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Imperial (Box Topper)

Boastful Proclamation

Severed From the Emperor

A Soul of Thunder

Comanding Favor
"Each soul in Rokugan owes service to the Emperor. The Righteous Emperor, in turn, serves those who obey him" -Toturi III

Test of the Emerald Champion

Fortune's Gift

Naming the True Evil

Kachiko's Kiss

Naga Storm Mirumoto Mountain
"The battle cry of the Naga once shook the foundations of the Empire. Now they slumber..." -Mirumoto Rosanjin

A New Wall
"The Kaiu Wall protects the south. The Khol Wall protects the west. One day our labours shall encircle all of Rokugan." - Kaiu Umasu

Regions of Rokugan
"Rokugan is a proud land. A land of heroes where gods have died and been born again." -Togashi Satsu

Winter Warfare
"A fool who marches when the road are cloaked in snow digs his own grave." -Moto Chagatai

Wisdom Gained
It was the wisdom of a simple man that saved an Empire. The Keepers are sworn to uphold his legacy.

Akodo's Grave
"My nephew is a brave man," said Ikoma Sume.
"Sometimes more than bravery is required, my friend," Bayushi Kaukatsu replied.

Barley Farm
The samurai protect the Empire, but it i sthe tireless labor of simple farmers that gives the bushi the strength to wield their swords.

Copper Mine
"The Lion Clan's lands do not boast great wealth, but the peasants are adept at making use of what they have." -Kaneka

Corrupt Officials
"Daughter of a Thunder. A legend returned from death itself. Where do her loyalties truly lie?" Masote Mused

Court Chambers

A Favor Returned

Supply Outpost
"War always begins for noble reasons." -Yoritomo Kumiko

Geisha House
"Why in every play is there a Scorpion villain?" the Emperor asked.
"Because it is a villain's duty to make the story interesting," replied Sunetra.

Gifts and Favors

Gold Mine
"How ironic that such treasures lie buried in the land of the clan that values wealth the least." -Doji Tanitsu

Honored Sensei
"For the honor of my blades, my family, and my school, I challange you."

Iron Mine
"Kuni magic binds the miscievous mujina and forces them to labor. What would happen I wonder, if that magic failed?" -Shahai

Kabuki Theater Troupe
"The play is my gift to you, sister," Nagori said.
"You will anger the Emperor and the Shogun both with this," she said.
Nagori grinned.

Kobune Port
"Jima and Oshio run a tight ship. Watch your step around here ronin."

Kyuden Tonbo

Large Farm
"If one ronin can find such glory," he whispered to himself, "why not another?"

Lesser Shrine
"Only a single monk to guard the shrine?" the ronin chuckled.
"A single monk," said the smiling old man, "and eight million spirits."

"The Crane are strongest when they stand with their allies. How strong will they be, I wonder, when they stand alone?" - Bayushi Paneki
"Matters of gold and commerce are beneath a samurai, but a true servant of the Emperor cannot overlook any advantage." -Doji Kurohito (Crane Foil Starter)

Secluded Village
"A samurai is a killer at heart. If he cannot find an enemy, he will create one." -Master Tiger

Master's Dojo

Obsidian Mine
"Jade represents purity, but when exposed to corruption it crumbles. Obsidian gains potency from the power of darkness. That is true strength." -Daigotsu

Personal Librarian

Puppet Theater Troupe
"If we cannot laugh at the world, we die." -Doji Nagori

"I am no soldier," the farmer whispered. The samurai handed him a spear. "Now you are."

Rich Coffers
"It is just to give tribute to the Son of Heaven, for all that you possess already belongs to him." -Lady Doji

Tsuma Dojo

Secluded Waystation
"If you pursue a secret, there is a Bayushi who knows it. If you desire an item, there is a Yasuki who can find it. All these things - for a price." -Daidoji Uji

The Shogun's Barracks

Shrine of Courage

Shrine of the Sun
"When Lady Sun fell to her own blade, bold Yakamo rose in her place. Now Lord Sun's eternal fires protect us." -Togashi Nyima
"The Dragon stand beside our allies, the Phoenix. The Lion, long our enemies, ar now friends. When Dragon and Lion fight, where do the Crane stand?" (Crane Foil Starter)

Shrine to Bishamon
"The Master of Air was once the weakest of the Council. Now he is a hero, favored by the Fortune of Strength." -Shiba Yoma

Shrine to Fukurokujin
The Fortune of Wisdom grants his blessings to all with the wit to see them.

