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Since the Dawn of Time, man has let saness befall Rokgan. The Shadlands thrived. Creation was nearly consumed by the Lying Darkness. And war plagues the Empire unchecked.


As the Race for the Throne nears its end, the Heavens look down to render judgement on the Wods and Deeds of Man.


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Deeds and Words

There is no shame, no matter how vile, that one of Imperial birth can not simple make disappear.


Strongholds (3)


Black Silk Castle

The Spider's Poison


Spider lurk in the shadows of the Empire, weaving a web of intrigue and luring a web to subvert the weak. Growing their power from those they confound and exploit, the Spider turn Strength into Weakness. And just as the Spider have a web, they a poisonous bite. Enemies too virtuous to join the ranks of the Clan can be dealt with& and the Spider are especially ruthless in eliminating those who oppose them.

"You are weak& die." Michio


The Great Carpenter Wall

The Great Wall


The Crab value strength above all elsewhere, and the Great Carpenter Wall is an everlasting symbol of their strength. Despite wars against the Crane, the Crab Clan's constant vigil against the Shadowlands continues. Unabated. The Wall and the strength of the Crab, Persevere.

"All that we are, and all that we stand for." Hida Kuon

"The Throne requires strength and clarity of vision." Kuni Daigo


The Western Steppes

The Children of the Wind


The Shinjo are the backbone of the Unicorn Clan. The most traditional arm of the Clan, they carry the respect of the Empire, even after the Khan's march on Toshi Ranbo. Shinjo Shono dutifully follows his Khan's orders, brining battle to the Lion. This advance, however, comes with a grave cost&


 "They think the Unicorn defeated. The children of Shinjo will show them the price of their folly." Shinjo Shono



Crab (7)


Hida Bachiatari

"Yes, I have fallen. And yes, I am Crab."


Hida Fubatsu

"They say my soul is that of a serpent. The steel still folds, and the sake tastes as sweet, so why should I care?"


Hida Manabu

"If the demons will not come to the Wall," he shouted," then we will go and find them! For the first time, they show their intelligence, by showing their fear of the Crab!"


Hida Nichie


Hiruma Kaikawa

"Lord Omen has warned that the Heavens are displeased. We must champion the cause of purity before it is too late."


Kaiu Shoichi

"A war against the Crane is hardly a challenge. A war against the Crane and Phoenix? I am intrigued!"


Kuni Daigo

"I will be the light that purifies the Empire. All that live in darkness should fear me, for they will not survive my crusade of fire."


Crane (7)


Asahina Keitaro

"The wonders I shall create!"


Asahina Naoki


Daidoji Teruo

The two armies quieted as the Phoenix force drew near. Their commander bowed. "My friends," he shouted, "the Elemental Masters politely request that your conflict be halted."


Doji Ayano


Doji Chitose

"Wars come and wars go. Masked assassins, however, apparently never go out of style."


Doji Sakurako


Kakita Michihiro

Polite applause for the artisan's brilliance was interrupted when a servant burst into the chamber. "The Lady Otomo!" the girl shrieked, "She... she has been murdered!"


Dragon (7)


Kitsuki Mayako

"These reports from the capital are wrong. They must be."


Kitsuki Nagiken


Mirumoto Atsushi


Mirumoto Otohiko

"You presume much, Mantis. You are not welcome here."


Mirumoto Toshiyuki

"With one blade I can but snuff a single flame. With both, I could extinguish all three."


Togashi Binya

"The Kitsuki discovered evidence that one of their own was responsible, and yet the Kitsuki alone care about evidence, so no one else holds them at fault. What an intriguing riddle!"


Togashi Hogai

"These fools called the Spider sealed their fate when they made enemies of the Togashi. They have never seen anything like me."


Lion (7)


Akodo Itoku

He pointed to the spires in the distance. "Lord Yoshino requires a path to the Khan's door!" he shouted. "Who will clear it?" The cry of "Akodo" was deafening.


