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Test of Enlightenment Flavor Text

"I have seen my share of fools, and my share of sages. If it is wisdom you seek, I shall tell you what little I know"

Hida Nari
"Is this all there is for me? Is violence my only destiny?"

Hida Sosuke
"The elements speak to me&of victory!" he laughed.

Hida Sozen
"He left the Dragon because Enlightenment did not interest him. The irony is not lost upon him." Kaiu Sugimoto

Kaiu Haku
"Enlightenment means nothing. Duty is all I need."

Kuni Okichi
"He found secrets in the shadows, but what else?"

Asahina Yoshino
"There is more to Enlightenment than temples and contemplation. The world cannot be understood at a distance!"

Daidoji Setsuko
"Certainty is truth. Purity of purpose is purity of spirit."

Doji Saori
"Those who think duels are a method to honorably resolve disputes' are fools. Duels are the means to eliminate otherwise inconvenient opposition."

Hitomi Kazu
"He claims Lady Moon has opened his eyes. All I know is that he is more dangerous than ever." Daidoji Kikaze

Hoshi Masote
"What happens when a man gains the only thing he desires?" Mirumoto Mareshi

Mirumoto Gonkuro
Gonkuro charged at the Crane line, bellowing a war cry and laughing. He was outnumbered six to one, and yet he returned alone.

Mirumoto Hakahime
"This Wanderer' is to be allowed to travel anywhere he wishes in Dragon lands, without restraint. How odd."

Togashi Nyima
"Rage and brutality are weakness."

Akodo Anshiro
"Our enemy does not understand. Ignore his flanking maneuver and continue. All will be as it should."

Akodo Bakin
"We are more than stones on a board. Each life has meaning and purpose."

Akodo Kuemon
"He longs to seek Enlightenment, but knows that his duty must come first. He is the essence of all that is Akodo." Akodo Setai

Akodo Natsu
"These false paths will lead to ruin for all who seek them. Better to die a warrior's death than a fool's."

Akodo Rokuro
"Enlightenment is the business of monks and priests!" he shouted. "We are soldiers! We need nothing but an enemy!"

Ikoma Kosaku
"I have no time for games. My calling is to war!"

Moshi Kekiesu
"She knows many frightening things," Sayoko mused. "Perhaps too many."

Tsuruchi Arishia
"End battles quickly, decisively. That is how we preserve lives."

Tsuruchi Terao
"Death?" he laughed. "Death only comes for those who fear it."

Yoritomo Chimori
"The Empire believed him dead. In his second life, perhaps he will find something he believes in." Komori

Yoritomo Iongi
"I free others from the burden of possessions, that they might find understanding."

"A second Constrictor has awakened!" Akasha said breathlessly. "After so long with so few, what can this mean for the Naga?"

Agasha Miyoshi
"I know not why I have been chosen, but I will not fail."

Asako Takakazu
"One cannot research one's way to Enlightenment, but if it were possible, Takakazu would be the first." Asako Toshi

Isawa Kimi
"When my time comes," Ningen smiled, "you shall stand in my place."

Isawa Sawao
"There can be no growth without loss, no healing without pain. All answers can be found within the flames."

Shiba Denbe
"I fear his discoveries may have shaken his mind." Shiba Danjuro

"I have seen Tomorrow. We fear it, but it fears us!"

"When I take Enlightenment from humans, they pay much to get it back! Then all respect the One Tribe!"

"To have no clan, a terrible thing. Still, Gran-otik will find no home until his spirit learns to rest." -K'mee

"Not all humans fools after all."

"One day, other tribes understand what Third Whisker seeking all these Yesterdays. That day, One Tribe finally complete."

Bayushi Adachi
"Why would this Mystic go to such lengths to conceal his identity? What secrets does he hide?"

Bayushi Kan
"She counters her inner darkness with outer light, and somehow finds balance in between." Shosuro Maru

Bayushi Saya
"It is time for a new game, I think. Perhaps the Lion and the Unicorn will prove more interesting the second time."

Shosuro Dazai
"The spirits whisper to me truths about these Wanderers.' Interesting truths indeed!"

Moto Akikazu
"Death awaits within the heart of a ruby."

Shinjo Wei "The Khan prepares for a second offensive, Lord Shono," Wei said. "What are your orders?"

Utaku Keyo "More death, more war, more suffering." She looked to the stars. "Guide me, Kamoko-sama."

Daigotsu Fumiaki
"I care nothing for your lies, Ruri!" he snarled. "I serve a god, and you serve yourself. Keep your distance or I shall end your blasphemy."

Daigotsu Soetsu
"I understand well the pain of loss, Tanitsu-san," he said. "The question is how to channel the pain."

"I bring news, great Kyoso," the ogre rumbled. "News of a human called the Wanderer."

"Do you think you understand pain, demon? You know nothing. Let me enlighten you."

Komori Junsaku
The Bat Clan are the summoners of creatures and spirits. Their spirit allies can carry a message across the Empire in days.