Shrine to Hotei
"Contentment is the simplest, yet most elusive of all blessings." -Hida Kisada

Shrine to Jurojin
"May the Fortune of Longevity bless your children." -Isawa Sezaru

Silk Works
"The Mantis trade rich silks for rare treasures from beyond the seas. What other mysters might lie in those distant lands?" -Kaneka

Silver Mine
"Strength, purity; these are one and the same." -Isawa Ochiai

"Ride swiftly, ride hard, and let the earth tremble at the arrival of those who serve the Khan." -Moto Chen

Talented Apprentice
"End this war, Sachi," Akiko commanded.
"However you must do so."

Tower of Ningyo
They dwell beneath the seas, awaiting the day their Naga allies return.

Treasure Hoard
"Ratlings don't believe in theft. If you couldn't protect what's yours then you never owned it in the first place." -Hida Reiha

Tsudao's Chambers
The Emperor maintains his sister's quarters in her memory.

Temple of Shinsei

City of Gold
The Yobanjin messenger offered the note with a shaking hand.
"Temoru is dead," Rosanjin hissed, crumpling it in his fist.

"Peasants cannot stand against samurai, Akihiro-sama," the farmer said.
"Not alone," the ronin answered.

Traitor's Grove
"Rest well, Atsuki," Sunetra purred, her fingertips caressing the gnarled tree.

Kaiu Village

Three Man Alliance Plain
"The Fox and Wasp were allies once, Ryukan," Nobumoto said. "Consider my lady's offer."

Big Stink
"The goblin ruins are now Omoni's domain. With the Swordsmith's tutelage, his creations are more deadly than ever." -Daigotsu Meguro

Plains of Otosan Uchi
"Amazing that such beauty can be found so close to the fallen city." -Ikoma Otemi

Ratling Village

Refuge of the Three Sisters
"The Dark Prophet conspires to destroy the wisdom Rokugan has earned."

Ruins of Otosan Uchi
"Sachi believes that the shadows that cover Otosan Uchi might yet be pierced. I am not so certain, but can we afford not to take the risk?" -Isawa Nakamuro

Plains of Amaterasu
"Even Doji Kurohito seems to wonder if his clan's friendship with the Lion Clan perished with their former Champion." -Daidoji Kikaze

Shinsei's Last Hope

The Shogun's Armory
"For the Empire." -The Shogun's war banner

Sorrow's Path
"You are banished from the Empire," Zhijuan hissed. "Dare to return this way again and your bones will litter the road."

Toturi's Grave
"Father, I have not forgotten my promise." -Isawa Sezaru

Utaku Meadows
"The Utaku hunger for the chance to prove themselves in honorable combat," the Khan said. "I shall give them all that they desire."

Hida Daizu
"I have seen him fall a dozen times, and each time I thought him dead. He proves time has not thinned the blood of Hida." -Hida Kisada

Hida Reiha
"Is there any man stronger than Kuon?" Tonoji asked.
"No," Benjiro answered with a chuckle. "No man."

Hida Sosuke
"If the Dark Lord has returned, then we must visit punishment upon him."

Hida Sozen
"Swift as a Dragon, stubborn as a Crab." -Daidoji Akagi

Hida Tenshu
The berserker's eyes narrowed.
"Do not apologize to me," he growled.

Hida Tonoji
"Patience is for cowards."

Kaiu Hisayuki
"I do not need to know its name, Kuni," Hisayuki said, scowling as he watched the oni heave itself over the Wall. "Only tell me how to kill it."

Hida Kyuwa
"The Great Bear stood alone against Iuchiban when all others had fallen. He is a god among mortals. I will not fail him."

Hiruma Tamiyo
"Foolish girl! My spawn shall devour you and your family's castle as well," the demon roared.
"Try," she said.

Hida Tsunesaburo
"On the day of his gempukku he said noother name was large enough to fit him." -Hida Benjiro

Hiruma Yataro
"Patience is a Hiruma's deadliest weapon."

Hida Shuzo
"Lord Sun's fire sears my soul! Stand in my path and burn!"

Hiruma Todori

Daidoji Akagi

Daidoji Ryunosuke

Kakita Funaki
"If you are so certain of your strength, Shosuro-san, then test it against me."
"Kaukatsu is the Scorpion's last bastion of strength in the courts, but he cannot undo us all." (Crane Foil Starter)

Doji Domotai
"She is the daughter of Akiko and Kurohito, a student of the Lion and Crane. The weight of the future lies heavily upon her." -Naka Tokei
"Reju once told me that a man who claims to be wise, is not." (Crane Foil Starter)
Sekawa chuckled. "I see the future of the Crane is in good hands." (Crane Foil Starter)

Kakita Mai

Doji Yoshiaga
"The pursuit of beauty is its own reward."
"Let the others envy what we have found. Let them regret that they were not born Crane." (Crane Foil Starter)

Doji Toshinobu
"If my own honor must suffer to protect my lord's, I will not hesitate."
"Shinsei is gone, and will not return. The Jade Champion will show us a new path." (Crane Foil Starter)

