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The Man, The Myth, The Courtier...
Konnichi wa, travelers. I am Yasuki Garou. I have been called a wizard. I have been called an outlaw. I have been called a villain and a hero, a poet and a fool. Often, I am even called a storyteller.
It is one thousand years after the second Day of Thunder, the turning point of the kharmic wheel, where the fate of man is broken or birthed anew. I remember the last Day of Thunder,for I was there. Only two others can say they shared that sight today...
Ah, perhaps I am wrong. I see now that many of you stood on the Plains of Fast Troubles on that day as well. Obviously you are travelers through the great rivers of time like myself, and must have your own stories to tell. I would like to hear them. But first, the Diamond Empire.
You will see that much has changed. We know that a confrontation with the Dark came earlier than expected, shattering the nation. We know that a Great Clan has faded into less than memory, destroying themselves for our salvation. We know that the Naga have faded into oblivion; their continued existence hanging upon the life's thread of one woman. We know that creatures of powerful evil walk the earth, and even the mighty Crab and Lion seem helpless to defeat them. We know that even Shinsei, our one true savior, is not immune to the dark powers that rule Jigoku. Or do we truly know any of these things? In the aftermath of these Shadow Wars, a strange new ruler sits upon our crippled kingdom's throne. This Diamond Emperor, this Yoritomo, now sits upon his throne with a cursed sword and twisted destiny. He seems maddened by the dark power that tears through his soul. Perhaps.
Details? I could give you details. I could sum up. But then why would you listen to story? Ha ha.
The details will come in time, and I have waited long for visitors...
The world is now a smaller place. A crowded place. Some would say a darker place. Me? I disagree. Much has changed but more has stayed the same. Honor lives on. Courage lives on. And heroes? As always, the heroes appear when they are needed, more often when you least expect them. And sometimes, that is enough.

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