"I am on a warrior pilgrimage, my friend. Kindly stand out of my way, or you shall be my next test."

Divining Pool
"All the secrets of this world and beyond," Ruri whispered, "if only one has the courage to look."

Eager Students
"As eager to please as they are to learn. They scurry about like helpful little rabbits!" Doji Seishiro

Monastery Classroom
"Is Enlightenment hidden atop some remote mountain? Or is it merely hiding in plain sight, where none of us look anymore?" The Mystic

Mystic Waterfall
"Would that I had such freedom." The Wanderer

Sumotori Arena
In such uncertain times, diversion for the masses is extremely important.

Tuftuf Sake House
"Black Water Sake is the finest in all the land!"

A Quest Abandoned
"Enough games. The throne cannot remain unprotected."

Curfew Declared
"All loyal citizens shall remain in their homes after sunset, for their own protection." Magistrate's Decree

Festival of Inari
"War or peace, all that matters to the peasants is that they have a harvest that pays taxes and feeds their children."

Seeking Enlightenment
"You are not who you claim to be, human," the Naga said, "but your quest is pure."

Wanderers Revealed
"The time has come to put aside deception," Naseru said. "I cannot find what I seek with a lie."

Bay of Green Coral
"A peaceful place. A place of beauty. Legend holds that the first Hantei spent a week here when searching for his bride."

Sacred Hillside
"An honest man was once blessed by the Fortunes here. Many seek to honor his memory. Reverence, or greed?" The Ronin

Snow-Blocked Pass
"The other clans have become accustomed to winter crippling their wars. They allow their guard to drop." Moto Chagatai

A Clan Divided
"I do not wish to disobey Lady Shinjo, but I fear the Khan's ambition will undo us all." Shinjo Shono

A Clan United
"On this day, Matsu Yoshino has earned his father's blade," Otemi proclaimed. "All hail Yoshino, Champion of the Lion!"

Aikido Demonstration
"Size does not matter. Strength does not matter. Only leverage matters."

A Long Journey
"So few options remaining. Why do I deny the one possibility my spirit tells me is the truth?" The Wanderer

A Sage's Counsel
"Why is it so hard to see the simple wisdom in life unless you change your perspective?" The Wanderer

A Scorpion's Wisdom
"I do not doubt Kisada's wisdom. I doubt his ability to see anyone as being wiser." Bayushi Paneki

Banzai Cry "Now!" Matsu Yoshino screamed. "Now! Make them suffer for the death of our brothers! Of my father! Banzai!"

Cautious Escort
"Stockpile every grain of rice you can," the Khan ordered.

Destined Enemies
"One day soon, little Lion, I will reunite you with your precious father." Moto Chagatai

Gift of Rice
"In times of war, it is easy for samurai to forget the peasants. A simple gift can win their loyalty." Kokujin

Hard Pressed
The Nezumi hissed. "No-name humans die!" The ninja sneered. "I will not die to vermin."

Inspiring Leadership
"Think for yourself," Tawagoto encouraged. "Act on your own! Your will belongs to no one, despite what they may tell you!"

Journey's Beginning
"Go," the Khan ordered. "Return victories, or not at all."

Journey's End "More Unicorn have been sighted, Yoshino-sama," Fujimaro reported. "What are your orders?"

Reckless Charge
"The front line shall break their defenses. You shall stand with your fathers in Yomi tonight!" Matsu Yoshino

Strength of the Crab

Strength of the Crane

Strength of the Dragon

Strength of the Lion

Strength of the Mantis

Strength of the Phoenix

Strength of the Nezumi

Strength of the Scorpion

Strength of the Shadowlands

Test of Enlightenment "Tell me what you've learned," the Wanderer said. Sawao smiled. "I can only show you."

Unexpected Find
"Humans think these valuable. We trade for lots of treasures with these."

Elemental Arrow
"I could kill you easily," Akagi said, "but I have no wish to."

The Darkened Path
"What's the matter beast? Do you fear yourself?" Kokujin laughed.

The Way of Will
"The enlightened soul can be harnessed and used as a weapon. But what price does a soul pay for such squandered potential?"

Partake of the Fire
"It smells like poison. The morning after you drink it, it feels like poison as well." Yoritomo Iongi

The Dragons' Talons
"I do no wish to harm you," Miyoshi said. "Please, come no further."

Gaijin Writings
"These scrolls are bound with dead flesh! Disgusting!" Miya Nishio

Fragrant Waters
"So wonderful, so relaxing. Does it not put you at ease?"

Writ of the Elements
"They hold great power, if you are but willing to spend your entire life learning their secrets."

Boisterous Soldiers
"Nothing like a quick drink to put you in the mood for a good scrap, eh boys?"

Brothers in Arms
"Only through the efforts of our loyal allies was the peasant rebellion thwarted." Miya Hatori

Sisters of the Elements
"A small order, but wise." Tanari

Wandering Pilgrim
"A bowl of soup is all the thanks I need, friend Dragon."

Rosoku Sensei
"Is his legacy a blessing or a curse?" Asahina Sekawa

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