Asahina Kasai

Doji Katsura
"With a friend in every court, who will dare raise his hand against the Crane?"
"Fools will mistake subtlety for weakness. When they laugh, strike them down." (Crane Foil Starter)

Asahina Yoshino
"The way of the Asahina is the way of peace. The wisdom of the Keepers will be our guide."
"We are the only family that names two Keepers among us. Yet we are the only family that questions the Keepers' purpose" (Crane Foil Starter)

Doji Seo

Daidoji Minoru
"Men such as Minoru serve as the silken glove that hides the iron fist of Kikaze's Harriers."
"Lord Kikaze believes that the Lion will suffer in the days ahead. Help them, even if you must hide it from them." (Crane Foil Starter)

Kakita Nakazo

Togashi Nyima

Hitomi Suguhara
"Pain is the fire that tempers wisdom."

Hitomi Munoto

Mirumoto Gonkuro
He was one of Lord Rosanjin's finest students. Now he goes forth into the Empire to prove his master's technique.

Togashi Kansuke

Mirumoto Kenzo
Kenzo stared into the cold blue steel, and saw the future in its depths.

Hitomi Kazu
"A soul driven by Lady Moon's rage will meet his destiny without failure."

Mirumoto Kawanari

Hoshi Matsuta

Tamori Noriko

Togashi Kazuki
"Find inspiration in every thing."

Tamori Aoki

Togashi Tsuri
"We will find Kokujin, Lord Satsu. We will silence his lies."

Akodo Ieshige
"The Crane sneer at us behind their silken fans. How I long for the day when this alliance ends."

Akodo Rokuro
"You tread dangerous ground, Masote."
"What you call dangerous, I call necessary," the courtier said.

Akodo Natsu
"Our armies are ready, my lord. Name the enemy, and we shall strike."

Ikoma Korin
"Like his master, Korin has earned his place through unexpected circumstances. The leaders of the Lion are honorable enough, but they are untested." -Kaneka

Matsu Hyun
She gathers the tales of the Deathseekers, so that their sacrifices will not be forgotten.

Matsu Reishiko
"I remember Matsu's promise, Crane."

Matsu Takenao
Some Lion still remember the purpose of war - to maintain peace.

Matsu Taniko
"Pride is a weakness only when misplaced."

Akodo Anshiro
"Move predictably and, when the enemy moves to circumvent you, change."

Matsu Agoro
"Honor is a greater burden than life. If I cannot live a worthy life, let me earn a worthy death."

Matsu Miyahara
"Each Lion's sword is guided by ten thousand ancestors. We cannot fail."

Ikoma Kosaku
"The Matsu grow arrogant, my lord. They thirst for war." Otemi only nodded.

Akodo Kobi

Moshi Amika
"The blood of the Phoenix Clan runs through my family's veins, but if they insult the honor of the Mantis Clan, I shall see that their blood runs through the rivers and seas as well."

Moshi Kekiesu
"Iuchiban failed to uphold his promises. I will seek my own vengeance."

Tsuruchi Kazushi
Only one family holds the bow higher than the sword - the Tsuruchi, swift hunters of the Mantis.

Yoritomo Iongi
"The Daughter of Storms keeps her promises, Hachi-sama."

"The Storm Riders made some secret deal with those creatures," Nakamuro said. "Find the truth, Ningen, as only you can."

Tsuruchi Arishia
"What good do your spells do with an arrow in your throat?"

Tsuruchi Mochisa
"A Tsuruchi does not abandon a hunt until he or his quarry is dead."

Tsuruchi Nobumoto
The finest archer in the Empire; he is called the Emerald Wasp for the name his family once bore, and for the deadly sting of his arrows.

Tsuruchi Nobumoto (Exp)
"Leadership has made him less reckless, but it has not softened his tongue." -Tsuruchi Arishia

Tsuruchi Terao
"Nobumoto promised to deliver the traitors: Ichiro, Mogai, and Kitao. Their corrupted brethren will not stop us, and neither will the Phoenix."

Yoritomo Chimori
"Anything for a price, Yoma-sama."

Yoritomo Kikunojo
"He commands obedience without speaking a word. Of course, a bamboo cane wielded properly speaks volumes." -Yoritomo Naizen

Yoritomo Katoa
"He is a master of the Yoritomo style of persuasion."
"The man is a brutish oaf."
"Yes, that's what I said."

Isawa Sotatsu

Isawa Toshiji

Asako Kinuye
"Now that Iuchiban has fallen, we can turn our power to more constructive purposes. My life, my soul, for the Phoenix."

Isawa Sawao
"Fire represents power, violence, and inspiration. I will burn briefly, but brightly, leaving light long after I am gone."

Isawa Sueno

Isawa Sho
"The Masters may rule the Phoenix, but those who dwell in the City of Blood truly protect our clan."