Akodo Sadahige


Ikoma Asa

"It is said the Lion are no threat in court because they do not understand it." Nagori grinned. "I trust no one foolish enough to believe it."


Matsu Daichi


Matsu Takeko


Matsu Ushio

He laughed with Unicorn arrows in his body, and Unicorn blood on his blade. "Redemption!" he screamed. "Redemption and death!"


Matsu Yosa

"Lady Matsu," the Kitsu priest said, his head bowed in reverence. "She has spoken to us at last and her words were a warning most dire."


Mantis (7)


Kitsune Engo


Moshi Chuuya

"Aid the Spider in their departure from the Shinomen," Naizen ordered. "Then inform them that our debt is paid in full."


Tsuruchi Akinobu

"I was but a poor ronin, given a chance to better myself. I would die before I returned to a life of hungry wandering."


Tsuruchi Taiga

"The bandits call themselves Tengoku's Justice," the old magistrate sneered. "Their arrogance is without limit, and the Dragon have ignored them for far too long."


Yoritomo Eriko

"I do not know why the old man let me live, but I will never forget his final lesson."


Yoritomo Fushou

"I cannot imagine how anyone so honorable could be Buntaro's first mate, much less his lifelong friend." Moshi Kalani


Yoritomo Han-ku

"Of course they call me a pirate. I am a Mantis, am I not? If I am to be called such regardless, then I may as well profit." 


Phoenix (7)


Agasha Sanami

"She is much different from the other Agasha: conservative, traditional, and contemplative. Perhaps she will be more amenable." Ikoma Yasuko


Asako Bushiken

"Crab and Crane turn their blades against one another. I can save their lives, if not their reputation."


Isawa Kyoko


Isawa Miniko

"Though cruder and more senseless, war is a dance like that of the elements."


Isawa Wakasa


Shiba Erena

"If these tactics continue, famine will blight this region for years to come. The war may continue, but the land must be preserved."


Shiba Ritsuo

"There will be repercussions, my lords. I will ensure you face none of them."


Scorpion (7)


Bayushi Chikayo

She laughed as the Spider's blood stained the ground. "Next time they should send a challenge."


Bayushi Ikkou

"Leak information to the Toritaka as to where the Spider are hiding," Paneki said. "When the Spider flee, we will slay their master."


Bayushi Ryouya


Bayushi Tenbin

"No one is safe from his blade. Not Lion, not Crab, not even the Lady Otomo." Soshi Uidori


Bayushi Yousui

"The Bitter Lies samurai have never been more than a joke or a dispensable tool. Kwanchai's wife, however, has turned them into something greater." Yogo Koji


Shosuro Hirobumi

"Our agents in the Lion lands report that Lady Matsu has appeared before the Kitsu. The news is far worse than we had feared."


Soshi Tishi

"They have been led by a coward, a traitor, and a beast. We must protect them from their folly." Shosuro Toson


Spider (7)


Chuda Jinsei


Daigotsu Gyoken


Daigotsu Harushi


Daigotsu Masisha

"Your enemies are all around you. They have you defeated, my friend," he whispered. "There is someone who can help you, if you are willing to listen."





"All paths are not equal. All paths are not true."



"Katashi was arrogant, and he was punished for his failures. He has risen from them even stronger, however. This is the power of Michio's path. This is the strength of the Spider."


Unicorn (7)


Iuchi Ietsuna

"Are the Crab not our allies, Tsusung?" "Yes, but the Khan failed at the capital, and the Crab despise weakness. We dare not risk it."


Moto Yong-tai


Shinjo Genya

"There are reports of Crab moving through the Shinomen. Our orders are to intercept them before they can reinforce the Lion flank."


Shinjo Naota


Shinjo Shono


Shinjo T'sao


Utaku Fusae

Shono led his armies on a lightning strike into the heart of the Lion armies, desperate to stop their advance before Shiro Moto was razed to the ground. The forces of Akodo Shigetoshi, however, could not be stopped.


Shadowlands (3)


Muduro no Oni

"Fortunes!" Zanaru swore. "What a monster!" "Monster?" Jinako laughed. "I only see a challenge!"






