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Celestial Edition

Break Your Enemies With The Crab!
The Crab have defended the Empire's southern border against the evil of the Shadowlands for over a thousand years. As immovable and uncompromising as the Great Wall they guard and maintain, the Crab face death and worse daily, and not once have they faltered. But they have never been tested like this. While many Crab forces remain in the north to assist in the construction of new defenses, the Great Wall comes under threat. After two years of calm, hordes of demons, goblins, and ogres boil from the wastes in a desperate attack. The Crab hold, barely, but are left to wonder: What could drive these creatures to such recklessness?

Attain Perfection With The Crane!
Masters of the arts, the Crane have set the cultural standards of the Empire since its inception. Innovative and driven to relentless perfection in all they undertake, the Crane have cemented power and wealth over centuries of achievement. But now they may lose everything. The courtly rivals of the Crane, the Scorpion Clan, control the position of Imperial Chancellor, and are using that power to deny the Crane access to the Empress. Even worse, the former clan of the Empress, the Dragon, are the Scorpion's closest allies. With their traditional power base usurped, the Crane must go to war in the courts, both to reclaim their position as the masters of politics, and simply to survive.

Command Power Undreamed Of With The Phoenix!
The Phoenix are compassionate and pacifistic, qualities mistaken for weakness only by those who have not fought them. The power the Phoenix command is that of the world itself, and when they go to war, the destruction they wreak is so complete that discipline and peace become the only alternatives to madness. But discipline and peace are no longer enough. Their homes razed, their libraries burned, the flames of vengeance begin to rise within the Phoenix. As they turn their power toward
the mightiest servants of evil, will their achievements shine brighter than the sun, or will the Phoenix be consumed in fire to begin their cycle of rebirth anew?

See Through A Dragon's Eyes!
Enigmatic and even incomprehensible to outsiders, the isolated Dragon Clan has nonetheless shaped the Empire like few others. Among all the Clans, the Celestial Heavens saw in the Dragon the qualities necessary to lead and preserve an Empire, elevating Kitsuki Iweko to Divine Empress. But hidden virtues will not help them now.
The War of Dark Fire is nearly at an end, but it has exacted a heavy toll. The Dragon lands lie in ruins, burned beyond recognition, trod into mud by maneuvering armies. Famine looms. The Dragon may be unable to feed themselves, much less the allies helping them to rebuild their defences. And the Dark Oracle of Fire yet lives...


Master Samurai Warfare With The Lion!

The Lion Clan lives for war, and there has never been a more glorious age! The undisputed masters of samurai warfare, the Lion have reigned unchallenged for over a millennium as the pre-eminent military force in the known world. But that is all about to change. Even as the War of Dark Fire winds toward its conclusion in the north, news arrives of a dire threat to the Empire approaching from the south. Dispatched to the Wall to aid the Crab, the Lion will face a foe unlike any they have before. Even with the ancient guidance of their ancestors, the Lion may not prevail - but such a death will stir the souls of men, and live forever in legend!

Make Your Own Mark With The Mantis!
The Mantis Clan rose from humble beginnings, defeating prejudice and tradition to claim their place as one of Rokugan's Great Clans. Bounty hunters, magistrates, sailors, warriors, and pirates, the Mantis embrace all opportunities with equal measures of strength, resilience, and adaptability. But one can be too successful. With war only now subsiding in the north, and rumors of something terrifying approaching through the Shadowlands in the south, it has rarely been more profitable to rule the seas. But jealousy fans the flames of old resentment, and the Mantis may have to chart a course past the most difficult enemy of all: the other Clans.

Cherish Every Secret With The Scorpion!
The Clan of Secrets has guarded Rokugan from within since the Empire was born. Ever watchful, ever vigilant, the Scorpion have willingly embraced the role of villain to aid their duty. That the other clans do not hail them as heroes is only testament to how effective the Scorpion are, and the Scorpion would have it no other way. But pride is a flaw few Scorpion could deny. Perceiving a dire threat to the Empire, the Scorpion took action, but the failure of their pawns has imperilled the Empire beyond measure. As darkness draws near, the Scorpion will do whatever it takes to safeguard the Empire once more. And not just the Empire: If the truth were to be exposed, it could ruin the Scorpion forever.


Wield Dark Power With The Spider!