Asako Takakazu
"The wind sees all things, but says nothing."

Asako Saeko
"Lady Kinuye, name your enemies and I will feed their blood to your magic."

Isawa Miliko

Shiba Hayama
"No survivors!" Hayama hissed as his abominations tore into the Mantis ranks. "Leave none to tell the tale of our victory."

Shiba Ningen
"One does not understand the universe through contemplation."

Shiba Tsukimi
A flash of lightning blinded her as Tsukimi's sword struck Naizen's face. The Mantis escaped, but not without a reminder of their meeting.

Isawa Nomi
"She is an echo of her teacher, Sachi, as he used to be." Isawa Nakamuro


"Bleed and die in someone else's forest, Phoenix!"

"The scattered tribes stand as one now, forever into Tomorrow."

Ik'krt (Exp)

"Third Whisker can see Tomorrow's shadow. We see things that wait-wait to devour Rokugan."

"Kan'ok'ticheck's brother runs swiftly between the tribes. He raised among humans, but we not hold that against him."

"This world belong to Nezumi before, human," the Ratling hissed. "One day, it be ours again."

"Beasts?" the Ratling roared. "You insult the warriors of the One Tribe!"

"Twenty Grasping Paw scouts entered the Unicorn camp, hoping to offer the Khan their aid. Only Ashi returned." -Nachin'check

Ratling Conjuror
"The Nezumi's powerful magic is the only memory of what was once theirs." Kuni Kiyoshi

"Kan'ok'ticheck say it is time to take our place among the humans. From what I see, humans get angry wehn we take anything."

Ratling Raider
"The Stained Paw have no name, no honor. They are savage brutes, ready to die at Kan'ok'ticheck's command." -Nachin'check

"He is an old Nezumi now, with much to teach. He will out run Tomorrow forever." -Ik'krt

Bayushi Sunetra

Bayushi Baku
The assassin is dead, but Baku refuses to relinquish his soul. His torment continues.

Bayushi Adachi
"The Scorpion never forget an enemy, Adachi," Paneki whispered.

Shosuro Higatsuku
"I have been commanded to take an advisor to represent my interests in the court."
"I am pleased to have this honor, mighty Shogun," Higatsuku said with a smirk.

Bayushi Shintaro
A Scorpion's trust is never given lightly, but once earned it is steadfast.

Shosuro Dazai
Beware the Scorpion who speaks on the truth.

Bayushi Tsuneari
"The pain I offer, you give yourself. Leave your blade in its sheath and accept my mercy."

Bayushi Utamuro
"The Scorpion armies prepare for war, but against what foe?" -Ikoma Otemi

Shosuro Maru
"I have never seen a woman destroy a man's life so thoroughly while the man enjoyed it so." -Doji Nagori

Shosuro Mikado

Shosuro Osamito
Osamito has been asked the impossible, but he will not falter. The Great Bear will die.

Shosuro Ohan

Yogo Soto
"His fear that he will fail Maru may ultimately lead his curse to fulfill itself." -Bayushi Tsimaru

"Even those creatures cannot protect the city of the Lost from me." -The Maw

Chuda Mishime

Goblin Wizard
"Wicked kansen, look after this little one," Omoni said, caressing the beast's smooth scalp. "Give him the power of your magic."

Shio no Oni

The Maw
When Daizu saw the deep crack that split the skull atop Kyuden Hida, he knew dark days were approaching.


Daigotsu Toru drew his blade and turned to face the mad goblin horde, but his eyes widened when he saw their leader.


Daigotsu Koshiro
"Kyoso. Maw. Fu Leng is most displeased."



"Kyoso would strike when we are weak. She has turned the Maw and many of the wilder beasts of the Shadowlands to her cause, but omoni's pets still recognize the true Dark Lord." -Daigotsu Meguro

"Rise again," growled Omoni, "there is yet blood to spill!"

Air Dragon
A creature of dream and wonder, he hunts eternally for his fallen predecessor.

Earth Dragon
Obstinate and remote, she seldom stirs but shakes the heavens with her passing.

Fire Dragon
Fear the Fire Dragon, for in its path you will find only death.

Otomo Taneji
"He is a clever man, my lord, with friends in every court."
"I know enough clever men already," Morito said. "Will he be wise enough to accept our offer?"

Shadow Dragon

Thunder Dragon
A creature formed from courage itself. Who can fail with such an ally?

Void Dragon
"I am everything. I am nothing. I am watching you, Shadow Dragon."

Water Dragon
Enigmatic and changeable; who can truly know such a creature?