Unaligned (5)





It is said they are twins, a bushi and shugenja, and that their devotion to one another shames even that of a Phoenix and his yojimbo.


Otomo Ouga

"The clans will suffer for this indignity! Imperial blood still has merit in this Empire!"


Ujina Ukita

The Usagi's vassals the Ujina are swift are dangerous, like a blade in the night.



Rumors persist of a pair of young ronin traveling the countryside, embroiling themselves in the business of the Great Clans.


Holdings (4)


Daimyo's Vassals

Some peasants have the privilege of serving their lords directly. It is rare, but there are duties that a samurai simply cannot perform.


Demented Craftsman

"Wait...what is that?" Katsu


Militia Training Ground

"Hold the spear higher! Do you wish to stop the man who would kill you, or merely slow him?"


Remote Farms

Those clans with holdings not jeopardized by the wars profited greatly from their yield. No soldier, no matter how skilled, can survive on bushido alone.


Events (5)


Celestial Unrest

"Steel yourselves." Maru warned. "The Age of Man is ending. The Heavens will tolerate mankind's blasphemies no longer."


Coronation of Jade

"In the fall of 1169, the Imperial families gathered the greatest, most powerful, and most pious of the Empire's priests for the Jade Championship." The Ikoma Histories


Hurried Gempukku

"You are young, yes, and untested. But you have shown the strength of character necessary to serve your clan, and the honor of defending the Unicorn land will now be yours." Shinjo Shono


The Fall of Shiro Moto

"The Lion armies pressed from the east, and the exhausted Junghar could no longer hold them back. Within a matter of hours, the city around Shiro Moto burned, and the smoke blotted out the sun." The Miya Histories


The Third Yasuki War

"There are no more harriers. There are only the Daidoji, and that is enough." Daidoji Kikaze


Regions (3)


Hub of Commerce

"Distasteful as it may be, but wars cannot be fought without money to fund them. Steel and rice are not free." Yasuki Jinn-Kuen


Prized Farmlands


Reihado Shinsei


Actions (56)


An Act of Disdain 

Arrogant Dismissal

"I do not need to defeat you, oaf!" she shouted. "Why dirty my hands when others will do it for me!"


A Warrior's Patience

"Wait," the gunso said. "These are just scouts."


Behind Enemy Lines

Shono's men shrieked like demons as they charged, and even the Lion faltered ever so slightly.



"The eyes! For the Fortunes' sake, shoot the eyes!"


Black and White

The line between right and wrong is hard to see in battle.


Brink of Exhaustion


Contested Ownership

"The spoon belonged to a Dragon. Everyone knows that."


Coordinated Movement


Crude Trap

"I hate those things," the Hiruma sneered. "At least they cull the stupid from our ranks."


Darkness Unleashed

"Your mind is weak. Your will is nothing."


Death Trance


Devastating Blow

"Bah, now my tetsubo will smell like perfume."


Differences Between Us



"The Spider are safe, escorted from the Shinomen as promised," the Mantis said. "Our debt is paid. Now, fire at my command."


Diverting the Reserves


Duel of Champions


Failure of Diplomacy


Final Sacrifice

"She threw herself in front of me and saved my life. How dreary to have to find a replacement."


Glorious Path to Victory

"Follow me brothers! Today we may die, or claim victory! Either way, our tale lives forever!"



"Not so fast, little scout," he whispered.


Heaven's Fire

"You Phoenix are not indestructible. Let me show you something I have learned."


Inspirational Address

"The Crab and Crane may hate us, but we do only what we must, for the Empire. Our lives, our souls, for the Phoenix!"


Insurmountable Obstacle

"Who has the courage to face me? Who is grave enough to look death in the eye?"


I Will Not Die Alone!

"You will die, Moto!" the Lion hissed through his own blood. "Just as will your Khan!"


Kata of the North Wind

"Let it flow through you and guide you."