Worshippers of the Dark Kami, Fu Leng, the Spider attempted to infiltrate and subvert the Empire. The divine insight of Empress Iweko undid their plans at the last, but she was unable to reveal the Spider for what they were for fear of dividing the Empire. Instead, any bearing their mark would be killed so that the Spider would remain forever Lost, forever unknown. But fate has a strange way of smiling. While rumors begin to circulate concerning the true, corrupt nature of the Spider, invaders from the north and south give rise to other, fearful whispers: The Spider may deserve death, but they may also be the Empire's last and only hope.


Ride Your Enemies Down With The Unicorn!
Commanding the mightiest steeds in the Empire, the Unicorn armies hold a singular advantage over the other Clans, and their centuries of travel beyond the Empire have always marked them apart. Some call them uncultured, others barbaric, but nobody can deny the Unicorn's nobility, or the crushing power of a full cavalry charge.
But one cannot rely on a single advantage forever. Castles and stables fall as the Army of Dark Fire withdraws, scattering Unicorn bloodstock and destroying centuries of husbandry and care. Not only must the Unicorn press every advantage in defeating a terrible foe, they must safeguard their heritage in the process; for if they lose that, they lose all.


Card Flavor Text:

  • Acrobat Troupe - "They travel the Empire bringing culture and entertainment to all who would host them. It can prove a pleasant distraction from the affairs of the day" -Doji Domotai
  • Aggressive Landing - The Mantis are the undisputed masters of the sea. As most of warfare occurs on the mainland, they are accustomed to rapid deployment.
  • Akodo Shinichi - "He is a bright, young lad with a keen eye for strategy. Perhaps he is ready for greater responsibilities" -Akodo Shigetoshi
  • Akodo Shunori - "War is more than tactics written in ancient tomes. War means the death of warriors who proudly fall to serve the Empire. My teachers say my star is bright, that I will soon lead a unit into battle. I do not wish my brothers in arms to die, but we all must do our duty"
  • Akodo's Grave - She knelt before the altar "Akodo-sama," Fumiyo whispered "I will prove worthy of your Clan. I pray for your guidance and your approval as I serve the Empire."
  • Bayushi Jutsushi - "It is in your lord's best interest for you to leave."
  • Bayushi Kurumi - "Indeed, Cranes are useful friends. But I can offer you so much more."
  • Bayushi Kurumi - "Let us speak of beauty, samurai-san. I am sure you have many interesting thoughts on the subject."
  • Bayushi Paneki - "Deception is my strength."
  • Bayushi Sakai - "A weak spirit means a weak blade. I shall destroy both."
  • Blowdarts - "They are difficult to use accurately, but extremely effective when mastered" -Shosuro Toson, Ninja Master of the Scorpion Clan
  • Border Village - "This village belongs to the Phoenix Clan!" "Isawa-san, our map says differently and it was drawn by an Imperial Cartographer" "But that seal is from the reign of Hantei XII!"
  • Celestial Vision - "The Phoenix drew on their power and vast knowledge of the elements to cut the invaders off from the Dark Oracle's awful power" -The Chronicles of Empress Iweko, Part III
  • Central Castle - "Also known as Crossroads Fortress, it is the hub around which the Lion Clan provinces are organized. It is the unassailable center, the steel at the center of their lands" -Moto Chen
  • Charge - The omoidasu paused and spread his arms wide. "Did that stop the great general Arasou-sama? No! He saw the enemy before him and that was enough. He feared not the threat of death, and death itself could not stop him!" He roared, and the army began to move as one.
  • Chuda Shuzo - "Resist and die Surrender and die. Just die."
  • City of Tears - There is nothing that cannot be reborn anew.
  • Clan Estate - "You want me to help you gather information?" Kohana said suspiciously "Why should I trust you, Scorpion?" "Because we have both seen the Second Prophecy," Eisaku said "We both fear for the Empire"
  • Copper Mine - "Copper is used in countless ways throughout the Empire Which is fortunate for the Lion, as they have no other abundant metals in their lands" -Asahina Beniha, Daimyo of the Asahina
  • Corrupt Officials - Even with the Divine Empress on the Throne, vice and dishonesty persist