Iuchi Hira

Iuchi Ryoi
"When Iuchiban told him to kill, the Lords of Death shattered his mind. He may still be of use to me." -Moto Chagatai

Shinjo Shuilong

Moto Latomu
"I am not your friend, Meguro," Latomu sneered

Utaku Suyin
"The Khan is a bold man," the Shinjo said, "but is he honorable?"
Suyin cut the man down where he stood.

Iuchi Tsung
"The swiftness of air, the unpredictablilty of water, the power of fire, the solidity of earth. I bring you these things."

Shinjo Tianyi
"They're only rats. If they stole from us, kill them."

Utaku Keyo
"For generations the Shiotome have waited to revisit our fury upon the Lion. The Khan will give us that chance."

Utaku Yanmei
"The Shiotome are the proudest warriors in all of Rokugan. Their numbers are few, but they are peerless on the battlefield." -Shinjo Shono

Shinjo Nakaga
"Only a fool believes an honest man has no secrets."

Shinjo Xushen
"STand and fight! To run from me is hopeless."

Moto Chen
The Khan's cousin and his strange new bride guard the borders of the Shinomen.

Utaku Tama
"Let the Lion prepare," she said. "Our victory will have no meaning if it is easy."

Along the Coast at Midnight
"We did not begin this war, but we will end it." -Yoritomo Kumiko


Ray of Hope
Akihiro prayed at Tsudao's tomb for three days. When he was finished, he knew what he must do.

Archer Squad

Battlefield of Shallow Graves


Soul's Sacrifice

Weigh the Cost

Brutal Confrontation

Call to Arms
"A samurai need not preare for war. He is always prepared." -Heigai

Come One at a Time

Ten Thousand As One
The Emerald Champion stand against all threats against the Emperor, from beyond the Empire or within.

Command of the Kami
"The past is laid bare before you, Mirabu," the voices said. "Together we will prepare for the future."

Contested Hodling

Carrier Pigeon

Kiss of the Scorpion

Crush the Unworthy

Dark Bargains

Dark Lord's Favor

Defeat the Reserves

Defensive Screen
Nothing strikes fear into an army like a Bitter Lies Swordsman charging the front lines alone.

Desperate Wager

Direct Assault

Outmaneuvered by Force

Encircled Terrain
"An enemy who stand alone, falls alone." -Sun Tao

Endless Horde

Master of the Rolling River

Explored Territory

"Your saboteurs have become a great deal more effective of late, Kikaze-san," Kurohito said.
"I had a feeling our skills might soon be in demand my lord," the Harrier replied.
"Tell me more about your homeland, Cornejo-san," Sekawa said. (Crane Foil Starter)
"Hai, Keeper," Estaban replied. (Crane Foil Starter)

"Do not strike at the man - strike at those he loves." -Bayushi Kaukatsu

The Final Breath

Flanking Maneuver

"Draw steel, drink anger, spill blood for the glory of the Crab!" -Hida Kisada

From Every Side
"Daigotsu's city lies in ruins," Kyoso purred.
"Now comes vengeance."

Fury of the Dark Lord
"Kyoso!" the Dark Lord roared, clutching Shahai's limp form in his arms.

Geisha Assassin

Heart of Rokugan
"I defeated an Oni Lord once before," Isamu said.
"Let the Maw come."

Face of Ninube
"Never forget who you are, Sezaru."

Imperial Edicts

Imperial Summons
The emperor speaks, and the Lion act.

Reinforce the Gates

Iron Pillar

Knife in the Darkness
Destroy a village to conceal an assassination. Such is Scorpion dedication.

The Legion's Charge

Low Morale
The villagers fled from the beast, until they saw the steel in Sugimoto's eyes.

No Victory

Mountains of the Phoenix
"Atsuki is no more, and we have Kaneka to thank. He is Phoenix, and I stand with him." -Isawa Sachi
"The Phoenix are our friends, but our hesitance to aid them directly against the Mantis may wear away that friendship." -Daidoji Kikaze (Crane Foil Starter)

Influenced from Afar
"Have you heard?"

Whispered Rumors
"They say the festival may be cancelled."


Guerrilla Tactics

Dishonorable Challenge

Peasant Riots
"The Dark Prophet deceives the weak, but the Empire grows stronger." -Kaneka

Heavily Engaged
"We do not have to defeat them. We merely have to keep them busy."

Charge of the Baraunghar
"There is no swifter military unit in all of Rokugan. They are the Khan's swift blade. We must find a way to match them." -Ikoma Otemi

Resumed Hostilities
"The Lion-Unicorn war could not be quelled for long." -Miya Shoin

First and Final Strike

Ominous Portents
"This, too, shall pass in time." -Seppun Kiharu

Officer's Council

Hida's Avalanche

War Cry
"For the Khan!"