Keeping the Peace

"Jimen-sama!" Nagori shouted. "Daigo-sama! My lords, please!"


Lightening the Load

Neither samurai no peasant, monks enjoy the unique ability to perform any duty they please without shame.



"It is as breathtaking as I had been told!"


Masters of Steel

Sparks showered the earth as steel met steel.


One after Another

"After a while, they all look the same. I have no interest in monotony."


Patron of the Arts


Questionable Patron

"My friends," Jimen said, "clearly Matabei-san is not at fault. The Empress took her own life."


Reckless Abandon

"A pity. I will have to look elsewhere for what I seek."


Rejoining the Fight


Removing the Advantage


Rewards of Experience


Rising Lava Strike

"Do not think that because we have risen above ruthlessness, that we have forgotten what it means!"


Secret Passages

Moving through the Scorpion lands is always dangerous, for the roads are rarely the quickest route.


Seized Assets 


Selfless Politics

"The Lion swore to protect the city, yet look at what has happened," the Phoenix said. "We must set aside glory and politics, and look to the future."


Shameful Injury


Skilled Defence

"Yes, yes, you are quite intimidating and clearly I am terrified. All the same, you will not set one hand on my charge."


Song of the World

"The Heavens grow weary of man's arrogance," Lady Matsu's spirit said. "The time has come for true order to be restored, in heaven and on earth."


Sowing Suspicion

"There is no bond so tight that it cannot be torn asunder," the Chuda whispered.


Strength of Arms

"The chief problem in fighting the Crab," Kikaze spat, "is that their cursed peasants are nearly as stubborn as they are."


Swift Sword Cut

"You fought well. I will remember you."


The Emperor's Road

"Greetings, my friend, I just spoke to our lord, and he bid me to bring you a message."


The Final Wave

"Take up the weapons," the lord ordered. "You are servants no more, but the last of my soldiers."


The Last One


The Tale of Tsukuro


Unwanted Mediation



"The Otomo wish to thank the Phoenix for their valor, and appoint them custodians of the Imperial City."


Web of Pain

"Please, struggle. It will only prolong your pain."


Wrist Lock


Yin and Yang

"I have nothing to hide from you, Daigo my friend," Jimen smiled. "Indeed, there is much we can accomplish together. Do not let your reign be one of prejudice."


Spells (6)


Follow the Flame

"I will find the targets, brothers," she said. "You ensure they are dealt with."


Speed of the Sea


Tadaka's Mirror

Tadaka's Children were destroyed in the City of the Lost, but they were not forgotten.


The Jackal's Kiss

"You are needed," she whispered. "Just for a moment."


The Mountain's Feet

"This land is ours, Crane," the Kuni laughed. "Let me show you how I know."


Touch of the Infinite

Some knowledge is too much for the living.


Items (9)


Armor of Command

"It identifies a commander to his men, but also makes him a target. It is crafted well enough that it rarely matters, however." Akodo Shigetoshi


Armor of Toshigoku


Blade of Awe

"All who look upon it are taken aback by its beauty. Oddly enough, as a result it makes the perfect weapon for a courtier." Ikoma Korin


Blade of the Pure Soul

Omen rewards those who serve his cause well.


Customized Armor


Kensai's Blade



"Just as well that I am left-handed."



An unconventional weapon rarely used outside the Lion Clan, save by those who recognize its strengths.


Naseru's Private Journal


Followers (9)


Fortified Cavalry


Gunso Hiroshi

"Today our war with the Unicorn ends forever!"


Gunso Kisho


Gunso Raiden

"The other clans prefer a divided, bickering Phoenix. They shall remain disappointed."



The Utaku serve whom they are commanded to serve, but their spirit depends on their lord's honor.


Spider Abbot


Taoist Archer

"You need not see the target to know it is there. Why then must you see the target to strike it?"


Tengoku's Justice

"Stand aside, Dragon," the Mantis cautioned. "If you will not take action against the bandits in your lands, then we will."


Yobanjin Mercenaries



Kaze no Shiro Return


Togashi will return!