  • Countermove - "Location and movement You must conquer these pillars of warfare or risk defeat" -Akodo Shigetoshi
  • Counting House - "War is a costly business We must do what is needed to restore our clan's reserves, so that we will be prepared to meet future challenges" -Doji Domotai
  • Daidoji Kimpira - "From the time of my family's creation, we have been the defenders of teh Crane On the battlefield, or in the courts, we stand between our clan and those who would do it harm"
  • Daidoji Sakihiko - "My father patrolled these lands, as did his father. We will not let you bring your full strength against the Crane"
  • Daigotsu - "I am the future of the Empire."
  • Daigotsu Gyoken - "I serve until death and beyond."
  • Daigotsu Gyoken - "They think that bushido is the way. They think honor is power. They think honor is power. They think theirs is the only path. We will show them the truth."
  • Daigotsu Taizo - "Do you recognize him, young samurai? Is he your father, brother, cousin? Is he your past or your future?" -Chuda Mishime
  • Deeds and Words - Honesty is a virtue, and each samurai must hold true to that tenet both in speech and deed
  • Diamond Mine - Matters of commerce are beneath a samurai's notice, but the economy flourishes with trinkets and beautiful gems
  • Dissolution - A Tsuruchi archer is dangerous at four hundred feet. A unit of Tsuruchi means death to any foe within sight.
  • Doji Ayano - "When one is open to the beauties of the world, everything becomes easier"
  • Doji Domotai - "Honor is my strength"
  • Doji Senta - "Yes, it was a dreadful thing I tell you of it, only so that you will know not to invite him to your next festival"
  • Dragon's Guard City  - Claimed by the Mantis for the purpose of protection, the arrangement has proven mutually beneficial.
  • Dramatic Assassination - "Messy, yes, but sometimes it is better to be effective than neat." -Soshi Ganrou
  • Enough Talk! - "I have had enough of your lies!"
  • Fields of the Dead  - Daigotsu learned much from the Jackals.
  • Flanked by Nightmares - "There are rumors of a new illness, perhaps even a plague, striking rural settlements I wish I knew if this is true." -Kuni Daigo, Jade Champion
  • Flight of Doves - "The way of the shugenja is the way of peace. While we may serve on the field of battle, we must never forget this simple truth" -Agasha Ueda
  • Follow the Flame - "Shoot the ones that are on fire"
  • Forests of Shinomen - "The great fire of the Spider damaged it, but it is beyond man's ability to destroy."
  • Geisha House - "There is nothing that is known to man that a beautiful woman can not discover with but a little effort" -Bayushi Kurumi
  • Gold Mine - "Some clans are blessed with an abundance of mineral wealth that ensures they can afford that which the mountains do not provide for them" -Miya Shoin, the Imperial Herald
  • Heavenly Blade of the Crane - "To the Crane, the Empress grants the beauty of the Heavens, to mirror their own." -The Voice of the Empress
  • Heavenly Daisho of the Dragon - "To the Dragon, the Empress grants the twin gifts of purpose and form, that they might never be without them." -The Voice of the Empress
  • Heavenly Jumonji-Yari of the Lion -  "To the Lion, the Empress grants the fury of the Heavens, that all might fear their wrath." -The Voice of the Empress
  • Heavenly Kama of the Mantis- "To the Mantis, the Empress grants the certainty of the Heavens, that they might never waver." -The Voice of the Empress
  • Heavenly Lance of the Unicorn - "To the Unicorn, the Empress grants the will of the Heavens, that their path might never stray again." -The Voice of the Empress
  • Heavenly Ninja-to of the Scorpion - "To the Scorpion, the Empress grants the shadow of Heaven, that they might never be hidden" -The Voice of the Empress
  • Heavenly Ono of the Crab - "To the Crab, the Empress grants the strength of the Heavens, that the Crab's might shall never be rivaled." -The Voice of the Empress
  • Heavenly Yari of the Phoenix - "To the Phoenix, the Empress grants the fire of Heaven, that it might burn brightly in the world of man." -The Voice of the Empress
  • Hida Kaoru - "We have withstood threats from without and within We have protected Rokugan from things that live in nightmare We stand against the darkness We are Crab"