Timely Arrival
"Our troubles have become more complex." -Bayushi Tsimaru

Kolat Insurgent
"The merchant is the first link in a chain that affects all Yasuki trading. Replace him immediatly." -Kakita Kyruko

Shell of Stone
"The worse the odds, the fiercer the Hida." -Iuchi Lixue

Impromptu Duel
"Stand down," Korihime said. "You need not die today."
"Since her return to Crane lands, Korihime seems sadder, more distant." -Doji Hitomi (Crane Foil Starter)

Stance of the Wall
"A Crab's ancestors are his true armor." -Hida Kuon

Unwavering Assault
"Endless waves of Matsu and Moto, crashing into each other in a symphony of death. I have never seen anything so beautiful." - Matsu Masutaro


No Hiding Place
Shosuro diplomacy need not be subtle.

Field of Glorious Slaughter
"In an age of madmen, Kwanchai has found a legion of willing students." -Shosuro Aroru

Outer Walls
"There have been more raids upon the Khol Wall of late, Zhijuan. Find out why." -Moto Chagatai
"The Crane found enlightenment in a magic book?" the Khan laughed. "We shall see." (Crane Foil Starter)

The Emperor's Left Hand
The Shogun's allies are many, but the Crane retain control of the courts. For now.


The Path of Wisdom
"Find your focus, and you will have strength to resist the false paths."
Muhito shook his head at the monk. "I do not lack focus. I lack faith."

Peasant Vengeance
"They attacked any messenger because they doubt my loyalty? Bring me their leaders, now." -Kaneka
"Those who appear strong only rule becaues those who appear weak allow it." -Asahina Sekawa (Crane Foil Starter)

Rank Hath Privilege
"Right this way, magistrate. I am certain my lord will be with you in just a moment."



Return For Training
"This blade," Jotaro whispered, "it haunts my thoughts. It is destroying me, but I cannot part with it."

A Samurai's Fury
One samurai with bushido in his heart can defeat a legion of lesser men.

Scroll Cache

Scrutiny's Sweet Sting

Search For Advantage
"I believe I can help your friend with his unfortunate situation, Kakita-san. There is, of course, a price to be paid."

Shosuro Technique

Show Me Your Stance
The Kakita, though arguably the finest, are not the only duelists in the Empire.

Outmaneuvered by Tactics
"I may die today, but I will not die alone."

In Search of the Future

Sneak Attack
The Scorpions struck without warning in the dead of night. They asked only one question: "Where is Kisada?"

Sound Strategy
"The beasts war with one another, Lord Kuon. They made no attempt to hinder our movement."

"I cannot fight a foe I cannot find, Ningen," said Mirabu.
"There is no such enemy," replied the Master of the Void.

Stay Your Blade
"My brotehrs are too blinded by hatred and ambition to see the ties that bind them. If they were stronger, the Empire would want for nothing." -Isawa Sezaru
"The Emperor and Shogun stand as one, but for how long?" -Asahina Sekawa (Crane Foil Starter)

Well-Laid Plans

Strength In Numbers

Shattered Ranks

Superior Strategist
"No enemy was ever overcome by repeating the same strategy. Innovation creates victory." -Akodo's Leadership

Supply Lines
The Lion could not find the Unicorn caravans.

Test of Honor
There are few sins so great that they cannot be washed away with three simple cuts.

Three-Stone River
"ATtack an undefended coastline and suddenly you face an army of fire. I despise the Phoenix." -Yoritomo Naizen

The Soul of Shiba granted Mirabu the confidence and expertise to lead, without the need for the Council's approval.

To Do What We Must

Toturi is Drugged
"A warning to show that I am vulnerable. But who?"

Treachery and Deceit
"I know not why the Scorpion have made us their enemies. I only know that they shall regret it." -Hiruma Todori

Tsuruchi Technique
On arrow, one kill.

Unrequited Love

A Vision of Truth
"Lord Hoshi has withdrawn fully to the Heavens. He guides us no longer. Only satsu can lead us to enlightenment." -Hoshi Wayan

War on the Plains


Well Prepared
"I fear our work has been in vain, Setai. What shall we do?"
"Hope for peace, Seishiro, but prepare for war."

Where the Sun Walked
The Crab are favored by the Fortune of Thunder, led by the Fortune of Persistence, and blessed by Lord Sun. There is a reason that only they can stand against the darkness.

Wounded in Battle
The Mantis arrows fell like rain, and Phoenix died by the score.

You Walk With Evil
"Do not allow Daigotsu's twisted honor to distract you. All who worship darkness are our enemy." Toritaka Tatsune

Ashigaru Archers
"What we do is art. What peasants do is merely adequate." -Tsuruchi Nobumoto

Ashigaru Spearmen
"The finest defense against cavalry is a legion of trained spearmen." -Ikoma Otemi

"Show them the enemy and get out of the way." -Kaiu Umasu

Bloodspeaker Students
"Welcome, children. Welcome to freedom." Kinuye smiled.

