts to walk a new one, he discovers that others have tread there before him. Even as his brother sets across the Empire in secret, Kaneka craves understanding, and follows suit. What truths can a man who does not know himself hope to find?

The Mystic

Isawa Sezaru has always embodies brilliance and madness in equal measures. For a time after his sister's death, he found peace. The Bloodspeakers' war upon the Empire changed that, however, and to his brother the Emperor, Sezaru became the monster he had hidden away for so long. Now, he struggles against his divided soul, seeking understanding and only finding more questions.

Wanderers Revealed

The three brothers each walked their path towards Enlightenment, but only one stays the course. How will the Empire change should Naseru find, or fail to find, the gift of Enlightenment?

Hida Nari

Despite a chance encounter with the Keeper of Earth, Kaiu Sugimoto, Hida Nari has achieved little in his quest for enlightenment. She desires something greater in life than constant death and war but thus far her path remains hidden from her. What trials will be required before she can achieve her heart's only desire?

Kaiu Haku

Kaiu Haku's life is one of exact measurement. Construction is an art, as his family knows all too well. The synergy of strength and form is something he relishes, even though his path is one of a siege master rather then an architect. Still, there is art in war, and precision is the key. What logic can be found in contemplating the universe? What results can be achieved? None, and Haku cannot abide inefficiency.

Akodo Kuemon

The concep of Enlightenment fascinated Akodo Kuemon. Even imagining the insight available to a person that has achieved that transcendent state is intoxicating. Kuemon knows that the Lion embrace duty and tradition, however, and for that reason alone he has forsaken the spiritual path. He is a warrior, that is his duty. In his next life, perhaps things may be different.

Akodo Natsu

The current quest for Enlightenment is a false path: That much is clear to Akodo Natsu. As a historian, he has delved deeply into the scriptures and found nothing to support the outlandish claims of those who now say that they have found Enlightenment. Enlightenment is an intensely personal quest, an individual struggle for understanding that rarely succeeds.

Akodo Rokuro

Discipline is all that matters. What need does one have for understanding when a samurai's duty is to act without question? Akodo Rokuro does not require understanding. He does not require harmony, he does not require peace with the Elements, and he certainly does not require Enlightenment. All he requires, all anyone should require, is a lord to serve and a blade to carry in his name.

Ikoma Kosaku

Enlightenment is a fool's errand in the eyes of Ikoma Kosaku. He is a pragmatist and a warrior, with little time for foolish spiritual pursuits. With the Empire teetering on the brink of general war, indulgence in some foolish, inward-looking quest is selfish and dishonorable, and Kosaku will have none of it.


Chik'a'tek does not understand the concept of Enlightenment. To him, it is simply one more thing on which humans place utterly nonsesical value, like the objects they treasure but never use. He does know, however, that the humans desire it very much, and so he wonders, if he could find it, would they give him treasure for it? He thinks perhaps they would!

Daigotsu Fumiaki

The quest for Enlightenment sickens Daigotsu Fumiaki. That there are those among the Lost who have embraced the quest fills him with a quiet rage that threatens to explode. Were he not so terribly wounded from his battle with the nezumi, he would punish the weak souls who have allowed themselves to stray. Fu Leng provides all that the Lost require, and those who seek something beyond that are nothing less than blasphemers.


Muketsu's lot is to suffer. Once a monk who stood shoulder to shoulder with samurai at Oblivion's Gate, he was terribly wounded by his enemies. Muketsu gradually recovered until the Rain of Blood tore his wounds open anew, and they have yet to heal. He has sought the release of Enlightenment, hoping that it would end his pain, but all he has discovered is that there are no limits to his agony.

Asako Takakazu

Asako Takakazu understands the concept of Enlightenment from a theoretical standpoint, but cannot embrace. As a shugenja, he understands the kami, and can qualify their abilities. Perhaps as he grows older, others say, he will begin to understand the need for the spirit as well as the mind, but for now, he continues to struggle.

Kaze no Shiro Return


Togashi will return!