  • Hida Kuon - "We stand against the darkness"
  • Hida War Drums - "They stir the soul to war" -Hiruma Aki
  • Hidden Moon Dojo  - "We are the night." -Shosuro Toson
  • Hiruma Aki - "As the kami will, so shall be done"
  • Hiruma Aki - "Demons from the Pit, return!"
  • Hiruma Gohachiro - "What is found shall never be lost again"
  • Hiruma Seiko - "Let others hide behind their fans and lace. I prefer blood and stone."
  • Holy Site - "Cross this threshold with malice, samurai, and your soul is imperiled forever."
  • I Am Ready - The Empress has banned war between the clans, but other conflicts continue
  • Imperial Artificer - A samurai cannot go to war lacking equipment Some are privileged to receive weapons from the most prestigious source of all
  • Iron Mine - "The Crab lands are full of steel and strength, much like the Crab themselves" -Miya Shoin, the Imperial Herald
  • Isawa Akihiro - "At the end of our days, we will burn in the fires of this world But in those fires, the Phoenix is reborn." -Phoenix final rites
  • Isawa Kyoko - "She is still young, but she has suffered much in our war against the Dark Oracles. Her smile still brings joy to all who see it, but I know her well enough to see the sadness in her eyes." -Isawa Sawao
  • Isawa Kyoko - The fires of war can be smothered, but what can sooth the fires of the heart?
  • Know Your Center - "Our Champion commands us to hold this position. We will not fail her. -Mirumoto Mareshi
  • Kobune Port - "I love life at sea, but there are certain things that can only be enjoyed in port A rousing game of dice, a chilled bottle of sake, and a beautiful Crane maiden!" -Yoritomo Han-ku
  • Kyuden Hida - The training grounds for the legion of the Crab Clan, Kyuden Hida supplies the backbone of the Crab armies.
  • Large Farm - "Every grand army, every resplendant temple, every influential court all depend upon rice and barley to sustain them We are masters of the realm, but even we must pay our respects to the farmers" -Moto Chen
  • Marketplace - "The Crane, however, rely instead upon their mastery of court and commerce, though few would admit the latter" -Miya Shoin, the Imperial Herald
  • Matsu Mari - "Yes, my weapon is unusual. If you doubt it, come test your skill against mine. Do not fear I promise you will not bloody your sword."
  • Mirumoto Kei - "The Dragon shall not be as they have been. They shall be greater still, and honor the Empress with their service"
  • Mirumoto Minawa - "I am Minawa, son of Choten, son of Bujun, and this is my grandfather's sword, Truth Stand down, or it will taste your blood"
  • Moto Chen - "The Unicorn will become greater than they have ever been."
  • Moto Qu Yuan - "Move faster or I shall bring the blessings of the Lord of Death upon you!"
  • Permanent Encampment - Sometimes a location is important, but not enough so that it warrants extensive construction
  • Pillars of Virtue - To truly seek the wisdom of the universe, one must be surrounded by its strength and serenity.
  • Private Shrine - "Even the greatest warrior needs a place to reflect Even a Hida can crave a moment of serenity." -Hida Kuon
  • Seiden Sanzo - It is a temple dedicated to a man who learned what real courage was
  • Selfless Politics - None put their clans before themselves like the Scorpion.
  • Seven Seas Port - "There is no province that cannot be assailed from the mainland port of the Mantis It is a key aspect of their military offense." -Hida Kuon
  • Seven Stings Keep - "A Scorpion can turn a defeat into a disgrace far worse than death." -Yoritomo Naizen
  • Shattered Peaks Castle - The castle was built into the base of a mountain. An army of demons shattered the mountain, but the castle remains. This is the strength of the Crab.
  • Shiba Fusaburu - "The Phoenix have hunted the Dark Oracles and served on the front lines of the War of Dark Flame. Their intervention has helped the Empire immeasurably, and their foresight has prevented future tragedy and Fusaburu will challenge any who say otherwise."
  • Shiba Tsukimi - "My life, my soul for the Phoenix."
  • Shinjo Hwarang - The Shinjo family has worked hard to eliminate the shame of their grandfathers. After the last war, many believe that the family has now redeemed itself.
  • Shiro Daidoji - Site of the oldest dojo in the Daidoji lands, it is the symbol of their greatest pride.