Brothers in Arms
"Greetings, friend! What brings you to our village?"

Disciplined Infantry
"Sukoshi Zutsu is no longer yours Lion. All who intrude upon the Khan's domain will be punished."

Emerald Magistrates
"Tensions between Kaneka's legions and our magistrates increases, Hachi-sama," Norachai said. "What are your orders?"

Crippled Bone Runner

Goblin Chuckers
"The demons would make us their cattle," the ashura snarled. "Feast on their flesh! Bring me their bones!"

Heavy Infantry
The Emerald Magistrates continue to enforce the Emperor's laws, but the Imperial Legions follow the Shogun's orders.

The Iron Legion

Kuruma Date

The Legion of Two Thousand
Created by Toturi, the Legion answers only to the Shogun.

Master of the Bells

Lion's Pride
Some Lion have difficulty accepting the reign of a Champion who is neither Matsu nor Akodo, but no Lion will deny that Otemi is a hero.

Tsuruchi's Legion

Currupt Adjunct
"I wavered in my faith my lord," Mishime said, bowing his head. "Forgive me."
"Prove yourself," Daigotsu replied.

Tactical Advisors
"The enemy forces are ill-prepared for a flanking maneuver, my lord."

Wayward Yojimbo
A vassal who works only for pay can be useful, especially if he does not survive to collect.

Scouting Party
"These reports of fighting among the Horde disturb me, Todori, I need to know what is happening."

"My honor for the Crane."

Tattooed Acolytes
The rage of the Hitomi balances the calm of the Togashi.


Cavalry Scouts


Weary Attendants
"Whatever you need, my lord."

Shokushu no Oni

Ogre Warriors
"The Tsuno have withdrawn from this world, but you have not abondoned me. I will not forget your loyalty." -Daigotsu


Political Adjunct
"A bold strategy, my lord, and one that will serve you well. If I may make one suggestion?"

Ratling Archers
The One Tribe has been reborn, and yet the Nezumi are no closer to their empire than before. What path will the creatures choose now?


Skeletal Troops
"Kyoso's forces may be larger and more powerful," Daigotsu said, "but mine will rise again."

"Oppose him in court. Subvert his authority if you must. No harm must come to my brother. To do so would make a mockery of Tsudao's sacrifice."

Traveling Ronin

Bronze Lantern

Kisada's strike came with such speed that the assassin had no chance to avoid it.
"Who sent you?" the Great Bear roared.

Fan of Command
"For half a century, the clans have warred against the Shadowlands, the Darkness, the spirits and one another. With the other threats diminished, there is no enemy save one another." -Miya Shoin

"Very interesting," -Daidoji Kikaze

Gleaming Wakizashi
The samurai's hand closed around the hilt as the approached.
"Come," he beckoned. "I do not fear death."

"The first question any veteran Crab asks: 'How do I kill it?'" -Hiruma Todori

Hero's Banner

Kuon smiled as the scouts raced toward the Wall, the oni close behind them. "Fire at will."

Ceremonial Armor
"Beautiful but unbreakable," Hachi said with a smile.
"A fitting gift for you, Miyako-chan."

Tsi Blade
The Tsi revere the Fortune of Steel, who was once one of them. Look upon the quality of their blades and you will see he has not been forgotten.
"The Fortune of Steel speaks to us no more. We must continue our work, so that he will favor us once again." (Crane Foil Starter)

Essence of Tengoku
Eight million spirits soar among the Heavens. The dragons are among the greatest.

The Trickster's Mask
"It bears the mark of Sakkaku," the Shosuro said.
"Wear it at your peril."

Obi of Silence

Miya's Map
It was made in the Empire's first days. Some say it remembers how the land once was, and reshapes it at its master's command.

Eyes of Ninube
There is little the Wolf cannot see.

Obsidian Mirror
"Do not look!" the Nezumi hissed. "It steal your name!"
The Chuda laughed. "Why would it want your filthy name?"

Ruby of Iuchiban
"Something hides within," Fuyuko whispered. "Something pure."

Utaku Saddle Cutter
The Unicorn do not forget what makes them Rokugani. Neither do they forget the traditions that preserved them in their journeys.

Shinjo Horsebow
"To aim true from a speeding mount is the truest test of skill." -Utaku Yanmei

Yumi of Fire

Banish All Shadows
"Conquer the weakness within, and know true strength." -Togashi Mitsu

Blessing of the Dragon
The monks of the Three Orders know secrets the wisest shugenja will never understand.

Drunken Mantis

Feeding on Flesh


Shinsei's Smile

Freezing the Lifeblood
"A strong man cannot stand with a shattered soul." -Hoshi Kaelung

The Future is Unwritten

Shifting Fortunes

Palm Strike
"Togashi Kaze developed the techniques that have laid low generations of arrogant samurai." -Hoshi Wayan

Fires of Jigoku
"Now the shadow within you claws its way to the light."