  • Shrine of Champions - "The greatest among us, Ujimitsu, Tsukune, Mirabu here we remember them." -Shiba Tsukimi
  • Shrine to Hotei - "The Fortune of Happiness is among the most popular of all Fortunes Who would not wish for a life of contentment?" -Tanari, Head of the Brotherhood of Shinsei
  • Silver Mine - "Silver is beautiful, versatile, and strong It can be used for art or weapons It is fitting that so much can be found in our lands, for we are like it in so many ways" -Isawa Mitsuko, the Master of Air
  • Sinister Bisento of the Spider - "The Empress chose to overlook us when bestowing her gifts upon the Great Clans Unfortunate, but we are not without patrons of our own." -Daigotsu
  • Snow Riders - "Moto Chagatai's gamble did not bear fruit, but his outlandish tactics forever changed the face of Rokugani warfare." -Shiba Tsukimi
  • Stables - "The strength of the Unicorn has always been in their mastery of horses They control the finest bloodlines in the Empire, and every cavalry commander in Rokugan wants to purchase them" -Ikoma Hagio, Daimyo of the Ikoma
  • Summon Maseru no Oni - "Welcome, beast. Can I find you someone to eat?" -Chuda Shuzo                             
  • Tactical Advisors - They watch the battle among the Command Group, watching for weaknesses.
  • Temple to Shinsei - "Despite generations of war, turmoil, and uncertainty, there remain essential truths that never change" -Tanari, head of the Brotherhood of Shinsei
  • The Field of the Winds - The Three Armies will live on.
  • The Utaku Plains - The honor of the Utaku is unquestionable.
  • Togashi Gato - "Insight comes frmo within as well as without. A wise man looks to both for advancement"
  • Togashi Miyoko - "She looks small, but she has the strength of ten men, and the heart of one hundred" -Hozumi
  • Toku's Grave - The Empire has no greater heroes
  • Toshi Ranbo - "The merchant class is an unfortunate necessity, one needed for the Empire to function If we must have it, then, why not embrace it and make it a strength?" -Yoritomo Buntaro
  • Tower of the Ningyo - "We rule the seas, but only the surface Beneath the waves is an Empire no man has ever known" -Moshi Kalani
  • Traitor's Grove - There is a hidden grove where the Scorpion punish those who betray the clan. The rituals prolong their torment for eternity. It is not spoken of outside the clan.
  • Tsuruchi Sanjo - "Most of my kinsmen prefer to use a bow I prefer to face my opponents a little more directly. There is no substitute for standing over a bloodied, defeated foe"
  • Utaku Kohana - "Sisters, charge with me!"
  • Utaku Kohana - Kohana shares a zest for life that cannot be subdued by the months spent in battle. She remains filled with hope and optimism despite the losses the Unicorn have suffered since her gempukku.
  • Utaku Meadows - "Leave the Dragon to their mountains and the Mantis to the sea I know where true beauty lies, and the others have none of it" -Utaku Kohana
  • Venerable Plains of the Ikoma - The Ikoma are the memory of the Lion, entrusted with the tales of their greatest heroes.
  • Viper Tattoo - "Tattoos inked with the blood of the divine are capable of wondrous things. Wondrous, and occasionally horrible" -Moshi Kamiya
  • Wisdom Gained - "It may take some time to gain admission to the Empress," Taiko said "We should learn as much as we can in the meantime." Hideo nodded "Agreed, Little Hummingbird."
  • Wisdom of the Keepers - "I have told you, the Prophet and her wisdom are the Mantis's to keep in trust." "Keeping a Kitsuki away from a puzzle is like keeping a Yoritomo away from the sea," Hideo said "And if you help us, then the Mantis will gain from what we learn."
  • Yoritomo Eriko - "I serve a clan whose morals change with the season. I killed a man who may have been my father. I do not know who I am, but I know that my path is mine and mine alone."
  • Yoritomo Naizen - "He is called the Scourge of Storms On the seas, he cannot be defeated" -Akodo Shigetoshi
  • Yoritomo Saburo - "On my life, I will protect the prophetess and see to it that her riddles are deciphered. This is my duty to the Mantis"
  • Yoritomo Suwa - "The founder of the Mantis Clan was the son of the Thunder Dragon and the grandson of the Kami Hida. The Mantis do not accept their destiny, they seize it and make it their own" -Moto Chen
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