Turn of Fortune

Wisdom the Wind Brings

Written in Blood
"Has Sezaru truly destroyed Iuchiban and his minions forever? Or will their evil be born anew?" -Naka Tokei

Ring of Air

Ring of Earth

Ring of Fire

Ring of the Void

Ring of Water

Hunger of the Earth

Companion Spirit
"Those who have gone before ride beside us as still." -Otaku Shiko

Essence of Air

Essence of Gaki-do

Ride Through the Night

The Fire from Within

Kuro's Fire
"Keep the wisdom of void and the patience of earth - give me the power of fire!" -Isawa Ochiai

Cloak of Night

My Life For the Phoenix

Suitengu's Surge

Fist of Osano-wo
"The Fortune of Fire and Thunder was a hero once, too, but he knows his place is not in this world." -Bayushi Paneki

Summon Undead Champion
"Rise! Show the Maw that the defenders of this city will not be defeated by mere death!" -Daigotsu

Walking the Way
"We are warriors, Nakamuro," Sachi said. "We will never know peace, but we must never stop seeking it."

Masagaro Sensei

Kademono Sensei

Mirumoto Sensei

Gohei Sensei

Orochi Sensei

Kanjiro Sensei

Tomorrow Sensei

Tasu Sensei

Omoni Sensei

Tsusung Sensei

Kyuden Toketsu

Watchtower of the East

Kyuden Otomo

The Steel Gardens of the Kenshinzen

The High House of Light

Shiro Kitsuki

Castle of the Swift Sword

Shiro no Yojin

Aramasu's Pride

Castle of the Wasp

Morikage Toshi

Temple of the Eight Guardians

Depths of the Shinomen

Warrens of the One Tribe

The Hidden Catacombs of the Scorpion

Shiro no Soshi

Obsidian Halls of the Lost

The Jagged Maw

The Khol Wall

The Shiotome Halls

Black Heart of the Empire

Left Hand of the Emperor

Right Hand of the Emperor

Underhand of the Emperor

Voice of the Emperor

Hired Killer


A Test of Courage



Rain of Death


Crystal Mine


Tamori Shiki



Shinjo Fuyuko




Hida Kuon

Doji Kurohito

Togashi Satsu

Ikoma Otemi

Yoritomo Kumiko

Shiba Mirabu


Bayushi Paneki


Moto Chagatai

Utaku Tarako

Doji Saori
"Change destroys our preconceptions, but we grow stronger from it."

Kakita Osei

Tsuruchi Etsui
"The Sweetest victories are won before the enemy goes through all the trouble of dying."

Yoritomo Tokaro

Tsuruchi Iyaken

Bayushi Shusui
"Kwanchai's students are useful so long as their madness serves our purposes." Bayushi Kaukatsu

A Champion's Heart
"Yasuki Hachi serves two masters, the Emperor as well. Few men could survive in his position, let alone thrive." -Bayushi Sunetra
"It is said that Hachi watches Sekawa with a jealous eye. I wonder if he is merely more perceptive than the rest." -Kaneka (Crane Foil Starter)

Wisdom of the Keepers
"Shinsei was our teacher, but he is gone now. Now his students must accpet the burden of the future." -Kakita Tsuken

An Empty Victory

Test of the Jade Champion

The Dark Daughter's Caress
"How strange to find such a beauty so shrouded in darkness." -Kyoso no Oni

"Your life is owed to the Emperor, peasant. Serve him, or I will collect that debt."

Honor and Glory

Unexpected Confrontation

Traveling Merchants

House of the Spring Chrysanthemum

Bayushi Saya

Mura Sbishii Toshi
"Commerce, like all things, is a form of war." -Daidoji Uji

Daidoji Shihei

Doji Koin
"When Emperor and Shogun struggle, where does that leave the Crane?" Koin asked Soh.

Doji Nio
"Many Asahina feel Sekawa is too agressive. I say, who better to bring enlightenment? Change only comes with hardship."

Doji Ran

Doji Ranmaru
"The Crane have friends in every court. Even our enemies dare not attack us. Who better to enlighten an empire?"

Doji Takeji
"The Emperor, like all others, is merely a servant."

Cunning of Daidoji

"Sekawa demands change. There will be bloodshed. We must be ready." -Daidoji Kikaze

The Emperor's Defense
Together, Sekawa and Hachi command the law of the land. Even the Shogun cannot match the Crane's influence.

Scour the Earth

Scouring the Shadows
"Vengeance favors the patient." -Asahina Sekawa

Daidoji Gunso
"Our honor for yours, my lord."

Silent Warriors

Kaze no Shiro Return


Togashi will return!